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Once upon a time a novice player namedJen Zio ventured into virtual reality games where he discovered a new gamecalled King of Hell a kind of digital Odyssey where players must overcomelevels and face challenges to emerge Victorious Zio a level 3 swordsman withan attack of 165. Defense of 155 and speed of 10 was not an exceptionalplayer however his sword had the power to increase his attack by seven pointsalong the way Zio encountered a small ghost that muttered the phrase poorwretch Zio's anger was awakened and without thinking twice he used the fireSpell item to increase his power and attack the ghost the defeat of the ghostrevealed its true name and a treasure of.

300 to 500 gold coins and strangecrystals but this Victory attracted the attention of the peakers player Killerswho hunted down novices to increase their abilities and seize their treasurean Archer attacked Zio with an arrow that pierced his heart leaving himwounded and defenseless Against The Mercenaries the Mortal mercenaries putan end to the player's existence in the virtual game forcing him to disconnectand he must wait an hour before participating again such as the realityof the game that even pain is felt in real life this Fidelity to Virtual paincauses players to immediately disconnect after losing as dying twice in the gamecan cause such intense pain that it.

Could drive anyone insane upon waking upSayo is not in his home but in an unknown Place surrounded by women whoflatter him for his appearance without understanding what is happening one ofthem calls him King Yama that is the owner and creator of the gameunderstanding his position Zio begins to feel something for his slaves but isinterrupted by the arrival of an even more beautiful woman who announces hismeeting with the four ghost Emperors the emperor of the north has requested hispresence to give a report on the data collected in the king of Hell game atthe meeting the expected ghosts do not show up and in their place only theirrepresentatives appear causing the anger.

Of one of the king's assistants then theword will be taken by the Eastern ghost General saying that his Emperor did notattend because he was dealing with important matters while King Yama isjust in his castle doing nothing King Yama to calm the situation andunderstand what was happening since the King was Zio who reincarnated in hisbody said to start with the scheduled meeting all the generals both from thewest coast East and Eastern were impressed by the maturity of the kingsince he was not like this before which makes him even more fearsome and now theEmperors must be more careful as it seems that the king can turn intosomeone dangerous for the.

Representative's Masters who were in theroom the Eastern ghost general of the East Begins the explanation of thereport saying that the game has been a great success since the people who playit believe it's a simulation and that the pain they experience is fake but thereality is the game is fused with the true demonic realm and everything thathappens in the game is true the monsters battles wounds and deaths so if you diein the game you do in real life because both are connected and once you enterthe game you can't leave it but none of the players had realized this detail sothe main task was a fact with a success rate of almost 85 percent Upon finishinghis speech the eastern general of the.

East would give his report on thecurrent situation of the game since the previous was a summary of who isresponsible for the first five levels of hell and that's why he will give hisreport but before that the eastern general asks the king if he has anyquestions but the latter would be trembling with fear as he was assimilarrelating all the information received so the general decides to retire as he isbeing called at the language tearing prison a place where he is custodianbecause there were many beginners arriving at that place for no reason butbefore the king leaves he asks why so much vital energy was being extractedfrom the players leaving them almost in.

A coma the general says he was onlyfollowing orders so if he doesn't know what's going on with the game there wasnothing to do or say but the king's servant demands that he give anexplanation to his majesty and explain why this is happening if it was theexpress order of the king to imprison them but not to kill them or steal somuch energy the general gets angry and attacks again but when the King goes tointervene he realizes he has the power to see the weaknesses of each person thegenerals being his knees and when he goes to protect his servant she beatshim up putting him upside down on the table and wanting to kill him since he'sa traitor who didn't follow the king's.

Orders but the latter lifts the sessionand everyone leaves the castle calming the situation the king's assistant tellshim it's time for his bath so he thinks he's going to shower alone but the kingwho is actually Zion finds himself in the scene that he will shower with theother Maids of the house and they are at his service splitting the king in anincalculable emotional state because he will see many ladies with him andfinally fulfill his desire to be with a woman tragically but before anythingcould happen he is revived in the game and becomes the real Scio makingeverything he had lived as King Yama a simple dream Zio is talking to hisfriend Lou seifing who tells him he'll.

Try the game of the king of hell sinceeveryone is talking about it and they'll launch a beta test when Zio hears thishe stops him and tells him not to do it that the game is very dangerous but hisfriend doesn't listen and plays it Days Later Lou falls into a coma as a resultof playing the game so Zio decides to re-enter because for some reason herevived after dying that time he was playing when he enters the game hestarts in The Beginner's town and now if he decides to play seriously whilesearching for answers he stumbles upon a woman who calls him a nuisance becausehe interfered in her path this girl had ghost game boots that made her very fastand was a pretty strange object causing.

Admiration among all those in the townZio remembers what the eastern general had said about collecting human energyin the Peach Blossom Valley so he he decides to go there and see what'shappening while heading to that place he meets the wealthy girl he almoststumbled upon she was having trouble with level swamp ghosts so her attackswere not working additionally that girl seemed like a novice but with money soZion comes up with the idea that she is a whale a term that refers to people whospend a lot of money in games since IO cannot exit the game no matter how muchhe tries he helps her using a blue crystal which increases any weaponsattack by 10 percent but when he goes to.

Help her he suddenly faints andreappears in King yama's body but this time in a bed with all the maids aroundwho tell him they were very worried because he fainted without apparentreason they also needed him to wake up quickly because the four ghost Emperorshad arrived and needed to be attended to when zial heads to the room to meet theghosts he starts feeling a strange sensation in his body but still decidesto go ahead Zio suddenly wakes up again inside the game and returns to themoment he was helping that girl with the Ice Crystal but then she would take outan even bigger Crystal called the ice soul crystal and could finish all theghosts in seconds this action caught.

Sayo's attention who saw that the womanhad a lot of money in many things but seeing that he had already helped her hedecides to leave her alone because the girl is a bit haughty but when Ziostarts to leave the girl tells him to please team up with her she's been stuckin The Beginner's town for more than five days but hasn't been able toadvance sio is reluctant but the girl shows him all the rare items she hascollected and bought so he eventually accepts her proposal and they end upworking together suddenly the ground would start shaking and a strange redblanket would appear which was an elite dungeon that in order for it to appearin front of a user the user must be at.

Least level 5 to clear the dungeon andobtain rewards so Zio decides to take the risk and go to that place as he hasmany useful weapons that can help him enter that place as well as havingsomeone who can help him fight as Zio and the girl he met head to the dungeonthey encounter three level four five and six players and when they were about toenter the dungeon which only opens every two days and randomly they are attackedby turbulent bananas which increases the speed of a banana peel and causesopponents to receive 100 damage and humiliation this attack would becourtesy of Zio who by defeating them enters the dungeon the defeated guyspanic because they could not enter but.

Then one of them explains that to defeatthe Demons Inside the dungeon you must have many weapons that can counter theelements that the demons have and since they only entered two novice playersthey will not withstand and lose for that reason it is always recommended toenter dungeons with at least three players so that you can have weaponsthat are opposed to the elements of the demons and thus face them when Zio andthe girl enter the dungeon they encounter the first metal attributedemon Zio asks the girl not to do anything just to give him the weapons herequests to defeat the demons and indeed it was because against the metal elementdemon he used a flaming red sword a fire.

Type weapon that has 100 damage againstmetal attributes defeating it on the spot after that the second monster wouldappear since there are several Demons Inside the dungeon but this time itwould be of the Earth element so Zio asks the girl for the Thunder Vines andhe attacks with a thundervine a wood attribute element that causes 100 damageby using poison against Earth attribute demons and now only the third demon isleft which is a beautiful woman who attacks without realizing who possessedthe water element and froze IO in an instant but he managed to get out of thecrystal where he was trapped because his armor is a broken mountain breastplatepassive Earth at her 40 ability to be.

Immune to water type attacks giving him10 minutes of immunity to these elements after Zio defeated the water girl askull appeared congratulating him for completing the three lucky tests winning15-0 experience points as a result Saya went from Level 4 to 8 in the water girlfrom 2 to 7. they also obtained several items such as a quick leaf that shootsrays and increases attack movement speed for 15 seconds a disappearing ring thatincreases magical resistance by 20 and makes the wearer invisible for fiveminutes but reduces speed by 50 percent and finally they want a phoenix setCrown which is one of five matching items and increases the wear as defenseby 10 percent and the chance of bouncing.

Attacks by 30 percent after obtainingthe rewards and points the girl accompanying Zio starts using her toolsto increase her points and improve her statistics to gain more skills at levelbut Zio explains that things don't work that way and she clearly doesn'tunderstand the game so he explains how to level up each player starts with 100experience points the experience needed to level up is 0.5 times the referencemaximum points meaning 50 points are needed to reach level 2 then 75 pointsto reach level 3 and so on he also explains that players gain threestrength points when they level up that can improve their attributes using SoulForce which cannot be returned so be.

Careful when deciding what to upgradethe six types of strength that can be obtained when leveling up are couragethat increases strength resolve that increases health or that increases magicsince it increases agility and guard that increases defense after thisexplanation the girl doesn't understand much but still upon checking her battleskills she realizes that despite Zio's advancement to level 8 her attacks arebetter being level 7 making them a great team outside of the dungeons they areambushed by the three players they attacked with the turbulent bananas butZio using the sword he won in the dungeon confrontation attacked all ofthem in seconds and easily defeated them.

Telling them not to focus on attackingplayers but monsters and demons who are the real enemies the girl accompanyingZio is named Queen who asks if they can still work togetherhe says yes but he'll have to keep up as he doesn't plan on slowing down becauseof a female companion however the girl then uses a night ghost dragon outfitthat increases the user's speed by 15 Quinn tells her it's now him who needsto keep up with her once their conversation was over they decide to goto the Peach Blossom Valley the place where Zio originally wanted to go aftera while Queen asks Io if he wants to go to the valley because of the strangeobjects that appeared there but he tells.

Her that it's not for that reason andthat he will tell her why later upon reaching the entrance of the valley Ziodecides to sit down for a moment to rest and think of a strategy because theplayers inside the valley are the most experienced and his team is weaker thanothers so he must proceed with caution Queen tells him they have enough weaponsto face any enemy but Zio says that all they have are random and notsynchronized so it can be disadvantageous for them and they needto buy weapons luckily near the mountain they were on there was a shop where theycould buy weapons of course zyal already knew this but he acted like he didn't soQuinn would see the map and say to go.

After all she has more money when theyarrived at the shop they were attended by a skull who showed them all theArsenal in his store Queen tells Zio that he has 10 minutes to choose but thelatter is amazed at how expensive things are in that place as in The Beginner'stown they were much cheaper so Queen tells him not to worry that she will payshe just had to check her account balance upon checking she realizes shehas 3 million even left which for her is not much as she has much more but shehas been spending it but sio and the skull are amazed by the incredibleamount of money the woman has a system message appears in the game saying thePeach Blossom Valley will open a.

Temporary mission where players canthrow gold coins gems and other rewards at random by attacking monsters playerswho land fatal blows on Monsters will receive rare equipment everyone in thegame was excited and eagerly waiting for the monster to appear but the one thatappeared in front of their eyes was none other than the ghost General broken thesame demon that Zio encountered when he was King Yama this demon startsattacking all those present and finishes them off with a single blow immediatelycollecting their energy and leaving them at zero while that happens some archerstry to fight back but they too are eliminated suddenly everyone starts torun away from this strong demon but it.

Performs a long-range attack killing 90percent of those still in the place but then when all seemed lost Zio and Quinnappeared who with the super armor they bought could face the demon sio attacksthe demon General countless times with the Roaring Thunder sword allowing himto inflict damage multiple times with a 10 hit combo however it is a limitedtechnique and after certain attacks it no longer causes as much damage when thegeneral was about to be defeated he used a health block making Zio's attacks lesseffective in a moment of carelessness ziya was attacked with a strong punchfrom the demon which almost knocked him out however thanks to his underworldarmor he was able to counter the attack.

Because the armor has a 50 chance ofdodging attacks and a 70 percent chance of blocking received damage the generalwas surprised but still managed to make another attack that directly hits IOreducing his health almost to zero then sial remembered that the General'sweakness was his knees so he decided to attack but he had to wait for a sixsecond Gap because the barrier would deactivate for six seconds then Zioincreases his speed and tries to attack the general who carelessly let Zioattack him at the knees and lost the fight everyone was amazed at the powershown by Zio and the general asked him why a novice had found his weaknessimmediately Zio realized that he could.

Be discovered because nobody at all knewthat weakness unless he was a king So Zio decides to run away as soon aspossible so that he would not be discovered Queen asks him what washappening and he tells her that they have to leave quickly so that she cankill him Scio ends up being killed by Quinn who asks why he was killed and sioanswers that he will tell her later that when she disconnects from the game askabout his health and that in three days at midnight they will meet again in thegame in the village of the beginners immediately as Scio feels his soulfading away he begins to believe he will die in real life but when he opens hiseyes he realizes he has reincarnated as.

The body of King Yama he immediatelyunderstands that if he dies he will immediately reincarnate as the king forsome strange reason the king's servant is happy he woke up as he had faintedfor no apparent reason then quao tells her there's no time he has to go to thePalace of hell but he doesn't know where it is yeah asks his servant for helpbecause he doesn't know where the palace is and he treats her especially whichleaves her puzzled about the king's Behavior but she still decides to helphim because when he behaves this way she falls in love with him more and morebefore the king arrived the general had already arrived at the palace becausehis soul appeared thereafter he was.

Defeated in view of the situation andhaving been defeated by a novice who discovered his weakness he decides to goto the emperor to tell him what's happening because someone leakedinformation about his weaknesses and he had to pay for it when the generalarrives at the Port he asks the guard to get him the fastest Beast he has tocross the ocean and reach the emperor the guard gives him the dark wave DragonBeast which can travel through the 18 Hells in the Underworld and can only beridden by high-ranking Warriors such as the general as the general quicklydeparts the King Yama arrives and says that if the news reaches the emperorthings will become difficult and he will.

Be exposed with immense power the kingmanages to divide the waters causing the Beast to be trapped on land and cuttingthe animal in two stopping the general the king stops the General's advance andasks where he was going in such a hurry the general responds that he was goingto visit the emperor to tell him that someone has been leaking informationabout him and has to be punished the king's maid named finging gets upset andtells him that he cannot suspect the king and that he will stop saying liesand words that he will soon not be able to pick up then the general says that hehas nothing to talk to the little King about who in his opinion has no powerand decides to turn around and leave the.

King to get rid of the problem attackshim from behind with the smallest weapon he has and is stealthy but chose thewrong weapon and used the underworld ghost sickle as he could no longerreverse his decision he attacked the general with it telling him that hispresence was bothering him and that was why he would be attacked once the impactwas received he could not reincarnate due to the great power of the sickle buthe doesn't kill him completely and the general tries to escape then Ying seeingthat the general is escaping attacks him with a kind of Vine to neutralize himand cut off his head in this way they got rid of the problem for a few dayswhile the king found a way to fix his.

Mistake sio remember that the king isthe creator of the game let's remember that Zio is taking the king's place onoccasions he then decides to search in the game files to see if he can findsomething that can serve as an advantage while he is trapped in that world Ziomanages to decipher some of the king's thoughts where he reads a writing thatsays before ghost Emperors are determined to absorb a large amount ofenergy from the human world so I will have to lift the restrictions for acertain period of time this would begin on September 9th and last 6 hoursallowing demons to accumulate enough energy if they attack all of them butthe system won't notify anything to keep.

The players from becoming aware andmaking them group up and fight against the demons at the exact moment theprotective barrier will be knocked down causing all demons to attack withoutrestrictions and kill as many humans as possible but still expects that even ifthey die in the game they don't do it in real life despite conflicting the kingseems to have a good side then seeing the situation Zio tries to stop thatMadness and avoid a disaster but it's too late as his time in the king's bodywas running out and he would fall unconscious again becoming Zio again inThe Beginner's Village but upon arriving he realizes the attack has started andit's too late to stop it so he decides.

To take action and kill the loose demonsbut in doing so he meets a girl who also starts it's defeating them quickly thiswoman is mengmu Archer fire Barbie level 6 a woman who is very strange to find inthe game player mangmu despite having a great weapon and a good rank is quicklyoverwhelmed by the Demonic monkeys who managed to Corral her as with the superrare machine gun she has to shoot while moving to avoid being cornered beforesaving her Zio checks if you won any prize for defeating the ghost Generalbut as the system didn't expect it to be defeated it didn't prepare any rewardshowever for defeating the general he managed to get 10 086 gold coins whichgives him a very good sum of money then.

Seeing herself almost defeated starts toask for help and Zio comes to her Aid after checking his accounts with severalattacks he quickly and effectively defeats the monkeys as his abilitiesincreased after reaching level 18 as a result of his last battle after savingthe woman and seeing the abilities that Zio possessed she tells him she wants tojoin his team so Zio accepts as a person with his abilities would be very usefulto him so together they form a team but they have to flee the place as themonkeys have the possibility of reincarnating in the same place wherethey were killed something the rest of the people who go through the same thingcannot do as this is for a limited.

Period of time to achieve the king'sinterests after escaping Zio decides to distribute his points obtained in hisdifferent abilities leaving 10 points as a gift to King flame as by offering themyou can obtain a special ability in this case Zio obtains the special andexclusive ability called thirst for blood Zio and mengmu are intercepted byUndead ghost soldiers who individually are not strong but when they jointogether they are almost Invincible however from the mountain they were inthey were able to attack the soldiers thanks to Moo's long-range weapon butthen things got complicated when they started attacking them from the sky witharrows taking away some health points.

And repelling their attacks in view ofbeing outnumbered they decide to leave the place to fight from Another Side andbeheading some generals that got in their way to obtain some reward for itafter escaping siao comes up with the idea of going to the dragon spring toclear a dungeon where all loose demons reincarnate so they can be killed overand over again tripling the points obtained at the end of the day when theyVenture into the dungeon to fight against the protector Dragon Queenappears thanks to a teleportation scroll and find Zio because their scheduledmeeting point was infested with demons and she had to escape and use an objectthat was forbidden during the six hour.

Attack to find him which Zio findsstrange nevertheless he is glad to have found her Zio and his companions areconfronted by a woman who blocks their access to the dungeon and attacks themthis woman is called Lang tuning a level 8 assassin but she is quicklyoverpowered by Zio who uses the blank enchantment to neutralize her frombehind this ability allows the user to move quickly within a 30 meter rangewithout being detected however Lang sets a trap and starts attacking again untilmangmu throws a net trapping both Lang and sio the problem is that the morethey move the tighter the Rope will get as Lang was very beautiful Zio startedto move so the Rope would shrink and get.

Closer to Lane to the point of stealinga kiss but Queen asks Meng to release him immediately before he kisses her andthat's what happens after all that Lang says she won't let them enter thedungeon because she's waiting for her teammates to connect who were killed bythe demons but sio tells her they won't be able to do so until tomorrow asstipulated by the event there in Lang understands and tells them the dungeonis theirs they can enter without any problem and she won't stop them but siocomes up with the idea of including her and their team because she has knowledgeof the dungeon and can be useful like Zio mang and queen enter the dungeon tofight the dragon and while they walk Zio.

Asks Queen if she asked about him in thereal world and she says yes but he hadn't disconnected for many days andhis sister was worried if he didn't disconnect soon she would call anambulance and he had also gained 30 kilos because his sister had given himall the food in the house Zio becomes depressed and to finish the news hetells Queens she should rest and disconnect from the game but he can'ttell her yet that he's been trying to do so for three days but his game is in abug upon reaching the dungeon Center they encounter the Earth Dragon whichappears indestructible because it has the ability of infernal fire spittingFlames inflicting damage to its Target.

And poisoning it at the same time thebattle begins and they try to attack with all weapons but to no avail soyangsays that the only way to do it is by cutting its belly and the three girlsjoined forces to do so using queen as a distraction to attack from behind butthen Zio realizes his a trap as the dragon can revive several times andstore the memory of how it died previously that's why the group defeatedit for the third time Zio manages to warn the girls in time so they couldquickly Dodge the attack but when Liang was about to do the same she was hit byone of the beast's claws with a moo she had never seen before falling to theground almost defeated that's when Zio.

Appears with the underworld golden suithe used against the general that time and protects Liang he asks Queen to castseveral Thunder Vines to counteract but it's impossible as a low-level attackwouldn't defeat a high-ranking monster but this strategy was used to savelaying and distract the monster with the girls out of danger Zio attacks themonster alone with the help of another of Queen's Thunder Vines to distract itagain and attack its weak point as he acquired the Demon King's records zialmade some adjustments to defeat the Earth Dragon which was to put a sort ofEaster egg on the dragon indicating its weak point this is how it could bedefeated to find the dragon's weak point.

Zio activated an explosive minereleasing a high pressure wave that during the explosion managed to push theenemy away a meter and thus leaving it exposed to any attack in the case of theDragon it was its stomach once defeated everyone leveled up earning a reward of1 000 coins per three a dragon bone from the earth a soft Dragon Earth armor andan ether pill having discovered the dragon's weak point and considering thatit learns from every attack it receives they adapted their strategy time andtime again increasing their experience points each time until they run out ofammunition however Zio had bought more Vines and explosive Minds to keepdefeating the dragon increasing his.

Experience points and his income moreand more while they were repeatedly killing the dragon something interestingwas happening outside of the dungeon two Hunters who were ordered by King Yamawere looking for players with the best performance in the game taking themdirectly to Jan zayo referred to as the Arrogant anagram by King Yama and theother hunt thanks for watching if you want to see more Amazing Stories likethis one be sure to subscribe to our Channel and hit the notification Bellwe'll be back next week with another incredible Tale

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