How A Camera Man Came right by God’s Hidden Vitality And Became The Strongest Hunter! #weaktostrong

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We see a camera man named Choi setting upthe camera to go live, while a hunter introduces himself as Ilam. Ilam mentions that he has brought a hot ladywith him for today's broadcast. The world is half destroyed thanks to theappearance of monsters, which created an opportunity for people to become rich and famous by usingthis depressing circumstance. They call themselves “the monster streamer.” Normal civilians who have lost their familyto monsters get secondary satisfaction from seeing hunters kill monsters. But not all monster streamers get famous likeIlam.

Choi is shocked to see that Ilam is doinganything to gain subscribers, even using a hot lady for a dance after the hunt. Ilam mentions that today he will hunt a simian,a one-star monster. He claims that there are only 86 hunters inthe country who can hunt one-star monsters alone, and he wants to change that numbertoday. Choi warns him that he is too weak, but Ilamignores him and activates his superpower. Superpowers are only allowed for a few selecttalented humans, and Choi has no talent. Ilam shoots fire at the monster and flauntshimself in the live stream, but the monster is still alive and attacks them from behind.

Ilam leaves the hot lady behind and runs alone,but the simian kills her and starts following Ilam again. This time, Ilam uses Choi as bait. Ilam hops into his car and says, “It's muchbetter that a hunter like me survives than a porter like you, right?” Choi remembers what his father told him inhis childhood about God protecting him. Choi shouts, “What the hell is God doing rightnow?” Suddenly, he gets a notification that theviewer count is one. While he tries to dodge the monster's attack,he suddenly jumps very high, and he wonders.

What just happened to him and what the messagewas. Choi again gets a notification that a certainGod is puzzled. Choi hides behind a tree and thinks that evenif he gets hit once, he will die. Another notification pops up, telling himthat a certain God is preparing popcorn. Choi checks his backpack, which he stole fromDora the Explorer, and finds some fighting equipment. He attacks the monster, but it doesn't evenscratch the monster. The monster picks up a huge boulder usingall its strength, but Choi somehow dodges it.

Choi doesn't have any superpower, so he worksharder, exercises every day to survive, and researches by looking at hunters' huntingstrategies. He thinks that he only has one chance to attackthe monster if he wants to win. Choi gets behind the monster's back and insertshis weapon forcefully inside the monster's buttock. The monster cries in agony. It's worth noting that Choi did this whena god was watching him. Choi took advantage of the opportunity andattacked the monster once again, successfully killing it.

The entire fight was captured on camera andlivestreamed for everyone to see. To their surprise, the camera man was theone who killed the monster on his own. Exhausted and in disbelief, Choi receiveda notification from a certain god who was very satisfied and had called over a friendto view the stream. As a result, Choi's viewer count increasedto two. All those who were watching the stream wereastonished to see a camera man take down a Silvian. Choi checked the livestream and realized thatthe whole fight had gone live on broadcast. He then saw a notification indicating thatthree gods were currently viewing his stream.

He believed that his strength increased asmore gods came to see him. He greeted his viewers, and they informedhim that the rescue squad was on their way and had already reported about Hunter Ilam. Suddenly, Choi remembered the hot lady Hanueland approached her to check if she was alive. However, the rescue team arrived, and Choileft the check-up to them. He livestreamed the rescue team's processand explained that their main objective was to extract the monster's core, which was amysterious material that only existed inside monsters' bodies. It was the origin of a monster's life andstrength.

As the rescue team worked to extract the core,something disgusting started coming out of the girl's body. A notification revealed that one of the godswas taking out his popcorn, presumably to watch the gruesome scene. Suddenly, the monster engulfed the rescuesquad members, and Choi suspected it was an Undertox. An Undertox is a one-star monster that controlslethal toxins and poisons. It hides under an injured person and poisonsany human that comes to help, increasing its prey count.

It's a sly and fierce monster. The rescue squad commanded everyone to abandonthe girl and retrieve the Silvian's core, but Choi refused to give up. He checked Dora the Explorer's backpack andfound a flamethrower. He used it to attack the slimy monster withfire. The rescue squad intervened and insisted thatthey needed the corpses intact to return them to their families. However, Choi believed that they should doeverything they could to save the victims before they turned into corpses.

He ran towards the van, grabbed a fire extinguisher,and set up his camera on his shoulders. He explained that an Undertox was an elemental-typemonster that primarily fed on a human's vitality. If they neutralized its poison with fire,it would weaken and become helpless. Choi didn't value human life, nor did he havea heroic mind. His actions were entirely calculated, andhis goal was to secure this opportunity to firmly establish himself as a monster streamer. He believed that to take vengeance for hisfamily, he needed power and influence. Choi informed his audience that the heat fromthe fire was a fatal weakness for Undertox. It could neutralize the poison, which wasthe monster's main form of attack, making.

It weak and helpless. When an Undertox was cornered with no wayof attacking, it would make one of two choices. It would either abandon its prey or use thehost to put up a final struggle. The monster took over the girl's body andattacked Choi, but he, being a Sigma male by birth, attacked the girl directly in theface. The gods commented that this was too harsh,but Choi threatened to end the stream. Consequently, the monster left the girl'sbody, and Choi brought them both outside. Choi informed his viewers that from now on,he would be streaming from this channel. A few days later, another livestream by cameramanChoi is seen.

Choi has returned home from the hospital butis shocked to find that his house has been destroyed by the monsters. Nevertheless, the gods were eager to see violence,so Choi quickly turns on his camera to start a fight. However, another hunter named Hanjo approacheshim and turns off his livestream, revealing his true colors. Hanjo tells Choi that he is his senior andorders him to leave. Choi retorts that the real king is the onewith more viewers and tells Hanjo that he has been streaming their whole conversationlive.

Embarrassed, Hanjo changes the topic and saysthat he will show Choi how to hunt a monster properly. A simian monster appears, and Hanjo attacksit with his lightning, but another simian attacks Hanjo from above and knocks him out. Choi taunts the simian and starts to run becausehe is not sure how much more powerful he has become after getting four gods as his viewers. He enters a church to fight while hiding. After a while, Hanjo wakes up and hears somenoise coming from the church. He goes inside and is utterly shocked to seethat Choi has killed a simian with the help.

Of a holy cross. When Hanjo asks how he did it, Choi says thatmaybe he got help from God. Choi checks the reaction of his viewers andsees a substantial increase in his subscribers. He hopes that he will also get as many subscribersafter the recap video is uploaded. Choi acts like a weakling and says that hewas just able to survive this time, thanking all his viewers for their support. The gods taunt Choi, asking him if he hasno conscience or if he has already forgotten them. Hanjo is utterly pissed off and to save hisreputation, he proposes a match to determine.

Who is the strongest. Choi acts like a weakling again and asks ifHanjo wants them to fight each other. Hanjo explains that he meant that he wouldinvite Choi to the “MS Collaboration Hunt” next week, where he will collaborate withthe best monster streamer in the country, a woman named Kim So-yoon. Choi thinks that this is a great opportunityto film with someone like her and accepts the deal. A few days later, Choi reaches the Fimpo InternationalAirport, which has been totally wrecked, and he remembers his past when he was all alonein a similar place.

Suddenly, Hanjo arrives and orders Choi tofollow him. They are both shocked to see a well-establishedmilitary camp there. Hanjo apologizes to a woman named Kim Soyoonfor being late, while Choi notices that she is flying and thinks she must have superpowersthat she uses in her everyday life. Choi is impressed by her ability to use asuperpower that requires an extreme amount of mental energy, and he thinks that she mustbe a pro at it. Kim Soyoon asks Choi to introduce himselfand mentions that it's rude to stare at a girl like that. Choi apologizes and Kim Soyoon informs himthat she already knows he is the cameraman.

She then gets straight to the point and explainsthat their plan involves working all night for three days and two nights. She advises Choi to back out if he thinksit will be too difficult for him. Hanjo is shocked to hear the plan, but Choi,being a womanizer, says that even four days and three nights wouldn't be too difficult. Kim Soyoon challenges him and says they'llsee about that. Choi confidently assures her that he won'tdisappoint her, and they shake hands with each other. A notification then appears, indicating thatGod's Heart is beating very quickly.

After two days of preparation, Kim Soyoonbriefs them on their plan and asks Choi if he has any intention of joining the military. She also offers to bring him right under herwing. However, Choi politely declines the offer. Kim Soyoon then reveals that the monster buff-russat Gimpo International Airport has recently become stronger due to an increase in theirnumbers, and only a small number of people know about this. Hanjo asks if they are trying to monopolizethe hunting ground, but Kim Soyoon gets angry and explains that they pushed back the officialannouncement because they need to investigate.

It properly. Choi points out that the thing to watch outfor when hunting buff-russ is the buffs they put on other comrades. They are no different from large cows whenthey are alone, but the difficulty of eradicating them increases exponentially when there aremore of them. Choi suggests luring them to give buff toonly one monster and then killing that monster. However, Hanjo says it's too dangerous tofight against a monster with stacked buffs, so they will just kill them one by one. Kim Soyoon agrees with Hanjo's plan and asksChoi to become the bait to lure the monsters.

Choi agrees to the plan. Now, they all start their combined streamwhile fighting monsters. Viewers are shocked to see that Kim Soyoonand the cameraman are together. Choi greets his viewers and explains the standardprocedure of targeting each buffarock individually while they are off-guard. He also points out that the first thing tonotice is the buffarock's buff ability, which can't be used on itself but can be used onother buffarocks. Choi picks up a large airplane door and tellshis viewers not to worry about Soyoon and Hanjo because they are veteran hunters.

He suggests they focus on him instead andasks if anyone can guess the purpose of the door. He offers a horn of Buffarock as a rewardfor the first person to answer correctly. Thumbelina responds that the door is usedfor camouflage, and Choi promises to send the horn if he survives. Choi explains that Buffarocks are half-blindanimals that perceive him as part of the landscape with the door. He jumps and attacks the Buffarock, breakingits horns. Although the creature is still alive, Choiattacks it again and acquires a mana stone.

The main Buffarock that had all the buffsbecomes smaller due to the loss of one buff. The gods, frustrated with the slow progress,make a serious decision and give Choi a donation. He sees something shining inside the monster'scorpse and takes out a shovel from its body. However, it is too heavy for him, and thegod suggests he goes to the gym. Choi uses the shovel to attack the monster,and he is shocked to see it die in a single hit. He then picks up the pace and quickly killsall the monsters. On the other side, the main Buffarock becomesconsiderably slower and shorter. Suddenly, reinforcements arrive and attackthe monsters.

Choi notices that the gods are suddenly worried,and he wonders why. Then, all the hunters get cut by blades. We can observe a peculiar-looking blade monsterflying in the sky. As a child, Choi had a loving mother, a beautifullittle sister, and a doting father. However, one day, hundreds of thousands ofswords rained down, killing everyone. The cause of this destruction was the nullblade, a five-star monster that has never been defeated. The null blade is currently in front of Choi,and even though the gods lament his tragic fate, Choi is laughing.

He tells his viewers that he has been livingfor this moment his entire life. Choi attacks the null blade, but it causeslight injuries to him. The null blade is a humanoid monster thatpossesses intelligence and the ability to learn. However, Choi has run countless simulationsto defeat the null blade. In response, the null blade attacks Choi,and his camera falls. The null blade's power lies in its swords,which increase proportionally to the number of enemies it faces, making it theoreticallyimpossible to defeat. Despite this, Choi manages to hit the nullblade with his shovel, marking the first time.

Humanity has ever hit the null blade. Choi believes that he can fight the monsterwith the help of God's powers and his trusty shovel. However, the null blade tries to flee, leavingall viewers shocked. Suddenly, Hanjo, also known as the KoreanThor, appears, claiming that he will be the one to kill the null blade. Hanjo attacks the null blade with his lightning,but the null blade summons two swords, and Choi realizes that he cannot fight it alone. As a result, the null blade escapes.

Upon reviewing his stream, Hanjo realizesthat he is in trouble. He suggests that they try again later, butChoi punches him in the face, calling it the biggest bluff-rush that he has ever heard. During the fight, the number of god viewersincreases from six to eleven. Choi is now in the hospital and realizes thathe did not expect to meet the null blade so early. However, he learned something from the experience:his shovel works against the null blade, and he will take his revenge next time for sure. Choi hears a crow cawing outside his windowbut realizes that it is a harmless monster.

Called a crowacle. There are two types of monsters in the world:dangerous monsters and harmless monsters like the crowacle. The crowacle is a divination-type monsterthat tells the fortune of the area. If the left head is crying, it is a sign ofbad luck, and if the right head is crying, it is a sign of good luck. Fortunately, it is the right head that iscackling, and Choi suddenly remembers his important items. He finds his mobile and camera and checksthe latest news, discovering that the null.

Blade has escaped to the south. Choi feels grateful that he managed to surviveafter fighting such a monster, thanks to the gods' sponsorship. He suddenly remembers his shovel The gods continue to taunt Choi, sarcasticallyremarking that he has finally remembered his shovel. However, Choi couldn't find his shovel anddecided to turn on his live stream. To his surprise, he received a lot of donationsas soon as he greeted his viewers. He answered their questions and reassuredthem that he was not a superhuman.

The reason why he was able to face the nullblade was that he had been preparing for the sole purpose of revenge. Choi shared his past with his viewers, andhe was angry that they had given up hope. He reminded them that he was just a normalhuman like them. However, the gods continued to taunt him,and suddenly a doctor entered the room. Choi wondered if the gods' interference hadchanged his body and if the doctor had found something wrong with him. But the doctor said something surprising – “No,you cannot call yourself normal.” Choi was confused and asked the doctor whathe meant.

The doctor replied that it was impossibleto call someone without superpowers a “normal person.” Choi was taken aback, and the doctor explainedthat he was just a regular civilian, but he was well-trained. The doctor revealed that this was a monsterdisaster specialty hospital, and they had 15 years of experience in treating peoplelike Choi. Choi was angry with the doctor because hepromoted himself without Choi's permission. The doctor tried to change the topic and toldChoi that there were many people who wanted to dissect him.

Choi was shocked to hear this, but the doctorcontinued and said that they had conducted various tests on him while he was asleep. The results showed that Choi was a normalperson, but their government buddies seemed to be skeptical. The gods were displeased to hear this andsuggested that Choi wipe them out. Choi then asked the doctor about his shovel,and the doctor told him that the government had taken it to the research lab. However, the doctor had something more totell Choi. They had found something out of the ordinaryin his body.

The doctor gave Choi a refined core and explainedthat a core could be considered the foundation of a monster. People who could resonate with the core anddraw out its power were called superhumans. A superhuman could only use the power of thespecific core that was right for them and was unable to draw out power from cores thatdidn't suit them. Choi responded by saying that he knew thisand that he had been tested for it. The results showed that he was a normal person. The doctor then revealed that Choi was nota match for any core discovered so far. In other words, the core of a monster thathadn't been killed yet could be a fit for.

Choi. Choi felt that the doctor was giving him falsehopes, but the doctor asked if he didn't want to become a superhuman and avenge his family. Choi replied that superpowers were just oneof the ways he could take it down, and the superpowers didn't seem to work on null blade. Choi then asked if he could discharge himselfnow, and the doctor said yes, adding that Choi's body was totally fine. However, he should come back in a month. Even if it meant searching through all thedata banks in the world, the doctor would.

Find that core for Choi. The doctor explained that Choi had amazingpotential, and if he gained superpowers, imagine what he could accomplish. Suddenly, the shovel appeared out of nowherein the room, and Choi was amazed to see it. The gods told him to keep good track of it. Choi then went to the monster bureau, whichwas an international organization created by humanity to stand against monsters. The monster body is very profitable; for example,monster bones and leather can be turned into hunting equipment, and some of the meat iseven turned into commercial food.

Choi goes to the receptionist lady and asksfor his reward. The receptionist was shocked to see Choi andasks, “Are you the camera guy?” Other people also get excited to hear thename of the camera guy. The people were doubting the capabilitiesof the camera guy as he looked very normal. Choi tells the receptionist that yes, he isthe camera guy and he wants to receive his payments, but one man obstructs Choi and says,”I can't believe that someone like you scared away the null blade.” Choi takes out his camera and starts streamingand asks, “Why are you suspicious?” The guy gets scared because they know whatthe public did to Hanjo because he troubled.

Choi in the fight with the null blade. Now Choi tells his viewers that he is in themonster bureau and waiting to pick up his reward. The receptionist hands Choi some papers, andwhen Choi reads them, he asks, “Do you know how many monsters I killed, and my shovelisn't included in the reward too?” Now Choi tells his viewer that the bureauis cheating and a large portion of his reward is missing, not to mention his shovel isn'ton the list and they are planning to take it away. Suddenly, a man comes running to Choi andsays he is the assistant manager in charge.

And that the reward is small because mostof the revenue has been sent to the hunters that were lost that day. Choi says that this is wrong. This is something that the bureau figuresout with their own funds, and whose consent did you have to take from my share? The assistant manager thinks if he makes anymistake here it will be the end of his career, but suddenly someone taunts Choi and says,”What do you think you are doing in this holy place that defends Korea?” His name was Park Jichang.

Hunter Park Jinchang. He is not a monster streamer but a pure hunter,whose skills are only average. However, he is special because he is partof the older generation that first faced the monster invasion, surviving through much harsherconditions than what hunters face currently. He led the newer generation of hunters toprevent a repeat of the past and is currently the psychological pillar for hunters. When Park Jinchang questions how Choi surviveduntil now without the hunters who died for him, Choi replies with a bitter laugh. He reveals that on the day his family wasslaughtered, not a single person helped him,.

And the government even fired a missile strikewhere he lived. Park Jinchang is shocked to hear that Choiis not a hunter, but a normal person who faced the Null Blade. Choi then turns to the manager and demandshis reward. He only wants to take his shovel and one hornof a Buff-russ, warning the manager not to do anything funny with his shovel. The manager is surprised to see the shovelin Choi's bag because he was sure he saw it in the research lab. Suddenly, someone shouts Choi's name fromthe crowd, and it turns out to be none other.

Than the idiot hunter Ilam. Choi looks at Ilam and thinks that he willbe good material for the broadcast. Now we see Ilam and Choi facing off againsteach other on the ground, and Ilam claims that Choi was only able to fight because ofthat special shovel. Choi asks if Ilam came just to talk aboutsomething like that, to which Ilam responds that something about Choi is dangerous, andeven with that shovel, it's not possible for an ordinary person to do what he did. Choi suggests that they fight like men withbare hands, but Ilam says he can't fight properly without his core.

Choi agrees to let Ilam use his core. Ilam creates a fireball and says he will showChoi why he is called the Fire Sniper. He attacks with intertwined flames, but Choijumps in between the flames before they intersect. Choi jumps toward Ilam and punches him inthe face, breaking his teeth. Choi warns him not to ask for damage compensation,otherwise he will kill him. Choi tells his viewers that this is the endof Ilam's schooling, and he says that Thumbelina will get his reward by tomorrow. Suddenly, a bird appears and sits on Choi'sshoulder. Choi is shocked to see the bird, as it isa little child crowacle.

Choi tells Crowacle that it's not good tosit on other people's shoulders, but Crowacle shows affection towards Choi, so he keepsit. The manager, who was looking at everythingfrom the shades, tries to take the opportunity to talk and tells Choi that he wants to talkto him, and he says that the association wants to have a good relationship with him. The manager says that he knows that Choi livesin a rented apartment, so the association will gift him a home, but suddenly the lefthead of the crowacle starts to shout, and that means it's a bad sign, and Choi realisesthat something bad is going to happen here. Choi plans to get away from this area as soonas possible before he gets swept up in this.

Situation. Suddenly something attacks them from the sky,and we see that pig-like monsters and birds are attacking them. The guards tell everyone to run to the associationshelter, and all the civilians run towards the building, but the association closes thedoor to save themselves from the monsters while ignoring the people. A monster was going to attack a girl, butChoi quickly defended her and told her to run to the shelter. Choi turns on the camera and says, “I willbe starting the extended stream.”.

Choi says that he is a monster streamer whofights for the safety of the citizens, so please like, comment, and subscribe. but the numbers of monsters were even moredangerous for Choi; each of those monsters was the size of an elephant, so Choi plannedto attack the monster's weak spot. The weak spot of those monsters is their legs,which support the heavy body of the pig. If you deal with the legs alone, you can easilyneutralise them. Choi thinks that the monster high pig won'tbe a threat if it doesn't have mobility, so he continues to cut off the legs of the monsters. Suddenly, the left head of the crowacle shouts,Choi gets alert, and suddenly, a high pig.

Attacks Choi from above. Choi was astounded to see the accuracy ofCrowacle, and now Choi sees that Ilam is asking for help as he is totally surrounded by themonsters. Choi thinks that it's strange why all thehigh pigs are flocking to him. Could it be that the high pigs that like garbagewere able to identify Ilam as human garbage? Choi taunts Ilam, saying that you must bethe number-one garbage that even the high pig has acknowledged, and Ilam says don'tspout bullcrap and help me here. Choi thinks of a plan to use this situationand throws stones towards the high pigs; some of the high pigs change their focus towardsChoi, and Ilam uses this opportunity to run.

Towards the shelter, but the association peopledenied him entry, and we see that there are still a lot of high pigs that are followingIlam. This was the plan of Choi—to make the associationpeople suffer a bit. The barricade was totally destroyed by themonsters who flocked to the shelter. Choi tells his viewers that, thanks to ILAM'swide-area baiting, the high pigs have all flocked to the shelter, so we will now begoing to save the civilians who couldn't enter through the entrance yet. The civilians have yet to enter the shelter,but the people inside aren't opening the door, so they are planning something.

He runs towards the shelter while pullingthe aggro of a high pig, and he tells everyone to dodge, and the high pig crashes into theshelter wall and breaks it. Choi orders everyone to run inside beforethe high pig flocks here. Now Choi addresses the hunters and tells themto gather around. Choi explains that due to the high pig's build,it can only come in one at a time. The hunters get motivated and say, “Yes, wecan handle it if they come one by one, and everyone starts to attack the high pigs whoare coming inside. Choi goes to help the rest of the people. Choi looks at the viewer's reaction and thinksthis is good, and he thinks.

As null blade's strength increases proportionallyto the enemy count, a one-on-one situation needs to be put in place without fail. So in order to make that happen, I need themost powerful right to speak, and the people who witness my performance and their trustwill surely become my strength. Choi kills the last monster in the area, andthe people thank him as they survive thanks to the camera guy, but suddenly the left headof the cockroach starts to shout. suddenly, a very big, high pig attacked Choifrom behind and injured him with its claws. When Choi attacks the monster, it dodges theattack, and Choi realises that this monster is the head monster, but even still, thisis just a big bird in front of him.

But the monster takes choi and flies and throwsit on the ground, and as soon as the monster was going to kill choi Someone says it looks like you are in a roughsituation, and we see that Soyoon has arrived there to help him, and she says she came hereto pay back the help Choi gave at Gimpo Station. Choi kills off the monster with his shovel,Soyoon says the debt has been cleared, and the gods are pretty excited as the atmospherebetween the two looks pretty good. Soyoon asks Choi, “Wasn't he admitted to thehospital?” and Choi says he is recovering pretty quickly. Soyoon says that her younger siblings watchChoi's video when she doesn't even look at.

Hers. Choi was shocked to know that Soyoun's siblingswatched his video. Now Soyoon departs to take care of other things,and Choi looks around and thinks there are a lot of secrets hidden by the bureau. Now Choi turns off his stream, saying he wantsto do some cleaning up. Now another hunter approaches Choi and saysyou are the overgeared camera guy, right? The hunter asks Choi how much money he wantsto sell the spear to him for, and Choi tells him that it's a shovel, not a spear. Choi thinks that this was bound to happensoon, so what should he do now that suddenly.

A god makes a resolute decision and givesa donation? but Choi wasn't able to find any noticeablechange in the shovel even after the donation. The hunter again asks Choi for the shovel,but Choi denies and says that it's not for sale, and if you bother me any longer, I willturn on the camera. The other hunters were also envious of thatshovel. Now Choi buries the shovel in the ground,and he sees that suddenly there is a handle forming on the shovel, and he thinks thatthis is the donation that God gave him. Choi announces to everyone that as you allare aiming for my shovel, you all know the legend of Excalibur right, so whichever personpulls this out with his bare hands without.

Using any Choi will give them the shovel. Everyone runs towards the shovel to try theirluck, but Choi turns on his camera, and the hunters hide their faces and ask him why heis turning on the camera. Choi says this will serve as proof, and thehunter from before comes forward to try it first, even in front of the camera. He uses all of his strength to pull out theshovel. but the shovel didn't even budge. The other people moved him aside to try theirluck, but everyone failed to take the shovel from the ground.

Now the hunters blame Choi, saying that thisis just a scam and there must be some sort of device holding it down, and they challengeChoi to pull it out in front of them. Choi agrees to pull it out in front of them. Choi tells them that this is just a terriblyheavy shovel; there is no trickery in it. Choi pulls out the shovel from the ground,and suddenly, a huge tremor occurs and the ground starts to shake. Choi thinks that this earthquake is probablybecause of him, and the other hunter points out that the ground just split in two whereChoi removed the shovel. Choi thinks that the function of this ringis to cause earthquakes, and the gods tell.

Him that this is a surprise for him. The hunters were assuming that the earthquakewas probably caused by the shovel, and Choi tells his viewer that the earthquake happenedat a great time. Is this a coincidence? If you are curious, keep watching. Now Choi packs up his bag and gets out ofthe place. We see that the day is over and Choi has boughtsome ramen from the Naruto shop. Now Choi thinks about his long day and thinksthat his body has already recovered from the fight earlier.

Choi wonders why he got this opportunity andpowers, but he ignores this fact and starts eating. We hear in the news that recently the monsterhad started to show very abnormal behavior, and this afternoon, dozens of high pigs attackedthe association. The new reporter says that the camera guywas the one who helped the most, but he doesn't have any abilities; he is said to have a superhumanbody and a shovel of formidable powers. Suddenly, Choi gets a notification that anew god has entered to watch him, which excites him to go on a new adventure to go and meether fan Thumbelina. Choi goes to the address that Thumbelina gavehim, and it was the Pokemon Road, which is.

Currently the most expensive land in the countrybecause of its heavy security. A security guard stops Choi because he lookslike a poor guy, and before Choi could say anything, he gets an electric shock from thegun. but the security guards quickly recognisedhim and asked if he was alright. Choi tells him that he is here because hewants to deliver the prize, and the security guards say they know about this and allowhim to go inside even if it is against the rules. Choi goes into the ift and thinks that hegot help from a fan, and a lot of things have changed so far for him.

Choi was astounded to look at the house, asit looks like a palace. Choi thinks that if he provokes the personnamed Thumbelina, he might get in serious trouble, so he rings the and hides after puttingthe horn on the floor. A cute girl comes out of the door and looksaround. She finds the horn lying on the floor, butsuddenly the cockatoo starts to chirp loudly, and Choi runs away from there before Thumbelinacould find him. Choi thinks it's wrong to run away; he shouldbe congratulating her instead, and the gods make fun of Choi and ask, “Has he never datedbefore?” Choi suddenly gets bumped into a person, andwe see that it is none other than Kim Soyoon.

In a very beautiful military suit. Soyoon looks at her and says, “You are thecamera guy, right?” So what are you doing at this apartment?” Choi says, “Why are you showing so much interestin me?” and Soyoon tellsthat she lives here, and wherever he goes, it's always accompanied by problems. Choi tells Soyoon to calm down because heis only here to deliver a prize to one of his viewers. They part ways.

We see that the whole time Choi was holdinga cockatoo in his hands, and the cockatoo was very angry. Choi looks at the crowacle and asks why hisfeathers are so shiny—did you eat something good without me? Choi tries to find the core, which he keptin his pocket, and he realises that Crowacle ate the monster core, and he shouts at Crowacle,but Crowacle flies away, and we see that Thumbelina was looking at him from a window. Now we see that the head of the monster associationwas looking at the video of Choi where he is fighting with high pigs, and we see thatChoi had given the work of handling the camera.

To our cute cockacle. The assistant manager reports that Choi isa very strong but very arrogant and rude person. He is extremely popular, but he has no connectionwith the association. The association says if you ask for a shoveldirectly, you will look like a villain, so we will give him a reward instead of savingthe city. We will give him Hunter Newtown Mansion Number44, a house that rejects humans. Now we see that Choi has been invited to theassociation, and the manager was telling him that they wanted to give him a reward. They were going to provide Choi with a houselocated in Hunter Newtown in Gangnam.

It is a place where you can collect all kindsof information and A-class items. Gangnam was a bustling street in the past,but as it is situated in open plains, it became vulnerable to monster attacks, and it naturallybecame a place where hunters gathered in order to stop them. Choi knows that they have an ulterior motivebehind this, but he still accepts the offer to find out their plan. Choi is now inside Hunter Town, and as helooks around, he believes that nothing has changed in these cities. The gods were nagging Choi to quickly startthe adventure, and suddenly we see that the.

Idiot Hanjo is also there streaming live,and he greets Choi and tells him that he also lives here. Hanjo tells Choi that he will guide him tohis new home. Choi asks Hanjo why this place is quieterthan usual, and Hanjo tells him that a large group of 2-star monsters named Blow were found,so everyone went there to fight. Suddenly someone calls Hanjo, and Hanjo getsvery scared and tells Choi to turn off the camera, and we meet some other native hunterswho are purely thug-like hunters and not monster streamers. The thug hunter scolds Hanjo and says, “Finishyour clown business and go join the raid.”.

Hanjo makes the excuse that he has an appointmentwith Choi. The thug hunter looks at Choi and asks, “Areyou a part of the monster streaming clown business too?” Show me your hunter's license. Choi denies and says, “Why do I have to dothat? The thug hunter puts a knife on Choi's neckand says you are just a clown who cleans up small fries in the city; do you think we arethe same? Choi challenges him to a fight and says, “Let'ssee who is the real clown here.” A cute-looking police officer intervenes betweenthem and stops the fight.

Now Choi reaches the house that is designatedfor him. Hanjo looks at Choi's home and says it's perfectfor living; if only we caught the null-blade, we would be able to live on the pokemon road. Choi gets very angry after hearing this commentand tells Hanjo to go back to his own home. Hanjo says at least you should invite us fora tea. Choi angrily says, “I don't know about thetea, but I can give you a little tea piece of my mind.” Hanjo says your jokes are very harsh, andhe will visit your home next time. Choi looks at the home and asks Crowacle whathe thinks about this new house, and suddenly,.

Crowacle's left head starts to make noiseafter looking at the house. Choi says, as I expected, that it wasn't anormal house after all. Choi goes inside the house and checks allthe rooms one by one, but he doesn't find anything strange, so he gets tired instead. Choi asks the crowacle that there is nothingstrange about this house, so why did he cry earlier like that? The crowacle gets angry and starts to cryagain, and Choi asks, “Why are you crying right now?” And suddenly, Choi sees a blast outside fromhis window, and an announcement tells him.

That a breakthrough happened at the defence. choi wonders He just arrived here, and theproblems started to come here too, and suddenly a huge attack happens on Choi's house. We see that a rescue squad pulled out thedebris to help Choi, and Choi was in good condition even after the blast. Choi thinks that probably Crowacle cried earlierbecause of the monster named Blow. The left head of the crowacle again startsto cry, and we see that there is a bull-type monster, who probably goes to the gym everyday, standing behind Choi. and it shoots fire from his mouth towardsChoi, who is able to survive thanks to the.

Crowacle, who made a wind shield with itspowers. Choi feels the power of the wind helping himand thinks that even if Crowacle is a baby, it's still a two-star monster. Choi asks Crowacle to continue pushing throughthe wind like that, and Choi cuts off the hands and kills the monster named Blow withhis shovel. Choi takes out the core of the monster and offers it to Crowacle to eat, but suddenly,3 more monsters come rushing towards him. Other hunters were just filming this wholescene from the sidelines without helping Charlie. Currently, Choi and Crowacle are in a verytough situation.

As he was getting overwhelmed by those 3 monsters,the gods were also in awe to see Choi's performance. A certain kind of god wants to help Choi,and the god tells him to hold onto hope that you will soon get performance-based pay. Choi tries to stand up, and another god entersto watch him, and Choi gains some more strength. Choi was going to be struck by the monster'sbreath, but the kind god had brought in another god in the stream, and a notification tellsChoi that he will get his performance-based pay. Choi looks around and sees that the time hasstopped, and two dice appear in front of him. The dice roll in front of him, and he getsa sum total of 8.

Suddenly, a large amount of energy entersChoi's body, which is chakra. Choi thinks he is overflowing with powers,and now he can clearly kill those monsters. Choi jumps between the monsters, and now hefeels that the monsters have become slower, and he can see all of their movements. Now he kills off all the monsters one by one. Choi looks around and sees many hunters gatheraround him. The hunters were shocked to see that Choikilled three 2-star monsters on his own. One hunter thinks that even if camera manis a hunter, his defence is similar to that of an ordinary person because he doesn't haveany super powers, so they doubt that Choi.

Is really just a normal person. Now Choi looks at the place where his housewas supposed to be, but now it's all debris. He looks around to find Crowacle, and he seesthat Crowacle has already taken the core for dinner and is currently resting. Choi feels a little dizzy, and suddenly theground starts to shake, and a huge tower-like structure with many cannons emerges from theground. Choi looks at it with utter shock and thinksthis is the fortress. He wonders why this fortress is so big, andother hunters deploy barriers to protect themselves. Choi knows that this isn't a normal fortress,and the hunters won't be able to face its.

Attacks with their normal shields, but it'stoo late, and the fortress fires many missiles at once. Choi tries to dodge the missile, but he realisesthat not even a single missile is aimed at him. Suddenly, all the missiles were stopped, andwe see that Soyoon had arrived there and used her telekenesis to control the missiles. She returns all the missiles to the fortress,but they didn't even scratch it. Choi was wondering why the fortress isn'ttargeting him while it is targeting other hunters, and at that time the raven's righthead cries, which means it's a good sign.

So Choi goes near the fortress, but the fortressdoesn't attack him at all; instead, it opens a door for him. Now Choi tells his viewers that he will bethe first person to reveal what is inside the fortress. Choi enters the fortress, but it is very darkin there, so he turns on his flash light, and he sees very large machines working there. choi, who didn't know what it was, so he justbluffed to his viewers that this is his house. Choi finds a slime working and wonders ifthis is the 2-star monster fortress, and to his surprise, he also finds a house insidethe fortress.

Guys, let me give you some information aboutthe fortress. It's a regional monster that changes intoa building cave or shelter, and it can infinitely shoot self-produced cannon balls. To survive, it slowly takes away the energyof living things that live on top of it. Choi tells his viewer that he will take alook inside the room he found in the fortress. Choi looks and thinks that this room looksidentical to the house given to me by the government. Does this fortress want me to live here? The god tells Choi that he is stupid, andanother god gives him a hint by saying “chakra,”.

And Choi realises that the fortress's mainsource of food is human energy, and it really wants the chakra, which Choi got as performance-basedpayment. Choi sleeps inside the fortress, and duringthe night, the chakra affects Choi's body and changes it drastically. The next day, when Choi woke up, he was surprisedto look at his body. Now Choi says farewell to the slimes who livein the fortress and goes outside. Many reporters and other people were waitingfor Choi outside the fortress, and they started to ask about his experience inside the fortress. Choi uses his new chakra and quickly escapesfrom their sight and gets away, but he gets.

Bumped by a very big person, whose name isHoyeong, and he introduces himself to Choi as the commanding officer. He offers the choice that he will give himequipment made by four-star monsters and a team leader position if he joins his gang. Choi thinks that 4-star-level equipment isn'tsomething you can even obtain with money, but they are nothing compared to Choi's shovel. moreover, Choi has to fight the null bladealone to kill it; hence, he politely declines the offer of Hoyeong and tells his reason Hoyeon says you truly have the mindset ofa true hunter.

We see that one month ago the government madea contract with the Whirlwind Attack Team after investigating some abnormal behaviourof a 3-star monster named Mastery, and they planned to sacrifice some hunters who aren'taffiliated with the Association to complete this plan. In the present, we see that Choi, who is alsoa hunter and is not affiliated with the association, gets a notification telling him that thereis a monster outbreak near the Han River. Choi tells his viewer that he is going todefeat the 3-star monster mastery all by himself. Choi notices an explosion near him, so hegoes there to help, and we see that there are tonnes of monsters, which were probablyproduced when a frog and a fish married each.

Other. Choi thinks of a plan to stop the horde ofthese monsters. He jumps and buries his shovel on the ground,and suddenly an earthquake happens in that area. Choi felt relieved, as he was not sure ifthe skill would come out, and a god told Choi not to look down on his donation. Choi looks around and thinks there are stilltoo many of them. The gods again consider sponsoring Choi andsend him another donation, and the god asks Choi to answer his phone.

Choi assumes that God is playing with himby telling him to answer the call in such a situation. The frustrated god tells Choi to look at thehandle. and Choi finds that there is something differentabout the handle, and he says hello near the handle, and we see that his voice has beentransferred to the fortress, and the slime launches a missile to help Choi. The missile struck the area and killed allthe mosquitoes in an instant. Now Choi says he is able to communicate withthe fortress. This is an amazing donation and would be extremelybeneficial in the battle.

Choi says if it's such a mess here in themiddle of the city, then it's obvious what it's like upstream of the Han River. We see that one monster is still alive, andhe eats his own kind, which then evolves into a stronger monster. On the upstream side of the Han River, wesee that there are tonnes of mutated fish that are attacking, and Soyoon and the otherteam members are fighting against them. Soyoon says that there are several times asmany monsters as compared to the last year, and there are many types of mutation thatthey have never seen before. Soyoon suggests getting rid of the main masterbefore the situation gets any worse.

We see that Hyeong uses his defence skillto protect his comrades, and a soldier comes and informs Hyeong that they just receivedthe reply from the government, and they just simply stated that it's not different fromlast year. Hyeong angrily asks, “Are they insane? There are just too many of them, but someof them are also evolving into predators with high speed or high defence.” Soyoon says we can't waste any more time,and she uses her power to create a ball of monsters and crush them. A man comes from behind and taunts them, sayingthat you are having trouble with a couple.

Of mutant fish. He was none other than the Gale raid teamowner, illak, and he ordered his Gale attack team to take care of those monsters. At first, the gale attack team fired a rod-likething on monsters and then used their lightning attacks to kill off a large area of monsters. Ilak announces that from this moment forward,the Gale raid team will take control of this hunt and take 80 percent of this loot. Other hunters exclaimed their dissatisfactionon these, and Hyeong confronted Ilak and asked him, “Did you already know about this situation?.

Otherwise, how would you explain those weapons?” You have too many lighting-type hunters andtoo much equipment and supplies for an ordinary monster hunt. illak says they are just a very competentteam and don't bring down the Gale raid team with your incompetent standards. Soy intervenes between them and tells themit's not the time to fight among themselves. Illak goes to command his team and says wewill proceed as planned, and they start boiling water so that monsters hiding inside the watercome out. The monsters attack the fire hunters, butlighting gives them protection and kills off.

The monsters. Soon, a huge fish-like monster called Masterycomes out of the water, and Ilak tells his team to prepare for the next scenario. His team takes out an automatic harpoon andshoots the Mastery. Other hunters were wondering what the Galeteam was trying to do, and we see that they used the harpoon to send lightning attacksdirectly to the monster's body. Ilam uses his superpower and makes the finalblow by making a big hole in the monster's chest by using his own fire power. Hyeong exclaims that Ilam has never had thiskind of firepower before, and Soyoon speculates.

That Ilak is probably wearing equipment thattemporarily amplifies his powers. Illak orders his team to take out the corebefore the monster revives. One of the hunters tells Ilam that it's differentfrom last year. I don't think it will be just one of them. illam taunts her and says, “Did you stickaround to say something like that?” “I already figured that was the case.” suddenly, the second mastery appears in thewater. Illak thinks that he has thoroughly imprintedhis power on the masses, but in order to get his father to acknowledge him, he has to showthat his second team can also successfully.

Defeat the mastery without him. Illak calls his deputy team leader and tellshim to kill the next mastery without him, as they have to show that they are differentfrom other teams. The deputy team leader announces that he willtake the lead, and Illak goes into his car and tells the driver to take him to his father. On the battle field, we see that the Galeteam is currently taking out the monster core, and they have already made the second masterycollapse. As soon as they collect the core of the secondmastery, a third mastery who was hidden in water attacks the man holding the core andeats both the core and the human.

The mastery evolves into a very strong mastery. The deputy leader of the gale team ordershis team to attack with harpoons, but this time the harpoons aren't able to pierce themonster's body. They also tried to attack with lighting, butit had no effect, and the mastery killed the front-line gale team members. Hyeong comes and saves the deputy leader fromthe attacks of mastery, and Hyeong tells the deputy leader not to lose hope and to rearrangehis equipment and fight back, but the deputy leader says it's impossible to go againstthat and that you guys can become its prey, and the deputy leader runs away, leaving Hyeongalone.

The master attacks Hyeong, but Soyoon stopsthe monsters with her telekenesis, and now the monster attacks Soyoon, but suddenly themonster's hand gets cut off, and we see that camera guy Choi has arrived there. Choi asks the monster, “Are you the monstermastery with two cores?” and he tells his viewer that now the huntwill begin. We see that after some time, Hyeong, who faintedfrom the attack, wakes up and asks Soyoon how he is still alive, and Soyoon points towardsChoi and says because he came here. As Choi was fighting, he thought that themovements in his body had changed, but he thought that the chakra he got from the godswas fully used.

The gods were also surprised to see that Choi'sbody still remembers how to use chakra. Choi again cuts off the hand of the monster,but it just quickly regenrates again. Choi was astonished to see such fast regenration,but he also noticed that the master was eating his own kind to regenrate this quickly. To confirm his suspicion, Choi uses the earthquakeskill and creates many spikes from earth, which pierce the body of the monster. The monster quickly started to eat to regeneratefaster, but this time it also copied the abilities of other monsters and used them as a weapon. Choi thinks that he would be at a big disadvantageif he fought here, so he again calls the fortress,.

And we see that the slimes were a little confusedabout which missile they should launch to help, and they send a missile. Choi was getting pushed back in the fight,and Crowacle, who was filming everything with his camera and streaming live, made a goodcry from his right head. Suddenly, a missile fell directly on the monster,but luckily, Choi had used his earthquake skill to defend himself, and Choi thinks thatthis missile was different from before. The monster was still alive, but it was severelydamaged. Choi thinks of a way to kill the monster inone shot, and the god suggests he bring back the chakra; also, a new god enters the stream.

Choi remembers the feeling that he felt backthen, and he focuses all his power in one hand and throws the shovel in the monster'sdirection. The shovel makes a big hole in the chest ofthe monster and separates the core from the monster's body. Hyeong and Soyoon were shocked to see thecamera guy's true power. Choi looks at his hands and thinks this poweris amazing, and Crowacle, who streamed everything, took the core as payment and ate it. In the Gale raid team's head quarters, wesee that illak is apologising to his father by saying they encountered a very unexpectedvariable named dchoi, and illak's father,.

Yooyi, who was the head of the Gale raid team,says it's a very pathetic answer compared to the incident he caused. Yooyi says to illak that it looks like theteam leader position is a very burdensome position for illak, so he plans to give thisposition to camera guy Choi. Now Ilak argues that he was the one who dirtiedthe name of Gale. Yooyi excludes his bloodthirst and says Ilakis the one who dirtied their name. The woman standing behind Yooyi gets seducedby his powers, and Ilak looks at her and thinks she is the one who probably told everythingto his father, and Ilak goes away to clean up the mess he created.

Now Yooyi commands the lady to investigatecamera guy Choi because it would be better to have him join our side than make an enemyout of him. Now we see that in the monster association,the chairman of the association was bombarded with questions from journalists, like: “Isit true that the association was already aware of the mastery's mutation? Is it true that the bomb that fell on theupper point of the Han River was caused by the fortress? And is there any plan to deal with the fortress?” Guys, let me tell you that no one knows yetthat Choi can communicate with Fortress and.

Also ask it to fire missiles wherever he wants. The chairman didn't have any answers, andthey were trying to contact Choi, but the assistant tells the chairman that Choi hascut off all of his contacts, and he is currently inside the fortress, so no one can even approachhim. On the other side, inside the fortress, wesee that Choi is having a special episode, and he tells his viewers that today's maincharacter is the fortress, and everyone is shocked to see that the real fortress is acute slime. Choi tells the viewer that he is not onlyas squishy as he seems, but he also has a bunch of clones around in this place.

He further says if you turn this guy around,but suddenly Choi's mobile started to ring, and he saw that the message was that the nullblade had finally appeared in a part of China. The gods started to prepare to go abroad,and one god even went to exchange money for Chinese currency. Choi tells his viewer that he will have tochange his content as he needs to go to China right now, but due to the appearance of monsters,going abroad has become extremely restricted and flight equipment has become a rare first-classasset. Choi tells his viewers that those who helphim go to China will be invited into the fortress. Thumbelina thinks that he can't lose thischance no matter what Choi says in the comments,.

And he thinks that it's not easy to get aflight after all, since there is not a lot of flight equipment in the nation anyway. Suddenly, he sees the notification from Thumbelina,where she said that according to someone she knows, the government is trying to contacthim, so how about he comes to an agreement with them? Choi looks at his phone, and it really has26 missed calls, and he thinks that he kept avoiding the call because he didn't want toget dragged into something troublesome, but how did Thumbelina know Choi thinks she reallyisn't someone ordinary? Choi asks the political leader concerned withthis matter to directly contact him in his.

Livestream. The chairman tells his assistant to call thecamera guy, and when Choi picks up the call, he asks him directly, “Can you get a plane?” The chairman angrily asks his assistant tocall the camera guy, and when Choi picks up the call, he asks?irectly, “Can you get aplane?” The chairman angrily says, “Do you know howbig of a request that is?” Illam snatches the phone from the chairmanand says the Gale Company will provide the plane. So, are you ready to negotiate with us andaccept the offer.

Now we see that Choi is inside a helicopterthat is flying over western China, and the pilot lands in a totally barren land. Choi shockingly asks, “Is this the place?” The pilot informs Choi that this is the correctdesignated location and says once you are done, contact me, and I shall pick you up. Choi wonders if he will come back or justleave him here. He suddenly gets a call from a Chinese number,but he chooses to ignore the call. Choi tells his viewer that he will go whereverthe null blade is, but suddenly a strange man riding a horse obstructs him, and he asksChoi to reveal which family he is affiliated.

With, but he asks this in Chinese. The gods were frustrated because of this miscommunication,so they again gave Choi a donation, and he now suddenly could understand a Chinese-speakingguy. Guys, I don't even know just how many blessingsthey can give to a single shovel handle at this point. We can just call it a holy shovel. The man warns Choi that he will strike himdown if Choi doesn't reveal his identity. Choi excludes his energy and asks, “Can youeven strike me down?” The strange man gets a little nervous, butChoi tells him to calm down as he only came.

Here to catch a null blade. The man asks Choi if he is talking about theheavenly demon: “Are you a foreigner?” because your clothes and words are very different,and you don't seem to be a martial artist. Choi agrees and says, “Yes, I am, and he thinksthat Chinese people call Null Blade the heavenly demon. The man laughs at Choi and says you thinkyou would catch the heavenly demon. It might be nonsense, but at least your eagernessis that of a martial artist. Suddenly, the man remembered that his headmastertold him that soon there will be a man who will come from a faraway land to help us,so be ready to meet him.

The man also looks at the crowacle and thinksthat in my country this bird is considered a good omen, and the bird also tells his fortune. The man suggests to Choi that he will helphim locate Null Blade if Choi comes with him and tells the people's fortune. Suddenly, the strange man takes out his swordand uses a long-range flame attack with the sword. Choi looks at the attack and thinks this isthe power from the two starting monsters named Tolstoy. The strange man now tells Choi that his nameis Hujin, and if he wanted, he would have.

Already killed Choi with that sword attack,but he only had pure intentions. Guys, he is flexing his power against Choi,who probably won't even get a scratch from that puny attack. Choi didn't care to explain the power differencebetween them because he wanted a free guide for this area anyway. Choi introduces himself and says he is ChoiKang-shik, and the man says he is Ha Hujin, the 13th son of the Ha clan. When Choi went inside the town where peoplelived, he was shocked to see the condition of China— the underdeveloped buildings.

He didn't and armour that. match the current generation Now Hujin tells Choi that this is the prideof the Ha clan, with 500 years of history—the Flame King Pavillion. Choi was shocked to look at the building andsay, “Isn't this an entirely different world?” The guards denied the entry of Choi as hewas a total stranger, but suddenly, a very hot woman in traditional Chinese clothes comesout and says, “Let Choi come in.” She has thus permitted his entry. Choi looks around the house and thinks thatthe inside is also incredible, but are all.

The young women of the village here? The lady tells Choi and Hujin to take theelevator and go up. Hujin was shocked to hear this and tells Choithat there aren't many who have seen this object, but you can even get a free ride init. They went inside the elevators, and we seethat the lady was taking a peek at Choi's holy shovel. Now Choi goes inside the boss's room, andwe see a fat man sitting on a chair, and he greets Choi and says, “Welcome to the worldof Ha Huchang.” Huchang orders the lady and Hujin to leavethem alone,and now Huchang says that he has.

Never been nervous in the past 60 years, butfor some reason he feels nervous in front of Choi. Choi thinks that he looks quite young fora 60-year-old man. Huching asks Choi if he has that expressionon his face because he looks so young. Huchang says that the monster's core is notjust a medium used for super powers; it is the monster itself, so if you keep polishingit, you will be able to bring out the powers of your own body among other powers. He further says that Yooyi, who is the headof the Gale raid team, is also similar to him.

Choi realises that Huchang had control ofthe information and dominated the village. Now, Choi straightaway asks, “Can you findthe location of the null blade?” Huchang says don't worry; my soldiers arecurrently looking for the heavenly demon; they will come back soon, so just wait fora bit. Huching says you must be tired from a longtrip, so my daughter will tend to you, so rest comfortably. The sweet and cute-looking lady introducesherself to Hu Lin and guides Choi to his resting place. Now Hulin was sitting beside Choi, and Choiasked Hulin to leave him as he wanted to rest.

Alone. Hulin got freaked out and said the head hadtold me to attend to you with all my heart, so please don't tell me to go. Suddenly, she uses some kind of power andasks Choi to look into her eyes. She sits on Choi and asks him to show herthe secrets that he is hiding. Choi pushes her back and says, “What non-senseare you spewing?” Hulin was shocked to see that her power didn'twork and she couldn't read Choi's mind. The gods were very angry to see this and suggestedthat Choi focus on his chakra when he realises that Huline is trying to read his mind withsuper powers.

Now Choi gets angry and asks Hu Lin to explaineverything. Choi focuses his chakra on Hulin's core, andhen reads her Choi where the master Huchang had told hulin to use her power on choi andobtain that shovel; otherwise, he will kill his brother Hujin. Choi was shocked to see that he can read hermemories, and the gods tell her she has just used her powers by using chakra. Choi was astounded to learn that he can dothis also with chakra; moreover, if Hulin's memories are true, Choi decides to help her. Now they both go and confront Huchang, andChoi asks for an explanation, and Huchang.

Says that they deliberately spread those rumoursbecause the government is not paying any attention to their village, but if they can acquirethat shovel, the government will surely stop ignoring them. Hucang suddenly takes out a gun and says thateven if you have super powers, you will die if you get hit by a bullet, so quickly handover the shovel. Choi just simply throws the shovel towardsHuchang and says, “Take this,” but it's a little heavy, and the shovel falls on theleg of Huchang, causing a lot of pain to him. Choi uses this chance and hits Huchang onthe face and knocks him out, but suddenly Hujin comes inside the room and says, I wasworried since I heard a loud noise.

Hujin looks at the surroundings and misunderstandsthat Choi is a villain, so he has attacked him. Hujin angrily tells Choi that he believedin him, and he still did that, so don't think that you will return alive. Hujin attacks Choi, but Hulin comes in betweenand tells Hujin to stop the attack. So, Hujin asks, “Why is she helping an enemy?”and Hulin shows Hujin all of her memories, which happened recently. Choi thinks that the iron monster's core isincredible. Not only can it read thoughts, but it canalso transmit them.

Now Hujin asks for forgiveness from Choi,but we see that outside the pavilion, the hot lady from before is causing a rebellionwith the black wolf squad. Choi asks Hujin what is happening here, andHujin says that they are our bodyguards but that their stepmother is raising a rebellionwith them. The stepmother asks him to hand over the shovel. Choi gets angry and says, “Do you think youown my shovel?” Hujin tells Choi to run away, and he willtry to stop the guards. Choi tells Hujin to only protect himself andhis sister, and Choi throws his shovel at the bodyguards.

Hujin was surprised to see such raw strength,and Choi says if I decide to slay you. Well, you know the rest of the dialogue, right? Choi jumps on the ground and kicks the assesof all bodyguards. On the other side, we see that Hujin and HuLin are inside the boss room, and they see that the core in the hand of Hu Ching is shining. The core takes over the body and uses Huchang'sbody to revive itself. It was a 3-star monster named Super Spider. Hujin tries to fight the monster, thinkingthat it won't be as strong as it just became, but he gets his ass kicked by the monster.

When Hujin sees that the monster is goingto attack Hulin, he suddenly feels some extra power from the core, and he attacks the monsterand gives it a fatal attack. The super spider had intelligence, and itwas agonising in pain, so it jumped towards the stepmother so it could acquire a new host. the monster jumps towards stepmother Choi,who looks at the monster and wonders where the hell did a super spider pop out from thespider and starts to make a cocoon around stepmother The monster runs away after capturing thestepmother, and all the bodyguards follow the monster.

Choi was astounded by their foolishness asthey ran towards a monster without a plan. We see that the spider has laid traps in aden, and it catches the bodyguard with its web. The bodyguards are shocked to see that thismonster has intelligence enough to use traps. We see that the spider has been totally infusedwith the stepmother, and believe me, guys, this is the worst transformation I've everseen. Where are the ' mommy milkers' of the stepmother? The mommy monster now kills off the bodyguards,but Choi arrives and saves them. Choi looks at the monster and tells his viewerthat it's a bit different from the super spider.

That he knows and that there is an extra bitchinfused with these monsters. Choi suddenly gets a call, and we see a manfrom the helicopter telling the camera guy to stop streaming if he wants to keep hislife safe. Choi angrily says, “Get lost. I am very busy right now.” and cuts off the call. The crowacle gives a bad omen cry, and Choithinks that the bird didn't even caw at the time of mastery, so he's in even more dangernow. Choi looks at the helicopter and realisesthat it is the Red Dragon Attack Force, which.

Is ranked fourth in the world. Choi decides not to fight the monster becauseit's not his concern. The dragon attack team attacks the monsterfrom the sky, thinking that the spider cannot attack back, but to everyone's surprise, themommy monster uses a shock wave, which is also used by the bull monster. After attacking with a shockwave, the spyderuses her web to trap the helicopters. We see that the crowacle is making a goodsign cry, and Choi asks how this situation is a sign of good fortune. Choi thinks that the monster used the abilityof the bull monster because the host girl.

Might have had the superpowers of the bullmonster. Choi plans to run away from here without fightingthis monster, but the gods start to nag him to fight, and Choi tries to reason that heis not capable of fighting that monster. but the god tells them that their donationsare on standby, and after hearing this, the child gets super excited and says that realstreaming will start now. The head of the red attack squad was utterlyshocked to see a single variant monster obliterate the whole red dragon attack team. The main reason why they lost was becauseof the stepmother's memories; the monster had all the knowledge about technology dueto her.

Now Choi attacks the monster, and when Spidersaw the shovel, she felt terror from it, and she believes that she must destroy the shovel. The monster plans to absorb Hujin and Hulinfirst to become stronger so she can fight properly, so she flies towards them. Choi realises that the mommy monster is pursuingthose siblings, but he lacks the means to catch up to her. He notices that his shovel has grown longerand heavier, and he is unable to move it. He wishes that the shovel would shrink insize and become small. To Choi's surprise, the shovel really shrankand became smaller.

Choi notices that there is a new mark on theshovel, and he believes that this is the new donation made by God, through which Choi cannow control the length of the shovel. People watching the live stream were astoundedto see that the shovel could now change shape and size. Choi puts one end of the shovel on the groundand stands on the shovel so that he can travel the distance using the shovel's increasedlength. On the other side, we see that Mommy Monsterhad captured Hujin and Hu Lin, and as she was going to kill Hujin and Choi, someonesuddenly appeared behind the monster. and we see that the shovel now looks likea very long pole from a stripper club.

The monster attempts to attack with a shockwave, but Choi shrinks the shovel back and destroys the mommy monster's core. Now Hujin and Hulin thank Choi for savingtheir lives, and Hulin asks Choi if he is going to leave from here, and Choi says afterall, he has completed all his work here, and also the shovel is ringing, which means somethingmust have happened to the artillery. Hulin offers herself and asks if she can comewith Choi. Choi gets close to Hulin and uses chakra toshow her his own past. Hu Lin was pretty shocked to see Choi's past. Choi tells him that he must walk this pathall alone, and a helicopter arrives to pick.

Up Choi. Now we see that Choi is looking at the news,and it's about how he defeated the variant spider, which even the red dragon wasn't ableto beat. The news lady tells us that due to this incident,the ranking of the top MS hunter has changed. Currently, the first ranker is the great heroof Africa, who is blocking an army of Antorpy alone, and the current fifth ranker is thecharacter who caused the sudden change in ranking of an MS cameraman. The expert says that he has a doubt that theshovel might be a monster because, in this world, there are many monsters like fortilerieswho are not organic beings, so there is a.

Possibility that this shovel may be an unknownmonster of said type. Choi thinks that it's better if they thinkabout the shovel in that way rather than knowing the death, and we see that the helicopteris currently flying over the sea of death. Suddenly the gods get excited and ask Choiif he is ready, and Choi wonders why they are suddenly acting like this. The crow also gives a bad sign by crying. A massive ant-like monster attacks and damagesthe helicopter. Choi looks at it and realises it's an antropy,but he is shocked because an antropy is here, so far away from Africa, and this monsteris also a variant, which has wings.

Before Choi could attack the monster, themonster looked at Choi and just left from there at a very high speed. Now, Choi lands in his own country, and wesee that Ilam was waiting for Choi to pick him up and take him to the tempest headquarters. but Choi denies it and says he will go onhis own and doesn't need any help. Ilam says he brought a buggati to escort him,so he must come. Choi gets angry and says, “Do you have anyulterior motives?” and angrily asks him to spill everything. Ilam tells you that he doesn't know anythingabout the plan; he was only ordered by the.

Second team's captain, Ilak, to escort you. suddenly the shovel started to ring, so Choileaves Ilam and jumps directly off the roof. With the combination of the new abilitiesof the shovel and chakra, Choi created a unique movement method for himself. He uses the chakra to change his direction,nullify air resistance, and literally become like a human bullet. The gods were also excited to see this newmethod and were enjoying it. Choi lands in front of the fortillery, anda man comes out of the fortillery with his life force sucked out by the slime, and theman asks for help and collapses.

When Choi asked Slime what he did to the memberof the Tempest Squad, the slime had a smug face and was looking very proud of his achievement. Choi went inside and investigated the othersquad members, discovering that the attack squad came here only to find the rare ironmonster's core, which is beneath the ground, and they were captured and nearly killed byChoi's slime friends. Choi realises that the Ilak most likely wantedhis assistance in this case, which is why he sent his man to pick him up and requestassistance. Choi thinks that the mind-reading abilityof the iron core is really quite incredible, so he lets the squad members go.

Now Choi thinks about what he should do aboutthe slime guys. t will be burdensome if they cause an accidentbecause they are hungry. One slime comes and sticks towards Choi'sleg, and Choi realises that the slime is eating his chakra; the slime grew bigger after eatingsome chakra. Now that Choi has checked the date and saystoday was the day of Miss Thumbelina's home visit, shall we slowly head over to guide On the other side, we see that some scientistsare checking the helicopter from which they came back, and they conclude that the monsterthat attacked them was clearly an antropy. Antropy is an ant that avoids hard work.

It has the inclination to enslave and capturehumans and has an incredible breeding speed, due to which it transformed all of Africainto a living hell a long time ago. the appearance of a winged variant It is clearlyindicated that there is another queen inside or right near our country. Now we see that all of the hunters have beenissued summonses because of this appearance of the winged variant of antropy, and it hasbeen declared an emergency situation. On the other side, we see that Choi is travellingwith his shovel and reaches the Pokemon apartment, which is the most expensive area to live,but Choi notices that there are many hunters gathered there at such a late hour.

Now we see that Soyoon comes out of the Pokemonapartment and informs other hunters that she was having a conversation with her sisterabout why she was a little late. The cheap thor suggests that they all headoff as they have all gathered here, and he tries to flirt with a lady and says that ladiesalways come first, but the lady tells him that Choi is the only one for him, and thecheap thor gets angry after hearing Choi's name. Choi speculates that they might be gatheredbecause of the antropy incident and doesn't give it much thought. Now that Choi has trespassed into the windowof Thumbelina's apartment, we see the gods.

Getting sweaty palms because they just entereda girl's house. A girl comes out after hearing the commotionin her window, and she is surprised to see Choi, and she mutters “gang” because she isunable to pronounce Choi Gangshik's full name. Choi thinks she is trying to call him a gangster,and he frantically says, “I am not some gangster.” The girl, who is probably Thumbelina, getspretty shy and closes off the window curtain and says, “I didn't expect that you woulddrop by so quickly, so give me some time to get ready.” Choi responds, “Yes, I came here early becauseI used a special method to get here.” The girls become excited and inquire, “Didyou come here using the shovel?”.

Choi suddenly remembers her younger sister,who was also very childish, just like Thumbelina. Thumbelina emerges from her room after a while,dressed nicely. Thumbelina suddenly asks Choi if the antropymonster was strong, and she further adds that if it were the cameraman who defeated thevariant super spider in a single blow, of course it would be easy for them. Choi says we cannot be sure about the victorybecause there may be very different kinds of situations, and Thumbelina says Choi isa very good person. The gods suddenly ask Choi about his childplan, and two gods start to quarrel over whether a son or a daughter would be better.

Then Choi asks Thumbelina if they should departfor fortifications, and Thumbelina asks if she is also going to use the shovel. Choi suddenly grabs Thumbelina in his armsand tells her to grab him tightly, and Choi jumps off in the air. Choi inquires about Thumbelina's well-being,and Thumbelina responds that it is a little scary but exciting. asks sick, if she is . andThumbelina says that it's a little scary but exciting. She has always been sick, so it was difficultfor her to move around. Choi thinks that if her sister were alive,she would probably be a lot like Thumbelina.

Suddenly the crowacle makes a cry of misfortune,and we see that an antropy attacked them. Choi puts the shovel in the monster's mouthand extends its size, thereby breaking the mouth of antropy, and then he attacks at thecore of the monster and kills it in one blow. Choi lands on the ground, and Thumbelina saysthat Choi is really the best, but the crowacle again makes a cry of misfortune, and we seethat there are a bunch of antropies in the sky coming towards them. Choi tells Thumbelina to hide behind the boulderswhile he fights with those monsters, and then Choi extends his shovel and goes on a killingspree, slicing four of them at once. Choi, the last monster, ignored fleeing andmoved directly towards Thumbelina..

Choi was too late to save Thumbelina, butsuddenly someone fired a gunshot towards the antropy, and we see that it's none other thanour godly sniper slimes. Choi praises Fort Lewis and says you guyssure know how to do a lot of things. The monster was still somewhat alive, so Choifinishes off the monster and thinks that even weapons of force aren't enough to kill them. Choi apologises to Thumbelina for acceptinghis invitation; she was caught up in these, but Thumbelina says it was an incredible battle,and she is happy to see this battle in person. She asks Choi if this is the daily life ofthe strongest hunter. Choi was embarrassed to hear this, but helooks at her dirty clothes and says, “Let's.

Go to your home first.” Thumbelina was very excited to see cute andsquishy slimes. Now Choi shows her his room, and Thumbelinasays his room is even wider than it was in the last broadcast. Choi shows her the shower facility and tellsher to wash up. As soon as Thumbelina goes towards the shower,a barricade blocks Choi's way, and the “fortillery' tell Choi that there is no entry for men. Choi asks them just what they think aboutChoi, and God also tells them that this would be considered sexual harassment, so they planto call the police.

Choi was very angry because even the godswere teasing him. Choi tells Thumbelina to ask Slime if sheneeds anything, and we see that there is again a smug look on Slime's face. Thumbelina kisses the slime and says, “Youare very amazing. I just want to take you home.” Choi wanted to go with her not because heis a pervert but because he was worried about her safety because, at that time, Antropywas aiming for Thumbelina instead of him. Choi wonders if there is anything differentabout this girl. On the other side, inside the hospital whereChoi was admitted, we see the doctor get proof.

Of something and call Choi and ask him tocome to the hospital tomorrow. Choi says he is a little busy the next day,so he can't come. but the doctor says there is no way that youwould not come because it's a story about you and the null blade. The next day, we see that Choi is waitinginside the cabin of the doctor, and the doctor arrives with a top-secret document in hishands. He hands the documents to Choi, who is utterlyshocked to see the documents. The report was about the people who survivedthe null-blade invasion. The doctor says that the time and place areall different, but these are all survivors.

Of the invasion, and to be more specific,they are the people that the null blade had left alive. Choi gets angry and asks the doctor, “Is hesaying that Choi is the person that the null blade left alive?” The doctor asked him if he ever wondered howhe managed to live. Choi remembers his past, where his fathersacrificed himself to save his life, and he tells the doctor that because his father blockedthe null blade The doctor asks how your dad blocked thosebastards' blades, which can cut through steel like paper, and, even if he did, why the nullblade didn't kill you right after that.

Choi inquires as to what the doctor wishesto say, and the doctor responds that Choi may be a suitable host for the null-bladecore. asks what the doctor wants to say, and the doctor says that Choi has the possibilityof being a suitable host for the null-blade core. Choi says just because he is a survivor doesn'tmean anything, but the doctor says they have evidence for it. at these documents. Every survivor is unsuitable for any othercore, hence there is a possibility that they are suitable for an unsecured core, and themost decisive evidence is that the survivor's.

Body shape and bone structure are over a 90percent match. They think that the null blade is leavingsuitable hosts alive, and it may be that if a suitable host wields the core, they mightturn into the null blade. Choi didn't want to believe this, but thedoctor reminded him that he himself saw the scene of a core acting as a seed to turn ahuman into a monster. The doctor says that there are many thingsthat they don't know about the core, and there is a possibility that some of those survivorsare also null blades. Choi comes out of the office thinking thatthe null blade could be a human, and there is a possibility that he could also becomelike them.

Choi remembers a dead family and says it doesn'tmatter if they are humans or not; he will use whatever means necessary to absolutelykill them. Suddenly, a young girl comes running towardsChoi, asking for help, and Choi looks at her and thinks she is the sister of Thor Hanjo. Choi asks how she knew Choi was here, butthe girl asks Choi to help, otherwise his brother and other hunters might die rightnow. We see that Hanjo has started his broadcastand tells his viewer that there are some other hunters beside him: the ice prince Mansu,the best healer Miho, and the goddess Kim Soyoon.

They are here for the antroppy subjugation,but they notice a lot of holes and fire in the area, so Ice Prince Mansu uses his powerto put out the fire and Lee Miho uses her power to create a healing circle, but therewas only one survivor. The survivor attempts to warn them, statingthat there is something other than antropy, but his voice abruptly fades away. Kim Soyoon wonders why this man is movinghis mouth without any voice, and she suddenly realises that the sound is actually disappearing. Hanjo notices Kim Soyoon's unusual behaviourand tries to ask her something, but his voice also fades away, and the viewer notices thatsuddenly there are a lot of blasts in the.

Area and the stream went off. We see that Hanjo's sister was showing thisstream to Choi and telling him that this was the last time they were able to see his brother,and she even tried to call him but he didn't answer. Choi was a little reluctant because he didn'thave enough information, and the only thing he could see at the moment of attack was theexplosion and smoke, and then suddenly the disappearance of the voice. Choi assures Hanjo's sister that even if hecan't find his brother alive, he will definitely bring back his cousin.

Now we see that Choi has landed at the airport,and he also notices that it's overwhelming quiet here and there are a lot of holes. Choi assumes that these holes are probablyin someone's way, and he asks Crowacle to turn on the broadcast. Choi tells his viewer that he will go huntthe monster named today, but suddenly, Choi's voice also disappears. A huge snake-like monster named Silence attackedChoi, and Choi made a cut on his body, but the monster recovered almost instantly. Choi thinks that this monster is huge andthat it is also not normal because this one.

Probably grew larger after eating the heavysound of the heavy rain yesterday. The monster tries to flee back to his nest,but the voice of Choi returns, so he tells his viewer that this monster's main diet consistsof sound, and they especially like the sound of human screaming. Therefore, there is a pretty high chance thatthe missing people are still alive. Inside the cave, Kim Soyoon is trapped, butshe regains consciousness. She can't use her power because the venomof silence is causing addiction in Soyoon and distracting her focus. Soyoun thinks she can't die here because shecan't leave her sister alone.

Suddenly, a light flashed on Kim So Yoon,and we see that it was Miho who did that, and So Yoon asks her why she was looking totallyfine even in these situations. Miho says that she is a dual-core superhuman,and one of her aptitudes is silence, but it was no help in battle, so she forgot aboutit. But her body has immunity to this venom. Miho purposefully throws the venom on Soyoonand tells her that she can't use her abilities because of the venom, and she laughs at KimSoyoon's situation. Miho expresses her desire for Soyoon's deathbecause she has spent her entire life being shadowed by Kim Soyoon, and everyone refersto her as the next generation of Kim Soyoon.

Miho further explains that she is most jealousof Soyoon's attitude, like how he pretends that other people are even on her radar. Soyoon tries to tell her that it's not true,but Miho kicks her and says that you will die here today, and she tries to drown Soyoonin the venom. The venom starts to sip into Soyoon's body,but suddenly the ceiling of the cave breaks and Cameraman Choi and the real CameramanCrowacle jump in. Choi looks around the cave and tells his viewerthat this is the silence monster's nest. He plans to save the injured first. Miho suddenly clings to Choi and tells himshe is very terrified, but Choi notices that.

Miho looks completely fine in this place. Now Choi notices that Soyoon is in a gravesituation, so he pushes the Miho girl and goes towards Soyoon. Choi tells Soyoon that the monster will showup soon, and he cannot rescue everyone without Soyoon's help. Soyoon says she can't concentrate becauseof the venom. Choi encourages her and tells her that sheisn't a weakling, and she isn't a srub hunter unlike others. But suddenly the monster appears and attacksMiho Choi.

He wonders why the monster specifically attackedMiho, but he plans to use this opportunity to kill the monster. But he cannot destroy the monster's core becauseMiho is stuck inside the monster's mouth. We see that Soyoon has gathered some strengthand is trying to stand up. Choi thinks he can't do anything because Crowacleis streaming everything live, and he will be dead if anything happens to Lee Miho. The monster attacked Choi from behind, andChoi wasn't able to notice because of the absence of sound, but we see that the tailsuddenly stopped because our goddess Kim Soyoon had used her super power despite the venom.

Kim Soyoon throws the monster on the groundand even saves Lee Miho from falling. Kim Soyoon collapses due to using so muchstrength, but she still uses her power to throw off all the venom from the surrounding Lee Miho was surprised to see that she wassaved by Kim So Yoon, but now Kim So Yoon falls to the ground due to heavy fatigue,and the monster charges towards her. But the cameraman stabs the core of the monster,who somehow manages to escape and hide. Lee Miho asks Soyoon why she saved her evenafter she did all these things to her, but suddenly the monster attacks Lee Miho frombehind, and Soyoon uses her telekinesis to save her.

But Lee Miho angrily throws off her telekinesisfrom her body, and the monster engulfs her. Choi somehow manages to save Soyoon on time,and he tells Soyoon to focus on the enemy for now, but Soyoon cannot hear her, so Choitries to tell her with sign language that they must defeat the monster by combiningtheir strengths. Soyoon understands him and creates a barrierto protect themselves from the venom, and she also holds the monster still using herpowers, and this time Choi perfectly breaks the monster's core in half and completes themonster's subjugation. Now Kim Soyoon is in a hospital, and she iswondering what happened to Miho because the rescue team wasn't able to find her body eveninside the monster corpse.

Suddenly, Thumbelina, or Kim Soyoon's sister,arrives in her room, and Soyoon asks her how she came here alone as she has a very weakbody. Thumbelina says she is a lot better nowadays,and we see that a very little slime is giving her energy and hiding inside her hair. Choi had gifted this little slime to Thumbelinabecause the slime can absorb and release energy. Thumbelina hides this fact because she thinksthat her sister might get angry because the slime is still a monster, and the slime getsangry hearing this. Kim Soyoon assumes that her sister has surelymade a new friend. Now, Thumbelina asks if she is alright, andSoyoon tells her that this much is manageable.

Soyoon says she benefited because of Choibecause, at that time, the amount of power she used was three times more than she couldnormally use. The slime gets tired of hiding inside Thumbelina'sclothes, so Thumbelina quickly says goodbye to her sister and gets out of the room, andshe apologises to the slime. Now inside the fort, we see that all of theslimes are doing some construction work and repairing a jet plane, and Choi was inspectingtheir work. Choi had found this broken plane at the airport,and the government officials even laughed at him for picking up this junk. Choi didn't understand even the fundamentalsof the structure, but everything from the.

House to the “fortillery” is made of scrapmetal, so nothing is impossible for the slime army. The slime army had also prepared a very newand advanced missile to kill the large area of monsters. Choi activates his stream and informs hisviewers that he has prepared some surprise content for everyone, and it is not some clichedunboxing. Choi says that this is the test launch forthe state-of-the-art anti-large monster missile, which will be launched into the middle ofthe sea. Choi starts the countdown to launch the rocket,but the rocket suddenly launched at the count.

Of seven, and even the location of the missilewas also changed towards the city. The viewers started to yell at Choi becausethe missile was headed towards the hospital, and we see that the missile turned into ahuge number of smaller missiles and attacked the vicinity of the hospital. Choi was completely devastated by this scene,and he believes that this is the end of his career and that he will be going to jail now.

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