Her Sister Plays Characteristic in the Tragedy of Her Lifestyles (PART 3) – Manhwa Recap

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Oh dear! Aria is taken aback as she accidentally spills water on Oscar. Despite her attempts to clean it up, Oscar kindly reassures her and advises her to stop since it would make her clothes wet as well. Aria worries that this mishap will bring back misfortunes from her past, and tears start to form in her eyes. Observing her distress, Oscar asks if she is okay. Aria believes that Oscar is the type of person who cannot turn a blind eye to someone in distress. She puts on a smile and assures Oscar that she is not crying.

Then, Aria remembers that she has a handkerchief and offers it to Oscar to wipe his clothes. She sees this as a blessing in disguise. To his surprise, Oscar discovers that the embroidery on the handkerchief is his family's seal. Aria explains that she has embroidered it as practice because she thinks the Frederick house seal is beautiful. Since Oscar is the first guest she has welcomed and a member of the Frederick house,.

She retrieves the handkerchief and offers it to him. A handkerchief from a noble lady is a symbol of romantic interest, so if Oscar refuses it, he would humiliate her greatly. However, Oscar asks if he can keep the handkerchief, and Aria gladly agrees. Aria requests the servant to prepare a bath for Oscar and seeks his permission to take her leave. Oscar contemplates Aria's expression earlier, but then he decides to send her a gift in return. In the dining room, Cain and Mielle have returned from shopping,.

And Cain presents Oscar with a pen nib. Oscar thanks Mielle, as he knows it is not the first time she has given him such a gift. Aria notices them talking and feels it would be difficult for her to join in the conversation. She decides to try to get Oscar's attention by putting on a pitiful facade. As she expected, Oscar notices her and asks if she is feeling unwell. Aria assures him that she is okay and even pretends to cough. Mielle is shocked to see Oscar's concern for Aria. Once Cain and Oscar leave for the academy, Countess Roscent, Aria's mother returns home and expresses her regret at not being able to meet Oscar in person.

She then asks Aria about Oscar, to which Aria replies that he is nothing special. The Frederick household sends two gift boxes, which everyone assumes are for Mielle from Oscar. However, the butler clarifies that the gift with a red ribbon is for Mielle, while the blue one is for Aria. Aria says that the gift is probably in response to the handkerchief she gave Oscar, leaving Mielle surprised and speechless. The butler also hands out letters from Oscar to each of them. Countess Roscent is curious about the letters and asks Aria to read them aloud.

However, Aria suggests that Mielle should read her letter first, since there is talk about her and Oscar getting married. At first Mielle hesitant but then she agrees to read her letter out loud, but Aria intervenes and explains that it will be impolite to do so. Aria then asks Mielle's maid to open her gift, and it turns out to be a dress set with a hairpin. Aria puts on the hairpin and apologizes for not being able to see Mielle's gift, which made Mielle looks irritated. On the way to the gathering with the ladies, Aria reads the letter from Oscar.

It's a concise letter, thanking her for the handkerchief she lent him and stating that he is sending a gift in return. Aria realizes it's better that she didn't read the letter in front of Mielle, as she needs to create more misunderstandings. Aria also tells Jessie that she wants to go shopping for a piece of jewelry after the gathering. Aria gives each of her friends the handkerchief as she had promised, embroidering their respective house seals on them. Aria, however, considers it a pointless gathering since she feels that these connections are not worth making. Nonetheless, she continues to do so because she cares about Miss Sarah. As Aria returns to her carriage,.

She realizes that the coachman is different from the previous one, and the new coachman is telling her that the previous one took leave because of illness. Aria asks the guard to verify the new coachman's identity, and it is confirmed as Elect. Aria realizes that if she had not noticed this, the same incident that occurred in her past life might have happened again, as Mielle will do anything to harm Aria. Upon arriving at the shop, Aria dismisses the coachman and sends the carriage away. However, she soon realizes that something is off with the carriage,.

And suspects that Mielle might have had something to do with it. Then she instructs one of her guards to procure a new carriage for her. Aria enters the shop and informs the owner that she's in search of a brooch. She asks him to display the simpler designs to the fancier ones. The owner notes that Aria isn't an ordinary noble and instructs his staff to only bring out the highest quality brooches. Aria examines the brooches brought out by the owner, and they are of exceptional quality compared to what she has seen among her social circles. She selects the brooch that she hopes Oscar will find burdensome as a gift.

Additionally, she commissions some small brooches and gives the design to the owner. Noticing the design is the Roscent house seal, The owner realizes that she is Lady Aria, the infamous girl, but he also thinks that Aria is different from the rumors he's heard after meeting her in person. After making her purchases, the owner gives Aria a gift, a necklace with a sapphire pendant. Aria appreciates the owner's attentive service and tells him that she will return again in the future. Since the guard who was supposed to bring the carriage hasn't arrived yet,.

Aria grows impatient and instructs another guard to find a carriage. Jessie notices Aria's frustration and offers to ask the staff to bring refreshments for her. Aria is relieved that Jessie knows what to do, as she was on the verge of losing her temper. Looking out the window, Aria sees people in tattered clothes on the street and is reminded of her past. She is grateful for the opportunities she has now and determined not to let Mielle ruin them. But to her surprise, Aria sees the man from the repair shop earlier,.

And when their eyes meet, the man smiles, but Aria feels anxious and quickly closes the curtain. Jessie then arrives with the refreshments and informs Aria that the carriage has arrived. Aria tells Jessie she no longer needs the refreshments and prepares to leave. As Aria exits the shop, she tells herself not to worry about the man, as he is not a high-ranking noble. However, as she approaches the carriage, a bouquet of flowers come near but Aria's guard steps in and tries to protect her, causing the bouquet to fall to the ground.

The man apologizes and explains that the timing must not have been right, but he also expresses pleasure in meeting her again. Aria is left feeling annoyed by the encounter. The man explains that he wants to express his appreciation for the information Aria gave him that saved him from a financial loss if he had bought the auction ticket. Aria assumes he is a poor noble but somehow he seems menacing. When Aria says she can't accept the gift without knowing his name, he introduces himself as Asher but refuses to disclose his family name for personal reasons. After accepting the bouquet,.

Aria hands it to her guard to check. As Aria requests permission to leave, Asher asks if he may kiss her hand, but Aria declines. When Aria reaches the carriage, she drops the bouquet and steps on it, saying that she has ruined the flowers. Surprised by Aria's actions, Asher laughs and tells her to throw it away since it doesn't fit her anymore. Aria hands the bouquet back to Asher to dispose of.

Aria expected Asher to be angry at her for stomping on the flowers, but instead, he laughed. This makes Aria wonder if there is an ulterior motive behind his sudden change in behavior. At the Roscent residence, Aria's guard informs her that the first coachman had been hospitalized due to food poisoning. The coachman had eaten his wife's leftover food, but only he got sick. The guard also mentioned that the carriage keeper reported several missing parts from the carriage that Elect had brought. Aria suspects that Mielle might be responsible for this, possibly as retaliation for Oscar's gift to Aria that morning. Aria begins to consider the idea of making Mielle revert to her old path while Aria takes Mielle's place.

Aria informs her mother of the incident with her carriage earlier. Countess Roscent becomes infuriated and calls all the servants to the room. She expresses her displeasure that Yagi, the first coachman, left without permission and that Elect, the second coachman, brought the broken carriage, which could have caused a serious accident. Elect claims he was in a hurry and picked the wrong carriage, but the carriage keeper confirms that the broken carriage was stored in a separate location far from the main house.

Aria tries to point the blame towards the butler, who instructs the servants, but he claims he had no knowledge of the incident until now and apologizes for his mistake. Aria thinks to defend the butler since everyone respects him, and it would be bad if she punish him. She tells her mother about his efficiency in his work so there’s no reason to suspect him. Then suggesting that someone may have intentionally caused the incident to harass her. Aria suggests calling the police, but Mielle disagrees, stating that nobody was hurt in the end. Aria argues that it could have been life-threatening,.

But Mielle insists that it wasn't, since the carriage came back in one piece. Aria then asks how Mielle could know that for sure. Did she, by any chance, know the state of the carriage? This puts a pale expression on Mielle's face. Oh my…. Will Aria catch the culprit? We’re gonna find it on the next part. Btw, you can like and comment on this video if you want the next part of this series. Thank you so much for watching, hope you enjoy every second of it!.

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