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What's up today I will show you a cultural anime it follows the story of a young man who was once a member of the Legendary Heroes party but was banished for being too weak he decides to retreat to the peaceful Countryside where he reunites with his girl and tries to live a more enjoyable life with her however it doesn't go without obstacles as he.

Struggles to let go of his past before we start this recap make sure to leave a like And subscribe and I'll buy you a new car half of the continent was ruled by the Demon Lord teraxon three years after his invasion of Avalon however the country where Rudy ragnusen's hero party is still present and thriving doesn't face any external threats the hero party.

Dedicates their lives to the mission because the safety of numerous innocent people depends on them only the most elite Knights and warriors are included including Gideon ragneson the brother of the hero blessed Rudy Gideon's blessing from God is viewed as being inferior to that of his sister every person in Avalon receives a blessing that will.

Guide their life the only thing his divine blessing of guidance does for him is help him get by on rough Terrain he felt so insecure as a result that he made an effort to make up for it by going above and beyond for the hero party but Aries shrova the warrior serving as his Deputy saw his efforts as a liability that could eventually harm.

Rudy Ares challenges Gideon to break a ward he set up in front of a group of the strongest Knights to show how weak he is Gideon tried his hardest to break it but he was unsuccessful Aries words pierced Gideon's self-assurance like Venom this made him realize that Rudy is not someone he should be fighting especially when Rudy is more of a.

Hindrance than a help he instructs Ares to tell the knights he is in charge of that he left of his own free will before he departs the Fearsome Gideon ragnason abandoned the only life he had ever known that evening to escape the horrors of fighting the Demon Lord's forces he relocated to Zoltan a few months later Gideon discovers that Zoltan is the.

Ideal place for him to relaunch his life except for a few fugitives and Hermits not many people visited this town even his name was changed to Red he has changed more than just his name though he is now regarded as a Charming Man with extensive knowledge of medicinal herbs rather than a heroic night in this place he hunts for priceless herbs every.

Day trading them for some pennies at the adventurer's guild red is happy even though his life right now is very different from his life in the past he even shares with the other explorers his desire for a quiet life and his dream of opening an apothecary the days of seeking Thrills and Adventures are long gone he runs into Tanta one of his.

Friends outside the Guild's office Tanta is a young boy with a big smile and an improved perspective on life Tanta promises red that he will one day construct his Apothecary however he abruptly admits that he's unsure of what Red's blessing actually entails Tanta asks what it is and read grinned at him in an effort to divert the conversation.

He informs the young boy that his father and uncle are expecting the food he's going to deliver despite his disappointment the youngster invites him back so they can continue their conversation about the Apothecary they'll be constructing red is reminded of the night in the evening at the hero's party he resigned from his.

Position his related thoughts and worries keep him up at night red does not require Glory even though living in a sleepy town has its drawbacks to stress about scheming or putting his life in danger during combat he realizes as he examines a drawing on his wall that Zoltan provides the comfort and peace that being a knight will never be.

Able to provide for him after making a second trip to the forest to collect herbs for medicine red comes across adventurers who need his assistance they want him to be their guide because they are concerned about an owl bear that might hurt the people of Zoltan red can travel to the farthest reaches of the mountains and will never get lost.

Because of the divine blessing of a guide the residents of Zoltan are unaware of this all they know is that he is an expert mountain climber red is persuaded to join the adventurers by their leader Albert who promises him the opportunity to become a sea rank Adventurer red repeatedly politely declines but unfortunately for him he.

Has no interest in anything associated with the adventurer's rank indignantly groaning Albert turns and leaves megria the front desk agent at the adventurers Guild assures read that she can ensure his promotion red nonetheless rejects he is prepared to accept the consequences if keeping his secret requires him to withhold assistance from the town in.

Killing an owl bear red must go to the Forbidden Mountain that evening to get blood needles though as Tanta is facing a serious illness rad must use both his endurance and high-speed Mastery to get to the mountains because time is of the essence there he learns that Albert and his group killed the owl bear using fire red must therefore Brave the heat in.

Order to get some crucial blood needles unfortunately red must also overcome other challenges as it turns out the owl bear made it through Albert's party and is prepared to take his own life the owl bear loses his life in a single Blow from his sword with a sharp edge red isn't just a member of the greatest hero Party by accident red saved Tanta and.

Stopped the sickness's lasting effects just in time the doctor informs the family that if red hadn't been there things would have turned out differently he couldn't help but undermine his own efforts as he made his way home he would have more blood needles if only he had more skills than the typical ones that were given to him but gons tanta's Uncle.

Would never be able to express enough gratitude for what he did in order to tell the former Explorer what a blessing he is to the town of Zoltan the carpenter finally catches up to red red disagrees but he changes the topic of their conversation to a reward Gans has promised him writ an adventurer visits the guild four months later to request a.

Job completion report she observes that megriya is not dressed as she usually is the front desk agent informs the world's greatest explorer that she must attend the opening celebration of Red's Apothecary store writ is curious and inquires about red megriya isn't hesitant to share any details pertaining to him she shares with RIT all of the.

Man's positive traits and even any secrets she believes he is keeping writ couldn't help but be reminded of a man who is similar to red when she finds out that red is a herb expert with a good heart and may have been an adventurer in the past meguria questions writt about her slight change and wonders if something is wrong but the Intrepid.

Traveler only offers a shrug writ makes the decision to go to the the Apothecary as soon as possible right there and then red is busy admiring the Apothecary Gods built in the meantime he could ask guns to construct his ideal Pharmacy in exchange for saving Tanta because of his good nature the said kid couldn't be prouder to help his uncle build the shop.

He promised to read previously with the good people of Zoltan red celebrates the opening of a dream he never thought possible a year before being a pharmacist and helping the town doctor being a friend to kids like Tanta and being with warm-hearted people without having to prove himself are just what he needs so when Gans asks him if he has.

Bigger dreams he could only smile and thank the unexpected people who helped him start a peaceful life away from the tumultuous life of adventuring a few days after the celebration Red's excitement about owning an apothecary shop has died down he stares at the door of his shop desperately waiting for customers if no one buys his medicinal.

Concoction everything will expire and his efforts will be wasted seconds later the door opens momentarily giving red an energy boost until he sees the person who walked into his shop the wide-eyed and beautiful Adventurer writ greets her comrade with a hopeful smile however red couldn't return the gesture instead a drop of sweat appears on his face the.

Appearance of writ means only one thing it's not impossible for other people to find him in the far away land of Zoltan still a well-mannered man like red couldn't ignore the Charming Adventurer and offers her tea Rich short for rizlet the princess of lagervia disguises herself as a b-rank Adventurer in Zoltan she decided to leave the royal family to.

Prevent a rift from forming between her and her brother who is set to take the crown Zoltan has given her Solace a feeling that red is familiar with the princess address is read by Gideon and the former Knight tells her that he goes by Red now rip teases him that red is too similar to writ it's because of this that he reveals that red indeed a name.

Based off of writ the beautiful princess blushes with the knowledge that red remembers her even when they have been apart for so long curious about why he left his party RIT continues to ask red questions the former Knight reveals the real reason why he has to leave ruti died his banishment infuriates and angers writ that she slams her hand on.

The table she defends Red's side but the young man has long since accepted his faith he's convinced that the party didn't need him because of the recent news about them defeating gandor's troops after their lengthy discussion the tea has gone cold so red insists to brew another one for the princess while boiling another batch of tea leaves red.

Reminisces of the time he and Rudy spend a quiet afternoon drinking hot tea but he reminds himself that his sister is not a kid anymore and his assistance is no longer needed he goes out of the kitchen as if everything is all right and serves tea to the princess the adventurer Praises Red's brewed tea and Compares it to the one she used to have.

At court she says that maybe it's better because he prepared it with her in mind the soft smile on the princess's face reminds red of the time they met years ago back then red and the hero party were discussing orc sightings when a drunk man approached a lone woman at the bar he clutched the cloaked woman's shoulder enraged she used her sheer.

Strength to throw him to the floor afterwards she looked at the hero's party and told them a woman like her never needed help she stopped proudly out the door although intrigued red told Rudy not to pay attention to the girl one of the members of the party asked who she was the two drunken men near their table proudly announced she's the.

Champion writ a formidable adventurer who never once lost in a battle that's how red indirectly met the proud and prickly Adventurer that over time he will come to know as a soft-hearted woman in the present red tells RIT how she's always been dishonest with her feelings in the earlier times he encountered her in battles but RIT is.

Quick to tell the man that she had been honest on multiple occasions like that time in the Mountain Village when they discussed a piece of important information about strange tracks in lagervia the princess admitted feeling bad about withholding the information from the hero party especially to Red whom she teased about not being able to.

Gather secret information red couldn't care less and still offered the help of the hero party from the incoming attacks of the demon Lord's army however the proud princess refused the aid and insisted that she had defeated those armies and in time she will defeat them again so red did not push the issue instead he offered her a delicious treat.

That he made the princess tried to hide her Delight upon tasting the cookie she stayed stoic and told the young Knight that it didn't taste bad at all red admits that it was an honest feeling back then but to read there is only one time he witnessed our ID's real emotions the time when they fought with shasandin years ago while battling the demon.

Lord's forces lagervia had low fuel and food so the princess decided to Target the enemy's forces to end the war immediately lagervia's Great Captain and rit's Mentor Lord Gaius agreed to the Champion's plan he added that the hero party who was lending their help stayed in lagervia to protect the people in the castle however our ID's plan didn't work.

It was a trap set by The shasandan Who at the time was disguising himself as Lord Gaius thankfully red thought the plan was suspicious and followed writ he threw his sword at chesandan who transformed back to his real appearance even with their combined forces written red couldn't defeat the three-armed monster fortunately Rudy was there to.

Save both of them but the guilt caused by rit's failed decision made the princess lose her will to fight the young Knight could not convince the princess until he reminds her of what is at stake her kingdom and the people of lagervia as a warrior princess she must get over the fear and win the battle for her people back to the present with a.

Smile on his face red remembers how RIT regained her will to fight and defeated the demon Lord's army the two taught so much that it is already time for dinner so red invites her to join him however RIT has one more important thing to tell him it can't wait for dinner so she just blurts it out as if she's only asking him for a piece of candy red did not.

Expect the princess to ask him if she could work in the Apothecary he instantly refuses her both are nervous as they try to make a point of their stance RIT defends that with her help red can leave as much as he can to look for medicinal plants meanwhile red argues he still doesn't have enough customers to Warrant any help however.

Red's opinion changes when the princess offers a valuable opinion about one of his magic potion the multiply potion aims to multiply any magic five times stronger with this the people will no longer need to buy more potent magic potions RIT points out that his original concoction will affect the market prices of other potions therefore the economy.

Will be affected RIT laughs as she realizes that the perfect night can make mistakes in the past writ had always seen red as someone that is on a level she can never reach when red asks if she's disappointed the princess blushes and tells him the opposite it makes her want to be around him more often this is why even with low pay the princess is.

Willing to help out red at dinner red prepares a delicious meal that RIT enjoys she tells him that she can finally enjoy his dishes every day the young man has no clue about what ridd is saying but he thinks it would be fun to cook for her the princess then tells other things that make red wonder if she's moving in she starts talking about.

Building a bathtub buying a single bed and even asks what time breakfast would be so red teases that with all her talk that it sounds like she's moving in with him happy written announces that she is and smiles at him red Smiles in return they stay like that for a long minute however behind Red's smile he is thinking and hoping that the princess is.

Joking her silence suggests otherwise he eventually realizes that the princess is dead serious meanwhile the hero party welcomes Gideon's replacement T Scarlet the girl has the divine blessing of the Assassin Rudy comes out of her tent to tell the recruit that she will be under her command and not Aries she informs tease to be ready for tomorrow as they.

Will be hunting for a weapon the previous Demon Lord left behind while red is busy stressing about living Under One Roof together with the princess the hero party continues to protect the people of Avalon if you enjoyed this recap make sure to check out another one on your screen and don't forget to leave a like And subscribe to es anime if you.

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