Hidden Ingredient In New Helluva Boss Episode Shows Stolas Thought For Blitzo!

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In the new hell of a Boss episode there was one tiny detail that you may have missed which actually branches into a far deeper part of the storyline for future episodes at the beginning of the new episode we saw that stolis had a reminder on his phone for a deal at Aussies in three days stolis is a powerful being who doesn't really need.

Anything from others so the only possible reason he could be making a deal with asmodeus is to gain possession of asmodean crystals as Modi and crystals give demons safe access to the human world and as modius the king of lust gives these crystals to the succubi so that they can enter the human world to do their jobs we first saw these.

Crystals in season 2 episode 1 installer's grimoire book and storless is most likely having this meeting to acquire one to give to Blitz in the season 2 trailer for hell of a boss there are a few storyboard images of Solus sitting on a long fancy couch it looks like he could be in a waiting area in the house of azmo ideas in this.

Storyboard stolis looks upset and frustrated and it seems like he is feeling a mixture of emotions this is probably because of what happened between him and Blitz in the latest episode or because he has been in the hospital for so long that he missed his original appointment which means he now has to wait in this trailer we also see.

Another storyboard image of asmodeus and fitzeroli seeming intimate with one another but it looks like they had been interrupted by someone else in the shot this person looks like an imp who works at the house of asmodius as some sort of secretary this imp may be informing them that someone is waiting for them perhaps soulless and this shows they weren't.

Expecting him because he missed his original meeting time due to his time spent in the hospital soulless acquiring an asmodian Crystal to give to blitz could have been planned after the night they had at the house of asmodius where Blitz told stallers that their relationship was nothing more than an exchange for this is grimoire book that.

Allowed Blitz access to the human world stolis wants to give Blitz this Crystal so that he no longer needs the book and no longer needs to feel like their relationship is built on nothing more than an exchange stores wants to show Blitz that he has deeper feelings for him and he doesn't want to base their relationship on favors Solace may also.

Want to see whether Blitz has deeper feelings for him as well once the book is no longer needed and after the most recent episode I'm sure stallis wants to know blitz's feelings on their relationship more desperately than ever I am really excited to see more of asmodeus and fitzeroli and how these crystals are going to play a more.

Important role in Solus and blitz's relationship let me know in the comments below what you think and make sure to like subscribe and hit that notification Bell to never miss one of my videos thanks for watching guys and until next time

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  1. i occupy the secretary is informing Asmodeus and Fizzarolli that Blitz is here to retrieve the crystal himself.with Stolas in the health center, he can't attach it himself. so, by the use of texting, he despatched Blitz to transfer over to Ozzie's and accumulate the crystal in his stead. which ends in the scene between Blitz and Fizz talking – the clip where the latter said “elated you will admit it. need a medal?” support in the teaser.here’s hypothesis, on the opposite hand.

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