High 5 Isekai Anime (Drop/Iciness 2022)

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hey anime fans welcome to isekai to watch are you looking for some new isekaianime titles to add to your watch list well today we're going to be talking about someof the most exciting isekai anime titles coming out in the fall and winter seasons of 2022. TheEminence in Shadow it is an anime adaptation of a light novel series written by Desuki Aizawa aboy in modern day Japan desires to be a mastermind who exerts power from the Shadows but in theprocess of training gets hit by a truck and dies he reincarnates in a fantasy world under the nameCid Kagenō where he maintains a perfectly mediocre appearance as to not stand out but insteadpursue his dream of manipulating from the Shadows one day he stumbles upon an Elven girlinfected by a mysterious disease and cures her.

Cid makes up a story explaining thatthis world is secretly run by the cult of diabolos and his secret organizationShadow Garden are the only ones that can fight them the Elven girl now named Alpha joins thisorganization and begins recruiting new members however the story Cid made up were actuallytrue but he believes it to be total delusion Cid continues fighting The Cult of diabolosunder the Alias Shadow completely unaware that he is involved in a complicatedpower struggle reincarnated as a sword also known as I became the sword by transmigratingit is an adaptation of a web novel after dying in a car accident the protagonist findshimself reincarnated in another world as a sword with no recollection of his name thoughhe remembers everything else from his previous.

Life accepting his fate as a sword he beginsto seek someone to become his wielder fighting and gaining Powers he discovers a caravan ofslave Traders under attack by a two-headed bear a young cat girl slave Fran discovers the swordand uses him to kill the bear after being free from slavery she names the sword teacherand the two embark on an adventure together I'm the villainous so I'm taming the finalboss an anime television series adaptation of a japanese light novel it is a story about Aileenreincarnated as in-game character girl from Japan she recovers her memories from her previous lifein which she played the game's original setting knowing Aileen is destined to die in the normalcourse of events she uses her vast knowledge of the original game in order to avoid her demisegetting closer to Claude who is the one bound to.

Kill her a diligent kind and empowered lady sheis shown to not just rely on her knowledge of the game being politically Savvy a successfulbusinesswoman and a careful tactician skills she puts to use in order to avoid danger toherself welcome to demon School Iruma Kun season three it is the continuation of the storyabout Iruma Suzuki a 14 year old human boy who was sold to a demon by his lazy selfish and neglectfulparents the demon known as Sullivan takes Aroma to the Demon World and officially adopts himas his grandson he enrolls Iruma in the Babel school for demons where he is the Headmaster andwhere Iruma quickly befriends the Demon's Alice Asmodius and Clara Valic however Sullivan tellsAroma to never reveal that he is human since he will be eaten if anyone finds out Iruma thenvows to blend and during his time in the Demon.

World although he always stands out because ofall the situations and Adventures that arise last but certainly not least that time I gotreincarnated as a slime the movie Scarlet Bond after the Airing of the second season'sfinal episode it was announced that the series is receiving an anime film and here it isit tells the story of hero a survivor of the ogres after his people were wiped out by the Orcsiro was sure he was the last of the ogres since then he's found a home in the smallnation of Raja in service to their young Queen however things are not going well forthe city-state a mysterious curse has repeatedly followed their water source andtheir Queen's health is clearly declining but when arrow heads off in search of Aidhe runs across the Orcs responsible for the.

Deaths of all those he held dear in the nearbycountry of Tempest thanks for watching hope you enjoyed our recommendations and discovered somenew shows to add to your watch list don't forget to like comment and subscribe to isekai to watchfor more anime recommendations and discussions thanks again for tuning in andwe'll see you in the next video

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