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Knute recalls how askalad points his sword at King swing after askalad Reveals His Real Name and stating he is the rightful King of the land of Britannia he beheads King Swain for a period of time the Danes held dominion over England but that changed in the year 1014 with King Swain of Denmark's death Denmark and England are at War.

Again and knut succeeded his father Swain and took command of the Danish Viking Army in England Ethel Red 2 returned from exile to Normandy and was reinstated both proclaimed themselves the king of England and the war for the throne continued knut reaches Murcia and looking around and seeing all the dead Gunner notes it's worse than they heard.

And that it will take time for Mercia to recover Knute tells Gunner to not talk like they weren't involved with mercia's situation Knute sees some camps and soldiers and asks about them Gunner explains they are the advanced force of their army who conquered this region however knut States He meant what they were doing and Gunner States they are.

Naturally pillaging the land entertain taking girls from the Beggars to sell them Knute recalls he forbid that and tells Gunner to have them beheaded and display their heads on the road Gunner is surprised as collecting The Spoils of War as a military custom however Knute states that if the men can't maintain discipline they are not his soldiers.

Then and orders Gunner again to behead them Knute sees Floki and asks him if the arrangements have been made and Floki confirms but notes he didn't need to meet them himself and he should have allowed him to handle the matter Floki explains that Earl edrick of Murcia is a coward and is not worth meeting however Knute states that a person's character.

And usefulness are two different things Knute still intends to meet him and judge for himself Knute also reveals there is another reason why he came in that moment thorkel yells knute's name and charges at him knut states he must appease thoracle guessing he was too much for Floki and his men thorkel reaches Knute but several men hold him.

To not get too close thorkel then yells that he hates when someone stops his battles more than he hates frogs Knute explains that Mercia requested truce and their Victory here is certain thorkel doesn't agree as for him battles don't stop until you take the opposing Leader's head and he was just about to take edric's head Knute tells him that.

Edric is just the leader of this region and to look at the bigger picture but thorkel doesn't care about that and just wants to enjoy a fulfilling life of warfare Floki explains that in East Ethel Red's son Edmund is making moves and would like thorkel's help however thorkel yells at him that he decides where he goes and who he fights thorkel.

Then turns to Knute and hopes he haven't forgotten what thorkel told him before that he will be watching what he do and who he becomes thorkel states that canoot is still nobody and is just a kid knut won't be able to avoid war and will have no choice but to carve his path with blood and iron just like askalad did thorkel then throws away the man.

Holding him and decides to back down for today Gunner tells Knute that he shouldn't Overlook thorkel's offense however Knute states that Thor offered valuable warning which makes sense later Knute is with Gunner and Floki when he meets with edric who offers four thousand pounds of silver and explains that this is all they could gather at.

This time edrick hopes Knute accepts the offering and adds that if Knute withdraw his forces from Murcia they will provide him an additional four thousand pounds looking at the silver knut States it's not enough knut tells edric to think carefully what he is saying he reminds him that he is the king and he is trying to pay him to leave his own territory.

And for a sum that is an insult for a king knut states he came to quell the Rebellion taking place in his domain and not for wealth edrick's son states that Ethel red is their King but edrick tells him to keep quiet Knute admits that there is another person who calls himself King and wonders if they made this offer with ethelred's permission.

Edric is sure that ethelred will understand if they explain the situation Knute is surprised that ethelred would forgive a vassal for deserting in order to protect his own land knut explains that he or Ethel red needs to die and that Ethel red is a coward who abandoned his people and thrown to feel into Exile during the previous war knut finds it.

Foolish to trust the future of England to such a man edrick wonders if knut is telling him to betray ethelred but Knute states he already did knut wants edric to assist him and he probably knows a good way to get rid of Ethel red in exchange edric will keep Marcia edric gets angry and refuses calling off the truce knut turns to Floki and tells him.

That edric isn't a coward and Floki suggests that they test it Knute then tells edric to come with him outside outside Knute gives orders to light the signal fire edric wonders what is knut doing his son then points to other signifiers Knute tells him that is what it means to go to war against him and to imagine Marcia being reduced to Ash.

Edric is shocked at the Dozen signal fires as knut states that it won't be a trouble at all to reduce him to ashes Knute tells him to buy Peace by offering him Ethel Red's head as that is the smart Choice next year April of 1016 King Ethel red II of England dies due to an illness after his death his son Edmund assumed the throne who caused.

Troubles for knut in their War but seven months later after his father Edmund also died of an illness ouskier notes that King Swain took 10 years to conquer the nation but this time it ended in less than three years Knute will be recognized as Brett Walda and coronation will be held early next year however thorkel doesn't want to.

Listen about knut as it ruining his beer thanks to the unnatural deaths of his rivals in the year 1018 Knute officially becomes king of England Aina and thorfin are working on clearing the forest they attempt to remove a stump of a tree they cut but as they are struggling thorfin suggests that they cut some of the roots as well they keep trying to pull it out.

And cut the roots a bit more a few more times until they finally succeed while the two rest for a moment Aina wonders why they are not given a horse to prepare the soil just like they were given when they moved the lumber thorfin explains that they didn't lend them a horse it was just that the retainers made them do their job for them thorfin.

Wonders if they should continue removing stumps or cut some trees however Aina prefers to try asking for a horse first the two go and ask for a horse but are declined as they need to horses for all the other work a retainer comes and mocks them comparing them to a livestock Aina is annoyed and wants to talk to ketil and explain that they need a horse.

Not only for the stumps but for tilling the soil too thorphin states that even if Kettle allows them they will just upset the retainers who will start hating them even more Aina is annoyed at how unmotivated thorfin is telling him that they need to start growing crops so that they can buy their freedom sooner and for that they need a horse an old.

Man in the field next to them overhears them and states he understands their situation now he tells them to come to him so they can talk and after asking them about their names he asks them if he should lend them a horse Aina gets super excited and confirms that they need the horse he then wonders who is the old man moments later the old man.

Sparkle makes them pick the rocks from his field after a bit Aina wonders for how long they need to pick them and Sparkle tells him it's until there are no rocks left they finish clearing the field from rocks Aina wonders about the horse but Sparkle tells him to take the basket and follow him smirkle then makes them chop firewood and once they are.

Done to get some water Aina gets annoyed and feels he is taking advantage of them and wonders if he is really going to give them a horse or is just making them work for him for free thorphin is fine either way as that is what they do every day since they are slaves Aina corrects him that they are kettle slaves Circle overhears them and states he doesn't.

Care about their circumstances but they have an agreement in exchange for borrowing the horse they will do chores at his house when they pick it up and when they drop it off after getting the horse from Sparkle Aina and thorfin start removing stumps with ease ion is quite happy and states that sparkle is quite a good man when they pick and drop.

Off the horse Aina starts doing the chores without any complaints after clearing a small area and the two head to return the horse Aina is happy and feels that with this speed they may be ready in time for sowing season in the fall he wonders if Sparkle will even lend them a plow thorfin wonders what they plant in Fall Aina is surprised and.

States it's obviously wheat as this is something thorfin just learned Aina is surprised and wonders if thorfin have ever worked on a farm before thorfin explains that no one in his homeland farmed and he has been on the battlefield since he was a kid Aina is surprised that a place like that exists but tells thorfin to leave all the.

Farming stuff to him some retainers see them and ask who gave them permission to take a horse Aina explains that sparkle lent it to them the retainers wonder who that is as they don't know a man named Sparkle who lives around those parts and blames Aina and thorfin for stealing the horse the other retainer looks at the course and wonders if they even.

Have such a horse in the farm Aina insists that sparkle gave it to them explaining that he is a short bald man the second retainer then realizes that's the old master and that his name indeed was Sparkle however they still don't believe Ina as Sparkle as crabby old man and won't lend him a horse he is kettle's father and the most important.

Man on the farm later Aina and thorfin managed to lend a plow as well and start preparing the land however as it's about to rain and Aina sees some Roots he decides that they stop for today to not break the plow while the two go and return the plow Aina points out other heavy plows counting that they are ten and notes that their Master is quite.

Wealthy to have that many thorfin wonders if they are indeed that expensive and Aina confirms stating that in his village eight families shared a single plow Aina is glad that Circle had one as the retainers would have never gave them one thorfin is impressed by the plow guessing that a farmer must have invented it as it starts to rain.

The two pick up up the tempo to return the plow ketil is visiting Sparkle and is worried about him as he is old and keeps pushing himself the other day he collapsed on the farm but luckily snake was there to help him ketil doesn't want Circle to continue living alone but sperkle states that if they live together they will just argue Aina and.

Thorfin are outside but don't feel right to interrupt them ketil comes out and sees the two outside wondering what they are doing there he turns to smirkle and tells him that he shouldn't do what he wants as those are his slaves as Kettle leaves Sparkle invites Aina and thorfin inside and since they are wet he tells them to wash their clothes the two enter.

And look for the wash tub but to aina's surprise he sees snakes sleeping in the back he is even more surprised that he slept through Kettle and circle's argument snake then smells that sparkle is cooking and wakes up and yells at him for trying to eat alone snake then notices Aina and thorfin and wonder what are they doing there Circle puts the.

Table and complains that snake is only awake during meals and should be ashamed of how much he eats even though he doesn't work snake explains that thieves come at night and the farm is peaceful because they are patrolling it which is why he has no problem eating snake sees Aina and thorfin standing up and tells them to come and eat noting that the.

Food isn't that fancy for them to be shy Sparkle also invites them stating that they work today so they earned the right to eat while eating Aina wonders if thieves are indeed coming and snake confirms it stating that they are even sometimes armed Sparkle states that what they would lose to thieves is equal to what they are paying snake in his men.

Sparkle believes they can defend themselves and that there are plenty of men who are stronger than snake the two then argue for a bit however snake adds that in reality the Farm's fighting force is too small for its scale and the 13 men he has had their hands full chasing down thieves with 50 to 60 men someone can easily capture this Farm.

Circle states that nothing tougher than thieves isn't coming I know wonders why and Sparkle explains it's due to King Harold's influence twice a year ketil sends him an absurd amount of tribute and as the king accepts it he protects ketil sperkle doesn't believe there is need to have more land than you can protect and that wealth brings.

Misfortune having wealth you fear losing it then you spend money to assuage your fears but then you need to earn more money as it stopped raining snake decides to go on patrolling Sparkle tells him to not come back but snake states he will be missing him thorfin and Aina also head to their place and thorphin feels he learned a lot today.

Sometime passes and the two start planting Aina tells thorfin that he can spread more seed but thorphin fears that they have too little Aina tells him to trust him as he is his friend as thorfin questions that Aina is surprised and states that they are friend or he is wrong thorfin then smiles and as he spreads seeds he confirms that they are.

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