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Mielle remains stunned and unable to findwords, as Aria inquires about her knowledge of the carriage's exact condition. Witnessing this, Mielle's personal maid leansin and whispers something to her. In response, Mielle explains to Aria thatshe was referring to the fact that Aria emerged unharmed, indicating that the situation couldn'thave been too severe. Aria counters by suggesting that perhaps itwas just luck, emphasizing that if the situation had been worse, Aria might not be here rightnow. Aria adds a touch of drama, expressing herfear of potential future misfortunes befalling Mielle.

While embracing her mother, she admits thather worries may be excessive, acknowledging that what happened to her was frighteningbut fortunately didn't escalate into a tragedy. She then proposes that her mother make a fairjudgment on the matter. This causes the coachman to tremble with anticipation,as Aria waits for Mielle to voice her opinion. Although Mielle hesitates initially, she eventuallyconcurs with Aria's viewpoint, leaving the coachman astounded by her agreement. In the dining room, Aria inquires about Mielle'swhereabouts to the maid, expressing concern for her health. Aria is aware that she has put Mielle in asour mood, particularly after the recent incident,.

Causing her to seclude herself in her room. Suddenly, the butler interrupts with newsof a visitor from the jewel shop. Aria notices the butler's smile, recognizinga shift in his demeanor since she defended him the previous day. Aria informs her mother that the gift sheordered for Oscar has arrived, and her mother instructs her to retrieve it before gatheringthe servants to announce the punishment. The Jeweler presents Aria with the items shehad requested, and as she inspects them, she is delighted to find that they are flawless. Countess Roscent has finally reached a decisionregarding the punishment.

The groom, Elect, is dismissed from his positionat House Roscent, while Yagi, who abandoned his post without permission, is demoted fromgroom to stable cleaner. Mielle, feeling unwell upon hearing the verdict,requests permission to leave first. Aria notices Mielle's pallor and advises herto rest, as she has appeared pale since the previous night. However, just as Mielle is about to depart,Aria calls her back unexpectedly. Aria instructs Jessie to fetch the necklacefrom the earlier visit to the jeweler's. Although Aria acknowledges that it may seempeculiar to present it to Mielle at this moment, she expresses uncertainty about when theywill have another opportunity to meet.

Aria asks the maid to open the package, revealingit as a gift from herself to Mielle. Everyone is astonished by the necklace's beauty. Aria explains that it is a token of appreciationfor Mielle lending her the dress previously. Aria assumes that such a gesture of repaymentfor borrowing Mielle's dress must stir strong emotions within her. She then takes the necklace from the maidand delicately places it around Mielle's neck. Observing this, Countess Roscent is pleasedto see the bond between Aria and Mielle and decides to depart for her afternoon outing. Aria expresses gratitude to her mother formaking a thoughtful decision, and Countess.

Roscent responds that it is her responsibilityas the mistress of the house, bidding farewell with a wave of her hand, even though she tendsto leave everything to the butler without actively involving herself. As she savors her tea in her room, Aria entertainsthe thought of the groom seeking revenge by slitting Mielle's throat, but she realizesthat matters cannot be resolved so easily. Mielle's loyal servants will be taking careof her. The recent incident was not a significantissue, so Aria must conclude matters for now and patiently await the next opportunity. However, Aria has observed something intriguing:the head maid, Emma, remains constantly by.

Mielle's side, resembling a nanny figure. It appears that Emma is the mastermind behindMielle's actions. Although Mielle eventually transforms intoa villainess with a dark heart, for now, she is simply a timid thirteen-year-old child. Aria contemplates delving deeper into Emma'sinvolvement. Aria suspects that if Emma had a hand in thecarriage incident, she might have also played a role in Aria's tragic death in her previouslife. A chill runs down Aria's spine as she recallsthat haunting moment. Aria proceeds to inspect her hourglass, thevery object that had saved her life.

Whenever she gazes upon it, a sense of calmwashes over her. Suddenly, a knock resonates on the door, andJessie enters, informing Aria of the arrival of the delivery man. Aria swiftly composes a letter for Oscar,expressing her gratitude for his generous response to her handkerchief and confessingher inability to adequately repay him. With the letter complete, she instructs Jessieto wrap it alongside the gift and urges the delivery man to expedite their arrival. As she flips the hourglass, Aria ponders thenecessity of the gift reaching Oscar promptly, as she eagerly anticipates witnessing Mielle'screstfallen expression.

Suddenly, the sound of Jessie's voice offeringto bring her tea, interrupts her thoughts. Aria questions Jessie's presence, wonderingwhy she is there since Aria didn't summon her. Jessie appears just as perplexed and explainsthat she assumed Aria would require some tea since it seemed like she would take a whileto finish the letter. Aria is taken aback, as she distinctly remembershanding the letter to Jessie earlier. However, upon noticing the pen still in herhand and the unfinished letter before her, Aria experiences a sense of déjà vu. Aria places the pen and paper back down, instructingJessie to swiftly send the gift.

Yet, Aria's gaze falls upon the five blanksheets of paper, reminding her that she had not written the letter at all. She acknowledges that her overwhelming satisfactionhad momentarily clouded her judgment. Jessie clarifies that without the letter,the gift cannot be delivered to Oscar. Aria begins writing it once more and handsit to Jessie, urging her to send it promptly. Aria experiences an overwhelming sense offatigue for an unknown reason. Placing the hourglass on the table besideher bed, Aria contemplates taking a short nap to recharge. Jessie arrives and presents Aria with a glassof juice, expressing concern about her well-being.

Aria reassures her that she is merely tired. Jessie explains that Aria had slept for aconsiderable duration. However, Jessie offers to bring her the dessert,but Aria declines. Jessie advises Aria to inform her if she needsanything before leaving the room. Aria steals a glance at her hourglass, turningit once again, while pondering how she managed to sleep for such a prolonged period despitenot being ill. Suddenly, Aria is startled by Jessie's unexpectedpresence, causing her to feel surprised. She quickly responds to Jessie, reiteratingthat she doesn't require any dessert. However, Jessie appears confused and informsAria that she has yet to finish her juice,.

Inquiring whether she should remove the glass. Aria's eyes widen in shock as she gazes uponthe full glass of juice. She feels as though she has been transportedback to the past. Seizing the hourglass, Aria comes to the realizationthat God must truly favor her. The hourglass has the power to send her backin time! After numerous attempts, Aria has finallyunraveled the workings of the hourglass. Once a day, she can flip the hourglass andreturn to a point five minutes prior, providing enough time to fix any mistakes made in thatmoment. Aria decides to test its capabilities by playfullymocking her teacher, only to reverse time.

And replace her facade with a false smile. However, each time she employs the hourglass,she experiences overwhelming exhaustion, leading her to fall into a deep slumber for an extendedperiod. Aria also exploits the hourglass to tormentMielle, finding enjoyment in her otherwise mundane existence. Aria summons Jessie, seeking an update onOscar's response. Jessie relays that there has been no newssince the package was taken by the delivery man two weeks ago. A look of disappointment crosses Aria's face.

Aria's guard apologizes, assuring her thathe has made every effort to retrieve a letter from Oscar. However, Oscar has been preoccupied with examsat the academy and hasn't yet provided a reply, despite accepting the package. Aria reassures her guard that it's alrightand encourages him to take some rest. She firmly believes that the crucial matteris that Oscar received the package. Finally, the long-awaited letter from Oscararrives. Aria carefully reads its contents, findingit straightforward. Based on his words, it doesn't appear thathe intends to return the gift.

However, considering his obligations to Mielle,he may suggest discontinuing their exchange. Aria refuses to allow that outcome. She promptly requests pen and paper from Jessie. After completing the letter, she hands itto Jessie with a radiant expression, urging her to send it as swiftly as possible. Strangely, Jessie seems to be filled withanxiety for some undisclosed reason. Aria gobbles up the desserts in front of her,causing Jessie to stare at her in shock. But then Aria turns back time using the hourglass,telling Jessie to share the desserts with the other servants.

Jessie is taken aback as she had specificallyprepared the desserts for Aria, but Aria comes up with an excuse saying that she wanted tosurprise the servants with a treat. Aria mentions that after the recent incidentwith the groom, the servants must be feeling low, so Aria wanted to lift their spirits. Aria had actually eaten so many desserts earlierthat the thought of them now makes her nauseous. Jessie is touched by Aria’s kindness towardsthe servants. Jessie remembers that she also picked up thebook Aria had ordered when she went to buy the desserts. She presents the book to Aria, who is delightedthat it arrived sooner than expected.

Aria eagerly starts reading the book and realizesthat it's not too challenging for her. She reassures herself that she can handleit. Aria contemplates how nice it would be ifshe could go back in time and be reborn as a man. Male nobles are required to graduate fromthe academy, unlike girls who lack educational opportunities. Aria reflects on her previous conversationwith the Count, realizing that she can pass off information about the princess buyingfurs as mere rumors she heard elsewhere. However, she understands that whether theCount trusts new information or not often.

Depends on the credibility of the source. Therefore, she realizes the importance ofexpanding her knowledge in politics, economics, and history to convince the Count to takeher advice seriously. Above all, she understands that she must acquireknowledge to establish a strong foundation for herself. This leads her to contemplate starting a business. Aria recalls a noblewoman from her socialcircles who prioritized gaining wealth and power over dressing up and socializing. In the past, Aria believed that being bornbeautiful was sufficient and that she had.

No need for anything else as a woman. However, she now realizes that relying solelyon her looks is detrimental because it led to her being pampered and disconnected fromreality. Determined not to repeat the same mistakes,Aria recognizes that money equals power. Therefore, she is motivated to study and attainboth. Jessie suddenly interrupts her train of thought,asking about her upcoming birthday party and suggesting that it should be a grand affair. Aria is reminded of her past birthday celebrationsand can't believe how she used to be. Aria reassures Jessie that this year she wantsto keep it simple and only invite the ladies.

She knows for a quiet lunch. Aria realizes that Mielle's birthday followsclosely after hers, and if she faces criticism like she did last year, all her previous effortswill be in vain. While enjoying her snacks, Aria contemplatesthat once she attains a higher status, she will be obliged to host elaborate partiesas a mere formality, whether she desires to or not. Therefore, there is no point in going outof her way to organize an extravagant event now. Aria understands that, for the time being,she needs to change the way others perceive.

Her and in order to do that, she must firstchange herself. The following day, Aria warmly welcomes MissSarah as she arrives at the house. A genuine sense of joy fills Aria's heartupon seeing her, and she truly appreciates Miss Sarah as her most dependable supporter. Miss Sarah asks Aria if there is somethingspecific she desires as a birthday gift. Aria expresses her wish to receive an embroideredhandkerchief made by Miss Sarah. This surprises her, who assures Aria thatshe can create not just one, but ten or even a hundred handkerchiefs for her. Aria then requests to have an identical handkerchiefto forge a deeper bond with Miss Sarah.

She explains that by carrying the same handkerchief,she will feel a stronger connection to her. Motivated by Aria's request, Miss Sarah promisesto dedicate her heart and soul to crafting the handkerchiefs. During their conversation, Aria brings upthe topic of Miss Sarah's debut, but Miss Sarah's expression suddenly darkens, indicatingher reluctance to discuss it. Sensing her discomfort, Aria swiftly changesthe subject and asks Miss Sarah what she would like to do first when she becomes an adult. Miss Sarah expresses her desire to teach children. She also eagerly expresses her anticipationfor Aria's societal debut.

Aria enthusiastically shares her excitementabout her own debut and asks Miss Sarah to stand by her side when that day comes. Aria believes that with a marquise accompanyingher, no one will be able to overlook her presence. On the day of Aria's birthday party, The ladieshave arrived, presenting their gifts to Aria, but her face displays a hint of disappointmentas she expresses her gratitude. Observing her expression, one of the ladiesinquires if she is feeling unwell. Aria quickly dismisses the concern, attributingher lack of sleep to her overwhelming excitement for the day. However, deep down, Aria worries about Oscar'sabsence.

She had invited him to visit today througha letter she sent, yet she wonders why he hasn't arrived yet. Aria's friends encourage her to open the giftsbefore the meal is served. As Aria gazes at her presents, she graciouslycompliments them. Holding the music box in her hands, Aria assureseveryone that she will place it in her room as soon as the party concludes. Then, Miss Sarah presents Aria with the giftshe had poured her effort into, hoping that Aria will appreciate it. As always, Miss Sarah's embroidery work provesto be the finest among all the gifts!.

Everyone is in awe upon witnessing the presentfrom Miss Sarah. Miss Sarah proudly displays the matching set,further intensifying the amazement among the guests. As accolades pour in, praising Miss Sarah'sexceptional talent, Aria remains quiet and tearful. She is deeply moved by Miss Sarah's gesture,recognizing that bringing Miss Sarah by her side is the most significant accomplishmentshe has achieved thus far. The ladies shower compliments on Aria's dressand the fur stole she had. Aria modestly responds that they are all giftsfrom her father, as she admits her lack of.

Fashion sense in selecting stylish clothing. However, her father bestowed these presentsto compensate for his absence at her birthday party. Aria notices a complete change in her father'sattitude towards her, all stemming from a single piece of information she discreetlyshared with him. As they engage in conversation, Aria casuallymentions her favorite gift from her father: a teddy bear. Intrigued by her choice, the other ladiesexpress their curiosity and request to see it.

Aria proudly presents the teddy bear adornedwith numerous gems, surprising and delighting her guests. However, Aria's underlying motive in showcasingthe teddy bear is to emphasize the distinction between her and her friends. The food is served, and Aria invites everyoneto start eating. Suddenly, Mielle enters the room and expressesher surprise at not being invited. She asks Aria why she was left out, feelinghurt by the omission. Aria tries to play it off by suggesting sheassumed Mielle was unwell and couldn't inform her.

However, Mielle retorts, suggesting that Ariadeliberately excluded her. Before Aria can explain, Mielle's personalmaid presents Aria with a bouquet of flowers. Mielle explains that she thought Aria wouldlike them and wishes her a happy birthday. Aria is left speechless as Mielle leaves theroom, making Aria appear as a neglectful sister. Aria feels humiliated and ponders her nextmove, regretting not having the hourglass with her. But then an idea strikes her – she doesn'tneed to be flustered by this situation. Aria puts on a smile and reassures the othersthat she's relieved to see Mielle is feeling better.

She tells them that since their father andbrother have been absent, she believes Mielle has been feeling lonely. Aria pretends to look sad as she mentionsthat Mielle might feel even more isolated because she hasn't quite warmed up to Aria,and that Aria, in her current position, can't provide the comfort Mielle needs. The other ladies console Aria, assuring herthat it's not her fault. Miss Sarah offers words of wisdom, explainingthat familial bonds take time to form and that things will work themselves out eventually. Aria's smile returns upon hearing the ladies'support, and she feels relieved that the situation.

Resolved easily. While discarding the flowers Mielle gave herinto the fireplace, Aria reflects on past events. She acknowledges that although she managedto resolve the issue this time, it would be wise to have the hourglass ready in case aworse situation arises. Suddenly, Jessie rushes in, looking panicked,and informs Aria that Oscar has arrived, surprising her. Aria instructs Jessie to guide him to thesitting room as she needs to change. Meanwhile, Mielle also learns about Oscar'spresence and wonders why he is there.

She approaches Oscar, greeting him, and askswhat brings him here today. Well, It’s time to hit the like button andleave a comment below! Thank you so much for tuning, hope you enjoyedevery bit of it!

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