Her Last Desire is To Be With Him, Nonetheless… 😭

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The rain pours. A crowd gathers at thefuneral of Sakura Yamauchi. Friends and family cry at the loss of her, except for Shiga Haruki,who is reluctant to go to the funeral. He walks over to the desk where his phone lies; looking atthe last text message he ever sent her. Solemnly, he reminisces about the days he spent with Sakura.Sakura runs to the school library, late for her volunteer library assistant duties. She apologiesto Haruki, who is also a library assistant there. Despite being a library assistant, Sakura isloud and seems to not understand the rules of the place. Haruki attempts to quiet her down,but she manages to trail on with an old medical remedy – a person with a body part ill must eatthe same body part in order to cure it. Haruki looks at Sakura and immediately catches on towhat she wants to say. Sakura pushes Haruki to.

The wall and says, “I want to eat your pancreas.”Haruki is waiting at a local hospital to remove his stitches from his appendix, reading a bookas he does. Two children are playing amidst the waiting room, but Haruki doesn’t seem too botheredby it. After being called over by their parent, the children knock over a book lyingdown at an empty seat. Noticing it, Haruki moves to the book and picks it up.He reveals the book cover – Living with Dying. Curious, he opens it up. At firstglance, it seems to be a normal book, but he soon discovers it to be a diary of a person whohas only 3 years left to live. Out of the blue, a voice penetrates the silent air. Haruki looksat the direction of the voice. It was Sakura. Sakura had a mundane look on her face butsoon her unusually cheery demeanour shines.

Through. Haruki gives the book back to her as sheexplains that the book was her diary. Expecting Haruki to give an empathetic response, Sakuratells the story of how she found out about her life-threatening disease. Haruki, however, didn’tseem bothered by it and gives a cold response. Wide-eyed and shocked, Sakura bursts into laughterat the cold response. With his number called, Haruki leaves for his appointment.Later that day, Haruki is ambushed by a stalking Sakura. Ignoring her, Haruki walksdown the concrete stairs to a walkway beside a river. The walkway had blooming cherry blossomtrees as the wind blew petals from its branches. Not wanting him to escape, Sakura chases afterHaruki, bugging him with small talk. Haruki isn’t interested in the small talk and bidsher farewell. Persistent, Sakura pushes on,.

Making him promise to not tell anyone about herdisease. Haruki promises her and they part ways, thinking it was the last time they would meet.Back at the library, Sakura groans at the workload while Haruki questions her decision ofvolunteering at the library. Knowing her lifespan, he tells Sakura that she shouldn’t bedoing something this ordinary but retorts, telling him that she wants to do it, having fun asshe does. After a cold response, Sakura announces that she is making a bucket list and wants Harukito come along. Reluctant, Haruki declines but is forcibly dragged as this is what she wants.Their first destination is a yakiniku restaurant – A restaurant that sells grilledmeat – and they order Offals – organs from an animal. Sakura passes on the sweetbread– pancreas of a cow – to Haruki who thinks.

That it is part of her treatment. As itturns out, Sakura just loves to eat it. While eating, Sakura gets to know Haruki. Harukiexplains that he isn’t close to his classmates because he thinks he is just a boring person.Mentioning this, he also likes to imagine what people think of him, which is exactly what hethinks of himself. After hearing it, Sakura gets mad saying that he is interested in him.After eating, they venture off to a shopping district. Amidst their excursion, the duo spot anelderly lady being harassed by two punks riding bicycles. The punks seem to want to extortmoney out of the elderly lady. Not wanting to get involved, Haruki tells Sakura to walk awaybut instead, she runs to the woman's aid. Sakura tells the two punks off; a crowd gathers aroundthem. The crowd cheers for Sakura, eventually.

Attracting the attention of two policemen.Distracted by them, the punks turn away, giving way for a kick in the groin. Sakura turnstail, taking Haruki by the hand and buzzing off. The sun begins to set. The duo findsthemselves in front of a café called Café Spring. They enter and order drinks tocool down. As they talk, Sakura decides to exchange contacts though Haruki is reluctant.Later that night, as Haruki climbs to his room, the news reports of a stabbing thathad occurred. Haruki settles down, receiving a text message from Sakura.The following day, rumours have spread around the class that Sakura is dating Haruki.Though untrue and outlandish, Haruki chooses to do nothing about it; reading quietly at hisdesk. He is then approached by Miyata Issei who.

Seems interested in the rumours. While questioninghim, Issei offers him a gum but Haruki declines. As the girls around Sakura chideher for hanging out with Haruki, she is then approached by Takahiro, the classrepresentative. Takahiro passes her a CD and walks away. The girls then boast about howTakahiro would be a better choice. Takimoto Kyoko, Sakura’s best friend, stares at Haruki indisdain, subconsciously agreeing with the girls. In the library, Sakura tells Haruki about theirnext destination. Haruki, worried about all the rumours that have disturbed his peace, declinesinstantly. Mad, Sakura points out that they are in completely different wavelengths which Harukiagrees stating that they are polar opposites. An epiphany strikes Sakura at that moment. Shelaughs, dragging Haruki to their next destination..

Paradise Cafe where many girls come to enjoysweets. Through a conversation about making friends, Sakura mentions that she had recentlybroken up with her boyfriend and that he is a good person to be friends with. Unbeknownst to them,Kyoko and a group of girls spot them and proceed to confront them. Kyoko wants to know why Sakurais hanging out with Haruki. Slyly, Sakura points to the group, mentioning that they are waiting forher. Defeated, Kyoko leaves, promising to find out why one day. After a short introduction, Sakurahopes that Kyoko and Haruki will become friends. At sunset, the duo are at the beach walking aroundand talking. Seeing how Sakura had been acting normally and bubbly, Haruki reconfirms if she isreally dying, to which she replies yes. They take a long walk across shore, where Sakura unloadsabout her condition. The doctors could only give.

Her reality while her friends and family wouldtreat her differently due to her condition. To Sakura, Haruki is the only one capable of givingher reality while allowing her to live an ordinary life. To her, being with Haruki is fun.As summer break starts, Haruki and Sakura decide to go on a train trip toFukuoka. After coming up with excuses and meeting up, they get on the train.While waiting, Sakura decides to write Haruki’s name into her diary. Harukiis reluctant, but eventually tells her his name. After hearing him, Sakura stares athim in a somewhat shocked expression. Soon, her stare turns into a smile of relief.Exiting the train, Sakura drags Haruki all around Fukuoka, visiting its many sites. Theywent to eat ramen, sight-seeing in a tower,.

Went to UNIQLO to shop for clothes and finally atehotpot at the night street food district. The day draws to a close and the duo moves to a hotelto stay the night. In a stroke of misfortune, the hotel attendants had made a mistake inSakura’s reservation, offering to give them a one bed suite as compensation. Thoughhesitant, Haruki had little choice. They enter the room and Haruki immediatelyannounces that he will sleep on the couch. Sakura pouts at his choice but knowing she can’t changehis mind, goes to take a bath. Amidst her bath, Sakura calls for Haruki to ask to take her facewash in her bag. Sighing, Haruki stops reading and complies. However, in the middle of his search, hediscovers the mountain of medication Sakura has to take just to live for her day to day. Despitethat, Sakura always seems abnormally cheery..

Exiting the bath, Haruki discovers a solemnSakura staring off to the city streets; her mind wandering. Noticing him, Sakura puts on asmile, cheerfully announcing that she had taken the liberty to order alcohol. To spend the restof the night, Sakura suggests playing a game of truth of dare which Haruki thinks is prettysad as there are only two of them. They play 10 rounds in which Sakura and Haruki get to knowmore about each other. As each round ends, they get seemingly more tipsy which results in Sakurafalling over by the ninth round. As a dare, Sakura wants Haruki to carry her to the bed. In abridal carry, Haruki brings her to the bed, falling asleep almost immediately.Haruki switches off the lights, preparing to sleep as well, but Sakuraposes her truth and dare. Her truth:.

Wanting to know what Haruki would doif she said she was afraid of dying. Avoid the heavy question, Haruki goes withthe dare, in which he has to sleep with Sakura on the bed with no questions asked.Dawn arrives and Kyoko is already nagging at Sakura. Apparently, Haruki wouldbe in trouble if he does anything to Sakura which he calls blasphemous. The rest ofthe day goes away quickly and the duo are now on their way home. As Haruki’s stop arrives, Sakurasuggests that they hang out again in the winter which Haruki uncharacteristically agreesto, saying he had a lot of fun on the trip. Sakura exclaims in shock at his smile, yet shesmiles knowing that Haruki has begun to change. The rest of summer break went away quickly. ThoughHaruki is off to his usual routine, he finds.

Himself waiting for Sakura to text or call him.When school starts, Kyoko confronts Haruki about hanging out with Sakura. Being her best friend,Kyoko knows a great deal of Sakura’s needs and how fragile she is. Though unresponsive and coldtowards Kyoko, Haruki recounts the days he saw Sakura sad or out of character. Thinking thathe doesn’t care, Kyoko grabs Haruki’s collar, causing his book to fall. She threatens him out ofthe sake of her friend, leaving as the rain falls. Grabbing an umbrella, Haruki goes to pick up thefallen book before going to the library. Sakura is already there, finished with the work and waitingfor him. She suggests going to her place since the weather isn’t good for any excursions. Conflicted,Haruki declines. Sakura, not having his attitude, convinces Haruki to come over by saying thatshe will lend him the one book she has read,.

The Little Prince, which he hasn’t.At Sakura’s home, they decide to play video games. Wondering what he is doing there,Haruki asks for the book but Sakura tells him that there isn’t any rush. As the game goeson, Sakura asks a simple question: If Haruki would never see her as a girlfriend. Stunned,Haruki freezes in place, losing the game in the process. Haruki asks what she meant by it, whichSakura answers vaguely. Upset by her comment, Haruki says he would never, getting up fromhis seat and attempting to retrieve the book. Taking in the moment, Sakura gets up and hugsHaruki from behind. In her bucket list, she wants to do something naughty with someone who isn’ther boyfriend. She doesn’t mind Haruki being that person. Remembering the words from Kyoko, Harukidoesn’t push Sakura away and braces for her kiss..

At the final moment, Sakura pulls away toyingwith Haruki’s emotions. Angered, Haruki pushes Sakura to her bed, restraining her by her wrists.With heavy breaths, Haruki tightens his grip, hurting Sakura in the process. Sakura cries,snapping Haruki back. Realising what he was about to do, Haruki bolts out of the house.As he was about to leave, he spots Takahiro making his way to Sakura’s home. Takahiro yellsat Haruki, demanding him to answer why he is with Sakura. Haruki gives no answer to Takahiro,making him angrier. Takahiro chastises him, essentially saying that he shouldn’t bewith Sakura. Out of spite, Haruki points out his brashness and pushy nature saying Sakurawould never be with someone like him. Enraged, Takahiro punches Haruki and he falls. At thatpoint, Sakura exits her home and spots Takahiro..

While Takehiro tries to explain what he was doingthere, she spots Haruki on the ground, wounded. Sakura rushes to Haruki, ignoringTakahiro. Takahiro asks why she is hanging out with someone like him whichirritates Sakura. Sakura tells him off, prohibiting him from ever talking to anyone sheknows ever again. Stunned, Takahiro walks away. Tending to his wound, Sakura offers herhandkerchief to Haruki. Haruki slaps it away, regretting ever opening up. He shouts atSakura, saying she should be with someone who truly cares about her instead of himand that they only met by chance. However, Sakura disagrees. Sakura believes that all thedecisions they have made have led them up to this point. Unwilling to lose him, Sakura tearsup, apologizing and asking him to stay with her,.

At least for a little longer. Haruki liftshis head up, accepting her request once more. After a change of clothes, Sakura loans thebook to Haruki. Haruki mentions that it might take a while before he finishes it, but Sakuradoesn’t mind, loaning it to him for a year. As time goes on, the couple seeksout to complete Sakura’s bucket list. Ranging from many activities like eating goodfood to just plain hanging out, they managed to complete half of it in a short span of time.However, a grim reality besieges them when Sakura is suddenly admitted to the hospital.On that day, Haruki goes to visit Sakura. He catches her dancing her sadness away, making herextremely embarrassed to the point where she hides in her bed. Sakura groans that her summer plansare ruined and Haruki doesn’t help. They play.

1 round of truth or dare to pass the time.Haruki wins and asks Sakura what she thinks living means to her. Pondering the answer, shegoes to the window and decides on it. Living to her is creating bonds with others. From touchto communication to feeling, knowing these senses allows her to know that she exists in thisworld since she can interact with others. Smiling, Haruki stands up, thanking her for all shehas taught him. Sakura blushes and walks up to him. She hugs him wanting to feel his warmth.At that moment, Kyoko barges into the room, interrupting them. As Kyoko was aboutto give Haruki a piece of her mind. Sakura embraces her, saving him for the day.Later that day, Sakura’s mother visits her as she writes into her diary. While talking, Sakura asksher mother for a favour when she passes. Though.

Saddened by her choice of words, she agrees.Unfortunately, after waiting for Sakura’s discharge, Haruki receives a text from Sakurasaying to come visit after mentioning that her hospital stay had extended by two weeks.Worried, Haruki rushes to her after school, panting at the hospital room entrance. Harukiopens the door to see Sakura waiting for him. Time passes at night. The couple climbs ahill to reach a little known spot that has a good view of the skies. On the hilltop,Haruki expresses his worry to Sakura, wanting her to live. Sakura blushes, fortunateto have someone care so much about her. As she says that, the fireworks from the summerfestival begin to light up. The couple stares in awe at its majesty, glad to have chosen this nightto sneak out. As a thank you, Sakura asks for a.

Hug which Haruki happily accepts. As they embracetightly, Sakura promises Haruki to go to the beach with him, for making him worry. Unlike before,Haruki happily agrees, anticipating for the day to arrive under the light of the fireworks.On the day Sakura is finally discharged, Haruki is on his way to meet Sakura. He passes Isseiby, who seems to be tending to a store. Issei, under the heat, is eating a popsicle. When hespots Haruki, he offers him a piece of gum, but Haruki declines again. Just then, a coupleof children exits the store and starts harassing Issei for popsicles. Issei is coerced into buyingthem popsicles and smiles endearingly at them. Haruki, remembering Sakura’s words, decidesto ask Issei for gum before moving off. Issei, delighted, throws him one, wishing them fun.Haruki arrives at the Café Spring. He texts.

Sakura about his whereabouts and, instead ofreading a book, begins engaging in a conversation with her. After coldly insulting her, Sakurademands praise as punishment. Thinking casually, Haruki decides on the perfect phrase todescribe everything that she has done for him: ‘I Want to Eat Your Pancreas.”The sun begins to set on Café Spring. Haruki is waiting patiently for Sakura but she isnowhere to be seen. Thinking he had been stood up, Haruki leaves for home. While eating dinner,the news reports of a new stabbing case that had happened nearby. The victim this timeis Sakura. Sakura had been found in critical condition but was later pronounced dead whenshe had been transferred to the hospital. Haruki stands up. His mouth agape indevastation. He leaves his dinner unfinished,.

Alerting his parents of his shock. Withoutanswering them, Haruki climbs the stairs to his room, clutching his phone in his hand.He slips on one of the steps, falling to the ground. He sobs to himself, his world utterlyshatters at the loss of his dear friend. Day after day, Haruki sits inhis room reading book after book, stacking them across his room. Eventually, hegets to The Little Prince, finishing it as he musters up the courage to visit Sakura.At her home, Haruki imparts some words about Sakura to her mother, asking if he could view thediary that Sakura had kept. Sakura’s mother breaks down in tears, glad that he had finally arrived.Sitting at the dining table, Sakura’s mother hands the book over to Haruki, giving it to him as perher request. Haruki opens it up, reviewing the.

Entries before Sakura’s abrupt departure.Even before the day they first met, Sakura had always been interested in him as aperson. Seeing him constantly glued to a book, keeping to himself roused her curiosity. So,when Sakura had talked to him for the first time, she instantly liked him as she found himfun. The things in her bucket list are all the things she would like to do with him, likeeating Offals. She could relax when he’s around, often being happy when he hangs out with her.During her hospital stay, she felt scared of her impending fate mentioning that she alwaysputs on a front. When Haruki had visited and saw her dancing, she felt embarrassedbut also relieved that he had come, also wishing that he would get along with Kyoko.Written next, she writes that her lifespan.

Had been cut in half, shocking Haruki.On the day of the fireworks, Sakura was happy that Haruki cared so much for her. So much sothat when she was alone, all she could do was cry. Finally, her last entry on 18th August, where shewould have spent the rest of her life happily. Haruki closes the book, thinking that was all, butSakura’s mother insists that there was something else. Haruki flips through the pages of thebook once more, finding a farewell letter to all her loved ones. At the end of it, shefinds a farewell letter addressed to him. In the image of The Little Prince, Sakura appearsas its protagonist. Sakura had omitted Haruki’s name in the diary as Haruki had asked her notto. Sakura had entrusted the diary to him and he gets to decide if he wants to pass all themessages down to the people she loved. To her,.

They were polar opposites; yin & yang. Many timeswhen they were together, Sakura admits that she thought she was in love. She felt that theirrelationship couldn’t be simplified to terms like love or friendship. Back at the hospitalwhen they played truth or dare, she wanted to know why Haruki would never speak her name. Shetheorized that Haruki was afraid that Sakura would become a friend or girlfriend in his headknowing that she was one day going to leave him. Haruki smiles to himself; her theory is spot on.In turn, Sakura stubbornly refuses to use his name, though she isn’t doing it to spite him.She looks up to Haruki as to her, her allure can only be brought out by others; by formingbonds with others. However, Haruki’s different, he has himself figured out finding his own pathand that’s something Sakura wants to be. So that.

Day, under the grandeur of the fireworks, whenHaruki was worried about her, she could finally imagine herself as the only ‘her’ out there inthe world. Sakura had always imagined herself to be just like thousands of other students andshe would have never expected someone like Haruki to care so much about her. Maybe, Sakura hadwaited her whole life just to be needed by him. As the light settles and darkness consumesher world, Sakura lies in her arms. Her final message to him, as for him toher: I want to eat your pancreas. Haruki’s message had gone through. Politely,sorrowful. Haruki, in a moment of sadness, asks for her mother’s permission to cry.Upon her approval, Haruki breaks down, crying at the loss of Sakura Yamauchi.The clouds begin to clear. Sunlight.

Shines through. Just like how Sakurahad waited, Haruki had waited as well. As Haruki simmers down and prepares toleave, Sakura’s mother suggests that Kyoko and him join them for dinner one day.She asks for Haruki’s name which he replies, Haruki Shiga – meaning Spring Tree.Later that evening, Haruki calls Kyoko to Café Spring. Kyoko angrily slams the table but Harukiremains calm. He passes the book onto Kyoko, revealing the whole truth to her. Kyoko,although skeptical at first, gives the book a read. Amidst flipping pages, Kyoko slowlybreaks down, falling to her knees in sorrow. After reading, Kyoko demands Haruki to explainwhy he didn’t tell her. Kyoko would’ve stopped many of her activities just to spend timewith Sakura, which she wouldn’t have wanted..

Kyoko storms away, unable to forgive Haruki.Not wanting it to end like this, Haruki rushes out of the Café chasing Kyoko. Standing in front ofher, Haruki hopes that one day, when Kyoko is able to forgive him, that they will become friends.A year later, Kyoko and Haruki are visiting Sakura’s grave. Haruki is able to become whathe wants to be, someone able to acknowledge and love others. After paying their respects,Kyoko pats Haruki on his head, asking him to leave. Haruki gets up and walks to Kyoko. Inthe midst of it, a single cherry blossom petal brushes past Haruki. He turns to it and smilesbefore leaving for dinner with Sakura’s parents.

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