Homeless Woman Bullied By Her Guests Turns Turns into God And Makes A Fox Spirit Her Acquainted

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This anime began with our main female characternamed Momozono Nanami. She had family problems where her gamblingfather disappeared somewhere and left a huge debt. So she was kicked out of her house and becamehomeless. She had no money and no place to live, butluck came. A person screamed for help because he wasafraid of dogs. The good Nanami then helped him. She said she was homeless and had nothingafter her father left her. Finally, Nanami was given a gift by that personnamed Mikage in the form of a kiss.

He then gave a map of the house to Nanami. When she looked up the address according tothe map, she arrived at a shrine. She thought she had been tricked, but a voicecalled Mikage's name. And suddenly, a fire appeared and confinedNanami, and she accidentally entered the shrine. Nanami was afraid because she thought somethingterrible would happen to her. Plus, there was someone there. It turned out that the person was a half-foxnamed Tomoe. He immediately got mad at Nanami for thinkinghe was Mikage, but she was not. Then appeared two shrine spirits called Onikiriand Kotetsu.

They noticed that Nanami had Mikage's soul,which radiated from her forehead that Mikage had kissed before. That way, Nanami had become the Goddess ofthe Earth. Nanami did not understand at all. Tomoe did not accept Nanami's presence there. Nanami then got angry and shouted that shealso didn't want to live there. Tomoe then left as he only served Mikage. Nanami was forced to sleep there. When she woke up the following day, she wishedeverything that happened last night was just.

A dream. But the reality wasn't like that. The shrine spirits from yesterday came againbecause they were the shrine's guardians. So they were ready to be ordered to do anything. Then Nanami was shocked because they toldher that Tomoe was Mikage's servant. He was a half-fox man but also called theGod of Dogs. Then they said what a god's job was, mostlycleaning the house like a maid. When Nanami was pulling the grass, Tomoe cameand asked Nanami to go home. But Nanami then replied that she didn't havea home.

Then Tomoe fell silent and didn’t know whatto do, and he left. Nanami was very tired, but soon she heardsomeone praying at the shrine. She could hear people praying. Then the two spirits came and gave her whateverprayer books they had read, and there were many of them. Nanami felt that she had not been able tobecome the Goddess of the Earth. She was just an ordinary high school girl. But she wanted to meet Tomoe again. They answered that Tomoe was in another world,and they finally took her there.

There were a lot of demons there. They found Tomoe was having fun with the hostessesbecause he was unemployed. The two spirits asked Tomoe to return to theshrine immediately. Because they were so noisy, the hostessestortured them. Then Nanami came in and said that Tomoe hadto take care of his shrine, then she left. While on her way home, she was waylaid bysome scary-looking monsters. They wanted to eat her. Luckily, the spirits came and immediatelytook Nanami to the forest. Tomoe also came and blocked the three monstersand destroyed them.

On the other hand, Nanami was exhausted. The spirits asked Nanami to return to Tomoeand made Tomoe her servant. So that later, Tomoe could obey Nanami. Nanami was interested in the offer. When they told them how to make a pact withTomoe by kissing him, Nanami immediately wanted to go home. Soon she saw a grandmother who could not walk. Finally, she helped her. To escape from the spirits, she carried heron her back.

In the middle of the road, the grandmotherturned into a demon and tried to injure Nanami. Luckily, the spirits came and beat the oldwoman. There was a chase scene in the forest. The demon caught Kotetsu, but he escaped andran toward Tomoe. At the same time, Nanami was still the primarytarget. Onikiri then casted a spell on Nanami. At first, she failed, but when she tried asecond time, she turned a tree into Nanami. As a result, the demon was fooled. There was one more chance to escape.

Kotetsu then met with Tomoe, and he told Tomoeeverything. He was curious about the Nanami’s fate now. Finally, Tomoe decided to meet Nanami. In the forest, the demon chased Nanami andOnikiri up to the top of the tree. Around there, Tomoe was observing them. Nanami said that she didn't want Tomoe tohelp her at all. When Nanami suddenly fell, Tomoe wanted tohelp. Onikiri told Nanami to ask Tomoe for help. Because Nanami refused, she suddenly pulledTomoe's leg until they both fell.

From there, Nanami finally made Tomoe herservant by kissing him. Tomoe was slightly annoyed with Nanami becausethe demon gave up with just one attack. He was having fun with his unemployment, though. But this time, he had to return to the shrineand became Nanami's servant. Long story short, Nanami woke up from sleep. She still thought that everything she hadbeen through was a dream. It turned out that everything that happenedwas a reality. She saw that her room was now tidier and cleanerthanks to Tomoe. He did it all because Tomoe had become Nanami'sservant.

She just remembered that yesterday she kissedTomoe, and she saw Tomoe sitting glumly in the corner of the room. Tomoe looked exhausted, but he didn't wantto show it to Nanami. He was furious at Nanami. He wanted to see how strong Nanami would beas an Earth Goddess. Because before that, Mikage had the powerto grant anyone's wish to get married. She then wanted to show Tomoe her strengthby turning plain water into Sake. Nanami was sure that she would succeed. It turned out that she failed, and Tomoe wasimmediately angry with disappointment.

After that, while Nanami was watching TV,Onikiri brought her breakfast. She was spoiled, from food, housework, andcleaning, everything Tomoe did. Then came the news about Nanami's school,where a singing artist named Shinjirou Kurama would be studying. Nanami immediately wanted to go to schoolbecause she was tempted to meet Kurama. But unfortunately, Tomoe didn't allow it becauseit was dangerous, and there might be another demon after her. Tomoe also said he couldn't come either becausethere was still a lot of work at the shrine. Because Nanami continued to beg for pity.

Tomoe finally allowed Nanami on one condition. She had to wear a weird head covering so thatothers could not see her forehead. When Nanami arrived at school, her friendsmocked her strange headgear. It was only a short time before someone namedKurama came. The female students became very hysterical. Then Kurama came before Nanami and said withmockery that he wanted to sit there. The other students already knew Nanami's background. Nanami cried and then went to the bathroom. She couldn't believe that Kurama was likethat.

Soon Tomoe came and took her to the bathroom. After seeing her cry, he said she was disappointedthat the person she wanted to meet didn't live up to her expectations. Nanami refused because Tomoe saw her cryingas a joke, even though she was really sad. Outside, Kurama was seen waiting. He said that he wasn't earnest about whathe said earlier. Kurama tried to get closer, but Nanami immediatelyran from there. The spirits looked at Nanami with pity, especiallysince it was her first day of school. Tomoe blamed himself because he was the onewho had made Nanami cry.

When it was break time, and her friend askedher to eat together, Nanami said she didn't have any money. But when she tried to reach into her pocket,there were 30 thousand yen bills for some reason, along with Kurama's statement sayingthat his money was missing with the same amount. The students in the class immediately becamesuspicious of Nanami. Then Kurama made up a story by saying thathe gave the money to Nanami. Kurama had dropped Nanami's pride. She didn't know what to do and just wantedto cry. Long after, Tomoe brought lots of food andtold other students to treat Nanami well.

For the 30 thousand yen earlier, Tomoe movedit under Kurama's bench so he could take it himself and would stop accusing Nanami. In this way, many students liked Tomoe andNanami felt happy. The next day was Nanami's second day of school. Tomoe asked Nanami to wear yesterday's ridiculoushead cover and brought a box of lunches so she didn’t have to buy. But Nanami refused to cover her head and justwalked away with the lunch box. In the middle of the trip, someone greetedNanami, but they weren’t genuine in greeting her.

They just wanted to ask Tomoe, and when theyfound out that Tomoe wasn't coming to school, they immediately left. Then came Kurama, who invited her to go toschool together using his car. But Nanami firmly refused. On the other hand, Tomoe and his two spiritswere monitoring Nanami from afar. Tomoe said he still needed to cook dinnerbecause he wanted to watch over Nanami first. Nanami got a letter from Kurama to meet onthe school roof when they arrived at the class. Nanami then went upstairs. Coming there, Kurama said that he still hopedto be close to Nanami again.

Nanami refused, and she said that she hatedKurama even more. When Nanami left, Kurama already knew Nanami'strue identity, and he spawned his wings. But suddenly, he felt a chill down his backwhich turned out to be Tomoe. Tomoe finally found out that Kurama was theCrow Demon. Then a duel ensued there. Kurama just found out that Tomoe was Nanami'sservant. Kurama lost severely, and Tomoe turned himinto an ostrich to cook for dinner tonight. Tomoe's artificial flames then chased him. Meanwhile, Nanami, who was reading a novel,felt disturbed.

It was all because the ostrich passed in frontof the class. Then there was the girl who almost got hitby Kurama. Her name was Nekota Ami. Luckily Nanami swiftly helped her and stoppedthe ostrich. When she saw a necklace around its neck, Nanamirealized that the ostrich was Kurama. Then he was taken to the infirmary. It turned out that it was Kurama who had transformedinto an ostrich for dinner tonight. Nanami ordered Tomoe to restore Kuruma's formto its original state on the condition that Kurama won't bother her anymore.

When Kuruma returned to his human form, itwas apparent that he was still upset. But Nanami treated the wound on his cheek. Mikage, who saw the incident from the outside,felt that Nanami was a good goddess. Long story short, Nanami was honing her strengthin the garden when a bird came to tell her that Himemiko Numano would visit Nanami'sshrine. Then Nanami went straight to Tomoe. Tomoe explained that Himemiko was a closefriend of Mikage, so it was probably that she would want to pay her respects to thenew goddess. Tomoe said that this time Nanami didn't haveto show herself for fear that Nanami would.

Mess up the meeting. Tomoe reasoned that Nanami was sick even thoughNanami was in the room. This was all for the good of Nanami. After that, she didn't know what to do thereeither. When told that Himemiko was not a matchingrival for Tomoe, she intended to go there herself. At the same time, Tomoe was arguing with Himemiko'sservant. They still wanted to meet the new goddessbecause they heard the news that the new goddess was very weak, could not do anything and wasfrightened when being chased by demons.

Tomoe was still patient with the chatter ofHimemiko's servant, and Nanami was forced to intervene. Hearing that, she immediately walked intothe room and said she was the new Earth Goddess. She immediately apologized for coming late. While behind her, Tomoe stood with a scaryface. But he had no other choice and knelt withNanami. He said he would protect Nanami, and fightscould not be avoided. Tomoe, with one strike, instantly turned theservant into a catfish. Nanami was immediately shocked and angry.

She asked Tomoe to return the servant to theway it was. Himemiko, who saw what happened, immediatelybelieved that Nanami was indeed the Goddess of the Earth. Her speech incantation made those who heardher obey her orders. Himemiko just wanted to ask for help. She wanted to unite her heart with a human. She met a boy ten years ago at Lake Kisara. The boy was named Urashima Kotaro, who waseight years old then. She saw that boy crying in front of the lake.

That was when she felt interested and wantedto meet Kotaro again. Tomoe immediately rejected her request becausehumans and demons could not unite in love. Himemiko became sad. But Nanami said that she wanted to help Himemiko. Even though it was impossible, she wantedto try it. The following day, two spirits were seen wakingup Tomoe, exhausted from yesterday's fight. Nanami then talked to herself and said thankyou for doing everything for her and continuing to protect her. Tomoe, who heard that felt happy.

It turned out that Tomoe had woken up andappeared from behind the door. Nanami became very embarrassed. Tomoe said to ignore Himemiko's request. But Nanami was stubborn and went alone tofind that person in the city. At a glance, Tomoe remembered Mikage, whosaid goodbye to go alone to the town. Then Tomoe said that he would come with Nanami. Nanami said that Tomoe had to change his appearancefirst. In his heart, Tomoe was only worried thatNanami wouldn't come back like Mikage. After they arrived at the town, people lookedat Tomoe because he hadn't changed his appearance.

Tomoe just changed clothes but didn't hidehis ears and tail. After that, they stopped so that Tomoe couldhide all that. Then they continued their journey, and Nanamiaccidentally met her friends. Because she felt embarrassed, Nanami thenimmediately invited Tomoe to eat ice cream. Her goal to avoid her friends failed whenshe met another friend named Isobe at the ice cream shop. He wouldn't stop taunting Nanami's familyand her, who was kicked out of the house and sleeping in the park. Tomoe immediately took Nanami out of thereand told Isobe not to say and did all sorts.

Of things to Nanami. Nanami then shouted very loudly at them andasked them to be quiet. In the end, they both fell silent like statues. Tomoe was angry because Nanami screamed rightnear his ear. Nanami was also mad because they intendedto find someone named Urashima Kotaro, but it got complicated. Unexpectedly, the shop owner said he was UrashimaKotaro, the person they were looking for. Then Nanami made an appointment with Kotaroto chat in the park. Nanami asked about Kotaro's past when he metHimemiko at the lake ten years ago.

Nanami asked him if he wanted to meet Himemikoagain. But Kotaro didn't remember that at all buthe finally agreed to meet Himemiko. That night Nanami came home, and two spiritsaccompanied her. Tomoe returned to the shrine to retrieve avehicle. When he arrived, Nanami saw that the vehiclewas like a giant freight train. Unfortunately, Nanami could not get on it. At first, Tomoe didn't want to help, but inthe end, he felt sorry for her and helped her. Then Nanami asked Tomoe one thing to do.

The next day Himemiko turned into a gorgeouswoman to meet Kotaro. After that, they immediately left, fearingthat Kotaro would wait a long time. Kotaro had been waiting for some time whileplaying the rubik. He was afraid that he would be tricked. Soon Himemiko came and became friendly withKotaro even though Kotaro didn't know her. Himemiko immediately confessed her love forKotaro, and she praised Kotaro for being great at playing rubik. Himemiko then said that she wanted to tryit. Kotaro went to buy a drink, and his heartwas already beating fast.

When Himemiko was playing, two thugs cameto her and took her rubik. Nanami couldn't help her because the finaldecision would be seen here: to see if Kotaro was serious. Kotaro, who saw the incident from a distance,wanted to help, but his legs felt heavy. Finally, Nanami pushed the enchanted treeto resemble Kotaro so he could immediately help Himemiko. In the end, this method worked, and Kotaromanaged to help Himemiko. Nanami hoped their relationship would continueto survive. The next day at school, it was raining.

Her friends were excited because they sawa white snake entered the classroom. They tried to chase it away with a broom,but Nanami dared to take it with her hands and let it out. Her friends then asked whether Nanami's handwas injured or not. She didn't feel any pain, but when she lookedat her hand, she didn't notice a lot of welts and light coming from her wrist. When she came home, she immediately askedwhere Tomoe was to the two spirits. They said that Tomoe was cooking dinner. Tomoe was shocked to see snake coil markson Nanami's hand.

The sign meant marriage, meaning someone wouldcome to Nanami later. Tomoe was annoyed because Nanami was so stupidto let the snake's saliva stick to her hands. He would not let the snake come and took Nanami. He felt stupid because he had neglected towatch over Nanami. After all, this would be very difficult forhim. The next day, for the safety of Nanami, Tomoejoined Nanami at school. He would enter as a new student and read manyhigh school books. When he got there, he was immediately introducedas a new student named Mikage Tomoe, who had transferred from Mikageyama.

The students were immediately fascinated,and Tomoe was immediately popular among the female students. Then he chose a seat near Nanami. Nanami did not think that it would happenlike this. During break time, the girls approached Tomoeand said that they remembered that he had come to bring lots of food for Nanami. Tomoe then said he also remembered peoplewho were always kind to Nanami. They found it odd and wondered how close thetwo of them were. Tomoe then slipped by, saying that Nanamiwas his master.

Nanami immediately pulled Tomoe out. She asked Tomoe not to address her as masterand stopped with the master and servant relationship. Nanami said he had to admit that he was thechild of her sibling, who lived in her house. Not long after, Ami came. She then gave a book to her. Then she ran into a man wearing all blackand using an umbrella, even though he was in the room. Nanami and Tomoe had finished their work. She wanted to be like this all the time.

Tomoe fell asleep, and Nanami decided to goto the office alone. In the middle of the rain, the man with theumbrella called Nanami and said that the weather was very sunny. The man quickly brought Nanami. At the same time, Tomoe woke up and immediatelylooked for Nanami. He saw Nanami's book outside and realizedthat he was too late. Because he was annoyed, he got angry, changedhis form, and threw his fireball at the girls who happened to be there. Nanami woke up, and she saw two spirits there.

It turned out that the one who kidnapped Nanamiwas named Mizuki Suenagaku, a servant from the Yonomori shrine. He said that Nanami had agreed to marry himbecause of the shining bracelet on her wrist. But Nanami refused and wanted to go home. She tried to escape and ran until late atnight. She never arrived and only returned to theshrine. Mizuki said she couldn't go home and thentreated Nanami's leg. Mizuki promised to take care of Nanami betterthan Tomoe. Tomoe also didn't come, even though he hadsworn to protect Nanami.

She felt sad. Nanami then saw the trees there and felt strange. The trees there kept blooming even thoughit was not the blooming season. Mizuki said that his goddess liked flowers. Soon Mizuki invited Nanami to sleep. But Nanami went first to the room and hopedTomoe could pick her up there. On the other hand, Onikiri and Kotetsu panickedbecause Nanami had been kidnapped. In contrast to Tomoe, who continued to lookcalm. He was cleaning a flower vase and accidentallybroke it.

He was trying to fight the feeling and triedto calm down. He promised to find the whereabouts of Nanami. Meanwhile, Nanami woke up and went out. She saw Mizuki, who was alone, staring ata flowering tree. Nanami felt that something was missing inthis shrine. Then Nanami was offered to eat live frogsby two spirits. Fortunately, Mizuki came with decent humanfood to eat. It turned out that Mizuki already knew Tomoe. Nanami felt that something was wrong here.

She just remembered that she had not seenthe shrine goddess since yesterday. When she visited the goddess's chambers, therewas no one there. Nanami was already suspicious because no oneelse came to pray there. Meanwhile, Tomoe had managed to detect thepresence of Nanami in the shrine under the lake. Mizuki then said that the shrine had sunk. Even the shrine goddess could not surviveif no people were praying there. If no one prayed, his goddess liked to leavesomewhere. When the locals started leaving this shrine,the goddess hid and disappeared.

But Mizuki remained loyal to be there. Nanami felt touched and saddened by the thoughtof Mizuki, who had spent all this time alone. Nanami tried to cheer him up, but Mizuki insteadasked Nanami to stay there forever. But Nanami refused and said that now Tomoemust be looking for her. When Mizuki wanted to hurt Nanami, Tomoe camejust in time. He immediately issued fireballs here and there. Tomoe immediately hugged Nanami and said hewas grateful Nanami was fine. Mizuki felt victorious because the fireballswouldn't last long underwater. Tomoe instantly proved his strength.

He then released other fireballs, and it burnedmost of the room. Meanwhile, there was a big fire outside. Mizuki immediately came out for fear of burninghis goddess' favorite tree. Tomoe understood Mizuki's feelings for havingto be abandoned by his goddess like this. Tomoe planned to burn them all at once andturned them to ashes. But Nanami blocked Tomoe's intention. She later apologized to Mizuki that she couldn'tstay there. After, she promised to visit him again sothat Mizuki wouldn't feel lonely. After that, they both returned to the mainland.

Tomoe was still angry because Nanami had givenMizuki hope that she would visit him again. Nanami said that she couldn't just leave Mizukilike that. Tomoe then apologized for neglecting to watchover Nanami. He promised to be more careful next time. It wasn't long before a lightning goddessnamed Narukami discovered that Mikage had been missing for 20 years and was replacedby Nanami as the Earth Goddess. She felt irritated that Tomoe had been snatchedaway by an inappropriate person. She intended to take him back. On the other hand, Tomoe felt that Narukami'sheart was not good because there was a lot.

Of thunder that day, and the weather was verydark. Nanami screamed because she was late for school,and no one woke her up. Tomoe then offered her breakfast, but sherefused. After arriving at school, it was getting dark. Meanwhile, the weather in the shrine insteadbecame bright. Tomoe then suspected that the cloud only cameto Nanami. When opening her bag, Nanami was surprisedby Onikiri and Kotetsu hiding inside. Then there was a student who wanted to talkto Nanami. Nanami panicked because she was afraid hewould see the spirits, but they said that.

Other people couldn't see them. Then a huge thunderbolt appeared and brokethe window. Narukami appeared to meet Nanami. Then she put Nanami into her artificial dimensionso other people would not know. She tried to persuade Nanami to give up herEarth Goddess status and took over the Mikage Shrine. She also said that all of that must make Nanamisuffered. But Nanami said she was lucky to be the Goddessof the Earth and lived in the shrine with Tomoe.

So she had no intention of leaving her shrine. Narukami was then angry, but luckily Tomoesoon appeared. But Tomoe couldn't do much. When Tomoe was about to attack Narukami, sheturned him into a child and took the seal on Nanami's forehead. That way, Nanami wasn't the Earth Goddessanymore. Then she forced the spirits to show her theshrine where they lived. Then Nanami and Tomoe sat in the garden whennight fell because they both had nothing left. Tomoe gave everything to Nanami because Nanamiwas the only one who lived in this human world.

He couldn’t do much. Nanami felt strange with Tomoe, and afterchecking, it turned out that Tomoe had a high fever. Then she immediately took Tomoe to the clinic,but the clinic was closed because it was late and raining. Soon they met with Kurama, and he took themboth to his house. Nanami was very grateful. Moreover, she knew Kurama was sick and didn'tgo to school that day. Kurama said that he pretended to be sick sohe could work to pay for the artist's life.

Nanami then asked for help so that Kuramacould remove the spell on Tomoe's body. Kurama couldn't do that. He could only give medicine passed down inhis family for generations. But Tomoe didn't want to eat it and bit Kurama'shand. While sleeping, Tomoe remembered someone givinghim sticky rice cakes. The person always took care of him while hewas asleep. When he woke up, he saw Nanami next to him. He asked her for the sticky rice cake. Then Nanami immediately made it for Tomoebecause she happened to know how to make it.

She was happy to do it, but unfortunately,the taste was just ordinary. But Tomoe was very grateful. Meanwhile, at the shrine, Narukami was introuble because the shrine was in an awful state and had lots of leaks. The spirits said the shrine could be goodbecause of Tomoe's magic. Because of that, Narukami ordered her maidsto look for Tomoe. Meanwhile, Nanami fell asleep in Kurama'sroom, the three of them with Kurama and Tomoe in one bed. Nanami thought she had to be more vigilantbecause she was the only woman in the house,.

And they couldn't sleep together. Kurama started acting up and playing a childTomoe. Kurama was about to go to work, and he suggestedgetting Narukami's hammer so Tomoe could return to normal. He also gave his house key to Nanami, andthen he left. Nanami then took Tomoe out while thinkingabout how to restore Tomoe's body. Tomoe then said that Nanami didn't have toget involved in that matter. Not long after, Narukami's maids came andwanted to take Tomoe. Initially, Nanami wanted to keep Tomoe.

But Tomoe fought back and wanted to go tothe shrine voluntarily. When she got there, Narukami hugged Tomoetightly until he couldn't move. Tomoe was then asked to sleep near Narukami. At that moment, he remembered Mikage's words,and he left from there in an instant. Narukami then went to look for Tomoe. In the garden, Nanami was sitting alone, andshe felt unfortunate. Then came Kurama, who came to give his crow'sfeather so that Nanami could see the unseen world. Unknowingly Nanami, Onikiri, and Kotetsu werethere.

They both cried and asked for help to findTomoe. Nanami ventured to go there. Narukami still couldn't find Tomoe, so sheintended to destroy the shrine. Luckily Nanami soon came, and she said thatshe would find him. She promised to find Tomoe as long as Narukamiwanted to return Tomoe's form to his original state. With confidence, Nanami kept looking, butshe still could not find him after an hour. The glowing butterfly clinging to her armthen flew up and tried to show her where Tomoe was.

It pointed at a mirror on the table. After Nanami looked into it, it turned outTomoe hid in Mikage's mirror. With that, Narukami gave up and finally returnedNanami's seal and hammer. Nanami then swung the hammer at Tomoe, andhe returned to his original form. Tomoe immediately kissed Nanami so he couldremain her servant. Long story short, after that incident, Nanamibegan to feel that she had more feelings for Tomoe. She was astonished by that; Tomoe had neverbeen sensitive to her feeling. Then suddenly, Tomoe hugged Nanami and heldher forehead.

He checked Nanami's body temperature, whichturned out to be a fever. Unfortunately, Nanami could not go to schoolbecause she had to rest. But she thought that she wouldn't pass thissemester if she did not go to school. Finally, she forced herself to walk, but shealmost fell over and wanted to pass out. The spirits had an idea that Tomoe could disguisehimself as Nanami and went to school so that Nanami could rest at the shrine. At school, Isobe said that Nanami wouldn'tgo to school and invited the other kids to bet. But soon, Nanami came with a more charmingface than usual.

That made Isobe and the others gaped. Kurama suddenly appeared after one week missedschool. He then brought souvenirs for Nanami. But he didn't know that the current Nanamiwas Tomoe. He was surprised because he had just discoveredthat Tomoe had entered that school too. In his heart, he intended to get rid of Tomoeso he could freely approach Nanami. He had tried several ways to approach Nanami,starting from helping Nanami read English texts but was answered with Nanami's gloomyface. Then during the chorus, when Nanami's voicewas out of tune, Kurama tried to teach her.

To sing, but her face was also gloomier. When outside the classroom, Kurama tried toseduce Nanami harder, but this time it went a bit too far, and he got beat up by Nanami. Kurama told Nanami she could not play in thedark because he felt something terrible would happen. When Nanami walked alone in the halls of theschool, the atmosphere became even darker, and she felt like there was a magical dimensionthere. At the changing room, Ami, was left alonebecause she took a long time to change clothes. Before long, the room was pitch black, andshe could see nothing.

The atmosphere changed to be like in anotherdimension. Soon there was a giant tongue licking herface. She screamed and ran wildly, then fell. Luckily, Tomoe came right away and said hewould take care of everything. Meanwhile, Ami ran outside to Kei. She asked where Nanami was and why she wasleft in the changing room alone. Ami screamed and cried, saying she would returnto pick up Nanami. At the same time, Tomoe was about to finishoff the creature. Then the door opened, and Ami wanted to enter.

The demon managed to escape from Tomoe andtried to attack Ami. Luckily Kurama was there and stopped it. Tomoe then closed the door because his workstill needed to be finished. Kurama then asked Ami not to tell this toanyone else, and then he kissed her. She blushed and agreed. Kurama then entered the changing room andsaw Nanami relaxing. Kurama asked Nanami to be more careful becausehe couldn't keep an eye on Nanami at all time, like Tomoe. Moreover, with Tomoe around, it made him unableto move freely.

Then Tomoe gave the demon that had turnedinto candy to Kurama. At the shrine, Nanami was greeted by Mizuki. He visited because he knew Tomoe wasn't home. He wanted to cook Nanami some food but onlybrought live turtles and planned to boil them. Nanami scolded Mizuki and forbade him to dothat. Mizuki then tried to badmouth Tomoe and addedthat his current attitude was not like usual. Nanami did not believe him either, but Mizukitried to show Tomoe's past to Nanami. When Nanami entered another world, she turnedinto a girl named Yukiji. Then she met a little boy who was sprawled.

The boy said that an army of foxes was attackinghis village. He was trying to run, but he fell. He told Yukiji not to go to the village. Then Yukiji took the boy to an empty houseand treated his wound. But unexpectedly, the little boy turned intoa demon and attacked Yukiji. But soon, Tomoe came and immediately scorchedthe demon with his fireballs. This was where Tomoe's dislike of humans appeared. But Tomoe still had a good side, even if itwas a little bit. When the King outside asked if there wereother humans, Tomoe threw Yukiji away so hard.

And closed the door. Yukiji then escaped through another door,but she slipped and fell because it was raining and the road was slippery. Then she woke up from her dream with Tomoe,who had just come home from school. Seeing Mizuki there, Tomoe was furious andimmediately kicked him out. Nanami felt that she knew Tomoe's true nature,which was very different from what she had known. Tomoe was immediately surrounded by the femalestudents the next day in class. Nanami, who was studying, felt disturbed eventhough there would be an exam soon.

Tomoe said that Nanami was often unemployedeven though she was a goddess. It wasn't long before Kurama came and immediatelystarted fussing over Tomoe. The atmosphere was even hotter. Nanami saw Ami outside the classroom. Then Nanami came to her, and she was shocked. It turned out that Ami wanted to chat withKurama, but it was tough with all the female students surrounding him. Nanami offered her help to Ami and thoughtthat was the job the Earth Goddess should be doing.

Kurama kept being given lots of presents bythe girls there, but he refused them. Nanami then put a spell on Kurama's back,and suddenly the girls didn't care about Kurama's presence anymore. Nanami then asked Kurama to meet Ami. Soon Ami came, and she thanked him for helpingher yesterday. Stupidly, Kurama pretended not to know Ami. Embarrassed, Ami finally ran away and fell. Unintentionally Ami's underwear was seen byIsobe and his other friends. They immediately mocked Ami.

But Kurama kindly tried to calm her down. Nanami, who watched them from afar, felt thiswas something positive for their relationship. But Tomoe dodged because demons and humanscouldn't be together. After that, Nanami met several female studentswho asked for help. She liked Tomoe but never had time to chatwith Tomoe. Because Nanami admitted they were not dating,she asked to go home with Tomoe. Because Nanami was a goddess, she forcefullygranted the girl's wish. She then wrote a letter telling Tomoe thatshe had gone home first. While at the front, Tomoe met the two girlsearlier, but Tomoe became indifferent and.

Ignored them. Elsewhere, Nanami had yet to come home. She was studying alone on the school roof. But she wasn't in a good mood. She felt that granting the wish earlier wasa mistake because she also liked Tomoe. Soon Tomoe appeared and immediately becameangry, accusing Nanami of setting him up with humans. Tomoe said she did not have to do that againbecause his top priority was Nanami. Nanami immediately blushed.

Nanami even felt that she liked Tomoe evenmore. The next day, Kurama asked Tomoe to talk. He said that Tomoe's talk about prioritizingNanami would make her fall in love. Moreover, Nanami was still a teenager, soit was easy for her to like other people. But Tomoe didn't believe that, and he won'tbe trapped in a love relationship with Nanami because she was only his master. The rain was over. Ami then invited Nanami to buy food to celebratethe completion of the school test. Kei said she wouldn't come because she hada date.

She then questions Nanami and Tomoe's relationshipbecause they lived in the same house. Nanami said they lived together and were close,but Tomoe never had feelings for her. Kei then asked Nanami to do something new,like asking him out or dressing up pretty. If later Tomoe said Nanami was beautiful,then that meant he fell in love. Soon Tomoe came to take her home. He always took Nanami home faster. But this time, Nanami wanted to try somethingnew. Nanami invited him to go to the aquarium. After arriving there, only Nanami was happyand enthusiastic, while Tomoe didn't enjoy.

It at all. Before leaving, Nanami invited him to seethe sights. Tomoe said that he was suspicious of Nanamibecause she was too excited and different from usual. Tomoe said, please don't tell me you fellin love with me. Nanami was surprised and then replied thatshe did have feelings for Tomoe. Tomoe loudly replied that he would not acceptNanami's feelings. Tomoe's anti-human nature emerged. He then picked up Nanami and brought her tothe edge of the building so that Nanami would.

Realize that she was just confused and shewas wrong about her feeling. Without Tomoe knowing, Nanami really likedTomoe so much. Tomoe, who didn't want to accept Nanami'sfeelings, accidentally let go of his grip, and Nanami fell from the roof of the building. Tomoe then immediately jumped in to save Nanami. At first, Nanami refused to be saved becauseshe was annoyed that her feeling was useless, and it got rejected. Tomoe then said that it was okay if she didn’twant him to touch her again, but this time let him saved her.

Luckily Tomoe caught Nanami in time and triedto calm her down. Long story short, summer had arrived. Nanami didn't look like she used to afterTomoe's rejection. Ami tried to cheer her up by taking her tothe beach, but Nanami was still daydreaming. Nanami's lunch alone was left untouched. Tomoe then came and scolded Nanami. He threatened to feed food that Nanami hatedso she would eat. But Tomoe was immediately discouraged becausehe could not touch Nanami after the incident fell from the building yesterday.

He promised not to. Finally, Ami, Kei, and Nanami decided to goto the beach. After the anticipated day arrived, Tomoe forbadeNanami to go to the beach instead. Because no one could protect her there, headded that the beach was an area he avoided. Mizuki, who was there, suggested that he wouldaccompany Nanami. Arriving at the beach, Ami and Kei were surprisedthat Mizuki and Tomoe were also going to the beach. While they were all swimming, Mizuki and Tomoewere sunbathing on the beach. They had absolutely no intention of swimming.

Mizuki said that he knew why Tomoe hated thebeach. Then suddenly Mizuki told him that he wouldgo swimming too. Seeing this, Tomoe became annoyed. Moreover, Mizuki dared to hold Nanami's bodywhile he could not touch Nanami. On the other hand, Mikage was sitting andrelaxing with his girl-style friend. They were watching Tomoe. His friend invited Mikage to swim, but Mikagerefused for fear that Tomoe would find out. He was afraid that Tomoe would beat him upbecause he had been missing for 20 years. Finally, his friend went to the sea whileMikage swam around.

On the other hand, when Ami and Nanami wereswimming, Mikage's friend made some troubles. He made Ami drown. Ami became very panicked, while Nanami wasshocked. Tomoe was very annoyed with Mizuki's behaviorlike that. But suddenly, Kei ran to them and said thatNanami and Ami were in danger. Soon Nanami came panting because of exhaustion. She couldn't find Ami, so she returned toask Tomoe for help. Because it was an order from his master, Tomoeimmediately went down to the sea looking for Ami.

With his abilities, Tomoe could easily findAmi and brought her to the mainland. But not long after arriving on land, Tomoeand Nanami entered a dimension, and then a demon appeared from under the sea, which happenedto be looking for Tomoe. He was the Dragon King who had a grudge againstTomoe. In the past, Tomoe finished off his men anddestroyed his underwater kingdom. Thus the Dragon King asked for ransom. Then he immediately caught Tomoe and put himin a shell. The Dragon King didn't know that Nanami wasa goddess. When the shell containing Tomoe was aboutto be brought to the bottom of the sea, Nanami.

Held on to the shell. She was almost out of breath. Luckily the Dragon King saved her and gaveher a list of ransoms that Tomoe had to replace, especially his eye that Tomoe had gouged out. It was a huge mistake that Tomoe had made. If Nanami wanted Tomoe to be free, she mustfirst find his missing eye. The eye was like pearls. He said it was impossible to find the eyebecause it had been lost for so long. He promised to release Tomoe if Nanami managedto find it.

On the other hand, at home, Nanami's friendswere sad because Nanami hadn't returned, while Mizuki was so relaxed. He said nothing would happen to Nanami. Soon Nanami came home, and she immediatelyasked for Mizuki's help to lend her a time-traveling device. Mizuki, who already knew Tomoe, knew aboutevents in his past. He felt sorry to see Nanami, who was so worriedabout Tomoe. Mizuki became jealous because he didn't havea master who cared so much for him. He hoped that Tomoe would not be able to returnso he could become Nanami's servant.

He had felt alone for too long without a master. Nanami apologized to Mizuki because that wasthe only way to help Tomoe. Finally, Mizuki wanted to help Nanami. They then performed a ritual which then sentthem straight into the past. Nanami arrived on the seafront, and the weatherwas freezing. She saw someone who asked for something inexchange for the eyes of the Dragon King. But soon, he disappeared after Mizuki came. He said that the person earlier was a demonnamed Isohime. Because there was no time left, Nanami startedwalking, and soon she met Tomoe who was carrying.

A huge fish. He was in the middle of an attack by the seadwellers. But Tomoe could win the raid so easily. He then saw Nanami, and Nanami realized whatshe saw was the evil Tomoe, not the one she knew. Tomoe, whom she loved but was still trappedin the darkness. And Kamisama Hajimashita, season 1 and 2 arefinished. Thank you very much for watching from startto finish. Please like this video if you enjoy it, anddon't forget to subscribe if you wish to see.

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