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It's 2063. Cars are flying, robots areeverywhere, and traveling to space has become commonplace. It's become so ordinarythat school trips are now interplanetary! Aries Spring, a new student at Caird HighSchool, is set to attend exactly that: a five-day Planetary Camp on Planet McPa. She excitedly prepares for thefive-day trip the night before, almost forgetting her passportuntil her mom reminds her. The next morning, she merrily skips through theMousanish Spaceport to meet up with her fellow students. After a brief interaction withan old lady, her bag is suddenly snatched. The culprit tries speeding away but a heroicyoung man flies in to overthrow the thief with.

A powerful “Ultimate Dive Bomb” kick. Thoseantigravity shoes are awesome. Aries takes the time to thank him – but in a shocking turn ofevents, he’s mistakenly arrested as the suspect. – Meanwhile, the other campgoingstudents impatiently wait for the two late arrivals. One of them is Aries. She finally arrives, apologizes for her tardiness,and their guide asks for her name and class. After catching her breath, she introduces herself.Although she overshares quite a bit… going into hobbies, weaknesses, and strengths. But at leastshe’s self-aware that she can’t read the room? The guide then explains the details of their trip.

They’ll be delivered to Planet McPa andleft there for five days. This team was assembled randomly so almost no one knows eachother. They’re asked to deepen their bond, feel the vastness of space, andoverall have a great experience. To add to the challenge, their specialtask is to babysit a ten-year-old while there. The child in question is participantQuitterie [Kih-tori] Raffaeli's sister, Funicia [Fu-ni-siya]. As the littlegirl sweetly introduces herself, Luca Esposito cuts her off with protests. This makesFunicia’s puppet Beebo blurt out profanities. “You wanna piece of me, you little brat?!” They say it’s a puppet that automaticallyconveys thoughts into a cartoon character's.

Voice…. But maybe it’s just an excuse soour kiddo can cuss people out…. Who knows. So Funicia is an additional member… but sheisn’t the missing one. Much to Aries’ surprise, the final member is the young man fromearlier – still being carried by the security bots. He enthusiastically introduceshimself as Kanata Hoshijima, their “captain.” Huh? As far as Charce Lacroix knows,the captain is elected by the group. You're right, Charce. Kanata just wantedto declare his candidacy early. Ehe. Team chemistry isn’t looking good at all… so far. – They all change into their spacesuits.Aries tries to compliment the girls but.

Gets ignored. They finally meet up with therest of the group. Some bickering happens, then they board their ship and beginthe 4-hour journey to Planet McPa. Aries sits beside Quitterie and makes an attemptat friendship since she's new to the school. Sadly, the blondie rejects her. She's only onthe trip for the credits and not to socialize. But Aries takes her hand and passionatelysays, “I want to be friends with everyone.” – When they enter faster-than-light travel,their guide informs them that they can finally deactivate their helmets and relax. It’s like whenthe seatbelt light turns off during the flight. Murmurs of “four hours is a long time” linger.

In the cabin. We see attentionspans are nonexistent in 2063. Anyway, the students take “relaxing”way too literally. Some even ask if there's a TV or a shower on theship. Charce even wants to change into his bathrobe! This elicits ashocked response from their guide. Meanwhile, Kanata looks at an old pictureof him and his teacher. He remembers the mentor’s sage advice to find his calling in life. His flashback is interrupted by noneother than Aries. She thanks him for his help at the spaceport and hands him a frozentangerine as a token of gratitude. As they eat, she asks why he volunteered to be captain. Heshares his dream of becoming a space explorer,.

Owning a ship, and discovering an uncharted star. Aries is amazed that he’s very aware of his goals, but the young man admits he's justtaking on the dreams of his mentor who passed away in an accident. Moved,she grabs his hand and cheers him on. – Sometime later, they finally land on PlanetMcPa. As the group exits the spaceship, their guide reminds them thatthey'll be picked up after five days. Everyone takes in the vast landscape beforethem and watches as the ship leaves. Kanata takes the lead, announcing thatthey should find the lodge,.

Change out of their suits, andexplore this unknown territory! He’s really feeling that Captainrole but Quitterie isn’t having it. He ignores her and hops along…but his anti-gravity shoes overheat and break. Must’ve been becauseof his Ultimate Dive Bomb earlier. Suddenly, Luca points out a strange sphereapproaching them. This puts everyone on high alert. Luca still believes it can’tpossibly be dangerous since this place is a frequented destination for trips.It’s probably just theatrics. Wrong. Everyone watches in horror as he gets suckedinto the ball. Kanata quickly tells everyone to reactivate their helmets and run. However, thesphere moves rapidly and absorbs them in a flash.

– Inside the warped sphere, Kanata recalls hisfinal memory of his mentor: A school trip tragedy. After saving one of thestudents hanging from a cliff, the ground broke and his teacherfell. As he hung on for dear life, Kanata tried to reach out but was toldto focus on surviving until help arrived. His idol’s final words: “Whenthings seem hopeless… act tough!” – When Kanata opens his eyes, he’sfloating aimlessly in the void of space. Suddenly, he hears Zack Walker on hiscommunicator and finds the other students.

Floating too. They now understand that thesphere blitzed them to god-knows-where. Unfortunately, Charce dropped their schoolcommunicator during the whole debacle, so they instead look for a place to regroup. Luca spots a nearby spaceship andKanata instructs them to gather as much luggage as possible before usingtheir thrusters to fly towards it. Once everyone is onboard, they noticethat someone is missing. Ulgar Zweig looks through the window and finds Ariesfloating far away. It seems her thrusters and communicator are malfunctioning,so she’s unaware of the situation. Surprisingly, Quitterie’s the first to voiceout that they need to save her. Zack explains.

That she’s too far out. If the rescuer runs outof thruster fuel, both won’t be able to return. Everyone starts to lose hope…. then Kanatadeclares that he’ll take the chance anyway. He attaches a rope to hissuit. The plan is simple: he’ll do a one-way trip towards Aries thenthe rest of the group will pull them back in. – A disoriented Aries panics at the vastnessof space. She composes herself a bit when she finds Kanata coming to her rescue.They reach for each other's hands, but before he can grab her,the rope’s length runs out. He's reminded of his teacherfalling to his death as he.

Watches Aries inching further away. Ourboy’s not going to fail twice in a row. With sheer determination, he detacheshimself from the rope and sets out. The low-fuel warning on his thrusters continuesits ominous beeping. But that won’t stop him. He finally grabs a hold of her andshe’s infinitely grateful. Although he can’t properly hear her muffled screams ofgratitude since her communicator’s broken. Now for the hard part: returning. There’senough fuel in Kanata’s thrusters to come back with inertia. If everything goes well…but as expected, it doesn’t. According to Ulgar’s calculations, the two will just flypast the ship with their current trajectory. Once again, everyone tearfully beginslosing hope when Zack strategizes to.

Create a human rope. Everyone cooperatesand the two are rescued successfully. – Now settled in the spaceship, Arieswholeheartedly thanks everyone. Since the ship’s comms are broken, theystart talking about waiting for help and calmly discuss how McPa is justnine light-years or four hours away. The teachers will surely notice when theyfail to send a report and come to help. However, after Zack surveys the planet in frontof them and makes a grim discovery. The lifeless, icy planet in front of them isn’t McPa.They’re actually 5,012 light-years away from home. Considering this massive distance,the chance of rescue is close to none.

Since the sphere engulfed and spit them out inspace, Quitterie suggests that it might also be their way out. But Ulgar and Charce are realistic…they don't even know where that ball is. Luca thinks they're just being testedsince everything so far’s been awfully convenient. Kanata and Quitterie squeal inagreement. But Aries brings up a valid point: they'd all have died had they not activated theirhelmets before getting swallowed. Kanata’s advice was literally their saving grace. Theschool wouldn’t have taken such a risk. Funicia approaches them, and Beebo comments, “If there's no way to fly thisship, it might as well be a coffin.” And the puppet is so right about that.However, Quitterie boasts that Zack.

Has both a genius-level IQ of 200 AND aspaceship license. They’re in good hands. Everyone celebrates thinkingthey'll finally get home, but Zack explains that they're too far away.It would take them at least three months to travel straight home. Their currentresources can only last them three days. With the ship’s water tanks filled tothe brim, that’s just 20 days’ worth at most. Frustrated, Ulgar insults Zack’s intelligence.He may be smart but it’s useless if it doesn’t garner results. This ticks the guy off and heand charges at Ulgar – but Kanata stops him. He narrates the story of how he lost hismentor. An unexpected storm ruined their middle-school hiking trip and cutting themoff from the world. In a panic, one of the.

Students slipped off the cliff. His mentor felloff while saving the boy. The rest of them, who were just a bunch of kids, had no choice butto survive for seven days until help arrived. Charce remembers the viral tragedy. It wasknown as the “Surugi Middle School Incident.” Kanata shares that they had to cheereach other up. If it weren’t for that support system, none of them wouldhave made it out alive. So he asks everyone to stick together. Aries agreesand suggests that they introduce themselves. There’s a bit of an awkward silence‘til Quitterie breaks the ice. She holds Aries' hand and introduces herself.Zack follows, adding that he's studying to become a researcher. Luca tells them he'sgood at making stuff and is trying to get into.

An art school. Charce reaches out for Kanata'shand and says his name. His specialty is biology. Quitterie looks at the quiet girl who hasn'tspoken a word since the beginning. She introduces herself as Yunhua [Yoon-hwa] Lu and apologizesafter admitting she's not good at anything. The attractive, sparkling Charcereassures her that it’s ok. Well, we all need at least one good-lookingcharacter for fanservice, right? Ulgar cringes at this and beginswalking away when Funicia grabs his arm to introduce herself. He sighsdefeatedly and finally says his name, holding Beebo's hand. The puppet surpriseshim when it says, “Pleasure to meet ya!” As everyone laughs, Kanata and Ariesrealize that they can use “connections”.

To make things work. What? To compensate forthe limited range of the ship and supplies, they can plot out planets with resourcesas stopovers en route to McPa. Genius! Zack quickly gets to work and creates a route.There’s a planet less than 3 days away. There, they can stock up on theirsupplies and keep going. He finally completes the itinerary and flashesit for everyone to see – one route spanning five planets. It's a miracle that such a courseexists. Everyone’s mood is uplifted. It's still a 50/50 chance, but Kanata optimistically commentsthat they can’t move forward if they don’t try. – As they prepare for departure, Kanatachecks if everyone’s seated and gives.

Them a safety briefing. Luca tellshim that everything’s good. Everyone then asks him to sit down… on the captain's seat! Yep, everyone agrees that he should takethe role since he volunteered. They need a leader after all. But the young man suddenlyacts all shy. Ulgar tells him there's no other chair so he should just take it. Thisboy’s a tsundere through and through. As Kanata announces the firstplanet, Aries cuts him off to ask if their ship has a name. He spots aplaque that says “Per Aspera Ad Astra.” Zack explains that Aspera is “hardship,” while Astra is “star,” so the phrase means”overcome hardships to reach your goal.”.

And so, Kanata declares thatthe ship's name will be “Astra.” – EP.2 The students enthusiastically arrive at theirfirst stop, the wilderness planet Vilavurs. The goal here is to find supplies. As soon as theydisembark, a huge dragon-like creature flies over them. Aries calls it a tur-gon since it resemblesa turtle. It’s a little bit intimidating. Although Kanata proudly swears that he’llcatch and eat one. Zack comments that their captain’s probably the first one to goin a horror movie. A great comparison. Just then, Aries pranks Yunhua by surprisingher, eliciting a scream out of our poor girl..

The rest of team B-5 calls her outafter getting surprised too. Oh yeah, their helmet communicators areall connected. At least they’ve confirmed that Aries' previously-brokencommunicator is now fully operational. Remembering his past experiences, Kanataresolves to be an effective leader. He splits the group up into teams togather resources. To make things easier, he specifies exactly which food items they needto look for – gaining cheers from the rest for finally sounding reliable for the firsttime. But as they set foot in the forest, they’re faced with unfamiliar plants and herbs. It’s time for Charce to strut hisstuff. He mentions the scientific.

Names of the plants, which impresses everyone. Suddenly, Quitterie screams at all theweird creatures surrounding them. Duh girl, you’re in a forest. But even more shockingis that Charce appears fully at home, having befriended all the wild beasts around them. “Why is the hot one so crazy?!”Quitterie is terrified, and we agree based on our pastrelationships. Wait, edit that out. When she glances at the other boys,they're playing around with sticks that look like weapons. Aries, meanwhile,is giddily bouncing on a trampoline tree. Frustrated that nobody seems tobe taking the foraging seriously,.

She grabs a fruit that turns into a parachute-likestructure and launches her into the air. After a safe landing, they relax beforegetting back to looking for food. – Meanwhile, Yunhua and Ulgar quietlyfill the spaceship with water. Not much conversation here. Funicia watches them from the window as Zack examines Astra’sboard. Things aren’t looking so good. – As the foraging team finishes up for theday, they encounter the mysterious sphere again. It quickly moves toward them and theycan only run for their lives. Thankfully,.

Aries’ photographic memory helps themsafely find their way back to the ship. – Inside Astra, they discuss what happenedand wonder if the sphere is really just a natural phenomenon. It isn’t likelyto just take them back to McPa. Amid the silence, Kanata suddenlystarts eating their strange loot, reminding everyone that they just need toaddress the immediate issues of survival before anything else. Overthinking only leadsto despair and doesn’t help anyone. True. He hands one to Quitterie, asking herto eat one as “captain's order.” This annoys her and she berates himand everyone else to no end.

Kanata walks out – determined to provehis worth by catching a Tur-gon. Zack tells Quitterie that she's gone toofar and hasn't changed since they were little. Funicia approaches her, withBeebo saying, “Can't we all get along?” But this just angers Quitterie evenmore. She yells at the little one, saying she's not even her real sister,and steps out. Woah, crossed a line there. – The students set out to find Kanata andQuitterie. Luca asks how Zack knows her well, and he explains that they're childhood friends. With no father and a busy doctor mom,she was raised by only caretakers and.

Staff. This made her selfish and unableto deal with people. In addition to that, it was a struggle for her to suddenlygain a sister when her mom brought Funicia in from an orphanage. Nobodyhad taught her how to love at all. As Zack tells the story, Funiciareaffirms that she likes Quitterie. She’s proud to have a pretty sisterlike her. Hiding behind a nearby tree, Quitterie overhears thisand rethinks her decisions. – As the sun sets, the group gets too busy searchingthat they lose sight of Funicia. They find her on the trampoline tree from earlier. Except thistime, it rises into the sky with the little girl.

On it. While they think of how to get her down,a Tur-Gon flies above her and stalks its prey; sending everyone into a panic. Quitterie evencomes out of hiding to look for a solution. Just then, Kanata arrives. He pullsoff a miraculous jump onto one of the trees despite the lethal height. Everyone watches in shock. They’re wondering where he’sgetting the courage to make those jumps. As if on cue, Zack recalls Kanata'sfull name and remembers that he saw a news article about him being a stardecathlete. Aries passionately adds that Kanata also has the ability to risk hislife for his friends, making him fearless. Before Kanata can get to the tree where Funiciais, the little girl gets taken by the Tur-Gon. The.

Captain thinks on his feet and launches the woodenjavelin at the creature. He successfully one-shots it and Funicia lands safely on a tree. But ashe reaches out to her, he loses his balance. Fortunately, Quitterie activatessome parachute plants from earlier, which helps them safely descend. – The sisters reconcile after they land. It’s aheartfelt moment. Funicia apologizes for going up the tree. She saw a flower resembling the one onher sister’s headband and wanted one for herself. With tears in her eyes, Quitteriethen thanks Kanata and apologizes for earlier. The group isin a good mood once again.

As the rest of the group praisesKanata's impressive athletic abilities, he explains that his father trained himto be a world-class athlete. However, it wasn't something he liked to do, so hestopped and focused on space exploration. But when the mountain incident happened, hecouldn't help but blame himself for being too weak to save his mentor. So he beggedhis dad to train him again. Although now, he has no plans to compete because his goalis to take over his teacher's dream. Aww. Both Charce and Zack would be happy to embarkon another spaceflight with Kanata someday. Aries excitedly praises him and tells himto lead the team. But Kanata rejects it, saying Quitterie is right aboutCharce being a better captain.

But the handsome Love Island-looking blondiecounters. Not many people can execute critical decisions without hesitation like what Kanata did.They all agree for him to stay as the captain; Charce can just be second-in-command. Kanatafeels flattered and gladly accepts the role. Much to everyone’s shock, his first commandis to haul the Tur-Gon back to Astra. – That night, they feast on thedelicious meat and discuss their plans. Zack shows everyone his latestinvention from junk parts: a food-edibility tester. Stick it into anyfood item, and it will immediately read out if the thing is poisonous, delicious,or any of the above. Pure genius.

Aries laughs heftily. She tells them it mightbe inappropriate to say it since they're basically fighting for survival… but she'snow enjoying the situation. As a girl from the countryside who didn't have many friends,she's glad to be friends with everyone there. Things were so hopeless for awhilethere, but life-threatening moments and a charismatic leader seem to have pulledeveryone together. We’re sure that outer space still has so many trials left to show them,but this group might just be able to make it.

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