His Long Misplaced Sister Hides Her Identification So She Can Marry Him

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It shook the country when Mikadono Kumagoro,head of the Mikadono Group, passed away. But no one was more affected by it than his onlyson, Shogo. During the funeral, a girl called him from the other side of the funeral home, andget this – she’s claiming to be his little sister. Okay… Troubling, but that’s not exactlythe most uncommon thing you can hear in your father’s funeral. But then…“Big brother won’t be alone anymore. I came here to marry him!”Shogo is understandably puzzled by her words. He points out that if she’s his littlesister, then she won’t be able to marry him. “Eh?” the girl squeaks out, as if this is somenovel news to her. Shogo takes a chair and climbs it to have a look at the girl, but by the timehe’s peered out the window, she’s already gone..

A year later, Shogo returns to Japan afterstudying in their company's special academy. His mom Kanoko and her secretarySeri Risa meet him at the airport. The stern-looking woman greets her son andwhen they settle down to talk, she asks him if he remembers the other stipulation he needsto fulfil before he can take over the Mikadono Group. Shogo recites the stipulation, sayingthat by the time he graduates high school, he must find a woman that he loves and becomelife partners with her. Kanoko confirms this. His father believed that if he were to getmarried and have a home, he’ll gain the composure and dignity necessary to run a company.And for that reason, Shogo must attend Miryuuin Academy, his father's alma mater. Kanoka'scertain that he will find the right woman there..

Everything's ready; she even rented an apartmentnear the school just for him. Dorms aren't an option – the noise rules will hinder deepeninghis relationship. The apartment will also be complete with all his things. Shogo decidesto walk to the apartment since it will be the first step to his new life.Except, he gets lost. Upon seeing a bakery, Shogo remembers when hisfather, on his hospital bed, told him he would buy him a cake to celebrate Shogo's birthdaywith everyone. Today's his birthday; seems like his mother forgot because she's so busy.Suddenly, he sees a girl almost get run over by our old friend, truck-kun. After checking on her,he takes at her phone, noting that it's quite an unusual model. He gives it to her and asks ifthe cake is okay. She says it is, but it's not.

Cake! It's a cream puff! Shogo recognizesher uniform as that of Miryuuin Academy. He proceeds to ask her for help in headingto the Academy. He's just a transfer student, after all. Apparently, word has spread thatthere will be a new transfer student. She introduces herself as Tsuruma Konoe.Suddenly, Shogo's head aches. Konoe asks if he's fine. Here we see that there'sactually a scar hidden behind his bangs. HMMMM… As they're walking, Shogo asks Konoe whyshe's eating a creampuff in the middle of the day. She explains that the ones fromthe Marie Chocolate bakery are delicious! Part of her daily routine is eating one whileat the park. Konoe cuts the creampuff in half and tells him that he'll have to go to schoolalone if he doesn't share it with her. Shogo is.

Surprised by how good it is. Suddenly, he hearsa tune from the golden birds atop the clock. At the hour and a half past, the pigeon sings.Seeing that there's some cream on his lips, Konoe takes out her handkerchief to wipe it offhim. Shogo's eyes just can't help but go lower. Konoe is embarrassed by this and tells himshe doesn't know what has gotten over her. It just feels like they've known eachother for a long time. She calls it… Destined meeting.— Upon arriving at school, Shogo meets his homeroomteacher Kotori Maiko. Upon introducing himself to the class, Shogo spots Konoe at theback, waving at him. However, it seems like a pig-tailed girl is side-eyeing her.Kotori-sensei seats him next to Konoe,.

Who is apparently the class representative.When Shogo glances at the pig-tailed girl, she blushes and looks away. Konoe introduces heras Kannagi Miyabi. Later, as they walk outside to take out the trash, Shogo gets a lot of attentionfrom the girls for being the Mikadono Group's heir. He asks about Miyabi and if she's usuallyuntalkative. Does she hate him or something? Well, Konoe points out that Miyabi isn'tthe type to be proactive with interactions, to begin with. So there's that.After throwing the trash away, Konoe is grateful for Shogo helping her out evenwhen it's not his turn. He did it because he knows how troublesome it is to be on the committee.So wait, does this mean she's troublesome? Konoe turns away from him. Is it troublesomefor him to be with her? Hearing Shogo panic,.

She turns around and says she's just teasing him.Upon being referred to as Mikadono, Shogo asks if Konoe can call him by his first name sincehe doesn't like to be constantly reminded of his association with the Mikadono Group.If that's the case, he can call her Konoe. Konoe then notices the scar on his forehead.He shares that he had an accident as a child. This led to him losing his memory from thattime. He thinks it's disgusting, but Konoe insists that it's not at all. She even touches herforehead to his and says the pain will disappear. They get intimately close, but beforeanything happens, a can hits Shogo on the head. The thrower? None other than Miyabi!She asks what they're doing because of their closeness. Konoe insists that nothing'sgoing on and it's just about Shogo's scar..

This conversation is interrupted byStudent Council President Tendou Mana and Vice-President Kunitachi Rinka. It's timefor a meeting, and if Konoe doesn't come, Tendou will eat all the tea cakes! Konoebids Shogo and Miyabi farewell and leaves. Shogo's surprised when Miyabi refers to him asShogo. Miyabi wonders why he's surprised when it's what he wants. It's not like she waslistening or anything! She was at the tree, and it just so happens that she overheard!Anyway, she's wondering how a transfer student like him can trap someone amazing like Konoe.They even tried to smooch! Shogo insists it's nothing like that at all, and, really,it's just the scar they were focusing on. In that case, he'd be willing to smoochsomeone like her, right? Absolutely not!.

Shogo's confused by her insistence. They just met!Well, if he doesn't want to, FINE! Miyabi leaves. —A girl looks in the mirror, practicing welcoming her older brother home. Um?????— While relaxing at his new apartment, Shogoreceives a birthday cake. It's from the Marie Chocolate bakery. This makes him assume that Konoesent this. But how? He didn't tell her it's his birthday. He's surprised to find the RestructuringWarrior Grand Belion action figure beside it. It's his favorite show from childhood!There's a picture of him as a child with a girl, too. But who could she be?Suddenly, the phone rings, and there is the voice of a girl calling him her big brother.She asks Shogo if he got the cake she sent..

She explains that the photo with it was of themwhen they went to the amusement park together. Is she really his sister??? All she says is thatthey go to the same school. She's also surprised that he became so manly. Not only that, buthe helped throw away garbage so wonderfully! While Shogo asks her to tell him her name, shesays, “I miss you, big brother.” And hangs up. As Konoe takes a bath, she mutters to herself thatdespite Shogo being so kind, she knows he has a bit of a wild side. After all, when she wiped thecream off his lips, she saw his eyes go doooowwn. Oh, dear.— The next day, Shogo is consumed by the thoughtthat he has a sister in the Academy. This proves to be a problem. If he marries one of thegirls, and she ends up being his sister….

[sweet home Alabama]— As he walks in the hallway, he sees someonespying on him. He follows them onto the rooftop. It's a girl with a witch's hat. Shogoasks her why she's watching him. Her answer? “I'm worried about you, Onii-chan!”Ooh, boy. [2]Thankfully, the girl, Sagara Mei, just owns a cafe where onecan be an older brother or sister. As for why she's following him, she just wanna know all aboutMikadono Kumagoro's son. Shogo's just relieved AF. —Shogo gets a copy of the family register while school's on break, but there's nomention of a little sister in it. He's getting a.

Drink from the vending machine when he's pulled toan alley at knifepoint by Mr. X. He's responsible for cleaning up Mikadono Group's problems.Mr. X gets straight to the point – why is Shogo investigating his father? Is it about anillegitimate child? Shogo asks if it's true that he has a little sister. Mr. X adds that his motheronce mentioned that his father was intimately close with someone, and they had one child.Shogo mentions that he had a phone call from his little sister and that she wanted to marryhim. This scandalizes Mr. X. This can only lead to a scandal for the Mikadono Group!Eff the scandal – Shogo doesn't want her sister to be subjected to that kindof marriage. Unfortunately for him, his mother knows little about his sister. Shogo'smother wanted nothing to do with that child. The.

Only people who know about that girl are hislate father, her mother, and herself. Mr. X warns him about the girls associ ating with him.If his little sister truly wants to marry him, then she'll probably strike from there.— As Shogo walks, thinking about this encounter,Konoe greets him and explains the social dance party event. She even asks if he can comewith her. He agrees, but suddenly Miyabi goes in between them and tells them to hurry up.Shogo soon sees Mr. X in class, disguising himself as the transfer student Mizutani Ikusu.He's an instant hit in class. He even flirts it up to get a choice seat in front of Shogo.Shogo questions why Ikusu's doing this. The answer is simple: to protect Shogo from his littlesister. Also, it's much easier to do his job if.

They're close. In any case, he's got a feelingthat she's close. If there's anyone suspicious, he can just do a DNA test. He can discreetly take asample via their saliva. If they can't ask for it, Ikusu can inject them with a concoction that'dhave them salivating. That's not okay at all! Girls spot them on the roof and immediatelyspeculate that something's happening between them. Ikusu doesn't help matters as they walkto Shogo's apartment arm-in-arm. Sure, people won't bother them, but thismight lead to many misunderstandings! The agent asks if he can shower to get his smellout of the room. Y'know, standard ninja practice. He does so and even tells Shogo not to peek. Whilereading his magazine, Shogo recalls leaving a bath towel to dry on the veranda. So he gets it andoffers it, only to find a very exposed Ikusu..

Well, you see, the Clear Stream Organization,Ikusu's organization, only hires men. But since she REALLY wanted to be a ninja, she hid hertrue gender so she could join. While she asks Shogo's opinion about a new telephone feature,he just yells for her to wear some clothes! —The evening of the dance arrives. Shogo meets Konoe, who is dressed wonderfully. Suddenly, thelights go out, and green strobe lights accompany Tendou coming out of a stage dancing with a fan.As they watch the president, Konoe reveals that Tendou's usually quiet, but she becomesmore energetic at a party. Rinka arrives and stops Tendou. It's not supposedto be that kind of lively dance! Konoe narrates that Rinka took the positionof Vice-President after the previous one left..

She's even a descendant of a former noble family!The dance goes on as normal after that. Konoe and Shogo dance the night away, attractingthe eyes of many. After their dance, Rinka approaches Shogo and asks if they candance. They do so, and her skill surprises him. However, that's not even half of it!Spicier music plays, and the two dance the tango. She's not the only one with secret dancingskills! Shogo does the dolphin tango with her. In a desire not to be outdanced, she movesfaster, only to find herself falling. Fortunately, Shogo saves their dance routine when hecatches her. President Tendou sees how good it all went and tackles Shogo frombehind, making him fall on top of Rinka. Good luck, Shogo.Shogo leaves the dance floor.

After getting a beating from Rinka. He seesMiyabi alone by the fountain and approaches her. He asks her if she'll attend the party, butMiyabi says she's not interested in these things. She just wore this dress because someone lentit to her. When Shogo offers to dance with her, she refuses. She just wants to be left alone.”I want to dance with you, Miyabi,” Shogo tells her. But he can't! He can't because Miyabican't dance at all! She's afraid that people will laugh when they see her dance. Shogo offersthat they dance around the fountain where no one can see. He even goes down on one knee as heoffers his hand to him. The two proceed to dance under the moonlight, and Miyabi is smitten.Upon pulling away from him, the top of her dress comes off, and she clings to him to coverher chest. Konoe arrives just in time and.

Assists Miyabi with her little wardrobemalfunction. After her dress is secured, Miyabi runs away from Konoe and Shogo.That evening, the little sister calls again and says she had fun at the party. Infact, she was just right next to him. My god, does she realize how little that narrows it down!?Shogo questions her about her intentions, but she only wants her older brother.This is something he has no interest in. —Miyabi worries that she's just not big enough for Shogo since boys usually like it bigger.She'll just have to make sure they stay that way. [3]Shogo wakes up to Ikusu's bare body. She broke into his apartment to use Shogo'sshower as it's close to school. In the shower,.

She realizes something. It'dbe cool if they got married. WHAT??This way, Shogo won't have to worry about accidentally getting together with his sister.Heck, they can have a family and children! Wait, how does one even create children? Ikusu isunaware of that, so he gets a crash course. She starts taking off herclothes – they have to practice! Miyabi and Konoe arrive just in time to see Ikusuon top of Shogo. The ninja tells them it's for practicing making babies!WWWWWHHEEEWWW! —That evening, after taking a shower, his little sister calls Shogo again. She believesthere's a link between them, given that he just.

Got out of the shower and she's in the bath.She asks Shogo if he wants to see her as she is, and he refuses. He just wants to know who sheis! If that's the case, she wants him to say, “I want to marry my little sister” ten times.Shogo refuses. How about “I love my little sister?”He does so, and it makes his little sister very happy. Except, she doesn't tellhim who she is and just bids him good night. That night, Shogo gets a nightmareof all the girls he met calling him “big brother.” He wakes up in a sweat.This is the opposite of what he wanted! But then he hears Koneo callinghim big brother. Miyabi, too! Apparently, the two want to show him the appealof women, so he won't fall for a man. If he keeps.

This up, how will he marry a woman and havechildren!? What's with the little sister act, then? Well, they got the idea from adreamlike café where anybody can become an older brother or sister.Ah, Mei's cafe. The girls found the flyer onhis desk. Miyabi is shocked that someone like him has a sister complex!Konoe continues with the little sister act and offers to change Shogo's clothes. She's “older”now, so she can help him. Besides, since she's his “little sister,” it won't be embarrassing. Kannagacriticizes Konoe's act for being too unrealistic. No brother and sister do this!I mean, she's right. Konoe reasons that this is the ideal thing allbig brothers seek in a little sister. Miyabi.

Finds this delusional. Big brothers around theworld want a sister with a realistic appeal. Miyabi provides a demo of being Shogo's littlesister and her finding his unmentionables. They're just all over the place, and she ended up sleepingwearing them. Could this be lo— That's enough! Shogo throws them out.— During lunchtime, Konoe and Miyabi insist oncalling him big brother and argue over who gets to have him. Miyabi insists that he doesn't lookat Ikusu or else he'll get him preggers. Though, Ikusu says that he'd welcome such a thing.Konoe and Miyabi drag him out. It seems like the struggle is only about to begin. Poor Shogo,the girls aren't letting up AT ALL. They provide him with lunch that's meant to “invigorate” him.They even shower together at his place and.

Intentionally raise their voice just to geta reaction from him. Oh no, he's feeling the effects of the food he ate earlier. He mightactually lose himself, especially with these two sleeping beside him. If something happens andone of them is actually his sister… BIG YIKES. BUT if the little sister calls him, thenit's neither of them. HE CAN GO ALL OUT! Seeing that Shogo can't sleep properly, Konoe andMiyabi offer to open their clothes. Little sister doesn't call all evening. Poor Shogo!— At school, Shogo tries his best to avoid Konoeand Miyabi and hides in the student council office. Tendou and Rinka see him. They bring himto the office. Rinka is in disbelief that girls are chasing Shogo. She advises him to just turnthem down if he doesn't like their pursuit. He.

Wishes it was that easy. He just can't tell themthat he's worried that they might be his sister. He gives Rinka a hypothetical scenario. What ifthere's a girl who must not become your lover, but you get along well with her?Rinka asks why it can't be with either Konoe or Miyabi. Tendou suggests that if that werethe case, then it should be fine that they remain friends. After all, there are different forms oflove. She just finds the idea of running away from the person you want to get along with sad.— After classes, Shogo and Miyabi meetin the hallway. He then helps her buy a swimsuit for a prefecture tournament. Theshopping trip's successful, but they end up getting drenched in the rain. If that's notenough, another truck-kun almost hits Miyabi!.

—They end up in Miyabi's apartment since she won't let him go home soaking wet. As hefills the tub, Shogo notices a Gran Belion shampoo dispenser. This sends him into a spiral.Is… Is Miyabi his sister? Speaking of, she barges in clad in theswimsuit she bought. Shogo was looking at it intently earlier, so she'd wear it for him!He can't stand this anymore. Shogo asks her who she wants to marry. Miyabi answersthat it's him – it's always been him. Still freaking at the possibility ofMiyabi being his sister, he rejects her. In tears, the girl tells him to go home.OOF. Either way, Shogo's problems aren't over. He's not 100% sure Miyabi's his sister.She might still be lurking somewhere. After all,.

High school is nowhere near done, and girlscompete for his affection. Good luck, Shogo!

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