HEY SALAAR! Title Song | Prabhas, Prashanth Neel | Phase 1 – Ceasefire (Fan Made) @WebSeriesWave

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Is a song made by a fan I also know how it isto make a fan song because I made the kgf fan song I explained kgf chapter one in fiveminutes you can go check out that video um and guys we're gonna see this fan made songby this channel called web series wave you guys have been asking me to react to thisso here we go let's react to it and go check out the original the link is in the description wait I was not ready for this start this beginningguys don't forget to like And subscribe look this looks like a legit title song it doesn'tlook fan made from what I've seen so far and the sound the the wow okay I need more volumefor this though let's go again Rebel Star.

Prabhas Salah okay ah um thank you bro hire the singers higher the Idon't know the lyrics if they think if it's a good lurks but hire The Lyricist hire theeditors hire everybody who is involved in this because this does not look fan made atall bro this does not look fan made this looks really nice really legit and I like how theyuse sultan maybe a reference to kgf maybe.

how are the whole team look at thislook at these effects hey let's go guys this needs to be retweeted to those back vocals bro hey hey what is that ship what is this kgf reference okay this is so good I need some whistles now whistlesI don't know how to whistle tell me a good whistle wouldn't be nice here.

Some whistles would be nice here after heySalat three whistles the Tamil audience would appreciate the whistles okay okay a rap would go nice at the end here a rapby teacher Paul you know that guy uh I smell a remix hey hey yo this is a five this isgreat where's the whistle I can hear thewhistle in my head come on guys this is so good this cannot be fan made bro.

okay yo you guys rock yo a shout outto my my boys look at this Santosh Kumar Pharma basket or Sangeet you guys amazing work compose and Tune In lyrics you arethe producer right you you're the man you made this come together put some whistlesat the end of salad Sultan Sultan Sultan Sultan hey Salat feel free I'm telling you I'm tellingyou that's going to be a a banger this is a great song I hope they use this I reallydo I really hope homebody films uses this at the launch somewhere you guys need to bethere.

Music program by kalai sound engineer broyou Praveen you need a job bro you need a job you're a great editor pravin ritzy oh the producer is M rud hula Mora wait isn'tthat the same oh that's it for one reducer presented by web series wave yo youguys you rocked it you really did my dog even fell over because it was so good bro thatwas so nice it was a really good fan made video but it doesn't look fan made I thinkyou guys are just putting the word fan made because you don't want to get copyrightedor anything like that because you guys are very much professionals you you're not justfans you're you're you're the real deal so I hope you guys get you know the gig I hopethey they hire you for if not this movie the.

Next movie and I hope they called you fora presentation for a performance in in the launch event honestly you guys deserve itanyone who is a fan of Salat if you enjoyed this video blow it up on Twitter and you knowmake clips of my reactions and put it online you know take Clips post it let's help theseguys promote you know you can make shorts remixes reactions bro hopefully they willnot copyright me or you but you know you can take Clips you know not the full clip butjust clips of my my reactions of my commentary and and you know help them promote anywaysguys thank you for watching and always when you post a clip of my videos tag me put thecredits and tag me so I can go and comment and like your video take care guys see yousoon bye bye I'm looking forward to the edits.

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