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Exciting thrillers, unusual horror movies,comedies and action movies – in today's issue! Hello everyone and welcome to my ShadowTavern, and today I have 10 great new moviesreleased on streaming platforms. Make yourselves comfortableand have a great time watching. Empire of Light (Searchlight Pictures) IMDb: 6.8 Empire of Light is a drama about acinema manager who falls in love with a young trainee in 1980s Britain. Olivia Colmanplays Hilary, a depressed woman who works in a decaying theater in Margate. She meets Stephen,a charismatic black man played by Michael Ward, who shares her passion for film and music.Their romance faces many challenges,.

Including racism, violence, andHilary's affair with her married boss. The film was directed and written by Sam Mendes, who drew on his own memories of growing upin Margate. It is a tribute to the magic of cinema and the power of art to inspireand heal. The film has a nostalgic and emotional feel, enhanced by the cinematographyand soundtrack of songs by artists of the era. The film received mixed reviews from usersand critics. Some praised the performances of Colman and Ward, the direction ofMendes, and the themes of love, loss, and redemption. Others criticizedthe plot as dull, predictable, and sentimental. And I think almost everyonecan find the movie too depressing and dark.

Empire of Light is a touching and well-acted filmthat explores the dark side of the Thatcher era and the bright side of cinema. It is a loveletter to the movies and to life itself. Knock at the Cabin (Universal Pictures) IMDb: 6.1 Knock at the Cabin is a psychological horrorfilm directed by M. Night Shyamalan, based on the novel The Cabin at the End of the World byPaul Tremblay. It is the story of a family trapped in a cabin by four strangers who claim that oneof them must die to prevent the apocalypse. They face a dilemma that will test their bonds andbeliefs. Yes, the movie features Shyamalan's trademark twist ending, which may leave someviewers satisfied and others frustrated. The movie's strengths include itstense atmosphere, intriguing premise,.

Effective cinematography, and strong performances. The movie's weaknesses include its lack ofcharacter development, its predictable plot points, its underwhelming gore and violencethat are expected for this very plot, and its ambiguous ending that may seem likea cop-out or a betrayal of the source novel. Knock at the Cabin is a movie that willprovoke discussion and debate among its viewers as it challenges them to question theirown values and choices. As always, it is a movie worth seeing for fans of Shyamalan's style andfor those who enjoy provocative horror films. The Integrity of Joseph Chambers(Victorhouse Films) IMDb: 6.0 Drama-thriller film directed by Robert Machoian,starring Clayne Crawford as an insurance salesman.

Who, hoping to prove his survival skillsand manhood to his family, decides to go deer hunting for the first time, despite hiswife's objections. He soon finds himself lost and injured in the woods, where he encountersa mysterious man who claims to know him. The movie is a character study of a man searchingfor meaning and purpose in his life, a survival story that tests his physical and mental limitsas Joseph confronts his past and his future. The film has a gripping plot, realistic dialogue, stunning cinematography and a powerfulperformance by Crawford, who carries the film with his charisma and vulnerability.At the same time, it has its slow pace, its lack of action, its ambiguous ending, andits very limited appeal to mainstream audiences.

It is a movie that will challenge and reward viewers looking for a smart andsubtle psychological thriller. Caravaggio’s Shadow (WildBunch International) IMDb: 6.5 L'ombra di Caravaggio is a biographical dramafilm starring Riccardo Scamarcio as the famous Italian painter Michelangelo Merisi daCaravaggio, who was accused of murder and persecuted by the Catholic Church.The film follows his turbulent life, his artistic vision, his controversialrelationships and his quest for redemption. The film is a tribute to Caravaggio'sgenius and influence, as well as a portrait of a tormented and rebellious soul.The film showcases his stunning paintings,.

Recreated in meticulous detailand illuminated by natural light. The film surprises with a compelling plot,rich dialogue, atmospheric cinematography and a superb performance by Scamarcio.Of course, it lacks action, has an overly complex narrative and, as a biographical drama,has limited appeal to international audiences. L'ombra di Caravaggio is amovie that will fascinate and inspire viewers interested inart history and Italian culture. The New Toy (Sony PicturesEntertainment/Nashe Kino) IMDb: 6.0 The New Toy is a comedy film directed by JamesHuth, starring Jamel Debbouze as Sami, a security guard who is chosen as a new toy by a spoiledchild. The film is a remake of Francis Veber's.

1976 cult classic The Toy, with Daniel Auteuilplaying the role of the child's wealthy father. The film is a satire on socialinequality and consumerism, as well as a tribute to the originalfilm. The film updates the story in a contemporary context, with referencesto social media, immigration and ecology. The film's strengths include its funny situations,witty dialogue and an energetic performance by Debbouze, who brings his trademark humor andcharm to the role of Sami. At the same time, its predictable plot, lack of originality, shallowcharacters and moralizing tone are its weaknesses. The New Toy is a movie that willentertain and amuse viewers looking for a light-hearted and nostalgic comedy.

Huesera: The Bone Woman (XYZ Films) IMDb: 6.2 Huesera: The Bone Woman is ahorror film centered on Valeria, a pregnant woman cursed by an evil entitythat wants her unborn child. The movie is a blend of body horror, dark magic and Mexicanfolklore inspired by the legend of La Llorona. It is a terrifying and disturbing explorationof motherhood, trauma and identity as Valeria struggles to protect herself and her babyfrom the evil forces that surround her. It can show the viewer its eerie atmosphere,gruesome effects, stunning cinematography and a powerful performance by the leadactress, who conveys Valeria's pain and fear with intensity and emotional range. Atthe same time, the plot is a bit confusing,.

Its ending is vague. Is this the maincharacteristic of all modern low-budget horrors? Anyway, “The Bone Woman” isa movie that will shock and haunt viewers who are looking for anintelligent and original horror movie. A Man Called Otto (SonyPictures Releasing) IMDb: 7.4 A Man Called Otto is a comedy-drama film directedby Marc Forster, starring Tom Hanks as Otto, a grumpy widower who wants to end his life.The film is a remake of the Swedish film A Man Called Ove, based on the novel by FredrikBackman. The movie follows Otto's unlikely friendship with Marisol, a pregnant woman whomoves in with her family across the street. The movie is a heartwarming and humorous storyabout how one person can make a difference in.

The life of another. It deals with themes ofgrief, loneliness, forgiveness and redemption. The film's strengths include itsengaging storyline, witty dialogue, beautiful cinematography, and a superb performanceby Hanks, who brings his charisma to the role. A Man Called Otto is a movie thatwill entertain and touch audiences looking for a light-heartedand nostalgic comedy-drama. Cairo Conspiracy (TriArt Film) IMDb: 7.1 Cairo Conspiracy is a thrillerthat tells the story of Adam, a young student caught up in political andreligious intrigue at Al-Azhar University in Cairo, the center of Sunni Islam, as hebecomes a pawn in a ruthless power struggle.

Between the Egyptian government and theuniversity's leaders, who are electing a new Grand Imam. The film is based on theSwedish novel by Jonas Hassen Khemiri. The movie is a gripping and complex storyabout how one person can change the course of history. It deals with themesof faith, loyalty and corruption. Despite the fact that the plot is not greatand has some plot holes, it is compelling. Worth seeing for it's dialogue, atmosphericcinematography and authentic decor. We Have a Ghost (Netflix) IMDb: 6.1 We Have a Ghost is a comedy horror filmdirected by Christopher Landon and starring David Harbour as Ernest, a friendly ghostwho haunts a suburban house. The movie.

Is based on the short story Ernest by GeoffManaugh. It follows the adventures of Kevin, a teenager who befriends Ernest and posts a videoof him online, making him a viral sensation. The movie is a funny and heartwarming story about how one person can changesomeone else's life for the better. It can win you over with itsengaging plot, witty dialogue, colorful sets and quality performance byHarbour. The plot is a bit predictable, as is usually the case with family films, andits sentimental tone may distract some viewers. Nevertheless, it is a good comedy-drama to watch, especially if you are lookingfor a family-friendly movie.

Operation Fortune: Ruse de Guerre(STXinternational) IMDb: 6.4 Operation Fortune: Ruse de Guerre isan action-comedy film directed by Guy Ritchie and starring JasonStatham as Orson Fortune, a spy who teams up with a Hollywood actor tostop a billionaire arms dealer. The movie is based on the novel The French Exchange by MarkBurnell. The movie follows Fortune and his crew as they use an elaborate ruse to infiltratethe enemy's lair and recover a deadly weapon. The movie is a fun and fast-pacedadventure that mixes action, humor and espionage. The movie featuresa stellar cast, especially Grant, who delivers a hilarious and villainousperformance as the eccentric antagonist.

Operation Fortune: Ruse de Guerre isa movie that will entertain and amuse viewers looking for a light-heartedand nostalgic action-comedy. It is a must-see for fans of Ritchie's style andfor those who appreciate Statham's talent. =============== And that's it for today. Thanksfor watching. Feel free to share this video with your friends,subscribe to the channel and click the buttons below the player.And see you in the next issue! Bye!

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