Her Demise Transforms Her Husband into a Loving and Caring Father – Romance Manhwa Recap

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The story begins with Cassia, a 28-year-old lady,lying on her bed due to her critical condition. She is troubled by thoughts ofher children, Rael and Lucy, and fears that her financial resources will notbe sufficient to secure a bright future for them. Dozen years ago, during the war between the SimoneEmpire and the Bert Empire, there was a commoner mercenary named Zester. He was employed by theimperial family and did a great service in the battle. The Emperor wished to reward him with anhonorable title, Zester was only awarded the title of Baron alongside a plot of land named Greeze.The emperor also married off Zester and Cassia. Cassia was once praised as the most eligiblebachelorette in all of the empire thanks to her beauty and status as a count’s first daughter.Cassia traveled to Greeze dreaming of a happy.

Marriage, but her marriage was nowhereclose to loving. Cassia’s husband, Zester, wasn't just fighting for the Emperor’s wars butalso other nobles’ wars. He accepted any job as long as it meant money. There was never a momentwhen he remained inside the castle and properly took care of people in his territory nor hisfamily. Throughout their ten-year marriage, Zester never once expressed love or affectiontowards Cassia. Nevertheless, she found comfort in the presence of their children, Rael and Lucy,who remained by her side. But now, as Cassia faces the prospect of leaving them behind forever, sheworries about their well-being without her. In the meantime, Zester had left a month ago toaid Viscount Viche's territorial war. Cassia had refrained from informing her husband abouther illness, pondering on whether he would have.

Stayed by her side if she had. However, she had astrong feeling that Zester would not have altered his decision to join the war effort. Cassia findssolace in knowing that there are still people who care enough to shed tears for her. The head butleroffers a prayer for her strength, recognizing how much she means to the residents of Greeze wholove and rely on her leadership. Despite being the one who has governed Greeze for all these years,Cassia feels weary and yearns for rest. The door bursts open and Zester rushes in. The maid asksCassia to share her wishes with Zester, as she always did with the maid. Zester reassures Cassiathat she can confide in him about anything. Cassia expresses her desire for a pearl necklace, andZester appears confused as to why she would need his permission to purchase it. Cassia clarifiesthat she didn't want to be seen as greedy, taking.

Into account the hard-earned money Zester bringshome. However, Zester reassures her that buying a necklace is not an act of greed, and that he workshard to provide for her and their family. Cassia shares her second wish, expressing a longing tovisit the capital. Zester responds with a simple “just go,” but Cassia hesitates, explainingthat with Zester constantly away at war, she can't leave their territory unattended. Thisrealization weighs heavily on Zester, filling him with disappointment in himself. As her third wish,Cassia asks Zester to make a promise that if she were to die, he would not seek a new wife. Zesterresponds by offering to fulfill her previous wishes of buying her a necklace and taking her tothe capital, and then swears that he will never take another wife, as his love for her is eternal.Cassia feels a sense of relief that Zester is.

Finally treating her well. However, her last wishsurprises Zester when she hands him the divorce papers. He gazes at Cassia in silence, strugglingto understand her sudden request for a divorce. As Cassia coughs up blood and takes her lastbreath, panic and sadness grip those around her. Zester, overwhelmed by grief, stands up and tearsup the divorce papers, refusing to accept them. Cassia awakens, wondering if she is in heaven,only to realize she is back in her room and in her younger self. She assumes she has passed awayand returned to heaven in her original appearance. Cassia then prays to God, asking when Hewill come, but only silence follows. Now, as Cassia takes a closer look at her surroundings,she is shocked to find Zester still sleeping next to her. In disbelief, Cassia lets out ascream and falls out of bed, causing Zester.

To wake up abruptly and ask about her condition.Cassia feels disoriented and bewildered to find Zester sleeping next to her. She questions hispresence, and Zester appears equally confused. Cassia begins to cry, feeling overwhelmed andharassed by Zester's presence even after death. Despite his handsome appearance, she cannotstand to see him and demands that he disappear. Zester can only remain silent, unsure of how torespond. Cassia begins to question if she's in hell rather than heaven, and she starts to prayfervently for God to take her away immediately. Suddenly, Zester covers Cassia's body witha blanket. As she opens her eyes, Cassia is startled to see Zester's unclothed form. She praysto God to save her from this hellish nightmare. Zester hastily dresses and remarks thatCassia seems to be the kind of person who.

Harbors negative feelings long after an event hasoccurred. Upon examining the room more closely, Cassia notices that all the decorations areidentical to those from the night she arrived in Greeze, which leads her to the realizationthat she has somehow traveled ten years back in time. Cassia was not fully aware of Zester'saccomplishments during the War of the Empires, but she did know that the Emperor was keenon rewarding him. As a war hero, the Emperor chose to reward Zester with the daughter of theRuberno family, who was known to have immense wealth and power. This was surprising to Cassiaas the Emperor had three princesses of his own, yet he chose to give away someone else's daughter.Cassia couldn't help but feel resentful towards the Emperor for her misfortunes. However, Cassiaalso regrets her decision on her first night with.

Zester. She realizes that Zester didn't forcehimself upon her that night. In fact, when he was about to leave, Cassia had held onto him andpleaded with him to stay, fearing that if he left, her reputation as the Baroness would be tarnished.And so, they had spent their first night together. As she approaches the dressing table, Cassiacatches sight of herself in the mirror and notices that she still has long hair. Memoriesflood back to the time when she lived in Greeze and the land was struck by a catastrophic famine,the worst in its history. Desperate for income, the women of Greeze began selling theirhair to a neighboring viscounty, Viche, which had a thriving wig business. Despitethe rarity and high value of her silver hair, Cassia also chose to cut and sell it to supporther fellow residents during those trying times..

Cassia refuses to repeat the same miserable lifeshe once had. However, realizing that she still has ten years left until her death, she decidesnot to struggle anymore and instead live a life of luxury, pushing back her responsibilities.Cassia contemplates the possibility of divorce as Zester has long neglected her. With his failureto express affection or emotion towards her, she feels as if she's merely a wife in name- existing solely to manage the castle and produce heirs. Nonetheless, Cassia is struck bythe thought of her children and cannot bear the notion of being without Rael and Lucy. Thisrealization prompts her to reconsider her earlier decision to pursue a life of leisure andpostpone her obligations.The thought of engaging in intimate relations with Zester once morefills Cassia with reluctance and discontent..

Zester has never shown any emotional attachment toher, not even when she was pregnant. Cassia cannot consider divorce since it would entail leaving herchildren behind. With no solution in sight, she grows increasingly frustrated and opts to take anap in hopes of clearing her mind. A few moments later, Cassia gathers her resolve and decides tohave a discussion with Zester about her decision to no longer be burdened with householdresponsibilities. As she leaves her room, she coincidentally meets Paul, the Butler ofGreeze Castle. Initially, Paul wants to give Cassia a tour of the castle and help her hirea personal maid, but Cassia prefers to postpone it since she has an urgent matter to discusswith Zester. Paul offers to accompany her to the Baron's study room, and she agrees. As Cassiaenters the room, she feels a knot forming in her.

Stomach. Zester greets her with an emotionlessexpression and asks what she wants. Cassia takes a deep breath and tries to remain composed asshe takes a seat. She explains to Zester that she is aware of her responsibilities as the ladyof the castle, but confesses that she lacks both the skill and interest in household affairs, whichmay lead to the ruin of Greeze if entrusted with the task. Cassia also reminds Zester that theirmarriage was not a result of love, but rather a political alliance, and requests to be excusedfrom fulfilling the duties of a traditional wife. Cassia also recalls how, in her previous life,she worked tirelessly without anyone's prompting, and perhaps that's why she died of an unknowndisease – due to overexertion. Therefore, now she desires nothing more than a comfortablelife. Cassia is quite apprehensive about Zester's.

Response to her very selfish request. To hersurprise, Zester remains calm and agrees to her request. Worried that he may change his mindlater, Cassia seeks reassurance from him. Zester confirms that he won't change his mind butexpresses surprise at her sudden change of attitude since yesterday. Zester perceives Cassiaas an assertive woman who knows her preferences, and wonders why she didn't refuse him last nightif she didn't enjoy it. Cassia explains that her lack of experience left her unsure about her ownlikes and dislikes, and that she only realized she hated it afterwards. Cassia's confession comesas a shock to Zester, and he is left momentarily petrified. Even after she leaves the room,Zester struggles to come to terms with the fact that while he enjoyed their first night together,Cassia hated it. He feels disappointed in himself.

For not realizing Cassia's feelings. From Zester'sperspective, Cassia is a well-known noblewoman, not only as the first daughter of Count Ruberno,but also renowned for her angelic appearance. Coming from contrasting backgrounds, Zesterbelieves that Cassia deserved to marry into a more prestigious household than his own. Despitethis, she must live in the countryside thanks to the Emperor's marriage arrangement. Zester seesCassia as a highly respected figure whom he could never lay his hands on, while he himselfis merely a commoner with a newfound noble title. In the bedroom that night, Zester wasconsumed by a desire he had never felt before. His mind raced, and he believed that sinceCassia was already his wife and appeared to desire the same, he took the daring stepof spending their first night together..

Now, he comprehends that Cassia did not enjoy theexperience, and it was only he who found pleasure in it. This realization leaves him feeling likea terrible person. Abruptly, Paul knocks on the door and seeks permission to converse about thenew Lady. As Cassia is now the official Lady of the castle, Paul intends to progressivelydelegate his responsibilities to her. He also suggests that she inspect the territory as soonas possible. However, as previously discussed, Zester orders Paul to remain in charge of thehousework and explains Cassia's need to adapt to her new surroundings. Paul is taken aback and goessilent for a moment, which even Zester notices from his face. Then Paul apologizes, saying thathe is just a bit surprised because Zester has never been this talkative before, and he didn’tthink Zester would speak so highly of the Lady..

Zester feels awkward and says that he will informthem about the inspection schedule later. As Paul is about to leave the room, Zester asks if he candiscuss something personal with him. Paul agrees, but as Zester hesitates to ask his question, theatmosphere becomes tense and silent. Eventually, Zester asks about Paul's marital status, andPaul reveals that he is a widower because his wife passed away due to illness. Zester becomessilent again, hesitant to ask his next question, until he nervously requests to be educatedon intimacy, considering that Cassia doesn't enjoy it. Paul is surprised by Zester's confessionbecause, as an ex-mercenary, he assumes the Baron should already be familiar with such matters,just like most mercenaries. Paul explains that he doesn't have the proper knowledge to teach andit would not be appropriate to ask a random person.

About such a private matter. He remembers a womanwho might be able to help the Baron. Zester is hesitant, but Paul reassures him that it will be atheoretical lesson, and he will contact the woman, Lady Fleurette, as discreetly as possible to avoidany misunderstanding. Zester feels uneasy when he hears her name, but ultimately agrees to Paul'ssuggestion. Lady Fleurette hails from the small, rural territory of Greeze, yet she rose tofame and fortune solely through her physical allure. Not only was she a skilled lover, butshe possessed the poise, intelligence, and figure that befitted the noble class, making herthe most sought-after courtesan in the capital. By selecting only the clients she desired, sheamassed enormous wealth from her noble patrons, many of whom would clamor just for the opportunityto hold her hand. Such was her extravagant and.

Opulent lifestyle that she earned the moniker”Lady” Fleurette, a title typically reserved for daughters of noble families, yet for Fleurette,it served as a tool to entice foolish noblemen. After a while, Paul successfully invites LadyFleurette to attend Zester's lesson. However, he is concerned about potential rumors spreadingwithin the palace and the possibility of the Baroness misinterpreting the situation. Therefore,he decides to silence the servant and attend the lessons himself, so he can personally explain thesituation to the Baroness if any misunderstandings arise. Paul is headed to meet the Baroness todiscuss the issue of her personal servant. Upon receiving permission to enter her chamber, heis taken aback by the sight of the Baroness, and the state she is in leaves him shocked.Curious about what happened to Cassia? Stay.

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