How Nagi Changed into The Most efficient Participant In The World

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Bastard munchen has just scored their second goalagainst mashine city giving them a one goal lead Reo takes a look over at isagi and says thatisagi is more and more becoming like a monster, after that Reo thinks back to the time Nagichoose to go with Isagi instead of him Reo says that he never want to be theguy who dosn't get choose and wants to avoid experiecne that feeling ever again,Reo also says that it wasn't nagis fault and that it was him that needed to changehe ends it with saying that he needs to show the world that reo mikage can fight byhimself but just then Nagi comes forward telling reo that he wants to beat isagiHe tells reo that right now he dosn't have a chance of beating Isagi and asks Reo for advciesbefore telling him that soccer isn't fun anymore.

Reo tells Nagi that he dosn't careanymore and that this is the path that Nagi himself choose but after that Nagi tellsReo that playing alongside eachother was fun and when Reo is just about to walk awaynagi ends it with asking for Reos help Reo stops himself and asks Nagi if he everthinks about others feelings, He tells nagi that he had to crawl up without being chosenmany times over and when reo finally decied to keep fighting and get stronger on his ownthats when nagi wants to come back, Reo tells Nagi to stop talking to him as if he can manipulatehis feelings with nagis every changing feelings but Nagi tells Reo that he has gotten it allwrong, He tells Reo that every since the day Reo Invite him to play football withhim,Nagi has always been by his side.

And that nagi always keept making the bestchoices to make their dream come true, He tells reo that the two of themcoudn't beat isagi before but now its a diffrent story as bothof them have gotten stronger Reo asks Nagi whats his ego is andNagi tells him that its his dream, after that reo tells Nagi that he is a realpain before telling him to play soccer together And with that the game is back on, Agi has theball and look over at isagi before saying that Isagis momvements have clearly leveledup from before and that in this game hs is slowly becoming the eye of the stormAgi also says that he wants nagi to awaken and to take the next step but he dosn't get tosay much more as kunigami goes to block him,.

Agi tries to move Kunigamis center point toget behind him but it dosn't work that easily Isagi takes a look at the field and says thatright now is a bad idea to move as chigiri, reo and kaiser are all stand by and that if heincluded himself it would go into a 3v3 situation But just then isagi remembers the time between noaand lavinho when lavinho used isagi as a tool to get behind noa, Chigiri screams to agi to passhim but isagi tells him that he move too soon as isagi is going to steal the ball he meetswith kaiser who also had the same idea as isagi, (Quick moment of silent to agiwho just fell to the ground) Anyway Isagi now knows that he madethe correct decision and that is vision is in the same demension as kaisersThe lose ball falls to reo and kaiser orders.

Ness to go and steal it, With ness comingup behind Reo he is forced to pass to Nagi Reo copies itoshi Saes pass to make aone two with nagi who uses his back hell to get the ball over to Reo, Agi goesover to reo and asks what he is doing he tells reo that he isn't supposed to usenagi in reos own ideas becuase if he do that then nagi creativity won't flourishbut reo justr tells him too shut up Reo is sett on devoteing his newly evolvedchameleon style to help nagi score, Reo also thinks it can be hisgatewya to enter his flow state and with nagi and reo once again teaming up theyare looking more dangerous then ever before isagi knows that to beat Reo and Nagi hewill have to use meta vision to predict.

The best place for them to reachKurona goes forward to stop reo but is faced with some crazy hyperspeed scissor which lets him pass, after that nagi and reo uses their one two passesonce again to break bastard munchens defence In the middle of their attacksreo takes a moments to think back He thinks about nagi the guy who was unmotivatedand who thought that was everything was a drag to who now say that he have a dreamReo thinks back to when they split up, Reo admits that he was frustratedand that he resented nagi but he still had the resolved to move on by himselfReo ends it with thanking nagi and says that if they are together they can achieve anythingReo passes the ball to nagi who jumps up and.

Makes a double trap with his chest andleg, after that the ball goes to reo who right of the bat passed it back to nagiWho once again shows off his crazy football abilites, but behind nagi waits both kaiser andisagi who read both reos and nagis movements but nagi isn't faced as he passes the ballbackwards to reo, Reo has to decied if he wants to pass it behind isagi or kaiserbut in the end he knows that there is only one way they can go and thats behind kaiserleaving nagi with isagi, Nagi traps the ball as its going down and he prentends to shot but isagiwas able to see through it with his meta vision Isagi thinks that nagi will do a two stagefake volley so he tries to stop him from getting into his position but when he does so hereaziles that nagi wasn't going to do a two stage.

Fake volley but instead a regular fake volleykaiser goes to block nagi but ends up getting hit by the same move nagi used on isagi,Isagi says that he can still mananges to reach nagi but when he goes in to takethe ball it dosn't end to well for him as he gets hit by another one of nagisfake volleys, as the ball is up in the air nagi thanks isagi and tells him that heis now the best player in the world as he jumps up and shots the ball into the netmaking one of the crazyiest goals ever, as nagi hits the ground he screamsout of happines, reo also runs to him and makes a high five with the geniusas nagi is walking he says that he finally won and that he finally beat isagi afterthat he says that winning sure feels good.

And thats how nagi became the bestplayer in the world and before you come at me he said it himselfwhen i say that this is one of my favoirte moments in the series i mean it, theway nagi and reo completly broke through bastard munchens whole team by themself was insaneand it feels so good to have reo and nagi back on good terms again becuase even though howmuch i liked isagis and nagis little bromance they had going on in the second selection arcit dosn't come close to the real deal, and with nagi making all kind of new traps and newfients i am really left wondering whats left for him becuase come on the did five fake volleys ina row and also ended it all with an insane goal You could honestly name the mostimpossible and mind breaking trap.

And nagi will do it on his first tryi also really liked the last panel where nagi said that winning sure feels goodbecuase its should a good parallel to the chapter where he says that he hates to loseHonestly i could talk about this match forever but for your sake i will end it herebut in return i would like to here what you thought about this match and what doyou think is left for nagi to even learn and If you like blue lock and videos like thisthen I would highly suggest you subscribe to this channel and while you are at it leave a commenta like as it helps out with the algorthym a toon and if you are curious to seehow How isagi surpassed both rin and shidou then please watch the videowhich will be poping up at the screen now.

Anyway thanks for watchingand have a great day bye

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