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I'm not going to fall in love with you. It would be cruel to keep your hopes up, so I'm telling you. Fine. I just have to change your mind. Tell me why you're ignoring me. Cause I don't wanna see your face. I love you. Everyone is always afraid of me for some reason. It doesn't take long before they all start avoiding me.

Those guys were actually the first people to hang out with me without acting scared. I don't have any friends, so I'm not expert.. but I'd rather have no friends than have 'friends' like them. Man, what's up with Haru? He stopped giving me money. Well.. no point in bothering with him anymore. Haru thinks of you as his friends! What's her problem? Haru?.

You should leave. Are you in love with Shizuku? Is that a problem? Keep your hands off her. Haru, if you touch me again without permission, I'll be upset. You're the one who distanced yourself the moment I said I loved you. Don't make me repeat myself, Haru! If you refuse to give me my personal space, I can't be with you. How much space do I have to give you?.

We're friends, let's not ruin that. Are you jealous? Yes. I have to tell him how I feel. What are you looking at? Okay, slow down a bit. What's behind that scary look on his face? We need to talk to you. Haru! She's in trouble!.

I love you, Haru. I need to do something for you. Take me on a date. I don't want you to hate me.. but I don't want you to leave me behind, either. I told you not to touch her. Am I doing something wrong? It's hard to say.. But I know for a fact, that you are a kind person.

What are you doing, Haru? You're my hero, Shizuku. You are always there when I want to see you. I love you.

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