Her Sacrifice to the Cursed Duke Saves the World from the Demon Lord – Romance Manhwa Recap

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Duke Mayhart was born with a mysterious blemishon his face that defied treatment, and as time passed, people began to shun him. Rumors circulated in high society that themark was a curse from an ancient demon, fueled by an old book that depicted a similar mark. Despite the mark on the Duke's face beingdifferent upon closer inspection, the rumors persisted, and an unfortunate accident onlyadded to the speculation. When Elena's cousin Mielle poses the hypotheticalquestion of whether she would bear the child of the cursed Duke, Elena responds with aresolute “why not?” Elena believes that if the Duke truly is theoffspring of a demon father, he should be.

A lord of the underworld rather than a merewarrior. Elena attempts to reason with Mielle, questioningher belief in the unfounded rumors, but this only serves to anger Mielle further. To Mielle, the Duke's repulsive appearanceis evidence enough of his tainted nature. Despite Elena's attempts to persuade her otherwise,Mielle remains steadfast in her decision, declaring that she would rather die than riskcontracting the mark. Elena persists in her questioning, wonderingif the mark is contagious, but Mielle refuses to engage any further and declares that shewill never bear the Duke's child. Mielle then discloses that she can bring alongSir Amber as her personal guard, to which.

Elena is surprised upon realizing that SirAmber is Mielle's lover. Mielle explains that it's common for noblesto have affairs outside of their marriages and since this is no ordinary union, she believesthe Duke would have his share of lovers too. However, Elena knows that this is not thecase as history tells that the Duke did not have any offspring. As Elena's expression turns frustrated, Mielleasks what has happened to her today, as she suddenly barged in and questioned if Mielleis planning to have children. Instead of answering Mielle's question, Elenaasks her who proposed the marriage. Mielle tells Elena that her father signedsome kind of important contract with Duke.

Mayhart and used Mielle to gain the Duke'strust. Elena reminds Mielle that even though theyare cousins, they are practically siblings, given their families' closeness. Mielle is confused by Elena's sudden statement. Elena grabs Mielle's hands and tells her tosend her instead, as she is willing to marry the Duke in place of Mielle. Marquess Linden appeared remorseful for havingcoerced his daughter into the marriage, as his face lit up the moment Elena proposedan alternative solution. He pondered over the idea for a brief momentsince he treasured Elena as his niece.

However, Elena persisted, and in the end,Marquess Linden had a letter dispatched to Duke Mayhart, asking if he would considertaking Elena Sorte as his bride instead. Luckily, they received a prompt response fromthe Duke stating that it did not matter to him. This realization brought great relief to Mielleand her father. At the Sorte Residence, Elena finds her fatherconfused by her request. She confesses that she has feelings for DukeMayhart, despite his reputation as a monster, and wishes to be by his side and care forhim. Elena hopes that her explanation will convinceher father.

He questions her about the Duke's rumoredcurse, but Elena is undeterred, viewing it as mere hearsay. She further argues that the marriage wouldbenefit their family, as they would receive half of the mining profits promised by Mielle'sfather. After pleading with her father, he eventuallyagrees to let her marry the Duke, bringing a smile to Elena's face. On her wedding day, Elena reflects on howher marriage is not like the typical arranged marriages of other noblewomen, but rathera sacrifice for the greater good. She takes a deep breath before entering thechapel, and is stunned to see a masked man.

In the room. As she approaches the altar, she realizesit is Duke Kyffin Mayhart, the man she is about to marry. Elena is entranced by the Duke's ocean-blueeyes as her father takes her hand and they begin to walk down the aisle. Once they're closer to the Duke, she can seethe captivating color of his eyes even more clearly. Mielle whispers that it's impolite to stare,though Elena can't help but be curious. Suddenly, the Duke extends his hand to takeElena's from her father's.

As they walk together, Elena can't help butsteal glances at him, wondering if he heard Mielle's comment and what she should do ifhe did. As the wedding ceremony commences and thepriest blesses them, Elena finds herself drawn to the sight of Kyffin's large, muscular formand big hands. She starts to form an opinion about him asa person when the priest interrupts her thoughts and asks if she takes Kyffin as her husbandand vows to love and cherish him for the rest of her life. Elena responds with a clear “I do” statement,and Kyffin does the same. Despite the formalities, Elena can't helpbut feel a strange sensation that makes her.

Blush. On the day of her departure to the MayhartCastle, Mielle is crying while saying goodbye to Elena. Mielle's father thanks Elena, but she insiststhat the marriage is what she wanted. Her brother Edward, teases her, warning herthat she won't be able to enjoy her favorite shops or desserts in the duchy. However, Elena assures him that she can findthose things there too. Suddenly, her sister appears and pushes Edwardaside. She reassures Elena that if she ever needshelp, she can come back home.

Elena takes note of this. However, the siblings start bickering againin front of Elena. Then Elena’s father calls her, and tellsher to call him “dad” instead of father. She teases him by saying it grosses her out,which surprises her siblings, before they turn back to arguing again. Elena then thanks her father for raising herand asks him to promise to take care of himself, causing him to look sad as he says yes. As the carriage carrying the newlyweds departs,Elena's mind drifts to the future. She can't help but wonder about the fate ofher family.

Her father will succumb to an illness in just10 years, and her siblings will be killed in a carriage accident 5 years after that. She wishes she knew more about these tragicevents – what illness will her father get, and how will her siblings end up in the accident? She regrets not asking the maid from the futurefor more information, and when she tried to visit the old woman again, she discoveredthat she had vanished without a trace. Frustrated and helpless, Elena lets out along, heavy sigh. As Elena gazes at her husband, Duke Kyffin,she finds nothing particularly extraordinary about him except for his height and physique.

She also notices that he has a well-builtbody and his eyes resemble the timeless ocean that never fades away. Duke Kyffin abruptly reassures her that hewon't take off his mask during the carriage ride, but Elena clarifies that it's not whyshe's looking at him. This causes an uncomfortable silence to lingerbetween them for the rest of the ride. After a week of traveling, they finally reachDuke Mayhart's castle. Elena is led to her room where she is helpedby the servants to take a bath. Once she is finished, she begins to feel anxiousand fidgety. As she waits for Kyffin, she paces aroundthe room nervously.

However, she spots a bottle of wine and quicklypours herself a glass, trying to calm her nerves. She reminds herself that this is just thefirst time and that she can get through it. The morning sun rises as Elena remains inbed, regretting that she eventually fell asleep despite her efforts to stay awake. She questions her maid as to why she wasn'twoken up earlier, as it is almost noon. The maid explains that the Duke instructedthem not to disturb Elena's sleep. Elena is perplexed, but the maid assures herthat he believed she was exhausted from the long carriage ride.

Elena decides to speak with the Duke in personand asks the maid to take her to him, but the maid informs her that he is currentlynot in the castle due to the appearance of monsters in the duchy the previous night. Elena is surprised, as she had not heard ofthis before. The maid apologizes, stating that anothermaid was supposed to inform Elena but had forgotten. Elena then realizes that the Duke was notpresent last night due to the incident with the monsters, and she is relieved to haveavoided any misunderstanding about his absence. The lands of Mayhart are fertile and perfectfor commerce, but in the past, monsters would.

Frequently descend from the mountains, makingit difficult for people to settle. When Duke Mayhart inherited the duchy, hewaited for the number of monsters to decrease during the harsh winter before leading hisknights into the mountains. There, he bravely charged and defeated allthe monsters, bringing peace to the lands. Remarkably, Duke Mayhart accomplished thisat the young age of 16. Despite his remarkable accomplishment, hebecame even more infamous as the “monster duke”. Elena finds it appalling how shameless peoplecan be. Despite this, the duchy prospered, and inhonor of his victory, he reduced taxes in.

His lands for the next five years. Elena admires Kyffin's resourcefulness asshe contemplates the past events. She then requests the maid to take her ona tour of the castle and introduce her to the staff. The servants are being introduced to Elenaone by one – Ben, the butler of the manor; Lula, the head maid; and Cooke, the head chef,whose name amuses Elena as it reminds her of his profession. The only one left is the head gardener, whointroduces himself as Gardner. Elena is intrigued by this new role, but theother servants explain that the duke values.

His gardens greatly, which is why there aremore than ten gardeners in the manor. They inform her that the east garden is theduke's personal favorite. Elena then introduces herself formally asthe new Duchess of the castle, but she feels a twinge of embarrassment as she says it. However, she quickly composes herself andstates that she is Duchess Mayhart and that she will be relying on them from now on. The next morning, Elena feels anxious as theDuke is still nowhere to be seen. Initially, she assumes that he is simply preoccupiedwith his duties, but as a week passes without any sign of him, she becomes increasinglyannoyed and starts to suspect that he might.

Be avoiding her. While walking down the hallway, she sees somenearby maids and decides to ask them if they know anything. The maids are eager to answer her questions,and Elena expresses her concern about the Duke's absence. To her surprise, the maids admit that theyare responsible for keeping the Duke away from her, as they have informed him that Elenais unwell and shouldn't be disturbed until she fully recovers. Elena is shocked and upset by this revelationand asks the maid to call for Ben and Lula.

The maids kneel before Elena and apologizeprofusely, admitting that they were wrong. They explain that they acted out of concernfor her well-being and had no ill intentions. Elena feels upset and frustrated, realizingthat she had spent a whole week feeling anxious and worried because of their actions. She can't help but wonder if their misguidedbeliefs about Duke Mayhart being the “monster duke” led them to believe that no woman couldever like him. Ben and Lula arrive promptly after Elena callsfor them. Elena asks for their advice on how to punishthe maids for their wrongdoing. Ben explains that the most severe punishmentallowed by law is to sever the tongues of.

Those who commit such a grave offense. The terrified maids beg for mercy, but Elenainstead decides on a punishment of five lashes, two days of starvation, and a week of probation. Lula escorts the maids away, thanking Elenafor her decision. Afterwards, Elena inquires with Ben aboutthe Duke's whereabouts and he promptly guides her to his office. So, here's what I'm thinking. In the last chapter of this part, I was like,why is Elena so mad at the maids for trying to be nice to her?.

But then I realized that they were makingthe Duke out to be some kind of monster, and that really ticked her off. So she had to show them what's what. But yeah, I think she should talk to themand explain things so they get the point. so that’s for today! remember to hit the like button and leavea comment to share your thought with us. Thanks for tuning in, hope you enjoyed everybit of it!

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