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Yūsuke Yotsuya ventures into the forest on amission to level up and find goblins. Along the way, he stumbles upon a log point wherehe overhears Iu and Kusue discussing who they would like to join their team. To his surprise,Iu mentions his name, but before he can react, a sudden sneeze causes him to lose hisfocus and miss the end of the conversation. Disappointed, Yūsuke continues on and findsa vantage point overlooking his village. The view triggers a flood of memories, and hetakes a moment to reflect on his past when he used to play with his friends, and whenthey all promised to meet after highschool. As he scans the area, he spotsa group of goblins nearby and quickly dispatches them. His efforts payoff as he levels up to rank 9. However,.

His moment of triumph is short-lived ashe receives a notification of Kusue death, and notices that the village is on fire.Yūsuke rushes back to the village, only to find that Kusue has not been revived.He realizes that she must have been eaten by the goblins, as the same happened to Iu.Yūsuke stumbles upon another log point and decides to investigate. He watches in aweas Kusue practices her sword fighting skills, explaining to a child that she is sickin her own world and can't exercise, but in this new world, she wants to becomestronger and help others rather than be a burden. Just then, the troll attacks, andYūsuke witnesses Kusue's bravery as she stays behind to slow it down, whilethe other villagers escape. Despite her.

Valiant efforts, she is eventuallytaken down and eaten by the troll. Yūsuke admires her bravery and considerhimself a coward. But just then, the troll appears. Yotsuya runs from the menacing troll.Figuring out the Troll movement pattern, Yūsuke is able to dodge its attacks, but soon, he findshimself struggling to keep ahead of the beast. Just as the troll closes in, Yūsuke spotsan injured goblin that he had failed to catch earlier. Seizing the opportunity, hekills the goblin and raises his rank to 10. Suddenly, time stops and the Game Masterappears. He offers Yūsuke a spin of the roulette, which could grant him a new job. Despitehis hopes, Yūsuke is disappointed when he ends up with the Chef job. However, he takescomfort in the fact that he now has a knife.

With his new job, Yūsuke gains internalknowledge of the troll's weak points. When time resumes, he strikes thetroll's stomach with precision, causing it to open up, and allowinghis teammates, Iu and Kusue, to revive. Despite their renewed efforts, the troll provesto be a formidable foe. The group keeps dying over and over, until Yūsuke spots the wound onthe troll's stomach and comes up with a plan. Charging into the hole in it's stomach,Yūsuke stabs the troll from the inside, momentarily immobilizing it. Thisgives Iu the opening she needs, to get on the troll's back and delivera fatal blow directly to its head. The Game Master appears before the exhaustedtrio and congratulates them on completing.

Their quest. However, Iu's elation isshort-lived as she discover her rank have not improved as much as she'd hadhoped. Iu's rank has only gone up to 5, while Kusue's has reached 4. In contrast,Yūsuke's rank as a Chef has soared from 1 to 5. Yūsuke takes the opportunity to ask the GameMaster a question that has been on his mind. After some thought, he inquires about theirfuture beyond the tenth quest. The Game Master reveals a glimpse of the future, showingthem preparing to face a fearsome dragon. In the next moment, the trioawakens in the real world. Iu notes the time is still the same aswhen they left, and proceed to get to training. She bids farewell to the groupand asks Yūsuke to accompany Kusue home.

As they make their way to the station,Kusue expresses his gratitude to Yūsuke for his help in the quest. However, Yatsuyais lost in thought as he gazes up at the building where the dragon had appeared in thefuture the game master showed them. Suddenly, he realizes that abandoning his quest could meanthe destruction of the very city, he had come to despise, and is now faced with a difficultchoice. With that, we conclude this episode.

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