How Asta And Yuno DEFEATED The STRONGEST Devil Lucifero [ Black Clover ]

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The strongest demon of the entire blackclover series have final showed himself on the battle field in the spade kingdom and ishere to put every magic knight in their place Liebe screams at him telling him that he is theone who is reponsable for the death on Licita but Lucifero tells him that he has no ideawhat he is talking about and calls him trash before he completly obliteratesthe ground they are standing on, Liebe tells asta that he want to defeat luciferomore than anything and asta respons that he got this as he enters his devil union formasta starts to load up his attack as he flys closer to lucifero but whenhe is about to slash him lucifero stops astas sword with little to no effortbut when he takes his hand of the sword he sees.

That the sword cut a small bit of his finger whichgets lucifero furious has he punches asta with all his might making he him fly to the groundNo one execpt asta can even move due to luciferos crazy presence whichforces everything down to the ground the punch from lucifero took a lot on astawho is no struggleing to get up but just then he sees that the captains havn't givenup yet and is getting ready to attack Mereoleona and jack is the first to stirke butwhen they get to lucifero they reailzed that they can't cut or burn him at allhe tells them that its pointless as he pucnhes them down to the ground, Silvaattacks after but lucifero teleports to him and throws him into a wallFuegoleon has been charing up a.

Attack behind lucifero but is once againproven to be useless has lucifero takes the dragon and throws him against fuegoleonlucifero tells them that the very idea of humans fighinting him is worthless and that theyshould just get on thier knees and disapper But the captains tells him that theydont work like that and that they will fight with everything they got becuase theyhave been giving the title of the strongest when all of that is happing asta sneaks up behindLucifero and tells him that he has no idea what it means to be a magic knight before attackhim with his sword, the attack misses but not fully has on of luciferos horns fall offwhich puts lucifero into a real rage mode as he slams asta down to the groundand insults him, but not long after.

That magic knight goes to protect astathey know that astas anti-magic attack worked and that they will have to keep himalive at all cost, Every captain attacks lucifero telling him to keep his hands away fromasta and that they will protect him at all cost but words only go so far becuase eventhough they gave it their all they are not nearly close to luciferos level as heshows them when he complelty puts them down The devil above lucifero complemts themand tells them that they did better than he fought but its over for them now aslucifero goes closer to asta and is about to kill him but just as his foot reaches asta facesyuno comes and teleports asta away from lucifero telling asta that he now owes him, Lucifero getsupseat and goes to attack yuno but yuno teleports.

With another star to get away from himwhen Lucifero was unfocused Yuno managed to sneak up behind him and attack himfrom behind but even tho the attack landed it didn't manage to cut him at alland he knows that its becuase the differnce in their magic power is overwheeling,just as that is happening mereoleona also comes from behind and punches himAfter that her and Yuno teams up to make an combainde attack on lucifero, In the mean timeMimosa has been healing Asta in hope of geeting him up on his feet which she succeded withEven tho asta is in no condition to fight at all he is determinate to fight on and to not give upBoth yuno and meroleona is putting up a decent fight and is able to move around freelyand attack him but none of that matters.

In the end as their attack dosn't haveany sort of effect on lucifeors body suddenly meroeleonas mana start to wear off whichmakes her a easy target for lucifero to slam to the ground but it dosn't end there becuasehe also throws Yuno into the ground aswell when he goes to look for asta he sees Nachtwho has enterd his devil union mode canis x equus and manages to hold down lucifero whichgives asta a oppertunity to go in for a attack but just as astas sword is aboutto reach luciferos he breaks away from nacht abilits and goes for asta but lucklyNacht manages to come between the two off them and just as he is about to recive another hitfrom lucifero Yami comes forward and blocks the attack asking Nacht what it is he is doingbut even yamis powers is no match for the demon.

Himself as he pusches them downto the ground leaving asta alone Lucifero sees this as his oppertunityto finally finish asta so he goes in for another attack but thats when bothZora and secre comes to the rescue as zora is getting hit in the stomachhe activates his reverse counter trap magic attack which lets him absord luciferosattack and give it back to lucifero twofold and the two of them clashes with their fistbut zoras arm isn't able to keep that up, luckly nacht and yami comes to back them upYami and nacht is both fired up to the max and manages to combind their darkmagic and shadow magic to create a new attack called childrens playgroundthe attack creates shadow clones of both.

Yami and nacht to distract him while yami getsabove lucifero to stirke him down with his sword and yamis attack manages to scrathesluciferos arm who adimts that humans have the potential to kill him and tells themthat from this point one he will go all out and from this point on also startsthe final battle with asta, yuno yami and nacht all teaming up to beat luciferolucifero completly destroyes their magic and makes it disapper but that dosn't apply to asta whoentres his devil union and charges to lucifero the attack isn't to any succes but lucifero adimtsthat asta might be the most dangerous out of all of them before he goes to hit him but justthen yami comes and stops luciferos attack After that yuno manages to teleports yamiaway from lucifero to avoide him getting hit,.

But that leaves asta wonderable as herecevis a powerful kick from lucifero Yuno sees two star behind lucifero and teleportsboth nacht and yami behind him and as they are about to strike lucifero down from the back,two more arms grows out of luciferos back which goes right into nachts and yamis stomachasta tries to come and help but lucifero tells him that this is the end beforehe attacks asta but while that happens asta has a conversation with liebe in his mindLiebe starts apologizng to licita but asta apologizes to liebe and tells him thathe had no idea about the pain he was in But even the asta tells him thathe is grateful to have met him and tells him that they are no longer aloneBack in the fight asta was able to block.

Luciferos attack and is no furious, luciferothrows another attack at asta but asta catches it with his fist and tells lucifero thatboth him and liebe will defeat him and live Lucifero gets upseat and throws a bunch of attackson asta but he just brushes it off and cuts lose both nacht and yami who tells asta that ifits someone that can beat lucifero its him and with 5 more seconds unti astas devilunion wears he kicks lucifero into the ground, lucifero gets up from astas attackand both of they attack eachother until asta catches lucifero attacks andcuts another one of luciferos horns and while he is at it asta also cuts ofboth of luciferos arms and says that the only one that is worthless is him beforecuting him right through the stomach.

And ends it with both liebe andasta looking super cool while the demon king is crawling on the groundbut even though lucifero has almost lost his entire body he gets up and forces asta andliebe down to the ground with his gravity as asta is slowing getting up on his feetlucifero tries to make a run for it and getting away from the fight but just then Yunoteleports asta behind lucifero and thats when asta finally ends lucifero for goodand thats how Asta and yuno defeated the strongest devil of all time and wow i justwanted to say that this fight was absoulty crazy i was at the edge of my seat under theentire fight and coudn't wait to read more but please tell me what you thoughtabout this fight down in the comment.

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