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What's up today I will show you a funny anime it's about a high school student who has been in love with his childhood friend however when she confesses to him and they start dating he begins to realize that she may not be as perfect as he thought meanwhile another childhood friend also has feelings for our main character and is determined to.

Win him over the anime follows the love triangle between the three as well as the other characters in their Social Circle before we start this recap make sure to like And subscribe and I'll buy you a new car the sunset casts an orange Hue on an empty Bridge well empty save for a man named Maru suharu staring at a beautiful woman he nervously asks if.

She's Kochi San for some reason she recognizes him too this shocks RMC but she explains that she knows everyone in class by their names and faces he's left speechless and she smugly teases him about having nothing to say finally Gathering his thoughts he tells Kachi that he read her novel to which her expression changes to a serious one what.

Did you think of it the passionate boy confesses that her work moved his heart this brings a tear to her eyes she's grateful for the compliment as she's worked so hard to get to this point one must ask is the moment you fall in love recognizable experienced people might say it is but for Maru it's just an unexplainable feeling love isn't.

Something you fall into it spread all your body and eats away at it it was in the winter of his first year of high school that Maru fell into Love's poison Kachi is his first love at school Maru overhears a group of classmates fawning over a magazine featured in it is a swimwear clad Kachi his friend tetsuhiko nonchalantly asks if he'll be attending.

The confession Festival a what festival people are just doing Mad Libs and adding festival at the end at this point and unlike Maru tetsuhiko has been too busy bouncing between seven girls yikes he tries to wave at a few females and they sneer at him Maru can't help but be amazed by his mental fortitude with so many fish in the sea whose testujiko.

Planning to pick for the confession Festival Kachi sharusoka or at least what would Maru do if he picked her nope nothing Maru claims he doesn't care at all though the sweat on his face splashing down like the Niagara Falls says otherwise his annoying friends pestering causes Maru to give him a noogie he gets so into it that he fails.

To notice Kachi behind him probably hearing her name being mentioned she asks what they need her for the Echoes of their classroom walls have betrayed them oh no the conversation between Maru and Kachi is a little bit awkward tetsuhiko Saves the Day by calling to the creepers with the magazine in the corner this has Kachi delivering a fatal.

Verbal blow to the lecherous men Kachi leaves with magazine in hand and tetsuhiko advises Maru to give up she's way too out of his League she's athletic intelligent and her debut work even won the akutami award she's even a pinup model which should make her recognizable on a national level Maru smiles and chooses to stay ignorant after all he.

And Kachi might just have a special connection they both realize that they live near each other and since then have started talking he's seen a side of her that no one else has does that count as talking though really anyway Kachi is then approached by a classmate who's impressed by her note-taking the girl doesn't ask permission before she grabs.

It saying she'll copy it this irritates Kachi who then takes the bundle from her hands and rips it in two with a confident expression she sarcastically apologizes since her notes are gone now unless she's a mere leecher humiliated the student angrily departs Mako offers to help Kachi pick up her notes what a scene later in the library Maru.

Witnesses Kachi alone tearing up at her own writing he then decides to do some carpentry work on his own Japanese Cafe project tetsuhiko watches him and poses an interesting question if he wants a girlfriend why not go for shida this completely breaks maru's concentration and he ends up hammering his own thumb tetsuhiko Unapologetic for what happened.

Continues his pitch it's simple sheet has always been there for him and would likely accept if Maru asked her sincerely oh well it goes without saying that shida is also out of his league if she hadn't been maru's childhood friend tetsuhiko believes Maru wouldn't even be able to approach her Maru gets serious for a bit he's aware of how cute capable.

And excellent cheetah is at communicating there's no doubt he respects her before he can continue shida interrupts to ask Maru if that's what he truly feels about her it's obvious she found his little confession cute your big sis here likes that about you you know shida gleefully tells him Maru can't help but turn beat red.

Spectating his bashfulness amuses her so she continues why can't I call myself your big sis she blurts out not forgetting to include he puts her through more trouble than even her little sisters her little fan club is devastated in utter disbelief that the childhood friend has stolen their girl they loudly begin strategizing how to.

Dispose of him which frightens our poor boy he silently tries to escape but shida notices and drops a bomb for the entire class to hear is it because you regret turning me down ooh busted tetsuhiko slides beside Maru and mocks him for running away the fan club now surrounds him like a Hungry Wolf Pack this is when Maru brings out his.

Signature move rapid prostration he literally kneels to the Earth for forgiveness shida comes to his defense and they all back down now she asks again does he regret turning her down he nods wait so does this mean he'll go on a date with her well as much as Maru thinks they'll have a lot of fun as a couple he doesn't feel ready well it's.

Just a prank bro all that just to see him stressed out in agony and for that Maru pinches her and messes up her hair there's no delicacy here whatsoever she calls him the worst and 4 forbids him from copying her homework no suddenly Mako blurts out her surprise over Kachi dating Abe it's been going on for a week according to tetsuhiko Abe's father is.

An actor and the son just made his debut that makes him on par with Kachi a dejected Maru quietly leaves the classroom the worry is evident on shida's face while Maru is huddled up to himself on the grass shida reassuringly leans on his back and consoles him he tells her to leave because he might depend on her to which she replies that.

It's fine Maru is stunned despite having rejected her she's still so kind to him hey shida reminds him that it was just a failed bet on a game you're forcing it aren't you Maru asks that thing about the game I'm sorry for making you lie oh giddy wow a rare breed a non-dense anime MC as much as shida acts like an older sister Maru knows for a fact that she.

Loves being doted on she's moved without warning he stands up and hugs him from behind consider this a gift from her for noticing Maru is dim but shida still finds him to be a decent guy he tries to be nice to her even when he's hurting himself this is why she likes him woo best girl but don't get her wrong she's still upset that he didn't choose her.

But it doesn't change her feelings in the slightest either way she'll always be by his side Kachi doesn't know what she's missing in a calming tone she tells him to just let it out and cry SS she was my first love Maru breaks down the sun begins to set and they sit side by side shida gives him the reality check he needs Kachi is kind of cruel.

Huh she was all chummy with Maru but abandoned him the moment her first option showed interest as a bona fide simp he knows he should get over Kachi but a part of him still hopes that she looks his way yo you better look beside you that's the right way instead of insulting his sinhood shida mischievously suggests they get revenge.

She made a fool of you you might forgive her but I never will dang Queen well she admits that she's always hated Kachi he's surprised she's capable of hating but she no longer feels the need to hide it it's payback time well he's still a little hesitant so shida gives him a little push how picture Abe and Kachi together all sweet and romantic Maru.

Just can't stand it he grabs a rock and yells his wish for Revenge to the skies after all you only get one first love tarnish that and it's a mortal sin the stage is set the two shake hands to cooperate on their devious scheme that night Abe mitsuru shows up as a guest on TV but the annoyed Maru quickly switches the channel either way he has a weapon.

Of his own and is determined not to lose he'll show Kachi up no matter what at school Maru lets shida know that he'll expose Abe's weak point not that he's found it but there should be a in Mr Perfect's armor this will also impact Kachi as his girlfriend and the two will hit rock bottom on the social ladder hmm shida has her doubts she instead.

Suggests that instead of pulling his enemies down he should be propping himself up he should appear happy now that his idea of happy which is Kachi confessing to him is out of the question the next alternative is for the two of them to fake a relationship what since kachi's shown enough interest in Maru to keep him around how would she feel if he.

Started dating a cutie like shida the suspect becomes the victim someone's activated the Trap card Maru loves the idea but he's worried ashida has nothing to gain from it she assures him that it's a big win for her since she gets to date the guy she loves even if it's fake oh no what has he gotten himself into at this point maru's shaking and flustered.

Anyone would fall with lines like shidas even us seeing this she goes for the finishing blow and Whispers in his ear so why don't you just tell your big sis how you really feel already knockout this gets him in a panic which she defines adorable she doesn't stop with the teasing but gets a Taste of her own medicine when he calls her cute alright.

Looks like they're both down for the plan how do they seal the deal a handshake no shida insists it must be a smooch Maru falls to the ground and she crawls in to claim her prize without warning Maru makes a break for it and runs to the rooftop just as he thinks about how to Dethrone Abe his Target stands before him the Arrogant Blondie.

Recognizes him somewhere and finally remembers the former genius child actor Maru suharu what the turns have tabled episode 2 a little backstory Maru was born to a stuntman father and an unsuccessful actress for a mother and yet he loved acting because it made his mother so happy it made him want to work harder back to the present Abe continues.

His interrogation apparently his father worked on set with Maru and had all Praises for him this is why despite having no Talent Abe continued at it why did Maru leave Showbiz six years ago that is is the question here's the big one though Abe knows Maru likes Kachi he admits that the reason he moved to this school and started dating her was all to.

Spite him and by the looks of it Abe thinks it's worked and why would he do this it's because he hates him and wants an undeniable clear as day Victory angered Maru grabs him by the collar but Abe confidently tells him that he can be expelled for violence Maru can't believe that Kachi would date someone like this the villain plans to let his feelings.

Known at the confession Festival then he can go public with it despite his agency's instructions not to to end this pretty boy's speech he arrogantly taunts him go ahead do your best and find my weakness what a jerk Maru now more determined than ever makes it a point to join the play that tetsuhiko is in it looks like his friend knows about his.

Past and is quite excited to find a marvelous script worthy of the genius comeback tetsuhiko seems to know who to ask for it and points at Kachi wait what before he can even think of asking cheetah Stomps in the classroom to demand an answer as to why he hasn't checked her first post since they started dating gasp this statement.

Attracts quite a lot of attention unwanted ones included the fan club puts him in a neck lock but shida shoes them away Maru and kachi's eyes meet tetsuhiko sneakily pushes him forward leaving Maru has no choice but to yell her name she nonchalantly asks what he needs and he turns around in a panicked frenzy abandoned ship the beauty calls.

Him rude for turning his back on her after he got her attention RMC begs for forgiveness but eventually cuts to the Chase he wants to get her as their scriptwriter Kachi feels uncomfortable about it since people have started showering her with praises and corresponding favors when she got popular but she does want to support.

People who challenge themselves so she doesn't mind helping heck she'll work hard as long as he's able to pay her she even offers to exchange chat information tetsuhiko is surprised by the sudden change of events meanwhile all the other men are livid not one but two cuties later that evening Maru nervously texts Kachi asking for a call to discuss the.

Play after a lot of groaning he finally musters up the courage to press send this is when the doorbell rings lo and behold shida enters and checks out the curry he's cooking since her sisters have been craving it shida's family has always been close to marus so they're very much like his own sisters as well fun fact these siblings all have colors.

In their names so the locals call them the beautiful colorful sisters shida offers to cook him something but he blatantly refuses especially since shida can't cook at all she looks around the room and there's clutter everywhere maru's dad is on a trip again leaving him alone to clean he's not very good at it so shida volunteers to do it instead.

Of cooking it seems maru's very appreciative of her kind gesture while while arranging his books a photo slips out of an old book it's Maru as a child with another kid in a hoodie now curious shida asks who it is according to Maru it's Shiro the son of a sponsor for the TV drama he starred in the little boy made it a goal to write a story someday.

That would be worth maru's time and effort to act in suddenly maru's phone rings and it turns out to be Kachi calling when asked by shida he lies that it's his best friend and quickly excuses himself in his bedroom once alone he picks up the call they begin discussing the play but are interrupted by shida asking where the vacuum is Kachi.

Overhears which throws him in a frenzy the girl on the other end apologizes for disrupting their at-home date she then laughs out loud since maru's acting all guilty there's no need to since she already knows about his relationship with shida rip bro besides she claims that all this is his fault huh but before he can clarify Kachi he mentions.

That she's reserved the library prep room so they can talk in private tomorrow later Maru reveals toshida that it was really Kachi who called the childhood friend finds it odd that she's showing him attention now and even exchanged contacts with him for all their classmates to see is this a trap if Abe's The Mastermind then he's.

Royally screwed poor Maru no one respects a simp shida sits him down and knocks some sense into him it's understandable that Abe's taunts have spurred him to make a comeback but can he even still act it's been ages since he did and criticism's much worse now with all that considered is he sure that he wants to do this leave it to our.

Childhood friend to be the voice of reason although she might have other intentions he thanks her for the concern however this is something he has to do in order to move forward there's no time like the present so he'll begin practicing ASAP wise boy even if it's motivated by simhood but before Maru forgets shida reminds him of One Thing.

Justin case this acting comeback doesn't work out it isn't all that he's good for she still likes him after all ah best girl of course this makes maru's face redder than even Clifford the Big Red Dog this causes shida to tease him a bit not wanting to lose out he goes on the offensive how you ask pulling out a mirror he asks her to see for her.

Redness for herself they're just the same this Revelation embarrasses her no counter attacks I can't deal with that why dish it out if you can't take it girl her tirade continues according to her personal code of ethics it's okay for her to tease him but highly improper for him to do the same equality just left the group chat sorry shida not.

Happening Maru Strokes his finger on the center of her back it's obvious that this is a sensitive spot for her this reaction pushes our MC to tip her chin toward his face it may seem like Maru suddenly become a lot Bolder but his nerves are also acting up it's quite the tense moment grab your popcorn ladies and gents.

Unwilling to fall for his Bluffs she dares him to go ahead and kiss her it's not as if he has the guts to do it anyway what if he does though ooh it's like how new couples flirt a little bit of that tsunari action and clash in Prides in actuality both of them want it instead of coming back with a snarky line shida sweetly says that it will.

Make her happy Maru implodes at this point it's fair to say he lost this one no one will mind if she gets home late anyway both their families are close and don't suspect a thing oh no the distance lessons and closes and closes and just as things are about to get raunchy Kachi sends another text man we expected a block like in most anime but it's still.

Hard on our hearts dejin's watching you can put the tissues and lotion back in the box now well never mind though there will be plenty of opportunities for romance in the future for now maru's focus should be on revive realizing that acting career and fixing this whole Abe thing maybe with that Kachi will even look his way thanks for watching this.

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