Horimiya Season 2, Re Zero Season 3, Blue Lock Season 2, Jujutsu Kaisen Season 2 AND MORE!

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Blue Lock season 2 announced Re Zero season 3 announcement has been confirmed a new beautiful trailer has just been released at the Anime Japan event Jujutsu Kaisen season 2 trailer was also revealed in Anime Japan event the anime will come back on the 6th of July it will have 2 consecutive cours meaning 24 episodes in a row Horimiya was also revealed to have a sequel in the Anime Japan event it will adapt the story from the manga that wasn't shown in the first season and is scheduled to come out in July.

Hero Classroom anime will be airing this July the story is quite generic with an op protagonist, harem and a magical school but I thought it was quite funny and enjoyable when I read this manga a couple years ago as for production, I like studio Actas and the overall staff seems good my only question is the director he has been the director for a lot of below average anime's however he has a lot of experience in his job if you don't subscribe I will come for you at night.

The Anime Japan 2023 event has already started if you want to tune in for the second day stream I will leave a link in the description with more information yesterday aired the last episode where Ash Ketchum was the Pokemon series main character after 20 years Ash journey has come to an end honestly i didn't think this day would come this fast its quite sureal seeing this as someone who grew up with Pokemon the last episode was a beautiful goodbye to this journey even if you don't watch Pokemon anymoreI will still recommend going to say goodbye to Ash.

I'm quite hopeful about the next generation of trainers that the Pokemon anime will follow Sugar Apple Fairy Tale second cour has been announced for July 2023 this is an anime from the current winter se ason Urusei Yatsura has been announced to have a second season in 2024 Studio Bones has announced an SCI-FI original anime Metallic Rouge and they revealed the trailer for it they announced this project as a celebration of the 25th year of Studio Bones the anime will air in January 2024 a very big name, Yutaka Izubuchi will be on the project as series composition.

It looks like it will be a mecha focused anime with a very strong narrative Jellyfish Can't Swim in the Night new anime original announced it will be animated by Doga Kobo and is scheduled for 2024 the story will be getting written by Yuuki Yaku the writer of the light novel and manga Bottom-Tier Character Tomozaki there has been a lot of negativity about the character designs in the Kaiju no8 anime adaptation personally I'm not a fan of this anime adaptation character designs Given will be getting a sequel anime movie, I actually watched the anime series for this it's a nice wholesome music genre anime.

And since we are talking about anime movies a new Pyscho Pass anime movie has been announced it's called PYSCHO-PASS PROVIDENCE and will be airing on the 12th of May in Japan Production I.G is doing it you should expect this movie to start being available to watch outside of Japan by around the end of this year Kanojo Kanojo or its english title Girlfriend Girlfriend, the mangaka has announced to be drawing the final chapter for this manga.

The season 2 of the anime adaptation had already been announced previously Kono Sekai wa Fukanzen Sugiru or in english title, Quality Assurance in Another World has been announced to have an anime adaptation in 2024 the staff and studio are below average in my opinion and here is the best selling manga from the 13th to 19th of March there were a lot of big releases such as Blue Lock, Frieren, Oshi no Ko, Uma Musume and a lot more Blue Lock continues with a solid lead, followed by Frieren and Jujutsu Kaisen for the full link so you can see the long list check Josu_ke on Twitter.

I will leave his Twitter on the description and for the best selling light novels from the 6th to 12th of March The Angel Next Door Spoils me Rotten continues at the very top very closely followed by Kusuriya no Hitorigoto then Classroom of The Elite and Blue Lock. well that's about all that I have got for this week's news like, subscribe and maybe leave a comment too tell me what anime, manga or light novel you have been watching or reading lately anyways I will see you guys in a week or so.

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