High 10 NEW ANIME of 2022 (❌NO SEQUELS)

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2022 was an amazing year for anime! Wereceived some majorly hyped up shows as well as a few pleasant surprises. But which ones were a cut above the rest?Well, we’re here to tell you what we think. Just one thing though, we’re onlygoing to be focusing on new anime and not sequels to past anime. As much aswe loved the new seasons of Demon Slayer, Mob Psycho and Kaguya-sama we want to focus onbrand new series making their way into our list. Starting at number 10, Kotaro Lives Alone. ThisNetflix’s exclusive anime is the story of a four year old boy named Kotaro living by himself inan apartment complex. It’s a heartwarming slice of life story about Kotaro and the found familyhe forms with the residents of the apartment.

Despite it being mostly lighthearted, the animeoccasionally has moments of sadness. After all, boys Kotaro's age don’t livein apartments by themselves. And the series isn’t afraid toexplore Kotaro’s loneliness. Our favorite part of the show is Kotaro himself.He’s a very smart boy for his age but he still behaves childishly sometimes. And as we’ll seelater, Kotaro isn’t the only cute kid appearing on this list. Overall, Kotaro Lives Alone isa fun show with a surprising emotional heart. Coming in at Number 9 is My Dress Up Darling.This anime wins the title of Rom-Com of the year. Back during 2022's winter season, itwas impossible to avoid My Dress Up Darling. Marin’s smiling face was all over the place fromepisode discussions to fanart. And we can see why.

If you somehow missed it, My Dress Up Darling isthe story of Wakana Gojo, a young man who has an interest in making dolls. He meets a girl in hisclass named Marin Kitagawa. She has an interest in cosplay and they bond when Marin asks himto sew her some clothes for her costumes. What really makes this anime shine is thehilarious contrast between Gojo and Marin. Gojo is a very shy and reserved guy withoutany real friends. Meanwhile, Marin is an outgoing social butterfly. A lot of the comedy andchemistry between them comes from their contrast. Plus with a beautiful womanlike Marin in a leading role, it’s no wonder why this anime was sopopular. Especially among fan artists. Eighth on our list, Ya Boy Kongming. It wouldn’tbe a best of 2022 list without an isekai. Or.

In this case, a reverse-isekai.This is the story of Kongming, a real life historical figure from China’sThree Kingdoms Era. But in this anime, after he dies Kongming is reincarnated in themodern era in Tokyo’s Shibuya ward. There, he meets a young woman named Eikowho wants to become a singer. The premise of the show leads tosome funny moments about Kongming adjusting to 21st century life. Plushis genuine wish to help Eiko become a famous singer is very sweet. The twoof them make a great duo together. Another amazing thing about Ya Boy Kongmingis the soundtrack. The plot revolves around Eiko’s dream of becoming a singer so we geta lot of fun J-Pop songs on the soundtrack..

So if you want a funny, heartfelt anime witha great soundtrack, this is a perfect choice. The lucky 7 on our list goes to Lycoris Recoil.Despite there being intense action and a genuinely dangerous villain, Lycoris Recoil is still acute anime at times. It’s about a pair of girls working at a cafe that happens to be the frontfor a secret espionage organization. And while there are still some dark moments, LycorisRecoil has a bright and optimistic tone. What makes Lycoris Recoil really work are thetwo leads: The positive and energetic Chisato and her shy, quiet partner Takina. The twoof them are a perfect duo and watching their relationship grow is amazing. At first Takinaseems confused or even frustrated by Chisato. But as the series goes on the two of them forma very close bond. It’s no wonder it was a big.

Hit among yuri fans this summer. Takina andChisato almost seem like a couple at times. But it’s not just about the maincharacters either. It had some of the best gunfights we’ve seen inanimation this year. The intense, cinematic choreography and kinetic actionis what makes Lycoris Recoil stand out. So if you want cute girls fighting domesticterrorism, then this is absolutely for you. At Number 6 we have Blue Lock. What setsBlue Lock apart from other sports anime is how it takes typical sports animetropes and turns them on their head. In a normal sports series, the goalis usually based around friendship and working with other people. But inBlue Lock, it’s the exact opposite.

The guy in charge of the secret undergroundsoccer facility promotes the values of egotism and individualism. This makes Blue Lock one ofthe most intense and interesting sports anime we’ve seen in a while. Even the main characteris a lot different from the usual sports hero. Normally, sports protagonists are eithernice guys or gruff guys with a good heart. But our main character Isagi is neither.He starts off as a pretty quiet guy but what makes him interesting is his majorambitions and love of competition. Instead of forming bonds with teammates, the goalof Blue Lock is to crush your opponent. It’s different from the typical sports animebut that’s what makes Blue Lock so exciting. Taking our number 5 spot is Spy Family.This probably wins the award of the cutest.

Show and it’s all thanks to Anya. Of course,Anya’s just one small part of what makes Spy Family an amazing anime. The whole idea isthat every character has something to hide, so this leads to some very hilarious situations. Not only is Spy Family a funny show, but it’s alsovery heartfelt. Seeing Loid, Yor and Anya all grow together as a family is just adorable. Especiallywhenever Anya is around to do something cute. Plus for fans of the spy genre,there’s plenty of espionage action too. Behind all silly moments and comedicmisunderstandings, there is still a serious spy mission going on in the background. Ofcourse, it’s mostly just lighthearted fun. All of this combined makes SpyFamily one of our favorite anime.

Summer Time Rendering takes number 4 onour list. If you’re a fan of horror anime, then Summer Time Rendering may just befor you. It is the story of a boy named Shinpei who returns to the small islandwhere he grew up in order to attend his adoptive sister’s funeral. But Shinpei soondiscovers that his sister’s death was much more than just an accident. And thingson the island just aren’t what they seem. It reminds us a lot of the classicsupernatural mystery TV show Twin Peaks with its small town settingand strange paranormal events. We recommend going into Summer Time Rendering with as little information as possible. It’s amystery show and relies on surprising the.

Audience after all. So if the premisewe gave you sounds interesting at all, you should give Summer Time Rendering awatch. Trust us, you will not be disappointed. Cyberpunk Edgerunners, takes the third spotbeing adapted from the popular video game and tabletop RPG Cyberpunk, actingas sort of a prequel. Studio Trigger uses their trademark wild action andsmooth animation to bring the world of Night City to life. From the incrediblecityscapes to the incredibly violent action, Cyberpunk Edgerunners is one of the mostbeautifully animated shows we’ve seen this year. But beyond all the action and violence is anemotional story with compelling characters. In just ten episodes we go on a wild ridewith our leads David and Lucy and the.

Anime really gets you invested in them. PlusEdgerunners has a fantastic supporting cast with characters like Maine, Kiwiand of course best girl Rebbeca. Edgerunners strikes a perfect balancebetween drama, action and even some moments of comedy. All of which make itmore than deserve our number three spot. Coming at number 2, we have Chainsaw Man, whichis quite possibly the most hyped up anime of the year. And believe us, Chainsaw Man livedup to that hype. With amazing action scenes, memorable characters and an intriguing plot,we always knew Chainsaw man would rank highly. Part of what makes Chainsaw Man great is how itisn’t afraid to pull any punches. It’s the kind of story where not everyone will make it out aliveand you’re never quite sure what will happen next.

Plus every character in Chainsaw Manhas become instantly iconic. Denji, Aki, Power, Makima. Even more minorcharacters like Himeno and Kobeni are fan favorites. Everythingabout Chainsaw Man is perfect. Now, before we get to our number onepick. Here are a few honorable mentions. Bleach: Thousand Year Blood War After a long, long hiatus, Bleach isfinally back for its final season. It didn’t make this list just because we didn’tinclude sequels. It easily could have been a top five contender otherwise. Ithas all our favorite characters and epic fight scenes. If you’re aBleach fan, this is a must watch.

Urusei Yatsura The reboot of this classic ‘80s rom-comis fantastically animated and hilarious. The only real criticism we have is that itdoesn’t offer much new. If you’ve already seen the ‘80s anime or read the manga, thenyou mostly know what to expect here. But if you haven’t seen Urusei Yatsura, werecommend it. It’s the most influential anime rom-com of all time. It’s influencedeverything from To Love-Ru to Dragon Maid. And now for our top spot. This isdefinitely a dark horse victory, but Bocchi the Rock! takes number 1 for us. This year’s fall season was stacked withmassively hyped up new anime but Bocchi came.

Out of nowhere and gave us an unexpectedlyamazing story. While primarily a comedy, Bocchi’s emotional journey is at the core ofthe show. She is a very relatable character, especially if you’re extremelyintroverted like she is. The show gets a lot of comedy out ofBocchi’s inability to navigate social situations and her much more outgoingfriends being the total opposite of her. But it’s not your typical slice oflife comedy either. Another thing that makes this anime great is its creative useof the medium. It blends 2D animation with things like stop motion and live actionto make the anime a unique experience. And to cap it all off, Bocchi theRock has a fantastic soundtrack.

Which makes a lot of sense. This isa show about rock music after all. We hope to see more of Bocchi, Nijika,Ryo and Kita in the future. They truly made the 2022 fall season shine with theirhilarious and strangely relatable anime. So which anime are you looking forward to in 2023?

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