He’s Offered As A Slave After His Family Gets Murdered | Anime Recap (#1)

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Our main character Aina hits a tree with his ax but gets immediately yelled by his mother as if it falls it may crush the house his sister wonders if he is training to be a Woodcutter but Aina states he is training for battle his mother laughs at him stating he will be useless in battle and calls him to come for lunch while they eat his mother.

Wonders why he is training and Aina explains that he wants to protect this place their Village was burnt down and they finally rebuild it and he wishes to protect it he is frustrated to always be on the losing side and his father died protecting them his mother tells him that they haven't lost all soon The Village get raided Aina Lada and their.

Mother make a run to the woods but an arrow hits their mother in the back she wants them to leave her but Aina and Lada stay by her side as men approach their mother tells Aina to take Lada and run and live moments later she takes her last breath and dies Aina and Lada are frozen and shocked the men arrive and take Lada einer tries to stop them but.

Gets knocked back Lada takes out her hairpin and stabs one of the men in the back which angers him and he kills her the other are annoyed he killed a good looking girl but decide to take Aina and sell him for beer Aina struggles in Anger as he is being taken but is unable to do anything sometime later Aina is on a boat with other slaves a female slave.

Coughs non-stop the men check her and realizes she won't make it and throw her overboard Aina is angry and asks them why they did it but the man hits him and check his throat as he is okay the man tells the rest to keep themselves warm and not get cold when they reach land they feed and bath the slaves so they look good and healthy when they try to.

Sell them while being lined for a sale and the men don't pay attention Aina sees a chance and runs away he reaches a house and being hungry he steals some food but as he runs from the house one of the slavers finds him he beats him up and brings him back to the other slaves the man uses Aina as an example and tells the rest that even if they run no.

One will will help them as they are far away from home and don't have money they need to find a good master who will take care of them Aina accepts his fate as even if he runs away he doesn't have Where to return to anymore one day while being lined for sale the slavers bring Leaf stating that Aina is the man he is looking for looking at him Leaf yells at.

Them that he doesn't look like anything he described and is neither blonde or small the slaver apologizes and still tries to sail Aina but Leaf explains he isn't looking to buy a worker but to free his relative thorfin as slavers haven't heard of him Leaf apologizes to Aina and leaves Aina thinks that thorfin is lucky to have someone looking for him.

Moments later Ketel shows up and inspects Aina he asks him for his name from where he came and what he was doing before Aina explains he was a farmer in northern England liking what he heard ketil asks Aina if he would like to help him with his farm ketil then buys Aina and brings him to his farm ketil shows Aina his far form and explains he will.

Introduce him to the rest at dinner since they are working right now seeing the farm Aina is reminded of his land and family he knows he will never be free again and wonders if his mother was right that he still haven't lost everything Aina starts to think that if he is obedient and serves a good Master he won't starve ketil takes Aina to meet.

Thorfin who is cutting wood ketil introduces Inon to thorfin and explains that starting today they will be friends and will be doing the same job Ketel proceeds explaining what they will be doing and points to the forest and asks Aina what it looks like to him Aina guesses it's a forest but ketil corrects him saying it will be a future Wheat.

Farm ketil owns the forest and will let the two borrow it Aina and thorfin will clear the land work it and reap the Harvest and then Kettle will buy it from them for a fair price once that price exceeds their own price as slaves they can buy their own Freedom Aina realizes that means they can buy their freedom and ketil confirms it stating that if.

They work hard they may be free in three years Aina is shocked but gladly accepts Kettle tells them to turn to Peter if they have any problems or questions Peter explains he became a free man by the same means and wish them all the best of luck before leaving Kettle tells Aina he can rest today and observe how thorphin Works thorfin returns into the.

Forest Aina follows him and wonders what kind of man is ketil and if what he said is normal for Denmark because in his homeland a slave is a slave for Life Aina reveals he is from northern England and wonders about thorfin thorfin stays quiet for a moment but reveals he is from Iceland but Aina doesn't know where that is seeing the cut trees Aina is.

Impressed how many thorfin had cut already and wonders how much are left thorfin points at River and explains that all from that side of the river must be cleared Aina then realizes that there are quite a lot of trees left thorfin returns to cutting trees Aina decides to do it too but his ax is stuck on the tree on his first strike thorfin.

Reminds him he was told to rest but Aina states he wants to earn his freedom faster thorphin asks him to then start a bit further away from him and cut the trees so they fall perpendicular to the river Aina then realizes that way they can float them down the river as they work Aina gets a bit hungry and wonders about lunch thorphin explains that when.

The time comes farmhands will bring them lunch Aina hears some voices and guesses the food is coming Aina meets The Men Who give him a bag with the food but Aina is surprised how little it is the men guess that it's his first time being a slave and state he is lucky to be fed at all they are free men who bring him lunch so he needs to thank them Aina.

Gets angry but thorfin comes takes the food and thanks them the man tells thorfin to teach inas some manners and to not injure the horse the four men then go to sleep under a tree thorphin ties the horse to a tree and tells Aina that he and the horse will be pulling while Aina pushes from behind I China asks if they could cut the tree more but.

Thorphin explains it's owned by their master and they can't cut it more without his permission Aina guesses this is those four men's job but thorphin tells him to forget it the two along with the horse then start pulling the trees toward the river in the evening Aina is hungry and tired and angry at the farm hands he guesses that farmhands.

Don't have their own land and need to serve the master and thorfin confirms it Aina then States they are half slaves and are just bullying those that are under them to feel Superior Aina wonders if thorfin agrees but thorfin doesn't care Aina states that they are owned by the master and his farm hands shouldn't order them around he wants to report.

Them to ketil but thorfin tells him to not do it otherwise they will harass them even more Aina is furious that thorfin is fine with that ketil shows up and wonders how their first day was Aina states he has a report but then sees a woman and gets distracted by her beauty and stops talking as Aina isn't responding ketil guesses there is.

Nothing to report and continues on his way next day ketil and his farm hands are harvesting wheat the kids bring some fresh water and after drinking ketil tells them they finished this batch by noon Aina is surprised to see kettle working as he thought rich people never worked Aina then sees a young man struggling to harvest wheat properly and.

Is evidently annoyed at having to be on the field in the first place the young man is Ulmer ketil attempts to help Ulmer however Ulmer states that he is already doing what he told him to do ketil tells him to use hand sickle and cut below the knee Ulmer States it doesn't matter since it's still getting cut but Kettle states.

That after the harvesting comes the grazing and they leave long stumps so the livestock can eat them Ulmer gets more annoyed as ketil keeps explaining on how to harvest Aina wonders who is that and thorfin tells him it's kedil's son olmer gets angry and states he had enough he decided to help once but ketil won't stop.

Complaining ketil tells him that he needs to listen and he will inherit the farm but Ulmer isn't interested in doing boring farm work Ulmer attempts to pull out his sword from behind his back but as the blade is too long he can't take it out of the sheath he then takes it back and runs off on his horse stating he wants to.

Make a name for himself with his sword one day later that night Ulmer practices his sword play and states he will be going to England soon and joining Prince knut's Army he sees a moth and attempts to cut it but misses Ulmer is with a woman in his bed who wonders when he'll be leaving but Ulmer doesn't know and states that King Harold.

Should be calling for reinforcement soon the woman thinks it's better if he takes over the farm explaining she is worried about him and invites him back in bed outside the woman's father and mother are listening and hope that Ulmer keeps sleeping with their daughter so that their future will be secured moments later.

Ulmer comes out angry and the two wonder if their daughter done something Ulmer yells at them stating he knows they just want to become part of kettle's family and live in luxury angry Ulmer leaves stating all women are rotten Ulmer rides frustrated he sees two drunk farmhands who tell him it's dangerous to.

Ride at night Ulmer wonders what are they doing there and the two explain they went to see a woman but other retainers got there first they couldn't start a fight as they will get in trouble and find olmer lucky as he can do what he wants the two realize that Omer is angry and decide to take him with them to continue drinking.

And chat in bed Aina mumbles that Ulmer should take the farm he doesn't know war and probably thinks Warriors are cool but anyone who goes to war is a beast thorphin tells him to go to sleep as they will be waking up early Aina explains that soldiers came to his village Twice first came the king of England soldiers who burned every house.

His father fought them but died after that came the Danes claiming they were saving them from the tyranny of the king of England but they pillaged everything they could Aina thinks they are beasts in human skin Aina asks thorfin if he is asleep but thorfin doesn't respond as he recall all similar scenes from his own past make sure to check out the next.

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