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The first game of the third selection arcis about to start and its finally time for isagi to try to playand coexist with rin and shidou who right now is the best players in blue lock, theother two players of the team are nanase nijirou and hiroi you who will give their all to winto match the furious team A team B will have to take out some of their most dangerous players,which they defently do becuase their team contains of both karasu and otoya but alsoshiguma kyouhei, saramadara kairu and of course hyoma chigirianyway the game starts with a pass from rin to shidou he dashes up on the field but getsaccompained by otoya who is giving shindou a hard timeisagi sees that otoya is able to match shidous.

Level so he goes to assist him which giveshim a pass, with the ball at isagis feet there is only one player he is sett to pass andits of course rin shiguma goes to block rin but gets hit bya 2 on 1 from rin and isagi who gets behind him in no time, isagi sees their oppertunityand passes to rin but just then the princess himself goes to block the ballthe ball bounces up in sky and lands in team Bs goal penalty area, when saramadara goesto clear it he gets interupped by shindou who gets to the ball first,isagi says that shidous reflexes is in fact not normal but instead really fast,he also says that he can read the possibilites of shidou and goes to assist him with theulitimate goal of also throwing rin into the.

Mix to get him to scoreBut just then shidou reaches the ball and kicks it from behind right into the goal,giving team A a one goal lead. Isagi is shocked at shidous ability to scorewithout even looking at the goal and understands that this is the true power of the secondbest player in blue lock ryusei shidou But with shidous goal he also woke up anotherfurious player on the field, Team B starts with the ball and otoya passes it on to karasu,isagi goes to block him and when he sees karasu looking away he sees his oppertunity to takethe ball but karasu had already anticpipated that and gets around him but isagi is stillat the back of his tail karasu tells isagi that he is the weak pointof team A and that he will crush them this.

Match just then shidou comes to back up isagibut karasu uses his knowledge of gravity and uses it shift both shidous and isagis centerpoint which lets him get behind them with a fient, after that he scores with ease makingit even hiroi tells isagi that karasu uses his sharpanalytical ability to pin point the weak link in the opposing team and crushes them, andtells isagi that he is karasus prey Hiroi knows karasu since their time in theyouth team in kansai and advices isagi to not hide his weakness but instead to fightwith his strenghts Shidou passes the ball to isagi and tellshim to do the same thing as before basically making isagi do all the dirty work, Karasugoes to block isagi and also blocks of his.

Way of passing to rin making it a 1 on 1when isagi thinks about ways to get the ball to rin karasu takes his hand and forces hisway into isagi lanes which also gives him the ball, Karasu runs to the goal but is meetwith a 3 on 1 by Team A but another player has be making quiet stepsaround the field and that player is none other than otoya who gets behind both hiroi andrin with the uses of his stealthy steps and with no one left the ninja scores givingteam B a one goal lead and also showing of their full abilties, every one of the teamB gives them credit for their insane strong offensive abilites or execpt rin who justbrushes it off the game is back on and rin has the ball,isagi screams to use him but just then karasu.

Comes in his way blocking rins passing way,but rin isn't to faced as the pass the ball to hiroi instead telling him to match himthe two of them break through both saramadra and shiguma with ease, isagi sees their playand understands that hirois skill is his really good passing. otoya goes to block rin and shidou and chigirialso comes but none of that matters becuase rin is the best player after all andhe proves it by using shidous movemnts as a cover to then score making it even. even tho rin is playing the game perfectlyisagi isn't happy as he hasn't been able to do anything this gameHe knows that this might be his most important.

Match to prove himself and thinks about whatit is he can do to stand out, Chigiri is also having the same thoughts as isagi has andknows that to the top 6 they are all replaceable but even then he is determinted to do allhe can to prove himself. the game is back on and karasu starts withthe ball. Chigiri tries to analys the field to findout what he can do he sees that otoya is always sticking closeto karasu and that its usefull to get between them, To be usefull he has to do what he isbest at running so he goes to the right side isagi tries tostop him but chigiri just burst through him, Karasu sees chigiri and decieds to give hima chance so he passes.

Rin goes to block of chigiris passing waysbut its useless becuase otoya has already enterd the penalty area and chigiri sees itas he makes his pass and tells him that chigiris speed hypes himup as he scores another goal, with that chigiri finally proved himself to both karasu andotoya The game is back on and rin passes to hiroiwithout even thinking about isagi, Isagi reailzes that he can't do anything about that and insteadgoes to wait infront of the goal for a chance but isagi is quickly accompined by Karasuwho isn't letting him go, Hiroi sees rin and passes but just as the ball is going downboth Rin and shidou goes for it making them colide with eachotherthe ball bounces to chigiri who passes it.

To otoya who passes it on to Karasu, who scoreshis second goal this game. Making the score 2 to 4 to the Team B whois now only one goal from winning with that misstake rin and shidou starts goingof at eachother before nanse breaks it up, The game starts with rin being in controllof the ball before passing it on to Hiroi but they gets intercepted by Otoya who breakstheir one two pass, Isagi screams to use him but its useless as Karasu is still markinghim down But then for the first time this match nanasecalls for a pass which he gets from Hiroi, This also benifits Isagi becuase when karasulooks over at nanase thats when Isagi uses Karasus blind spot to break through himIsagi now has the ball and he looks for a.

Opening for Rin and he sees one but just whenhe is about to shot the ball shidou comes running to him telling him to pass himIsagi thinks that Shidou will pass the ball to Rin after reciving it so he passes butinstead of passing shidou turns around to shot the ball himself making an amazing goalIsagi now knows thats what left for him is to score his own goal and to really mark hispresence in this game. Team B starts with the ball and Karasu issett on breaking isagi and just when they are about to meet Rin comes in their way tellingIsagi to go away, The duel between Karasu and Rin is fairlyeven but karasu sees as meaningless as he isn't getting past himso instead he decieds to pass to Otoya but.

When he passes the ball thats when Isagi strikesand comes from behind both of their blind spot and intercepts the pass and gaining controlof the ball he makes a one two with hiroi to get behindsaramadara but behind him waits otoya who tells him thats the roads closed, but it dosn'tstay closed for long as nanase comes asking for a pass from isagi which he revicesthe three of them completly breaks Team Bs midfield, put back in defense lies chigiriwho tries to stop their break through but just then shidou comes running asking fora pass telling them that he can score so Hiroi passes but he dosn't pass to shidouno he passes to isagi who is running freely on the field, But unfortantly isagi missesthe ball with just the tip of his shoe.

Team B clears the ball but the cleard ballfalls to both rin and karasu who is in a fearcful battle with eachother, Rin luckly reachesthe ball first makes an increible goal making it evenIsagi knows that the final step coudn't be reached by him but by Rin. When Karasu and rin falls to the ground, karasucomplemts isagi and says that he has awaken into a better player then he was beforeIsagi says that the three of them have final become useful to shidou and rin but even withthat isagi is frustrated becuase this isn't the type of football he wants to playHiroi goes forward to isagi to appoligze for the pass he sent but isagi denies that andtells Hiroi that he pass was perfect and that.

It was his body that coudn't keep upBut thats when Hiroi explains to Isagi that if he start to move after he have thoughtabout it, it will be too late. Hiroi tells isagi that up till this pointhe have made plays by seeing, thinking then moving but that it wont keep up anymore andto become a stronger and a better player he has to do it in reverse and move before eventhinking with that the game is back on, Karasu hasthe ball but is being marked down by both Rin and Isagi so he decieds to pass to chigiriand tells him to burst pass them but just as the pass is going down shidouintercepts it and steals it from chigiri and says that the star has now enterd the stagethe loose ball falls to nanase who pass it.

On to isagi, Isagi and Hiroi links and passeseachother before Karasu comes and blocks his passing way to Hiroi but just then Rin comesand tells isagi to pass him Isagi also sees nanase on the side and createsa trianggular formation to break through Team B,with karasu and otoya left in the dust Isagi passes the ball onto Hiroi but Hiroi is gettingsome real trouble by chigiri who isn't letting him passIsagi knows that however takes control of the middle area of goal will be the one whoscores the final goal, He thinks about where he should position himself to score but hecan't find anywhere After that he gives up to try and think aboutwhere to position himself and instead do as.

Hiroi told him and to move before thinkingso Isagi stops thinking and is now moving by feelingHiroi finally shackes off Chigiri and passes the ball into the middle where both Rin andShidou is headed to, Both of them are about to hit the ball but just then another playerenters and that player is none other then isagi yocihiwho goes inbetween both of them and reaches the ball first, so he shots a killerball rightinto the net which gives Team A the win Isagi dosn't understand it but what he doesunderstand is that in that moments he defently surpassed both Rin and shidouNanase jumps on top of isagi out of happiness and tells him that he was unbelivanble inthat moments, Even Shidou says that he quite.

Liked it even Isagi explodeAnd to top it all off Rin comes and tells him that he made a super goal before endingit with calling it luck and telling him that he pisses him off And thats how Isagi surpassed both Rin andShidou and prove himself as a player who is ready to give it his allThis moment and match in general is such an underrated match and after re reading it idefently think that it deserves some more lovebecuase this match was filled with so many crazy goals but it also showed us so manynew intressting charcters such has otoya, karasu, hiroi and nanase with all played brilliantin this game.

But i am intressted in hearing what you thoughtabout this match so please let me know down in the commentsand If you like blue lock and videos like this then I would highly suggest you subscribeto this channel and while you are at it leave a comment a like as it helps out with thealgorthym a toon and if you are curious to see how How isagicrushed the king then please watch the video which will be poping up at the screen nowanyway thanks for watching and have a great day bye

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