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Pokemon the Original Series had a lot of flaws,and I think it is worth fixing them, especially since the show has recently got rebooted, so it isimportant to learn from the mistakes they made so that way they could improve from then on. We’ll befocusing on story and plot, as having a stronger story doesn’t cost much and COULD actually havebeen at the time, while better animation would have cost more money and couldn’t necessarilyhave been done. This is a long video, so feel free to use the timestamps and chapters below toskip around and watch the sections you care about the most. I started this script more than 4 monthsago as my first video and it went through A LOT of changes, including it being split into 2 parts,the first part being released as my first video, but then the quality was so low that I haveremade the entire video as you are witnessing now.

So first, let’s talk about what makesPokemon good and also what makes the original series good too. Pokemon isone of the few kids anime out there, as most anime are meant for a mature audience.Pokemon is TV G, and even Prime Video says that, and you know how strict Prime Video is in theirratings. I’ve seen PG 13 movies get a 16+ rating and TV-PG shows get a TV-14 rating. Pokemon alsohas a large catalog of episodes and characters, so you can watch Pokemon for months. Pokemonalso has emotional episodes too and often has good themes. They also have pretty good actionand battles that children can enjoy. Plus it is a long kids show that is a journey, which israre. Plus it is one of the few kids shows that doesn’t rely on childish characters to makeit watchable as an older audience. Instead it.

Relies on characters and action. Now, what makesPokemon the Original Series stand out? First off, it feels connective from the beginning to the end.It also has a large and beloved cast of Pokemon, and has a lot of character development forAsh. Ash amongst other characters look pretty good compared to later in the anime, as this isthe only time Ash doesn’t have baggy pants AND actually looks like a tween that WASN’T a reboot.Now, let's get to how we could have improved. Now, Pokemon is a kid’s show, and like most anime,it airs almost every week until it gets canceled. So that meant while the first handful of episodeswas planned ahead, the rest were being written as the show went on, so that meant there was a timepressure. Usually that leads to the story being stretched across many more episodes to keep itgoing, compared to a show that gets released.

In seasons, as a seasonal show not only hasto deal with fewer episodes with more time, but aren’t usually forced to release theirepisodes on a certain date. Often the stretch gets so thin in some areas that it becomes afiller episode, and could potentially be skipped, and this could also occur in seasonal shows.Most kid/family shows have filler episodes. Now, there are two types of shows. One is a show thatdoesn’t have much story, and could be watched in pretty much any order. Most sitcoms and comediesare like this, so pretty much every episode is filler, because it is supposed to. Take the SuperMario Bros Super Show for example. You can watch any episode, like the 3rd or the 40th, and itwill make sense. There are also shows that have a story, or at least a journey and goal. Pokemon isa journey of a guy who wants to be the very best,.

And has a goal. You can’t watch in any order, andrequires it to be watched in chronological order in order to understand what is going on. Theydon’t have many filler episodes, and when they do, they usually consist of character development ora bit of plot advancement. Pokemon’s filler has character development, with characters that wesee come and leave in the same episode. And that is the first big problem of Pokemon. So manyepisodes are wasted on unnecessary characters. These characters become the main character of theepisode, and our actual main cast then is just there to help them develop, and at the end of theepisode, the new character leaves. It is hard to care about these characters, as they stop our maincast on their journey, and then we have to spend 20 minutes straight with them developing them butbarely touch our main cast, and then never see.

Them again. It is like eating pizza every meal fora month and then not eating it again for 5 years. How are we supposed to care about the episode?In fact, it gives a new Pokemon episode barely any value and is so skippable. And while we couldstill have filler episodes, it is best just to get rid of them all and focus on the story. Unlessit is a rare episode which is enjoyable and has the character/plot development we want, then thatstays. Such as Turning Over a New Bayleef, which deserves to stay in the show because of Bayleefand Ash’s character development. And we are also going to keep the competitions, and treat themmore like a step to Ash’s goal instead of just a filler episode, so whenever Ash wins, he canactually carry a physical trophy or medal, and it can be kept in Ash’s trophy collection at home,and can be looked back on. Btw, Ash’s Kanto and.

Johto gym badges aren’t in that collection, so Ithink we should add that in because they are an achievement too. So, now since we took out morethan a hundred episodes, we now have a chance to focus on the story, which actually has afew plotlines not wrapped up and not really developed. Now that makes filler episodes reallybad, because of the amount of opportunities there were to focus on the plotlines. Well, we tookout the filler episodes and resolved issue 1, now let's solve issue 2, which I sort of alreadymentioned; underdeveloped plotlines. No, that’s not true, it can be split into TWO issues, one isthe movies, and one is the characters. Luckily, because we took out the filler episodes,we have a good amount of space to fix this. Ok, most of Pokémon’s plotlines were probablyincomplete because of the totally big need of.

MOVIES. And these movies might have made a lotof money in theaters, only the first three truly made a lot of cash and the rest could have madealmost the same amount through television. Well, it depends on how much the show made, so youknow what, the studio wants 5 movies, let’s give it to them without affecting the overallplot, which I will get a little into later. Now, when I think of shows with lots of episodes andlots of movies, besides Pokemon, I think of Motu Patlu. Let me explain what this Indian cartoonis. Basically, it is a kids cartoon slapstick. It is similar to Spongebob, but less controversialin whether kids should be allowed to watch it or not. It has over one thousand episodes and over 25movies, and its movie and television system works, because you can watch only episodes and it makessense, you can watch only movies and it makes.

Sense, and you can watch both and it makes sense.Pokemon struggles in that, because it has a goal and story in the show. The movie either has tobe filler, which doesn’t feel too enjoyable after watching a show with story, or it can have story,but the story must not ruin the show’s story, but should rather add on… I am going to take the MCUas an example. All those solo movies have story, and they add on to the overall universe’s story,which is kind of like a series, a series of movies instead of episodes. I can watch all the SpidermanHomecoming movies and it will make sense, I can watch all the MCU movies save Spiderman Homecomingand it will make sense, and I can watch all the MCU movies and it makes sense, and it feels likethe two add on to each other. So, we need to make movies that will add on to the show but will notdisrupt it, and can also be enjoyable on its own..

So, we are going to add a few edits to the firstone so that way we get a little background on who these characters are, and we can do that inthe form of origin story we haven’t seen before, and then we can get on with the movie, and at theend, Mewtwo’s spell to make them forget the events won’t completely work, as the camera zooms in atAsh’s head where there is memory of the events. Now, we can do the next four movies adding on tothe Mewtwo story, and since these two regions both have Team Rocket(which created Mewtwo in the firstplace), it shouldn’t be too hard. Now, we can place the original second movie into the OrangeIslands arc, as now we have so many episode slots empty, in about 6 episodes plus a few edits. Wecan also place the original third movie in Johto, with 6 episodes too, as we can also focus on theother Johto legendaries too. Original fourth movie.

Would be in Johto and would actually be part ofthe GS ball plotline, which never gets resolved, so that could add on about 6 episodes worth of theplotline. And the original fifth movie would also be in Johto could add on to the Bayleef plot linewith 6 more episodes. Ok, now we fixed the movies, which was the second issue, now we can takea look at issue 3, which is the characters. Ok, I am going to character development next,and instead of rambling for hours about which episode slot would cover each aspect andessentially remaking the entire script, I am just going to keep it simple and talk aboutwhat character development we’re even going to do. The character plotlines we are going to focuson are obviously going to include Ash, Brock, and Misty, or are they, as Ash develops plenty,but Misty and Brock could use more attention,.

Because if you compare them to Ash’s futurefriends then they get the least progression. Now, I am not going to spend much time on themas they can develop plenty by using just a fraction of a minute on each episode for them topractice their skills and learn. However, we are going to focus more on the Pokemon, Ash’s Pokemonspecifically, because they are cute and awesome, and this show is literally called Pokemon. Plus,Misty and Brock are obvious in terms of what they need to develop, while the Pokemon aren’t soobvious. Plus, what makes this show unique is that it has Pokemon, something other showsdon’t have. We decided to focus on Pokemon, but which ones? Obviously, our biggest priorityis going to be Raticate, since he has gotten the most screen time and deserves…I am just kidding.But oh my, our Pokemon barely get any screen time.

In the original filler episodes, unless it wasone surrounded on them, as most of the time, their job is to just send Team Rocket blastingoff again. We are going to fix that. Anyways, let’s see what Pokemon we have. We have Pikachu,Butterfree, Pidgeot, Bulbasaur, Charizard, Squirtle, Kingler, Primeape, Muk, Tauros, Lapras,Snorlax, Heracross, Bayleef, Quilava, Totodile, Noctowl, and Donphan. And all those Pokémon,besides a certain 3, could use more work, but the other pokemon don’t necessarily have flaws,but rather had missed potential. The certain 3 are Pikachu, Muk, and Charizard. Yes, all the otherPokemon could use more work. Pikachu is Pikachu, we all know why he is awesome. It isn't as if heis one of our two protagonists. We are going to talk about Muk later. Anyways, Charizard, besidesPikachu, was one of the only characters to have an.

Interesting beginning(which is almost all of Ash’sPokémon) an interesting middle, AND an interesting ending (which our Johto Pokémon don’t really getthanks to a reset, which I will get more into later). Charizard begins as a charmander, who wasabandoned by his trainer because he was too weak, and not accepting it. After realizing the truth,he burns the ashes out of him and becomes Ash’s Pokémon. He was an adorable and loyal Pokémonwhile a Charmander. Then, when he evolves into a Charmeleon, he thinks Ash is too weak and stopsobeying him, pretty ironic for what he was before. He soon evolves into a Charizard just because hewanted to prove himself to an endangered dragon species. He then caused Ash to lose in the IndigoLeague because he thought a Pikachu was not worthy to fight him, which probably millions of peoplestart yelling at the screen the first time they.

Saw it. Talk about a frustrating character. COUGHCOUGH! Sorry. Then, after Ash saves Charizard in the orange islands, Charizard starts obeying himbecause he now sees that Ash is worthy enough to listen to, and helps bring Ash an Orange Leaguetrophy. And it’s not over, likely because the Kanto Pokémon didn’t have to suffer from a totalreset COUGH COUGH. Instead, 3 of the most iconic Kanto Pokémon Ash had and also the most belovedgot to journey throughout some of Johto, keeping our Kanto loyalists still in. In fact, I probablywouldn’t have sat through Johto if it weren’t for the three starters being there until we getused to the new ones. Anyways, Charizard got a fantastic temporary goodbye by proving himselfworthy to get enrolled in a Charizard training ground. Sorry, I am speaking a little too fast,because you know, this is the longest section of.

The video and I don’t want you guys to get bored.I NEED YOU GUYS HERE, please please please. By the way, I just need to mention again that there aretime-stamps and chapters in the description below, because I don’t think any of you guys are going tostick around for the whole video, which is going to be about 50 minutes long, so yeah, so feel freeto use them to go to your favorite Pokemon. But first listen, listen throughout, so that you guysknow what I am doing. I don’t know about you, but even though that is pretty average for Wheel ofTime BOOK character work, this is no epic fantasy, and a kids anime, a kids anime that is calledPokémon but doesn’t give much attention to them, especially in Journeys, but we are notgoing to talk about THAT in this video. So, how in the world are we going to turn all thePokemon as amazing as Charizard. By using our.

Empty episodes slots wisely. And you know what,this video is probably getting overwhelming, so I am not going to get too specific into what episodeslots, but rather, WHAT STORY. Wait, I already mentioned that in the beginning. You know, ignorethat sentence since I already mentioned that. Anyways, we’re going to have a checklist.Our checklist will be this: Good beginning, good middle, and good ending. I know that seemsoversimplified, especially considering how one of my favorite characters in all of entertainment,Matt Cauthon from the Wheel of Time books, didn’t have a good beginning, but it should workand will help us enough to know what to fix. Ok, now you can use the chapters to see your favoritePokemon, so that way you guys don’t leave because you’re bored even though I made a lot of chaptersfor you guys. Let’s start off with Pikachu, which.

I already mentioned as a Pokemon that doesn’tneed any more work, but I’ll just review it anyways. Good beginning. The first episode of theentire series, Pokémon I choose you, did a good job. Check. Good middle. Plenty of good episodes,such as Showdown in Pewter City, Electric Shock Showdown, and Pikachu’s Goodbye. Good ending.Last time I checked Pikachu’s story didn’t end, so let’s just say it’s good. Check. Pikachu doesn’tneed any additional character work. Woo hoo! Let’s go to Butterfree. Good beginning. Theepisode Ash catches a Pokémon did a good job. Check. Good middle. Ash’s relationship withButterfree is well developed, which is shown in Challenge of the Samurai and Battle Aboard theSt. Anne, but Butterfree himself didn’t get much development. I think all we have to do is getAsh to throw out Butterfree’s ball in Pokémon.

Shipwreck and have a little talk, and that shouldgive it a check. Good ending. Butterfree’s Goodbye was pretty good. Check. Now Butterfree doesn’tneed any more additional work. Woo hoo! Let’s go to Butterfree, I mean Pidgeot. Why did I sayButterfree? Good beginning. He is caught in Ash Catches a Pokémon, and after he gets caught, he isinstantly loyal and obedient. But we don’t get to see much of him as a character and more of himbeing a loyal battler. So what could we do? In Showdown in Pewter City, Pikachu is scaredof Brock’s large rock Pokémon and tries to call out Pidgeot instead. What we could do is whenPidgeot gets chosen to fight later in the episode, we can have him leave his Pokeball after beingcalled back to encourage Pikachu in his battle or something like that. So now we can check. GoodMiddle. Snow Way Out did pretty well, but he is.

Not the focus, so I think he needs a bit more.Maybe him coming out of his Pokeball to encourage Pokémon in battling will work. I don’t know, whatdo you guys think in the comment section below? What should we do with Pidgeot to make him have alittle bit more personality? Anyways, check. Good ending. I think that in the original Japanese,Ash never promised to come back in Pallet Party Picnic, so if they just fixed that in the dubthat would have been nice. But if Ash actually did promise in the original too, then we could havePidgeot return and stay in Professor Oak’s lab, but if they want to keep make it very emotional,how about when Ash comes back from the Orange Islands, we see that Pidgeot has died, but alongwith him Fearow, not in a gruesome way of course, so that way it is still Tv G and it willhelp not make Ash look like a jerk. Anyways,.

Let’s give it a check, because it was probablya translation issue, and WuHu! Anyways, let’s go to Bulbasaur. Good beginning. Bulbasaurand the Hidden Village did a good job. Check. Good middle. In the Fire-Ing Squad, Bulbasaur’sgoodbye to Squirtle was pretty well done, and of course we already have Snow Way Out. Not tomention Island of the Giant Pokémon. Check. Good ending. Bulbasaur the Ambassador was well doneplus the episode Tie One On was also well done, so check. Bulbasaur doesn’t need more characterwork and Woo hoo! Next we have Charizard. Well, we already talked about his story and how it checksoff our checklist, which is based on Charizard’s story, so anyways, we now have Squirtle. Goodbeginning. Here Comes the Squirtle Squad was a good beginning. Check. Good middle. Most of hismoments came from filler episodes, so lemme do.

Something.We can have an episode of Bulbasaurand Squirtle getting out of a situation, with the wartortle squad coming in too, as that plays arole in Squirtle’s goodbye, and then not only more Squirtle, but more Bulbasaur. So now we can check.Good ending. I already mentioned the fire-ing squad, which was pretty well done, so check. Soafter having to edit due to a previous change, we can now say WUHU! Ok, next we have Kingler. Ithink you guys know what is going to happen now. Good Beginning. As soon as Kingler gets caughtin Mystery at the Lighthouse, he gets sent to the lab, which is alright, but then when Ash comesto check on him, Ash then notices that Gary had a bigger one, and his part ends there, and henext gets seen more than 40 episodes later. Not the best beginning to his character. However,I didn’t mention one thing in his beginning. He.

Gets caught after battling…Ash. Yeah, so Ashwanted to prove that he could get a Pokemon by himself without any help. So, maybe we couldextend this battle to show how pushing Kingler can be. Then, when Ash notices how smallhis Kingler(who is currently Krabby) is, he can tell Kingler how eventually he is going tobe larger and stronger, and Kingler will agree, and then that will bring us to the next point,good middle, good beginning got a check by the way, and he has a pretty good middle alreadywhere he manages to defeat not one, not two, but three Pokémon in Round One: Begin, and theWhirl Islands also did good to him, however, we are going to add a few things here that willhelp contribute to a good beginning. Remember that agreement. In Johto, we are going to have abattle between Ash’s Kingler and Gary’s Kingler,.

In which Ash’s Kingler will come victorious.Therewill be an honor system between the Kinglesr, and then Gary’s Kingler will shake handswith Ash’s. Of course, it won’t just be that, and we will have two other Pokémon, so thatway, in the Gary plotline, we will have first a one v one, then a three v three, then a six vsix, so the buildup is a little bit more smooth. Perhaps some of the Pokemon that won against oneof Gary’s Pokemon in the 6v6 can lose in the 3v3 so that way it will make the battle even better.And then of course, good ending(good middle got a check by the way). Which is a definite nocheck, as Kingler’s ending is him not being able to do the Pokémon league after some Pokémonexploded on him. Well, how about Kingler coming in a battle despite his health for honor. Perhapsone of the battles we are going to add on to the.

Johto League in our next issue, but anyways,that should make his ending a little better, because who doesn’t like it when a warriorforgets his health for his honor. Good ending check now. Woo hoo! Next we have Primeape. Goodbeginning. The episode Primeape Goes Bananas did a pretty good job. Check. Good middle. He hasno middle, so let’s move the ending a bit and have a few battles and developments in between.Now we can check. Good ending. The episode The Punchy Pokemon was a nice sendoff to him. Hewas not that big of a deal in the first place, so let’s just say check and WUHU and go to Muk. Ialready mentioned that Muk doesn’t need more work, because here’s the thing about Muk. He is meant tobe humorous. And as long as he has personality, he won’t need much work. And he also got a few timesto shine too, so I don’t think he needs much work.

In that either. Woo hoo! Next, we have Taurus.And um…this is going to be a little difficult, because Ash got his 30 Taurus as a joke in theJapanese exclusive episode The Legend of Dratini, and didn’t really serve much purpose besides that.I am surprised it was able to be aired in Japan, as I thought the USA was the country who wassupposed to have that sort of culture, so if it is not allowed in the USA, it would probably notbe allowed in other countries. Oh wait, maybe it is because the USA has that sort of culture thatthey have to keep it away from children because in Japan they don’t have to worry about it unlike inthe USA. Anyways, since his 30 Taurus was a joke, Ash didn’t even use it in the Indigo League, sinceit was not meant to be taken seriously. Well, his main Tauros did get a chance in the OrangeLeague and in the Johto League in the battle.

Against Gary probably because they realized theycould keep the show running a long time, so why not use Tauros since there is plenty of time. Italso had a job as humor whenever Ash comes back to Professor Oak’s lab. The Orange League and theJohto League helped get the character more honor to make him a memorable Pokemon. However, we couldmaybe use a bit of an honor system to give him more personality. Wuhu! Next, we have Lapras. Goodbeginning. The episode The Lost Lapras was strong, so check. Good middle. His middle pretty much onlyhas him take Ash to the different islands, a race, and have a battle in the Orange League. WhileFit to be Tide and Enter the Dragonite was nice, and his swimming is cute, it would be nice to havehad a couple more battles, or perhaps even races seeing he is before that, seeing the amountof empty spaces we have to fill in the Orange.

Islands. Now we can give it a check. Goodending. The episode Viva Las Lapras was amazing, so definitely a yes. Plus, the episode Lapras ofLuxury was a nice reunion, though I would have liked more time with Lapras himself. Check, andtime to say WU HU! Now, our last Kanto Pokemon, Snorlax. Good beginning. The episode Snack Attackmay not have been as emotional, but definitely fun to watch, plus it identified Snorlax’spersonality from the start. Check. Good middle. He participates in a wrestling competition which wasthe episode Ring Masters, but we are going to have a little more focus on Snorlax, because remember,eating is something that all Snorlaxes like to do. We have to extinguish him from the rest. Cultureis just the skin of a character. Plus, to help build up for the Johto League, I think a few morebattles before that would have been nice. Now we.

Can give it a check, and now, good ending. Thebattle in the Johto League against Gary was really cool. Check, and time to say, WUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUHUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU! Now, onto Johto. Our first Johto Pokemon will be Heracross. Good Beginning.The episode A Sappy Ending was a nice start, but maybe a bit more focus on what makes thisHeracross different from the rest. Check. Good middle. Most of Heracross’s battles come fromfiller episodes, that I kind of took out, in which they need to blast off Team Rocket, so he doesn’tget much time to shine. So maybe a few more normal battles in non filler episodes would be nice. Andthen there is that episode Tricks of the Trade, in which we do get introduced to Wobbuffet andreplace Likitung, however, in that episode, we also have to say goodbye to Heracross sinceapparently he was an interesting subject to.

Test on for Professor Oak. Obviously, this isbecause a few episodes later, we get Noctowl, and Ash can only carry 6 Pokemon at a time.However, one of his six Pokemon was Bulbasaur, and he didn’t really do much in Johto anyways,since he was amongst 2 of Ash’s grass Pokemon on hand. I think Bulbasaur the Ambassador should havecome earlier on so that way, not only will Bayleef get more chances to shine, we will also get morechances to see Heracross. Plus, giving a Bulbasaur a goodbye after almost a hundred episodes ofinactivity will not hit as hard as saying goodbye to a Pokemon with constant activity before. NowI will give it a check, since we will have more chances for Heracross to shine and develop. Goodending. The battle against Gary was good, and with the larger buildup, it would be even better.Check. WUHU! Next, we have Bayleef, one of my.

Favorites(as you can see by my sprite) and perhapsthe reason why Gen 2 is in my top 2 Pokemon generations. Good beginning. The Chikorita Rescuewas a great start and shows a lot of personality. Check. Good middle. Remember Turning over a NewBayleef, well, that is one of my favorite episodes of all time because of the Bayleef stuff, andshe was awesome in the episode Playing with Fire. However, the battle against Gary should have beenextended a little for Bayleef’s part. I mean, I get it that they made Bayleef faint right away toshow how powerful Blastoise is, but that fast is just going to hurt her, especially since she hada type advantage. Chikorita was very stubborn when gets introduced. I think Bayleef being stubbornto faint would have been a cool addition that would not only make her even better but the battlebetter too. So it seems like it is about to get.

A check, but wait, remember how I was going toinsert Pokemon: Heroes in the main television series in SIX episodes, well, 3 episodes is goingto spent on what actually happened in the movie, and Latias, feeling depressed and all, itgoing to want to go become Ash’s Pokemon, and Ash accepts. Then, in the next 2 episodes,Bayleef and Latias would fight over Ash, because I don’t think it was coincidence that theonly two Pokemon who like Ash in THAT way happened to be Johto Pokemon and never get resolved, andin the last of the six episodes, they will find somebody. We really need to give Bayleef somebody,because we all know that they aren’t happening because they need to keep it “kid friendly”.Plus, Ash is apparently going to go with Serena, a character that is totally not introduced asapparently his quote by quote canon and quote.

By quote love interest more than FIVE HUNDREDEPISODES LATER. And even if they never planned to have her, we still have Misty, and she wasprobably the original heroine for Ash, until she apparently got Tracy in Pokemon Chronicles.I haven’t watched Pokemon Chronicles, so I don't know. And if you look at Ash’s other quote byquote “love interests”, they have someone by the end of their journey. Besides Serena, Bayleef,and Lati as. By giving Bayleef and Latias somebody, that will leave Serena as the only one who didn’tget somebody, which will finally work out and hopefully the shippers won’t tear the communityapart and I won’t have to be teared apart with it too. Now, I can give it a check. Good ending.Remember that battle in the Johto League I mentioned. That is more like the ending instead ofthe middle, since her goodbye is no goodbye.Now,.

Ash’s Pokemon could be sorted into twocategories in terms of goodbyes. One category are infrequently used Pokemon that don’t really have agoodbye since they were almost always at Professor Oak's Lab anyways and only appear on screen eitherin competitions, such as a Pokemon League, or in the rare visits to Professor Oak’s lab which islike every 150 episodes, which is every 3 years. Seriously guys, anime company please, makethe visits more frequent or have the Pokemon come more often. Please. They rarely leaveProfessor’s Oak's lab. In the original series, the Pokemon that go under this category areKingler, Muk, Tauros, and Snorlax. Snorlax may have only gone to Professor Oak’s lab atthe end of the Orange Islands arc, but he was not used anyway in between him being caught andthe Orange League, so he can be considered to be.

Part of the category. Heracross also used tobe considered as part of that category even though he had some battles, but since I delayedhim leaving, which I will get more into later, he is no longer part of the category. Our secondcategory are Pokemon that were used often and usually got an emotional goodbye, though that didnot necessarily mean they never to be seen again and were no longer owned by Ash, as Butterfree’sgoodbye, no I mean Bulbasaur’s goodbye, Butterfree is the opposite, Bulbasaur’s goodbye has himstay at Professor Oak’s lab. The Pokemon in this category are Butterfree, Pidgeot,Bulbasaur, Charizard, Squirtle, Primeape, Lapras, Bayleef, Quilava, Totodile, Noctowl, andDonphan. Heracross is also part of his category now. Pikachu, of course, is in neither category,since he is Pikachu and will never leave the show,.

Unless Ash leaves the show too, which he kind ofdid, well Ash’s Pikachu but not Pikachu themselves because guess what, they had another Pikachu inthe reboot called Captain Pikachu or whatever his name is. Now, the Kanto Pokemon got the emotionalgoodbye, but the Johto Pokemon didn’t. We are going to fix that. Let’s talk about how thesePokemon got their goodbyes. Butterfree, Pidgeot, and Primeape got their goodbyes early on. Laprasgot his goodbye at the end of the Orange Islands. Bulbasaur, Charizard, and Squirtle got theirgoodbyes in… Johto? And that is the advantage they have. They are journeying through Johtountil we get used to the new Johto Pokemon, and when a new Pokemon of their type is comingsoon, they get an episode to do their emotional goodbye. And we are going to see them again, andwe have hope, and they deliver when they return.

For the Johto League. A few Johto Pokemon needto journey through Hoenn until we get used to the new Pokemon. Not only will we be able to get agreat goodbye and an episode on them, but we will also stay around for Hoenn and get used to them.Perhaps that is why Johto and Kanto felt connected and one series, unlike Hoenn and Sinnoh, inwhich it is each considered its own series. Now, I understand why they do resets. It gives the newregion’s Pokemon more time to develop and more chances to shine. However, you can’t just suddenlytake out the main cast, and if you are going to do that, do it in a meaningful way, don’t justhave Ash drop his Pokeballs in Professor Oak’s lab. Anyways, what ending would Bayleef have?I would actually place the whole Latias drama after Bayleef’s race with Gary’s Arcanine, whichwas in the episode Extreme Pokemon, and in the.

Final episode I will give her her goodbye afterrealizing her somebody needed help + Latias would also leave too for her somebody, and they wouldreturn in the Johto League, and while that would be only about 20-30 episodes later, remember, thisis anime, so it would still take half a year to come back, so don’t worry, her return would stillbe impactful. Ok, I know I am speaking fast and you guys are probably not understanding what I amsaying right now, which is why I am going to have subtitles, I’ll add subtitles eventually.Just take the auto subtitles for now if you’re watching this like if you’re watchingthis video right after it came out/ Anyways, look at Bulbasaur the Ambassador, which toowas about 30 episodes before the Johto League, yet it was still impactful. And now we can giveit a check. Even though that was a lot of work.

To improve on, Bayleef was still a fantasticcharacter before, but now she is better and patched, and now time to say WU HU! By theway, I believe that a lot of Ash’s pokemon still have opportunities to be better if lookedupon closely, but Bayleef stands out to me. If we weren’t getting a reboot, then I am sure thatBayleef’s state of mind(which is having a crush on Ash right now) could be wrapped up, but since itis going to be a reboot, which already happened, just not at the time of the script andvideo making then what we could have is when the new protagonist likely meet a grownup Ash, we could have her take in Bayleef because Bayleef is really sad about her liferight now, and don’t worry, we will visit all of Ash’s other Pokemon too, who will be happy,but Bayleef isn’t, so now our protagonist will.

Be training Bayleef to her full potential andwe have an interesting character arc going on. The other Pokemon’s fans are going to be happy,Bayleef fans, which I am part of, are going to be happy because who doesn’t want their favorite,or at least one of their favorite Pokemon, get their state of mind wrapped up and get moredevelopments. Anyways, I think that will make an interesting story for both old and new fans toenjoy. Anyways, you guys are probably confused on what Pokemon Ash is having on his hand throughoutJohto because of the amount of changes I am doing and the speed I am speaking in, but don’tworry, I will review it from the beginning of Johto after we finish the rest of the JohtoPokemon. We’re at Quilava. Good beginning. Now, the episodes Good ‘Quil Hunting & Gettin’ theBugs Out show us something that Cyndaquil has.

Trouble doing and will need to earn. I like thisbecause it was like Nynaeve’s block from the Wheel of Time BOOKS, not the show since the show is theworst adaptation without doubt ever made, yes, even worse than Chronicles of Narnia and PercyJackson, but I already made a video about one the show’s issues, anyways, it felt so satisfyingwhen Nynaeve finally lost her block in, I won’t say it to avoid spoilers. But a book that had alot of time for Nynaeve to work with her block before and a lot of time for Nynaeve to deliverwithout her block. Anyways, check. Good middle. When Cyndaquil loses his block in Hot Matches,that was certainly nice. Check. Good ending. Before, I would not have given it a check, butwith his journey extending towards the Hoenn Region until we get used to the new Hoenn Pokemonand get a good goodbye, I will be able to give it.

A check. Now, what goodbye will he get? Well, I amgoing to make him evolve in his goodbye episode, and in the Sinnoh League, he can evolve intoTyphloson. Which I will get more into later. Yes, I know you have heard a lot of get more intolater, but there are just so many things to talk about. Anyways, after his evolution, heis going to go to duty, and the duty will be similar to Pidgeot’s duty, which was to protectthe younger counterparts of their species, and I know that this is reusing the sameplot device, but it is because of the reuse that makes it more interesting. Rememberhow I had Ash lose his Pidgeot in some way in the end of the Orange Islands.Hold up, I just remembered something. Um…at the time of the script the last episode ofPokemon wasn’t made, and I am pretty sure Pideot.

Came back, so yeah, I suppose you can say thisis outdated but um, this how the original series could have been improved alright, um, ignorethat, you know what, let’s just move on because I don’t think they ever planned to have that in theend. We all know that Pokemon the Original Series was a mess alright, clearly they were makingup as they go, so I don’t think they ever had Pidgeot coming back in their plan ok,so I am going to keep going. Where was I? Well, now Ash would NOT want to let Quilava go,but in an extremely emotional way, Quilava says goodbye. Of course, he will come back, DON’TWORRY. Now, I can give it a check. Next we have Totodile. Good beginning. While the episode TheTotodile Duel is not focused on Totodile, we see some of his personality and it is a good episodeoverall with Misty and Ash fighting over him,.

So I will give it a check. Good middle. The WhirlIslands not only gave Misty a chance to shine, but also Kingler and Totodile. Plus, the episode LovePokemon Style was also pretty good for Totodile. However, Totodile could use a bit of development,which could happen in the battles, and I know we didn’t give Muk or Snorlax, who are also there forthe jokes, much character development, Totodile is used very often and is a bigger deal, + he isalso one of the 3 Johto starters, and the reason why Ash even had Pikachu to start with and not anactual starter was to help ensure that the people who chose other starters didn’t feel left out.Bayleef and Quilava are well done in the anime and helped keep those who chose Chikorita andCyndaquil, the pre-evolutions, feel included, but I don’t think those who chose Totodile feelvery included because of the lack of character.

Development in him. So, now we can give Totodile acheck for good middle, and now, good ending. Now, as I already said, Totodile is mostly there forthe jokes, but that doesn’t mean he can’t have an emotional goodbye. In fact, you know what isone of my favorite episodes in season 7 of Monk, a show you probably haven't heard of.The episode Mr. Monk and the Magician, where one of the funniest characters got MURDERED,and our protagonist has to find the murderer and avenge him. It was very emotional and I just lovedhow our characters put their lives in danger to avenge him, and I absolutely hate the villain.He is so hateable that he is more hateable than THESE THINGS. Anyways, Totodile’s goodbye doesn’thave to be as emotional as what I just told you, but it does need to at least compare to Bayleefand Quilava’s goodbyes. So, what can we do? Well,.

We can have Totodile saying goodbye to helpsupport a cause. What’s emotional about that? The fact that many water Pokemon are in risk becauseof Team Magma and Team Aqua’s war(remember, we are in Hoenn now wait did I clarify that. You guyswill understand when I review the Johto Pokemon), and Totodile, feeling like he NEEDS to help,decides that until Team Magma and Team Aqua’s war end, he will stay defending the water Pokemonwith his small size and great strength he got while training under Ash. Totodile will thankAsh for all the good times they spent together and what Ash taught Totodile, and Totodile willsay goodbye. Obviously, he is returning for the Hoenn League, which I will get more into later,and the Sinnoh League he participates in anyways. So, now we can give it a check, and head ontowards Noctowl. Good beginning. The episode.

Fowl Play did a good job. Check. Good middle.The episode From Ghost to Ghost did a fine job, but more instances where Noctowl uses his bigbrain and more struggles to find the right answer would help make him more interesting. Now we cangive it a check. Good ending. The episode Playing with Fire was pretty good, but we need a goodbye,so what we are going to do is to have Noctowl pursue his dream job, which is to be an inventoror something like that, and he will have to leave Ash to be an apprentice of someone who can teachhim. We’ll add a few more elements to make it more emotional, and now we can give it a check. Next,we have Donphan, right now Phanpy, the last of Ash’s Pokemon, not including Celebi and Latiassince I already talked about Latias and will soon talk about Celebi anyways, and though I won’ttalk much about Celebi, I don’t really feel there.

Is much of a need to. Anyways, good beginning. Theepisode Hatches a Plan did a good job. Check. Good middle. The episode Love Pokemon Style did a goodjob too. Check. Good ending. Here’s what we are doing for Hoenn. Remember Snorunt. We’regoing to treat him as a category one Pokemon, so barely used, until Battle Frontier, in whichwe are going to practice ROTATION. So Phanpy, along with other Pokemon, will get a chanceto shine again in Battle Frontier instead of just the Hoenn Pokemon. Well, Phanpy alreadyhad chances I guess to shine, but remember, we are extending his role, so I am tryingto let him still be in Battle Frontier. Anyways, instead of Ash just leaving hisPokemon for Sinnoh, we are going to give Phanpy a goodbye(still in Ash’s disposal, justfor clarification). What goodbye? I’ll let you.

Guys decide in the comment section below.Obviously, we are going to have Ash carry some of his Hoenn Pokemon to Sinnoh, so that wayeveryone gets used to the new Pokemon, and it will continue going on like that where Ash carriessome of the favorites from the previous region until we get used to the new Pokemon, and thena good goodbye to the previous region’s pokemon, until the end of course. Check. Now that wefinished all of Ash’s Pokemon, which is a big WUUUUUUUUU HUUUUUUUUUUU let’s review what Ashhas in his disposal from the beginning of Johto. We start off with Pikachu, Bulbasaur, Charizard,and Squirtle, before Heracross joins. What I am going to do now is have Bulbasaur leave beforeBayleef, who is currently a Chikorita join, as Bulbasaur doesn’t really get to do much anywaysin Johto, and Bayleef is already a grass Pokemon,.

So let her get more time. Then, we haveCharizard leave and Quilava joins( who is currently a Cyndaquil, and remains a Cyndaquilthroughout the entire original series. I am just saying Quilava since that is what he is knownby now because of his evolution in Sinnoh. His original evolution in Sinnoh). Then,squirtle leaves and Totodile joins. Now, Heracross originally left, but we are keeping himfor a bit longer. Let’s review. We have Pikachu, Cyndaquil, Chikorita, Totodile, and Heracross. Fora while we have been having only 5 Pokemon instead of 6 ever since I took out Bulbasaur. Now, whatoriginally happened was that we got Noctowl next but we are going to postpone him, and instead,we are going to have Celebi come next. Now we are going to have 6 episodes worth of Celebi stuffbecause she is a legendary Pokemon and blah blah.

Blah. Of course, it is going to turn out much moredifferent than the original movie because this is to fit in the GS ball plotline. Anyways, in thelast of the 6 we are going to have a goodbye, obviously she is going to still beAsh’s Pokemon and in his disposal, and now, we are going to have Noctowl comein. Chikorita soon evolves into Bayleef, making Ash’s first and only evolution in Johto.Now, after Nerves of Steelix, we are going to have Heracross say goodbye, and still be in Ash’sdisposal obviously, and now the Latias drama. After the Latias drama ends, Bayleef and Latiassay goodbye and now Ash has 4 Pokemon. But only for a short time as Ash will get Donphan(whoseepisode will be postponed just by a few episodes), currently Phanpy. Then, Ash will get Larvitar whowill leave soon, and then Ash’s on hand Pokemon.

Would be Pikachu, Cyndaquil, Totodile, Noctowl,and Phanpy. And don’t worry, Ash’s five Pokemon won’t be for long, as Noctowl says goodbye. Andthen the Johto League commences. All of Ash’s Pokemon come back for the league, which I willextend later, and now Ash will leave for Hoenn with Pikachu(obviously), Cyndaquil, Totodile,and Phanpy. Totodile will leave just before Corphish comes in, and Cyndaquil will leavejust before Torkoal comes in. And Phanpy and a few other Hoenn Pokemon will leave near theend of Battle Frontier, and that will leave the iconic Hoenn Pokemon to go to Sinnoh, beforethey get their goodbyes and on and on. Anyways, I hope that makes more sense now.We fixed all of Ash’s Pokemon that needed fixing, and now we can get toour next issue, issue 3.5, the music.

This is going to be so brief I didn’t even mentionit is as a whole issue, and isn’t really an issue, but really just something I feel like had a bitmore potential. Plus, it is somewhat budget based too. In fact, I wouldn’t have even includedthis if it weren’t for all my videos getting deleted in a data transfer that didn’t go asplanned. And since I had to re-record everything, I thought to include this on the way.I suppose there is something good that comes from everything bad, I suppose,but sometimes the bad can overwhelm it. All my Minecraft worlds were gone in the datatransfer which um were over 300 hours of work, anyways, I am going to be talking about theoutro of each episode, plus my Angry Birds, you know what I am not gonna talk abouteverything I lost in the transfer. I also.

Gained some things I guess. Anyways, I am goingto be talking about the outro of each episode and um, let me give some background. In the UnitedStates and probably some other countries, the original series was split into 5 seasons: IndigoLeague, the Orange Islands, the Johto Journeys, Johto Champions, and Master Quest. However, theOrange Islands, in terms of outro, actually had a portion of Indigo League, making it about 60episodes instead of the 30-40. The first season had the Pokemon Rap, which was a nice way to showhow large the Pokemon Universe is and what they are going to explore in future episodes and whatthey are going to explore in the games. However, eventually viewers will memorize the Pokemon andit will start to get repetitive. So then the next season had a series of 6 entertaining songs thatwere a mixture between Pokemon’s content and its.

Themes. It was a pretty enjoyable segment to watchand adds more depth to the show. This was great. A fraction of the set of seasons takes place in anew region having the Pokemon rap for the region, and then the rest with Pokemon music. However,in Johto they start off with the songs, and then in the rest of the two seasons they don’t haveanything and just extend the main episode a bit. Another thing that happened in the lastseasons was that they didn’t even have “Who’s That Pokemon?”, a very iconic part of thePokemon anime. It’s almost taking out Pikachu! Which um, they took out of Ash’s Pikachubut they replaced him with Captain Pikachu so they’ll never take out Pikachu, unless itbecomes part of a political symbolic thing. Anyways, so the 3rd season, also known as thefirst season of the Johto anime could have done.

The rap for the region, and then the rest of the2 seasons could have been Karoekemon. Well, I do think there was some missed potential in that setof songs, but with more time it could have been improved and more polished. Anyways, let’s move onto our next issue, issue #4, the Pokemon Leagues. There are 3 major Pokemon Leagues throughoutthe Original Series, + the Whirl Islands, which I will get DON’T SAY IT, get into, NOO,THE VIEWERS ARE GOING TO CLICK OUT OF THE VIDEO IF YOU SAY IT, get into -, NOOOOOOOO, soon,THAT’S NOT BETTERRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR! AND PLEASE GIVE ME A CONSISTENT VOICE! I told you I wouldgive it to you eventually. Anyways, the first one is the Indigo League. Now, Indigo League isinfamous because of the big focus on Team Rocket, but in the actual Indigo League it is evenmore annoying when Team Rocket takes up half.

The episode. Plus, it is illegal in Pokemonto have an episode with no Team Rocket. So, we are going to make Team Rocket do somethingthat is not disturbing the battles and takes up less screen time, and now we can extend afew battles. Plus, we are going to have Ash vs Richie not be as pathetic as it was in theoriginal series, which was having Team Rocket chase down Ash for more than HALF the episode,making him tired along with a few other Pokemon, making it look as if Richie didn’t really win byskill and just because Team Rocket interfered. So we can have a longer battle for Richie vsAsh. Now, some of you guys might be asking about a battle between Ash and Gary. Well, Iam not thinking of a battle, but I am thinking of perhaps a competition in which Ash will lose,so that way when Ash beats Gary in a competition.

In Extreme Pokemon, it will be more rewarding andwill help build up to the Johto League battle. What competition? I am thinking of a race too,and Ash will use Taurus, and Ash will lose because he did not have control over him. In the OrangeLeague, we can have a bit of control issue to make the battle in the Orange League more rewardingafter Ash lost the race and more interesting. Plus, Taurus will get his redemption againstGary’s Pokemon anyways in the Johto League. Now, I think the Indigo League is now in good condition,and now we can head on to the Orange League. The league itself is fantastic, but the buildupis not really. So, I am thinking of having a mini quest two parter in which the Orange IslandsChampion will have to collaborate with Ash using his Dragonite to recover some artifact. Thatwill make the buildup more interesting. And two.

Episodes of practice before the Orange Leaguewill help it look like Ash had earned it more, because the Orange League is supposed to be Ash’sredemption quest. Now, the battle itself is great, and we can fill in the rest of the filler episodeswith battles, practices, and competitions to help the buildup be stronger. Plus, we will have Ashuse all the other Pokemon he has at his disposal in those competitions so that way they will gettheir moments to shine in the redemption quest too. Now, we head on to the Johto League. I wantto extend the Johto League not just for the new Pokemon(Latias and Celebi) but also to help theJohto Pokemon Ash caught get more time, since the Kanto Pokemon already got their chances in theIndigo League and Orange League. Don’t worry, I am still keeping the Kanto Pokemon because myfavorite part of a Pokemon League, and probably.

Many of yours too, is seeing all the Pokemon Ashhad caught and developed get their moment to shine again in front of our eyes. Anyways, I am planningon having a Ash vs Richie rematch(6v6) and an Ash vs Casey(3v3) battle because she seems to beimportant because she appeared in 3 episodes plus a main character in chronicles too. Now,we can fill in the rest of the filler episodes with more Johto League battles or perhaps a fewcompetitions. We also have the Whirl Islands, and it consisted of 13 episodes, and some of thosewere filler. We only needed the introduction, Misty catching Corsola, the actual league, andthe Lugia arc. That gives us a few episode slots, so I will fill them with Giovanni, Butch andCassidy, along with more character development. Now, I am not done yet, because we also needto talk about the Hoenn League, along with.

Other future leagues. Because look, watching thesame 6 Pokemon battle constantly is boring, plus the Pokemon League is like a season finale, andall the viewers are supposed to be able to come back to watch it together. Obviously, its mainfocus should be on the region’s native Pokemon, but also bring back the other Pokemon Ash hasin his disposal so that way they also get a return and can shine again, because it's been morethan a hundred episodes since we last saw them. We don’t just want a few second cameo for the OGPokemon, we want a battle to show that Ash hasn’t forgotten his Pokemon he developed over a LONGperiod of time, and also to show that the show runners haven’t forgotten the OG viewers too.If every new Super Smash Bros game completely took out the previous game’s characters andjust kept Mario, do you think that people.

Would be able to enjoy each of the games? No, andthis especially applied to the Pokemon Journey’s World League. Because we see Ash using the samegroup of Pokemon for each of those battles, and we barely saw them for a hundred episodesbefore the league. Isn’t this supposed to be a celebration of all the seasons that came before.Have Ash use every single Pokemon he caught, even Primeape, to actually celebrate and bringeveryone together. Or else it isn’t a finale to a 1000 episode anime saga, it is just Ashcatching extra stronger Pokemon for his last Pokemon League. Do you know why A Memory of Lightis considered one of the best Wheel of Time books? Because it was an actual finale to a 4.4 millionword(FYI 4x the size of the entire Harry Potter series) saga. There are over 2000 characters inthe Wheel of Time, and A Memory of Light gives.

Those characters moments to shine again and geta good finale. Its Last Battle might be longer than Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone, butit was great and epic, and brought conclusion. That is how a series finale should be like. Andthat is the end of the fourth and last issue. In conclusion, the Pokemon anime was great, andespecially the Original Series. But it had flaws. Its flaws were in filler episodes,movies, characters, and the leagues, and not just the leagues in its own segment,but in the rest of the series itself too. In this video I made, we covered them and figuredout how to improve them whilst sticking with the show’s limits. Remember, all shows have flaws,and you will never be able to cover all the flaws. But somebody else to help point them outcould really help you improve upon the product.

You made and are proud of, because Pokemon willprobably never end, and knowing the mistakes you made will help you do better next time. Andwho knows, maybe Pokemon will get a remake, and by knowing the goods and bads, it might beone of the few actually good remakes. I hope you enjoyed this video. Thanks for watching, and I’llsee you next time. Byeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.

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