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So what's the word gang I hear you want to getinto the anime but y'all know where to start the big steps are really mixed up so many animeout there you want to choose the right ones you don't want to watch anything they give youa bad impression that completely kill your interest right but good news to you my boy I'mhere I'm here to be your non-judgmental friend and guide you into this beautiful and vast worldof anime we're gonna break this process up into three phases or six steps phase one is gonnabe the transitional pre-weave phase phase two is going to be the curious semi-weave and thenwhen you graduate and reach phase three it's the explorational Mass Prestige weed phase now thatI was laid out the whole path you ready to take the first step cool let's get into it again getyou right step one so since you're a fairly new.

To anime we want to start you up with some of themost approachable anime possible and I know what you thinking what about DBZ what about Naruto whatabout bleach we'll get there my boy I just don't want you to take such a huge commitment for yourvery first anime that you're gonna watch I want you to look more towards something shorter likea Jujutsu Kaizen a Demon Slayer uh or if you lean them more towards the Slice of Life genre are youmore interested in a slice of Life check out spot family or maybe you're really big into sports thenI will go with something newer like like blue lock yes a soccer anime I know what you're thinking butwhy I don't like soccer just trust me I promise I won't leave you in the wrong direction focuson these shows finish these shows but step one if you're anything like me anything like I waswhen I watched anime for my first time while.

I started watching anime again you gonna starttalking about how good those anime are to your event friends your vet friends gonna be reallyproud to see you take the first step into this journey step two so now that you finish yourfirst couple anime we're gonna start singing You're gonna start seeing anime posts on theinternet because you know Facebook is watching all of us but for the love of God whateveryou do do not go in those comments and don't interact with any of these groups of communitiesat least not yet watching anime comes with the community eventually and the community canbe an evil place if you don't navigate it correctly it's a scary place out there and Iwant you to enjoy the actual art form before interacting with the people of the art form talkand interact with your level-headed anime watching.

Friends and finish a couple more of the shortones maybe throw in something like a cyberpunk a common got killed one punch man to get youused to the variety that anime offers after you finish one or two more you officiallygraduated out of the transitional phase congratulations game now we're on phase twostep three you're officially a semi-weed gay yeah yeah clap it out for my [__] clap it up youmade it out the hardest step in the process and a lot of people weren't able to do what you just didnow remember when you're asking about the Oz shows earlier now it's about that time to watch for butmy first OG show I will go with one of the bigger ones so I'm thinking Dragon Ball Z or Naruto nowbefore you watch these shows all the way through keep in mind that these anime have somethingcalled filler so Filler episodes is basically.

Episodes that aren't really essential to the mainplot line the main story of these anime some of these Filler episodes can be Canon or non-canonCanon means relevant to the story nine Canon means not really relevant to the story it's kind of likea one-off thing that you'd never gonna hear about it yet you don't have to even watch the Canonfiller episode you'll have to watch any of these fellow episodes I didn't watch the Filler episodeswhen I first watched through a Naruto and I had the same great experience that everyone else hadwhen they watched Naruto now go get em gang this is a very tall task but this is what you've beenprepared for my [__] you got this now step four damn gang you you back already that was that wasactually kind of fast well congrats while [__] you've officially finished your first OG animeyou have now unlocked the meaning of the Naruto.

Running in school hallways that some kids weredoing or the random attempts of [__] trying to pull off a Kamehameha you say you want to watchanother one well I got good news for you that's in this step as well but for this we're gonnawatch the OG somewhat sleeper anime so we're gonna watch uu Haka show watch it in English too Iusually but let people choose between sub and dub for the preference but they're all preferencebut you gotta watch you in English this one is more of like a preference Builder individualityBuilder to see what individual Direction you're gonna go on for the anime that you want to watchin the future you're about to choose in the future after that after you finish your locker so we'regonna move on to the final phase of the guide now we're on phase three the explorational weed phaselook at you my [__] you're in the Final Phase.

And now clap it off for my [__] man you knowthey came up fast as hell flapping up for him man so this may be a surprise to you but for thisstep I want you to choose something that looks interesting to you it could be any anime thatyou might have seen you might send a clip online you could have heard about it you can just closeyour eyes and just pick one it doesn't matter now I want you to watch that anime of your choice soyou can see if you like it or not if you like it oh you know what your tastes are and you canformulate your own opinion based off of your own preferences if you didn't like it oh you knowwhat your tastes are and you can formulate your own opinion based off your own preferences seethis step was about growing your individuality in the anime it's rare than you might thinkauthentic individuality is something just really.

Hard to combine the anime Community sometimesbecause there are a lot of trolls and people that just want attention they'll just say anythingjust to get it but now you have your own opinion it won't phase you you know what you like and youknow what you don't like you already ahead a lot of [__] in this community Now we move on to thefinal step you've reached the final step game the final step you're here you made it you know whatI want you to do Roam and watch whatever you want you have your own opinion now you're gonna watcha different list of shows and other people are going to watch and I'm gonna watch so you're gonnahave something to talk about and recommend yep and you heard that right it is now time to interactwith the anime Community now that you have your own opinion your own taste that you won't betold what you like and what not to like your.

Training has paid off and I think no I know thatyou are ready to navigate through this community be humble be humble but don't let anybody tellyou what you like and what you don't like you are a vet and though I might have been yourguide we are on the same level in this community Welcome to My Beautiful Dark Twisted animeCommunity you have been a great student and you are just as important in this community asI am you've always been thank you for trusting me to introduce to you this beautiful thing wecall anime I'm really glad that you trusted me so take your first steps into this beautifulJourney that we're all in this beautiful genre that we that we explore on a daily basis younow have your own mind your own taste and your own will to watch whatever you want and you didit so fast you're one of my best students ever.

That's pretty much wraps it up for me mannow enjoy some anime have a great day peace foreign

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