His Abilities Catch Multiplied By 777 So He Makes A Princess Servants

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Yuuki Kakeru is in line to draw a lotteryat the Shopping District. Unfortunately, the guy in front of him wins before his turn, but Yuuki just looks at the bright side. Thebrand-new smartphone prize is still available. But a simple prize like that isn’t what’smeant for him. When he finally draws, he wins the jackpot! A secret grand prize! Nobodyknew there was such a thing, but that’s not important because Yuuki is thrilled to be gettingsomething even better than the first-prize winner. He’s escorted into a tent where theprize will be explained inside. However, as soon as he enters, he findshimself in another dimension. He sees the guy who won firstplace speaking to a woman behind.

A table and overhears them talking abouttransferring a skill that lets him use tentacles. Before he can even processit, the man disappears into thin air. When it’s his turn, the lady congratulateshim but he immediately asks about the first guy. Unmoved, she just answers that shetransferred him to another world. Oh, letting the lottery do the job,huh? Truck-kun must be on vacation. The woman continues to explain that his prize issimilar to the man’s. Yuuki has won the privilege to transfer to another world and obtain a skillby drawing a ticket from another lottery machine. However, the difference is that while the guyfrom earlier got one chance to get a skill, Yuuki gets to draw as much as hewants until he finds a skill he likes.

And so he starts to rotate the machine. Thefirst skill he draws is Fire-Breathing Man. As the name explains, it allows him to breathefire through his mouth. Here’s the fun part: Yuuki can try it out before deciding anything. The woman says half of the room is in anotherworld; that’s why he can test some skills. Yuuki inhales and blows out a blazing fire.His hair unfortunately catches flames, and the woman asks if he’ssatisfied with the skill. But our MC won’t settle for that. Hecan retry all he wants, after all. He draws one skill after another, butnone are good enough. His hands are already tired from rotating the machine,and the woman is also tired of explaining.

Everything to him. It’s about timehe draws the perfect skill, right?! As soon as he spins the machine again, a bright, rainbow-colored ball comes out. Both of themare shocked to see how bright it glows. The woman is amazed as she’s also seeing it for thefirst time, and she explains the skill to Yuuki. “All of your abilities times 777!” Yup, another OP MC. He exclaims that he’sgoing to the other world with this skill, and the woman asks if he’s absolutelysure about it. Yuuki isn’t drawing that machine again when he already has the perfect one! The woman prepares to transfer him tothe other world, but before she does,.

She reminds him that he can return aslong as he really wishes for it. However, once he does, he can never go back to theother world again. Seems like a fair deal. Yuuki is thrilled as the woman uses her powersto transfer him. With just a second or two, he finds himself in the middle of a fieldwhere he immediately sees a dragon flying in the sky. Well, that surely confirmshe’s in another world now. He’s excited at the thought that there mightbe things like mages, knights, kingdoms, creatures, and food that hehas never seen before in this realm. But of course, if there are powerfulpeople, there are also powerful… creatures. –.

CH. 1.2 Yuuki quickly dodges when the giant bullferociously charges towards him. However, he isn’t scared at all. This is theperfect time to try the skill he gained! He can feel his power overflowing.I mean, all abilities times 7-7-7? That’s basically a cheat skill!He prepares to hit the bull with his bare fist, and as expected, the creatureflies into the sky with his powerful punch. As Yuuki gets excited over his ability, hesuddenly hears a loud scream from the distance. The boy rushes to the scene and finds somealready injured knights fighting more bulls. Without hesitation, he charges in and defeatsone creature, catching everyone off guard.

One of them asks who he is, and he quicklyintroduces himself without missing a beat. He continues fighting off the bulls,taking one down after the other until he eliminates them and leaves all the mendumbfounded. Piece of cake for our lucky guy! The man who asked him earlierintroduces himself as Forteiss, a knight of the Mercury Kingdom.He thanks him for saving them, but Yuuki brushes it off, saying he just camethere by chance after hearing their voices. But Forteiss insists on his gratitudeas a beautiful girl approaches them. He says that the princess would have beenin danger if it weren’t for Yuuki’s help. Princess Helene grabs his hands and thankshim, acknowledging that he seems strong. She.

Asks if he’s a well-known adventurer sincehe beat the group of bulls alone. But our MC here is quite a humble dude. He says hedidn’t do much, making the princess giggle. She’s the most beautiful girl Yuuki has everseen so far. He’s starstruck, lovestruck, whatever struck – just standing there, flustered,watching the princess talk to the knight. Helene then turns back to him and handshim a fan as a token of gratitude. Normally, the princess wouldinvite him to the royal palace, but she’s currently on the way to officialbusiness. She tells him to stop by the royal castle and to just show the fan to thesoldiers as she’ll let them know of him. She bids him goodbye with alittle “I hope to meet you again.”.

Yuuki watches the carriage leave,wondering if he will actually ever meet the princess again. But anyway,what should he do with the bulls?? – CH. 1.3 While contemplating what to do, aman approaches him after seeing the mountain bulls. The man introduceshimself as Salamas and says he’s a manager of a certain company. He’s herewith adventurers to hunt mountain bulls, and it felt like he was dreaming whenhe saw the pile Yuuki eliminated. Salamas is shocked after learning thathe killed them alone because it’s said.

It takes ten adventurers to defeat justone. Well, that’s the 7-7-7 power for you! The older man tries to take theopportunity and offers to buy the bulls, adding that he can also give adiscount and carry the creatures for him. But no help is needed whenYuuki can easily lift them himself. – Yuuki ends up selling the bulls to Salamasfor a lot of silver coins. But what strikes his attention more is the paper stuck in betweenall the money. He asks the old man what it is, but to his surprise, Salamassays he can’t see anything. He then realizes it must be related to thelottery, so he brushes it off and pretends.

He was kidding. Just then, a cute hybridmaid comes in to serve their tea. Yuuki is enthralled to see the beauty andfascinated that he’s seeing a human beast. The girl’s ears and tail are socute; he finds her so soft and fluffy. While feeling giddy over the thought of pettingthe girl, he starts fanning himself with the gift the princess gave. But as soon as he does,Salamas asks if he can see the fan. When the old man applies magic power, the royal familyMercury’s crest appears, confirming his suspicion. He explains that based on rumors,the only ones who can receive this are distinguished knights who fought for theroyal family. This makes him shout excitedly, recognizing that Yuuki is indeed a strongperson who received the princess’s trust..

He bows to him and asks that helet his company serve the man. Yuuki realizes the opportunity and immediatelyasks for help to buy a house and his very own… slave. Yes, that’s right. Our MC here won’t letthe chance to take home the cute hybrid slip. The shy girl asks if he’s sure about hisdecision since she’s a human beast and a normal human maid might be a better option forhim. But Yuuki is certain about this choice, and so they introduce themselves to each other. The hybrid says she’s called Miu MiMyu, and Yuuki tells her to just call him “Master.” Well, that’s a way tostart living life in another world! The maid asks him what he wantsher to do as soon as they enter.

The mansion. And this MC’s first order ofbusiness is none other than… petting Miu! – CH. 2.1 Miu shyly lays on Yuuki’s lap while the man patsher ears and tail. She asks how long she has to stay in that position, and the man says untilhe’s satisfied. The girl gets up to formally introduce herself and thank him for purchasing heras his slave, but Yuuki’s too preoccupied to pay attention. He asks her to turn around cutely fromwhere she’s standing and happily enjoys the show. Yuuki didn’t even meet a real maid in his world, but now he has Miu – a cute hybrid withsoft animal ears and a fluffy tail.

Miu gets flustered when hehears him call her a beauty, and she asks what he means by “otherworld” after the man thinks out loud. He quickly says it’s nothing andcalls her for another petting session. After a while, Miu asks why that’s the firstthing he wants to do after coming to his mansion. But Yuuki simply explains that it’s becausehe wanted to pat her as soon as he met her. Sorry, Miu, certain desires justreally need to be satisfied. The two look around the house and findthat it’s already fully furnished, has a beautiful garden they can go outto, and approximately 20 rooms. The hybrid is fascinated at how amazing Yuuki mustbe to be able to buy the large mansion.

As they look out into the garden, Yuukisays he’ll entrust the whole place to her. He’ll give her money to take careof things, and she should just tell him if they need anything else. The hybrid isdumbfounded by this. She’s just a slave, yet he wants her to do everything.She’s delighted she’s being trusted with the duty and promises to do everythingwith utmost effort as she thanks the man. – Later, Yuuki relaxes in a warm bath.He’s tired from suddenly coming into this world and fighting the bulls. Whilepondering how amazing his 777-fold skill is, Miu suddenly comes in andoffers to help wash his back.

He excitedly turns to her but findsshe’s still in her maid clothes, so he asks her to take themoff. There… Much better! As she washes him, Yuuki notices that Miuis really the ideal type – dog ears, tail, and huge knockers. He thinksabout how she’s his slave, which means she’s his… and hecan do anything to her, right? For example, while petting hertail and ears, he can… Okay, pause! Yuuki jumps out of the tub when the hot watersuddenly starts freezing. It also doesn’t help that they hear something snap, followed bya loud, scary laughter. After hearing this, Yuuki remembers that Salamassaid this mansion is haunted!.

– When he asked for a mansion with a garden, the oldman said the money Yuuki got from him wouldn’t be enough. However, he can get a property with goodvalue instead. The catch? There might be some kind of ghost in there. But since it’s the OPYuuki Kakeru, ghosts won’t be a problem, right? – Miu is scared upon learning this, but theman assures he’ll protect her no matter what. And so, they go out to exterminate some ghosts! – CH. 2.2.

Yuuki is taken aback when he realizesthe ghosts can attack too. Shards of ice get thrown at them from differentdirections, so he carries Miu and takes her to the room where the ghosts seemto be preventing him from entering. He accidentally drops the girl on the floor whenhis foot gets caught with ice. Miu panics for her master’s safety, but there’s no needfor that. This man has 777-fold skill! Yuuki fights with the ghosts, and soon after, he successfully defeats them as if nothinghappened. Another piece of paper lands between his fingers as soon as the battle ends, andhe realizes it’s the same one from before. Just then, Miu runs in to hug him andpraise her master. Yuuki embraces her.

And carries her to the bed. Andyou all know what happens next… A few kisses here and there, and the man isunbuckling his belt. The hybrid asks him to be gentle as it’s her first time. Well,Yuuki’s excitement surely isn’t “gentle.” After the intimate moment, the man promisesto protect her and lets her sleep. Meanwhile, he grabs the paper he got earlier. As he thought,it’s really a lottery ticket. He suddenly remembers what the woman in the room said: if hestrongly prays for it, he can return to his world. – CH. 3.1 He’s curious if this is true, so he tries it outand prays just as he was told. To his surprise,.

He finds himself in the lotteryroom again when he opens his eyes. The woman welcomes him and acknowledges thathe has finally got a lottery ticket. However, she explains that skills aren’t prizes thistime. They’re magic tools! How isekai-ish! She continues to explain what eachprize is and Yuuki is completely sold. Like a teenager in love, his firstthought is how each item can help Miu. Magic Stones for self-protection, a 50% offshopping card that can be used infinitely, a different dimension warehouse that he canput in or take out items from wherever he is, and a warp feather that allows him toteleport anywhere as much as he wants. The prizes are all quite good, butthe woman explains that one lottery.

Ticket only equals one draw. However, if hegathers 10 tickets, he can draw 11 times. And so, Yuuki decides to collectmore tickets first and return later. – The next day, Yuuki takes Miuto eat at a diner in the town of Roizen. The restaurant serves themountain bulls he killed before, and he’s surprised at how tender andjuicy the meat is. But it’s not a time for him to be satisfied with food. He stilldoesn’t know how to get the lottery tickets! Meanwhile, Miu tears up while thankinghim. As a slave, she never thought she’d be able to eat delicious food at thesame table as her master. Don’t worry,.

Miu. Yuuki promises to make youeat delicious foods from now on. A waitress then approaches their tableto ask how the full course is. Our MC is quite the ladies’ man, so he nevermisses to say that the food is great, but the pretty waitress makes himwant to come every day. What a tease. The girl says there seems to be a strongadventurer who hunts the mountain cattle, so they got some good quality meatrecently. Yuuki gestures to Miu to keep it a secret as the maid realizesthe waitress is talking about him. The pretty server then says there’s been ashortage of copper coins in town, so they won’t have enough change for his silver coin payment.Better bring a small amount of money next time!.

Yuuki is bewildered by the discovery.Who knew such a thing could also happen in another world? But as if his thoughtsare answered, he suddenly hears someone talking about collecting more copper coins. Hegets to his feet and asks what the voice is, but the girls in front of him are confused.Apparently, he’s the only one who can hear it because his sense of hearing alsobecame sharper thanks to his 777 ability. After realizing what he’s capable of, he continues to listen to the conversationand decides to investigate the issue. – Without even getting his change,.

Yuuki brings Miu with him and rushes towhere he hears the voices coming from. They reach a building, and the maidtries to tell him what place that is, but our MC isn’t listening. He’s focused on hismission, so he finds out that some guys sell and melt the copper coins. Yuuki knows they can’t dothat unless they’re part of a big organization, but taking down the guys inside would be easyfor him, so he thinks about what he should do. He turns to Miu and asks if there are anypolice who handle criminals in this town. But before the hybrid can answer, a man suddenlyappears and asks what they’re doing there. Yuuki thinks Kefka Almosso must bea noble based on his appearance, so he quickly tells him about the guys smugglingcopper coins inside. The man acts dogmatically,.

Saying that as he’s someone who handlescriminals, he won’t let that crime slip. Phew! Yuuki is relieved that he’sa government official, after all. But then Kefka sees the fan in his pocket, andof course, our clueless boy just takes it out and shows it to him. Since the man is a governmentofficial, he must have heard about this fan, right? Kefka asks if they came therebecause the princess told him to do so, and when Yuuki says it’s just a coincidence,he orders the knights to arrest him. The guards pin Yuuki and Miu down as the manexplains they’re in front of his office. Yup, just another public servant workingwith the criminals, no big deal. He says that if the royal family doesn’t knowabout his secret yet, then he’ll be ending.

Yuuki’s life to ensure they never find out, andeverything will be hidden in the darkness again. Our MC here may seem like he’s justhaving fun in this other world, but he’s quite virtuous. Discovering that whateverworld you live in, there are corrupted bastards like Kefka infuriates him, and he uses hisskill to break his handcuffs and rescue Miu. Nobody can touch his maiden, or elseyou’ll get your face crushed! *Swoon* Yuuki’s outrage scares everyone, and Kefka stutters to order theknights to seize–no, kill him! – CH. 3.2.

As the guards charge behind them, Miu tries to warn her master, butshe’s only met with a sweet kiss. Yuuki puts her down and tells her to bea good girl as he fights off the brigade of knights. None of them are a matchfor the man as his fury takes over. All of Kefka’s men start running away in fearof the monster-like guy. As Yuuki finishes the last of the weaklings, he turns to theofficial and warns him that he’s next. Kefka tries to fight back with his own power.An explosion of magic blasts towards Yuuki, and the official laughs at his expense.However, even Yuuki is surprised when his magic doesn’t work. It turns out that hisresistance to magic is also multiplied by 777,.

So the powerful attack from Kefka was useless. He suddenly feels something arisein his body, and he realizes it’s the magic he received from his fight withthe ghosts in the mansion. He can now use the ice power! Kefka struggles to fightback as Yuuki attacks him continuously, sarcastically congratulating the officialfor being his ice magic guinea pig. When he defeats the man, a lottery ticketflies in between his fingers again. Finally, Yuuki knows how to get them.He just needs to kill an enemy! Well, he might have overdonethat ice magic, though. –.

After the incident, newsspread throughout the kingdom, as expected. And so, Yuuki is aboutto encounter someone special again. – CH. 4.1 Several days later, Yuuki is called intothe public office where the incident happened. The entire building is stillfrozen, and the town is in an uproar. As soon as he arrives at the place, Helene is theone who welcomes him. He asks why she’s there, and the princess says she stoppedby to meet her little sister. Their cute reunion is quickly interrupted bythe arrival of the said little sister.

Yuuki is surprised at how thesiblings look so much alike; he thought there were two Helenes! The commentmade the head knight call him out, telling him to show some respect to the princesses, buthe’s immediately stopped by the younger girl. She introduces herself as Iris Teresia Mercury,in charge of the quarrels in this state. Iris is the one who has called him there as shewants to hear everything about the incident. – Yuuki sits with the princessesand shares what happened. Iris says Kefka has been suspicious for a longtime, so it’s good that they finally have proof. As expected of the person that herelder sister granted the folding-fan to!.

However, the issue isn’t over yet. Helene saysit’s a recurring problem in their kingdom, so even if they put Kefka’s criminal syndicates behindbars, another organization might appear again. Yuuki recalls that there’s also thefabrication of money in his world, but as he thinks of a counterplan, he suddenlycomes up with a solution. He enthusiastically writes on a piece of paper and asks if theprincesses can put the same crest on the fan. Yup! Yuuki suggests that theycreate paper money. Smarty pants, huh? He asks them to announce that the paperissued by the royal family is the new money. Yes, we know… If we were to be isekai’dinto another world and bring in ideas from what we already have here,we’d be geniuses there, too, no?.

Anyway, Iris is delighted by the idea. Nobodycould fabricate the paper money as it’ll have their crest, and it’ll become something not worthdestroying. However, the head knight remarks that it might decrease the royal family’s authorityif their crest is distributed in the market. Well, Iris isn’t worried aboutthat. She declares it will not and that the kingdom and their currencywill be stabilized. It’ll also make the nation’s transactions easier because onesheet of paper equals 1,000 copper coins. And so, it’s decided. Iris giddily thanksYuuki and says she’ll give him her gratitude someday. Would you look at that? Our MCis just collecting maiden after maiden. With his wisdom and amazing ability,Helene asks Yuuki for a favor, too.

– Yuuki arrives with the princesses andthe head knight at the front of the lines in Euboi. They traveled to thisfaraway place by changing horses town by town so he can help with their weird situation. Apparently, some barbarians came to the frontlines for the subjugation of war. But recently, some ran from their base to here and completelyforgot about them. Some of them collapsed full of wounds, and the number of enemy soldiersthat get rescued keeps increasing daily. They don’t understand what’shappening because even their rescue troops have serious woundsand injuries. Helene asked him to.

Accompany them because she didn’teven have guards to travel with. Well, that news isn’t so surprising forour MC here. And even if he’s just here to be the princess’s guard, he’s ready for battle. He borrows a sword from theirstack and exclaims that he’ll annihilate the enemy – whateverit is. Forteiss calls out to him, reminding him that he lacks armor. But thatkind of thing isn’t necessary for someone OP! – CH. 4.2 Before Yuuki can walk any further, a hordeof barbarians runs towards them. They think.

They’re attacking but are surprised when the menstart yelling and asking for help to be saved. One of the barbarians begs to be protected, saying that someone is coming. But a sword cutsthrough him before he can say anything else. The king of barbarians appears andkills his own men. Yuuki jumps in to save Helene from the chaos andasks why the king is attacking his allies. The princess says it must bebecause of the demon sword, Elenoar. She explains that it’s the cursed weapon of thesupreme ruler who once subjugated their continent. The information only excites Yuuki andhe prepares to fight the huge king. As the two battle it out, his swordgets cut. It seems that a normal.

Sword won’t stand a chance. Toobad he just borrowed that, too. Well, whatever! He doesn’t need any itemsanyway. The fight is about strength, after all, and if we’re talking strength, Yuuki and his 777skill is definitely the guy you’re looking for. And so, he quickly defeats the kingwhile everyone watches in awe. Demon swords don’t seem much of a big deal, huh? Hmm… Yuuki might have to thinkagain because when he turns around, he sees the sword is in Helene’s hands. – CH. 5.1.

Elenoar controls Helene to summonthe undead troops and attack them. Forteiss and the other knights havedifficulty since the skeletons are unexpectedly strong. But theirstrength is incomparable to Yuuki! He easily subdues the troops, but Helenecounters with an attack of her own. Yuuki is amazed by the demon sword’s power,and he tries to find a way to take it from the princess’s grip. However,it’s more difficult than he thought. Meanwhile, Iris commands the knights whenher older sister towers before her. Forteiss jumps in to protect her, but he’s quicklytossed away. Helene’s inner self appears, and she asks Yuuki to kill her instead. Thedemon sword is already taking over her body,.

So she’ll hurt more peopleif she’s not eliminated. But Yuuki won’t let that happen ofcourse! He’ll save her right away! – CH. 5.2 He unleashes a powerful strike at thedemon sword and successfully redeems Helene. Iris runs to her sister’s aidas Yuuki faces the rest of the troops. But the demon sword suddenly starts talking.Elenoar also finds the man interesting. Who would have thought that there was someonewho’d be able to break out of her control?? She then tries to possess Yuuki, butboth are dumbfounded when she can’t.

And so, he tells her to shut up and uses thedemon sword to attack her subordinates. Elenoar tries to stop him, but it’s useless becauseYuuki shows off his strength to the weak army. He finally finishes off all the undeadtroops and laughs at the sword. This infuriates Elenoar, and she cusses theman and promises to end him. However, she’s quite amazed that he managed to swingher so many times. Again, that’s 777 for you! – After the intense battle, Yuuki nonchalantlywalks back to where the princesses are, bearing the demon sword. Forteissand Iris are baffled that he’s casually touching the weapon, butYuuki explains that it’s now his.

Helene suddenly arrives, and despite the knightsstopping her from moving since she’s still weak from the sword’s possession, she still rushes andfalls straight into Yuuki’s arms. The princess says she wants to be with him immediately,and the man feels her body is abnormally hot. Cue in the demon sword! Elenoar speaks againand says it’s a side effect of being controlled by her. Yuuki berates and flicks the sword,telling the demon inside to explain it properly. Well… guess what side effect it is?? Mm-hmm… Ero urges. Yup, that’sright. The princess’s ero drive is at an all-time high. However,Elenoar says that if left alone, the blood circulation in her bodywill explode, and she’ll die.

Looks like Yuuki has a mission. And so, the man asks Iris to entrust her sisterto him and immediately takes her away. Good thing his horse-riding ability is also 777-fold, so itdoesn’t even take a day to return to his mansion. Seriously, what the hell is this skill?! – CH. 6.1 The pair are welcomed back by Miuupon arriving. Yuuki tells her to take care of the horse and the maid askswho the girl in his arms is. But she gets no reply from the boy and only someinteresting sounds from the bedroom.

– Yuuki lays Helene on his bed and theprincess slowly gets up to thank him. He tries to say it’s no biggie, but he’simmediately cut off by a kiss. She stares at him with a needy look and without missinga beat, another intimate ceremony commences. The princess feels embarrassed, but shecan’t control her voice. While grabbing the sheets for her life, Helene tells Yuukithat she was so happy when he called her by her name and asks if he could just callher that. No more “princess.” Just Helene. Of course, Yuuki can do that for her. Hecan also do her all night–err, I mean, make her even happier as they both reach euphoria.

– Well, well, well, Yuuki’s life in thisworld surely is a dream. After battling it out against barbarians and undead troops,he fought another battle between the sheets! Helene falls asleep, so he lets her rest up andscolds Elenoar again. It’s her fault that the princess is so spent! The demon retorts she wasn’tthe only one to blame, though. I mean, the sword isn’t wrong, Yuuki. You definitely contributed toHelene’s tiredness – but we won’t talk about that! Yuuki grabs a bunch of lottery ticketsfrom his pocket. It’s still a mystery how they just suddenly appear but itseems he received them after his hard work fighting off the enemies,so he’ll just leave it at that.

– Yuuki returns to the lottery room and issurprised when the woman asks who the girl is. Girl??? He came here alone, though? But the man turns around and finds that there’sindeed a little girl behind him. Who is she? – CH. 6.2 Flustered, the girl explains that thiswas her form when she was still a human. Oh… So this is the demon sword, Elenoar. She yells and asks what Yuuki did to her, buteven the man doesn’t know what happened. Well,.

This isn’t important right now because, withher current form, she can definitely attack him! The girl announces her name, sayingshe’s the legendary demon sword who brings terror and chaos. But just as she’s aboutto charge at him, Yuuki stops her with a hand. Yup, a hand. A single hand on her head. This little girl is quite an annoyingcharacter. She calls in her undead soldiers since she can’t even reach him.But it looks like she forgot something… Mm-hmm, no more soldiers for you. Yuuki ignores her and goes tothe woman to draw the lottery. She asks him not to bring outsidersnext time and counts his tickets.

With exactly 10, Yuuki gets to draw 11 times.However, he only keeps getting magic stones which are just participation prizes. As he getsto his last chance, Elenoar asks what he’s been doing. Yuuki nonchalantly answers that it’s alottery, and the girl asks him to let her do it. She doesn’t understand what exactly it is,but it looks interesting so she wants to try. However, she can’t reach the table soYuuki has to lift her up. So much for acting all tough when you’re gonna get manhandled! Elenoar reaches for the machine, and to theirsurprise, she draws the 2nd place prize: the warp feather! Well, at least the annoyinglittle girl brings in some luck for him! She asks if they rolled somethinggood, and Yuuki tells her yes,.

Even adding a little “Thanks,” which flustersthe demon who pretends to shrug it off. – And so, they return to the mansion thatnight with quite the win. Elenoar also returns to her sword form, andYuuki claims that starting today, she’ll officially be his, so she can’t cause anymischief. The girl in the weapon just chuckles and tells him to do what he wants. Just be careful inyour sleep, Yuuki, or she might cut your head off. He finds Helene and Miu in theliving room. The princess thanks him, and he asks if he needs to takeher back to Euboi Fort now. She says yes since Iris and the othersmight be worried about her already.

Using the new item they gained from thelottery, Yuuki asks Helene to come near him, and they disappear right before Miu’seyes. Poor pup is startled once again. In the blink of an eye, they’re transportedto Euboi. The warp feather surely is useful, and Helene is also the firstperson he used it with! The princess blushes at the thought of being first… But her thoughts are quickly interruptedwhen Iris clears her throat loudly behind them. They’ve all been worried about thetwo. She asks about her sister’s condition, and Helene confirms she’sokay now, thanks to Yuuki. Well, we hope your worried sister doesn’t findout what kind of help you actually received. Oof.

The princesses hug each other whileYuuki smugly watches them. Of course, everything’s fine now. He’s the onewho brought her here, after all. Helene then turns to the man and shyly bids himfarewell. Yuuki says that it’s okay since they’ll probably see each other again soon, but sheexplains that women of royalty can only be with a single man for the rest of their lives. So it’llbe difficult for her to go to his side right away. Yuuki grabs her shoulders and comforts her, saying that he understands what she means. Herwords are enough, so he’ll be waiting for her. As we’ve said, our MC here is theladies’ man some of us strive to be! And with that, Helene becomesone of his women. Yes,.

That’s right. Don’t forget he still hasa hybrid maid waiting for him at home! – Yuuki is really living the life in this world.From his invincible powers to his unstoppable charms, he’ll surely keep winning, andwe’ll all keep wishing we were him!

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