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Mainly popular in the Yuri genre romance and relationships between girls have been getting more mainstream attention and series filled with adorable and clumsy first love that's why today we'll go over some of the best Yuri anime that you can watch in 2023 if you enjoyed this video make sure to leave a like And subscribe I'm Ed with es anime and now.

Let's get right into it at number 10 we have Maria watches over us when the bachelor's shy Yumi fukuzawa enrolled at Tokyo's Catholic School Lillian girls Academy she didn't expect to be noticed by anyone let alone the most popular and beautiful girl in school said Chico OKO sawara Yumi is beyond flustered when sachiko says she.

Wants to take Yumi under her wing and guide her through her high school life rumors quickly spread about the two of them and Yumi struggles to be the center of attention alongside sachiko who doesn't even bat an eye Yumi can survive high school and anything with sachiko by her side at number nine we have Simone in simole.

Cram every person is born female and at age 17 each holds a special ceremony where they choose their gender to protect their peace modern priestesses become Pairs and are able to synchronize with each other through a kiss and can gain the ability to Pilot ancient ships known as Simone air is a new Simone pilot who possesses a unique flying.

Ability she serves as one of the replacements for Pilots lost in a vicious battle she wants to be partnered up with never real who's lost her love was the pair the air is replacing despite the Pains of the past air and never will have to work through them all if they're going to work together to protect their home.

At number eight we have my Hime my Tokyo is an ordinary high schooler who transfers to high status Fuca Academy that hides many Secrets getting to fuga Academy Mai ends up being bound to a child a pure Spirit pair mechanical creature that could be summoned by girls who possess the heme mark apparently Mai is one of these girls one of 12 actually.

And they must use their abilities to power everyone from orphans monstrous beasts with similar powers of hime's children with the orphan threat more powerful and aggressive than ever my Joys other hemates in the fight to protect the ones they love but as more enemies are revealed and The Dark Secret of their fate as he may each member will.

Have to decide what they fight for and why it matters at number seven we have konohana kitan yusu is a fox girl with a cheerful Spirit excited to start her first job at konohanate and in with the hot springs although she has no experience her enthusiastic energy makes up for her clumsy mistakes the customers and.

Co-workers can't help but notice the unique charm she brings to kanohanate she begins to make quick friends with the foxes and beings around her who teaches her the tricks of the trade about her job and the world around her at number six we have yuru Yuri because she's a full year younger than her best friends 13 year old akari akaza finally.

Gets into middle school and reunites with yui funimi and Kyoko toshiono akari learns that yui and Kyoko at start the amusement club during their first year and occupy the empty team club's room to check up with her friends akari joins their club and is quickly followed by one of her classmates kinatsu yoshikawa just a club of girls laughing.

Entertaining and fawning over each other and akari's there too at number five we have revolutionary girl utina otina tanjo is the mysterious transfer student at otori Academy who shows up with a ring bearing the mark of the Rose all eyes are on the new girl with long pink hair who dreams of becoming a.

Prince one day despite being a girl otiva doesn't care about any of the murmurs her eyes are on anti-hemamia the rose bride she is competing for in the school's duel tournament with the power to revolutionize the world of the Victor the only threat to you Tina is toga akiru her childhood friend who knows all about her past and knowledge about the.

Strange ring she wears at number four we have flip Flappers kokuna is a normal middle school girl who lives with her grandmother who lives day to day without a clear goal in sight but that's okay a weird girl with crazy orange hair named papika shows up and whisks kokona off to the world of pure illusion kokona ends up in an alternate.

Dimension with papika who is looking for Crystal Shard jumping from world to world kokona and papika gave me ability to transform into magical girls to fight the world's creatures and a rival organization again working together they will form bonds and feelings that will overcome anything even papika's secret connection to Pure illusion and kokona.

At number three we have kazis-san and morning glories seventeen-year-old yui Yamada falls in love and begins dating her school's track star komoka Kaze despite being both girls komoka is an energetic tomboy with tons of friends and yui is a timid girly girl who enjoys gardening although they have completely different personalities and social lives.

They care for and support each other more than anything as they enjoy the excitement and youth of first love at number two we have dear brother sixteen-year-old nanako misunu enrolls at sabrin Academy an all-girls school known for its influential status nanako is even more excited when she's invited to join the sorority a select group of.

The whole school's Talent wealth and Beauty everyone dreams of being one of them so when nanako was chosen as their newest member she is welcomed into the darker side of school full of drama deception and Obsession at the misery of her resentful classmate I am asaki nautical holds on to Hope through letters to her former teacher takihiko.

Henmi who she used to call only Sama big brother it's through these letters in her dearest friend Raya Saka nanako tries to survive the harsh world of nasty rumors complicated social status and cruel school bullying and finally at number one we have Bloom into you you koito has always dreamed of her own Shojo manga moment that romantic.

Picture-perfect moment when someone declares their love to her that magical moment that comes right out of a fairy tale but when the moment finally happens when a classmate from Junior High confesses his love to her she feels nothing now in high school you is discouraged and Hollow when it comes to her feelings on love she knows what it.

Means to fall in love but has never experienced it herself it's then that you cross his paths with togoananami the perfect student council president you accidentally overhears hoko politely reject the love confession then wanting advice on love you approaches the student council president only surprised by toko's sudden confession to her well.

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