He’s Offered As A Slave After His Family Will get Murdered | Anime Recap (#2)

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This is part two of my recap on Finland Saga Fox and Badger take Omer with them Ulmer gets easily drunk and starts complaining that no one is understanding him Ulmer feels that they are laughing inside at him and fox and Badger note that he isn't a fun drunk and feel they made mistake taking him with them.

Ulmer overhears them and questions them if they have any Pride as Warriors as they serve his father for pittance Fox States they have their usefulness in a fight but Ulmer states he never saw them doing any work but Fox explains it's because the village is so peaceful Ulmer tells them to draw their swords wanting to test their skills Fox and.

Badger the flip the table pushing Ulmer on the ground where they easily take his sword Ulmer then throws a tantrum wanting to be killed since he is a nobody Fox realizes that Ulmer doesn't want to be treated like a child and tells him that to become a real man isn't that hard and he needs to complete a rite of passage.

By killing a person Fox explains that after he kills someone he will feel confident and will learn how fragile human body bodies are Ulmer wonders who in Fox states he knows the perfect Target who is even in this Farm Aina wakes up and goes to pee he then hears thorfin screaming and goes to check him thorphin wakes up confused and Aina.

Wonders what he dreamed that made him scream like that however thorphin states he doesn't remember they go to wash their faces at the well but the woman who Ina saw the other day is already there she explains she is done and let them wash their faces Aina states that even if he wash his face it won't get any better however the woman disagrees.

And states he has a wonderful face which embarrass Aina she introduces herself as arnheide and guesses that Aina has joined them recently Aina confirms and explains he came from England that surprised arnhide as she notes he speaks the language very well and she guessed he was Norse Aina explains that his village are descendants from Nords and.

They speak both English and Norse Aina apologizes guessing it's hard for a lady like arnheide to understand him due to his thick accent Arne Hyde apologizes herself as she haven't told him her status Aina is then surprised to learn that she isn't kettle's daughter but another slave and kettle's personal attendant Fox and Badger then come and.

Fox jokes if they are gathering to plot their escape Fox asks thorfin his name and Badger wonders if Aina is also a slave as he doesn't recognize him after Aina explains he joined them this Summer Fox tells thorfin and Aina to follow him as they go with them Aina wonders who are they since they carry swords thorfin explains that they are guests and.

Resident defensive Force at the farm essentially bodyguards Aina guesses that whatever they want won't be good but then recalls arnhide complimenting him and he Giggles Fox notices and States Aina is in a good mood and he seems Lively one they go to Ulmer and other men and give Omer a sword Fox then tells Ulmer to do a nice Cut Aina doesn't.

Understand what is going on and fox states that they are making their young Master a man and want Aina to die for him Aina gets angry and wonders what they have done to deserve it but Fox explains that their lives aren't theirs and their owner can do what he wants with them Ulmer states that Aina and thorfin belong to his father and not him.

And if he kills them he needs to pay back his father Fox is disappointed that Ulmer is making excuses and wonders if he is afraid of his father Ulmer denies it and fox tells him to kill them then Aina tells thorfin to run and then charges and takes down Ulmer as he fights with Ulmer he tells thorfin to run again and go tell kedil thorfin.

Isn't moving but two other men also Point their swords at him and warn him to not move and just watch thorfin's size and States Ulmer can cut him down he notes that they need to kill only one and should leave Aina to return to work snake wakes up later he then looks around and starts calling his old man asking for breakfast the old man tells.

Him it's late for breakfast and if he wants to eat he should help him with the Harvest once in a while snake refuses and the old man tells him that he won't cook for him and to figure out something himself not wanting to cook snake decides to head home after thorfin's statement the men are surprised and fox asks him about his name again he then.

Asks him if he understands what it means to be cut and thorfin confirms that he will die Aina wants to stop him but Badger shuts Aina Fox states he can't Overlook what thorfin said and such remarks reduce the value of their product he wonders if thorphin knows what they sell and as thorphan doesn't Fox states its death Fox states that.

Everyone is afraid of dying and points at Ulmer noting that he is even afraid of someone else dying Fox States Death has value because everyone fears it he takes out his sword and makes a small cut on thorphin's chest he then points his sword at thorfin and states he should be afraid he makes few more cuts and wants thorfin to beg for his life in.

That moment snake returns and sees that thorfin didn't even blink when Fox cut his cheek and recalls that thorfin is kettle's slave thorphin asks why they should fear death and if they live to because they don't want to die he wonders if anything good comes from being alive and then states that nothing good had happened to him in his entire.

Life Fox gets frustrated and cuts part of thorfin's left ear noting that his eye is next Fox is about to do it but snake yells to stop hearing snake Fox freezes in fear Fox wonders when snake came back snake tells Fox to come to him and then punches him in the face snake then turns to Badger and tells him to explain the situation snake eats while.

Listening to what happened he tells the guests are idiots for bullying the slaves Badger complains that thorfin got cheeky snake then apologizes to thorfin however he gets serious and attempts to slash thorfin with his sword seeing his eyes thorphin is instantly reminded of askalad and reacts by Instinct and attempts to kick snake thorfin's.

Movements surprise everyone and snake tells him that his body wants to live snake then decides to go take a nap and tells the rest to see thorfin and Aina get back home he also warns them that if they cause more trouble about this matter they won't be able to eat anymore thorfin starts to question himself if he wants to live and if he lives what he.

Will do Peter checks on thorfin's wounds and explains they are not deep so he will fully heal soon expect his ear he apologizes for them having to go through this and explains that Ketel doesn't know what to do about the guests misbehavior Peter States they wouldn't have been killed but Aina is sure they would have been killed if snake didn't.

Show up and to people like them Aina and thorfin's lives are worth less than those of insects thorfin says that it can't be helped as the strong kill the weak Peter tells them to come to him instead of going with them if they try to mess with them again Peter then applies some medicine on thorfin's wounds as he doesn't want his wounds to.

Fester he tells them to not worry about paying him back for the medicine as it's his responsibility to look after them Peter also suggests they thank arnheide since she ran to tell him what happened Peter tells them to rest for today and also gives thorfin one of his shirt although he explains it may be a bit big but thorfin's shirt is now full of holes.

Thorfin doesn't say anything which annoys Aina who tells him that he needs to say thank you in such situation hater is fine noting that he knows that thorfin doesn't talk much after Peter leaves thorfin puts on the new shirt and heads towards the woods to cut trees Aina reminds him they can rest today but as thorfin still heads out he decides to.

Go too while they cut trees due to the way thorphin reacted to snake Aina is sure he is an ordinary man as thorphin had also said the strong kill the weak Aina asks thorfin if he have been to war and thorfin confirms Aina then asks him if he had killed people and thorfin confirms again Aina then wonders how many guessing five or ten thorfin asks.

Him why he wants to know as he said he didn't like War thorfin cuts the tree and explains that he had killed many but doesn't know how many exactly he has been on the battlefield since he was five or six years old and join the Danish Army's invasion of England thorphin states he was a warrior and wonders if Aina now hates him however.

Aina remains silent at night Aina thinks of what thorfin said and recalls when his village was burned twice and his family died Aina stands up and get overs thorphin and starts choking him at the same time thorfin is having a nightmare he dreams of being young and having to fight people he killed and eventually kills the old woman who saved him as he.

Yells due to his nightmares Aina stops choking him thorfin continues to yell for a bit tortured by his dreams until Aina grabs his hand and thorphin wakes up thorfin asks Aina while he keeps waking him up when he is crying in his dream thorfin is no different than those who killed aina's family Aina recalls that thorphin said nothing good had.

Happened in his life and asks thorfin if he want to die he doesn't know through what thorphin went through but they can still talk eat and sleep because someone kept them alive so Aina wonders how he can say nothing good happened to him Aina also states that thorfin isn't the one who killed his family so he shouldn't be that arrogant thorfin then.

Thanks Aina for waking him up Aina states he can't get enough sleep because thorfin keeps talking in his thorfin apologizes but Aina tells him to just fall asleep make sure to check out the next part of this recap also like And subscribe to es anime if you haven't already see you next time goodbye

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