He’s Summoned To One more World For The Second Time And Becomes Strongest Again

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A boy is transported to another world forthe second time and finds himself in the middle of another war. As Yuki daydreams in class, his childhoodfriend Yuuhi begins to pester him. He tries to dismiss her, not wanting any strangerumors to start, but she persists, and to some extent, he doesn't mind. As Yuki's mind drifts off into thoughts ofthe “other world,” darkness suddenly engulfs the entire school, and a magic circle appearsin the middle of the classroom. Despite the chaos, Yuki is familiar with thistype of magic and can't help but smile. The class finds themselves transported toanother world, and they are surrounded by.

A barren landscape that leaves them all feelingbewildered. However, for Yuki, this turn of events iswelcomed as it promises some excitement. Suddenly, the students hear thuds, indicatingthat something big is approaching them. Multiple gigantic, full-armored demons emergeand make their way towards the students, indicating that they are not friendly. The students realize they must flee, and asthey begin to dash away, Yuki remains calm. As the demons attack, Yuuhi tries to shieldYuki from an incoming blow. But to her surprise, Yuki defends them bothwith just a flick of his finger, sending the demon flying.

Yuuhi is amazed at Yuki's apparent knowledgeof magic, but they have no time to discuss it further. Instead, Yuki grabs Yuuhi's hand, and theyrun away from the creatures, with Yuuhi blushing at the sudden contact. As they run, soldiers appear from the directionthey're heading, charging past them to engage the demonic creatures in battle. The soldiers' attacks have no effect on thedemons, but they are accompanied by mages using bombarding spells to distract the demonswhile the soldiers advance. The students have been summoned into the middleof a full-scale war between demons and humans.

Yuki is puzzled, as the wars were supposedto have ended by now. He senses a strange magic, a curse emanatingfrom the demons. The feeling is familiar, unmistakable… As Yuki and Yuuhi escape the chaotic battle,a royal knight approaches them, urging the students to leave the war zone. The knights engage in combat with the demonicbeings, employing a combination of magic and melee attacks to great effect. Taking advantage of the situation, Yuki andYuuhi flee the scene. Once safe, they are addressed by the king,who refers to them as foreign heroes and expresses.

Gratitude for their arrival during the kingdom'stime of need. The students learn that the kingdom is underattack by demons, similar to a war that occurred five years prior. The king's advisor reveals that the previouswar was won thanks to a hero from five years ago, but unbeknownst to them, that hero wasnone other than Yuki. The advisor pleads with the students to aidtheir nation in fighting the demons once again. Although the students are concerned abouttheir lack of combat experience, they agree to assist in any way possible rather thanrisk being expelled from the kingdom. After being dismissed for the day, the studentsare instructed to get some much-needed rest.

Despite this, Yuuhi remains on edge, but Yukimanages to calm her down, promising to keep her safe. The following day, the students begin trainingwith both swords and magic. They attempt to replicate the knights' techniques,but with little success, except for Yuuhi who displays a natural talent for magic. Yuki, on the other hand, tries to avoid trainingand slack off, but his attempts are quickly halted by a royal knight named Elka. Although Yuki knows Elka from before, sheis unaware of his true identity. Yuki's casual demeanor and disrespect towardsher annoys her.

However, his temper reminds her of a herofrom five years ago. Elka warns Yuki that this world is far moredangerous than he thinks, and he must train to survive or she will make him. Yuki welcomes the challenge. As Elka draws her wooden sword and dashestowards Yuki, he easily dodges her attack and slaps her bottom, making her squirm. Upon realizing that Yuki is none other than”Setsu-sama,” the hero of the previous war, Elka's demeanor changes completely. She is head over heels for him and is willingto do anything for him, even allowing herself.

To be used as a chair. Despite her unusual behavior, she acknowledgesYuki as her one and only master, revealing her true masoch istic nature. Another knight, Glein, spots them and is quiteconfused by the situation. Elka quickly explains that Yuki is none otherthan “Setsu-sama” and Glein accepts it quickly, seeing Elka’s adoration for Yuki. The knights relay the news to Thea, but sheis already aware of Yuki’s summoning to their world, leaving the two dumbfounded. Despite his altered appearance, Thea easilyrecognizes his magic power, which is her strong.

Suit. Yuki has returned as promised, blushing slightly,and the others are happy to see him. He wonders what is going on because he wassure he had dealt with the demons in the past. They go outside, and everyone questions himabout his different appearance and where he had been. Yuki is uncertain himself; after his battlewith the demon lord Toma, he was reborn into a different world but kept his memories andmagic power. Then he got summoned to this world again,and it doesn't seem like a coincidence. Yuki wants to know what happened to Toma andwhether he is behind all of this since Toma.

Is the only one who could use curses likethat. After their battle, they couldn't find eitherhim or Toma's body. However, since Yuki is alive, Toma could stillbe alive as well. Upon being interrupted by a soldier, Yukiand the others learn that the king needs Glein. Despite Yuki's previous desire to travel theworld after the war, he now wishes to maintain the peaceful scenery. However, he remains confused about Toma'sintentions. At the king's palace, he regrets making peacewith demons and is now declaring an all-out war on them.

Glein suggests waiting for the emissary theysent to arrive and understand the situation, but the king's aid explains that the demonsstarted the unprovoked invasion, and the summoning of the heroes is proof that justice is ontheir side. Glein is dismayed, but the council agreeswith the king's decision. Yuki worked hard to achieve peace, but theking feels that upholding it now would be foolish. Yuuhi is making impressive progress with hertraining, and Yuki is there to praise her. It is clear that she has a natural talentfor magic. Despite her aversion to conflict, Yuuhi iswilling to learn magic in order to protect.

Yuki, which makes him grateful for such areliable friend. The knights approach Yuki, and Glein informshim that an all-out war seems to be inevitable at this point. Yuki realizes that he will have to interveneonce again to stop the war, especially if Toma is behind it. War is foolish and must be prevented. The knights offer to be his personal guardonce again, but Yuki declines. He knows that enough fighting force must stayin the capital. They cannot argue with him.

Before he embarks on his mission, Yuki needsto retrieve something from the palace that belongs to him. He plans to obtain it peacefully using invisibilitymagic. However, Elka lacks patience and isn't inclinedtowards peaceful measures. As long as no one finds out. As Yuuhi makes her way downstairs, she sensesYuki's presence but assumes it's just her imagination. Yuki makes his way to the palace treasurywhere he is reunited with his trusty sword. However, their escape plan is cut short whenguards discover the unconscious guard and.

Start mobilizing. In the midst of the commotion, Glein and Theaoffer to create a distraction while Yuki and Elka make their way out. Elka wishes Yuki a safe journey and promisesto buy them as much time as possible. As Yuki is about to leave, Yuuhi runs up callinghis name, not wanting him to leave. Yuki explains to her that he was summonedto this world for the second time and in order to stop the impending war, he needs to meetwith an old acquaintance. Although Yuuhi begs to accompany him, he knowsit is too dangerous and assures her that he will return for her.

She comes closer and when closes his eyes,gives him a stylish haircut with her magic. He challenges her to dodge his flick whenhe returns, as a test of her skills, and she promises to do her best to become strongerand protect him. With that, Yuki sets off to find Toma andput an end to the war. Thank you for watching, subscribe for morevideos like this.

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