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In the midst of a quarter-life crisis, aguilty salaryman named Youji started wishing for an escape. He wanted to escape the worldhe was living in. Ask and you shall receive, buddy! He gets whisked away to another world,one where humans are the strongest race and are considered gods. At the same time, humans arealso instinct there. On his arrival, he meets Ria, an elf betrayed by her cat companion Dex.Thanks to this meeting, Youji receives a much-needed info dump as Ria explainseverything he needs to know. In this world, any human relic – even a single strand of hair –can give a person immense strength and power. It’s a One For All type of beat. This is why numerouscountries will fight if they ever discover Youji's existence! Yeah, that’s not compatiblewith Youji’s aim to live a peaceful life..

The only way Youji can live in peace in thisworld is to create his own kingdom with strong followers. This way, they can fight the threatsagainst his life. Thankfully, Ria's ready to be Youji's first follower. But in the meantime, theyhide in her grandpa's cave hideout. Here, Youji discovers that his saliva is also powerful whenhe gives Ria a piece of jerky he already bit into. The next day, they meet an unusuallypowerful slime, who apparently drank from the springs Youji drank from thenight before. It's powerful, but it's also subservient to Youji! So, he names it Lime.Some of Youji’s subsequent shenanigans include destroying one of the moons while testingout his power, learning that his saliva has stimulating properties, Ria getting hooked onsaid fluids, and finding a little girl starkers.

Outside their cave. Fortunately, before Riacan off him in jealousy, Youji discovers that the girl is Lime, who can now turn into a human!Now, let’s see how our trio is doing! Especially when Roze, a girl that considers Ria herbig sister, is just around the corner… [7]With the Lime situation cleared up, Youji focuses on Ria. Does she feel any different? Sinceshe had a lot of his relics… Of course, she feels different! Her power increased tenfold thanks tohim! That's not really the difference he had in mind. He has expected her assets to get bigger,but he definitely won't mention that to her. Aside from her power increasing, her sight andhearing are much better! She'll definitely notice intruders much earlier. Youji marvels thatRia can notice her abilities improving, but.

It also makes him wonder if he's really strong.Ria then hears footsteps. Intruder alert!!! Youji can hear them, too! The elf deduces from the soundthat the intruder's alone and it's a man. Is he strong??? For her, he's not even worth discussing!However… they can't leave alive – not when he knows about their sanctuary!! Ria will makehim regret that he came here and that he was born in the first place!!! She swirls her morningstar around her head, fire and anger in her eyes. To stop her from going on a rampage,Youji volunteers to fight the intruder. He wants to feel how strong he is! Sure, sure.And so he walks toward the cave's entrance and is met by a sword-wielding bearman. The manthreatens Youji to leave his valuables and go away. He'll spare his life just this once! Riasaid he's a weakling, but why does he seem so.

Strong to Youji!? You're just a wuss, my guy.Youji still has some courage to resist the man's demands, though. He has Ria and Lime tothink about, after all. But the moment the man swings his sword, the wuss in Youji comes out infull force. He runs back to where he came from, all while dodging the man's attacks.Swords are just too scary for him! He tries to find a way to fight back. He debatesusing his magic for a bit. The problem is, if he does, the whole cave might blow up!The man finds an opening to attack again, but before he can hurt Youji, Lime comes betweenthem. She then transforms into her human form! [8]Ria also arrives, ready to eviscerate the intruder. Said mannotices that the two girls are pretty and imagines.

How much they'll sell on the servant trade.Hearing that is the last straw for Youji – he won't let this selfish goon do what hewants! One push from our boy blasts the intruder out of the cave. He follows theinjured man out, finding him out cold. Ria runs out, too, gathering Youji in a hugas thanks for protecting her. Youji's just overjoyed to feel her melons pressing against him.He ascends to heaven when Lime jumps on his back, making him the filling of a pretty girl sandwich.— Youji's too kind because he asks Riato heal the intruder. The elf gushes about her master's kindness. Well, he doesn'twant the intruder, now bound and passed out, to die from his attack. Besides, the manmight have some information for them!.

The man wakes up and laments being beaten by abeansprout like Youji. He clearly lost his touch. Our guy once again stops Ria from taking down theguy and asks him why he's there. What is he after? He launches into his sad story. Hissister is sick, but he doesn't have money for medicine because their village ispoor. She might not survive the night! Oh, the lengths people go to for their loved ones…Youji asks Ria if she can heal the sister, but the elf can't. Injuries she canhelp with, but illnesses are a different thing. But there's something that can help…A relic from him will help her recover from her illness – from any illness, even – but Riawarns against it. They might be discovered if he hands out relics without a thought. They stillhave to stay hidden! Ria's right, but Youji still.

Wants to help the man's sister. He so wanted to beneeded by someone back in his original world. If his power can help people, he just can't sit back.Ria agrees and promises to make sure the news won't spread. At that, Lime, back in her slimeform, cuts the ropes restraining the man. Youji plucks a strand of hair and gives it to him.As soon as the man touches it, he can feel the sheer amount of power emanating from it. Ourguy takes this chance to veer him back to the right path. His sister will be cured with thatstrand, so he better stop doing stupid stuff! This makes the man, Adai, tear up. He's one of thewerebears living in the forest. As he goes back to his village, he promises to repay Youji.— Adai comes back the next day to let them knowhis sister is free from illness. He also has.

Boxes of produce as gifts! Adai's village becametheir ally. He'll give them his hair strands, and the village will give them food in exchange.They find out that his hair can be used as a magistone subsitute. Magistone is a necessityin this world and is used in many things, like lamps. The price of this stone increased,which impoverished the werebear village. This led to Adai's short life of crime.But thanks to Youji's hair, they no longer have that problem! Ria's so jelly of the village,though. How come they get a taste of her master's hair, but she hasn't yet!? Oh, dear. Let's hopeYouji doesn't go bald with all this happening. He's been wondering, though. Did Ria makesure the information won't go out? He did see her go to the village with Adai yesterday…At that, Adai skedaddles, clearly nervous. When.

He's gone, Ria reveals what she did. She put acurse on every villager so they keep their word. There won't be any problem! Dang, that's intense!Upon hearing that, Youji makes a promise to himself: he will do hisvery best not to upset Ria. [9]Roze arrives in the ruins near Ostra forest. When she looks into the forest below, she sees acolumn of smoke from the trees. A sign of life! —While Ria's little sister is exploring the forest looking for her, the girl is proposingto set up traps. While the thing with Adai didn't turn into anything serious, it's still better tobe safe than sorry. They don't have any idea about the enemies they might come across. Youji agreesand suggests adding some pitfalls around the cave..

Ria, always eager to show off to her master,starts right away with an Earth Impact spell. The hole she makes is a bit shallow, but it's solid!Well, if it's too shallow, there's only one thing they can do, according to the elf. Put poisonousthings in it! Jeez, this girl's so bloodthirsty. Youji disagrees with that suggestion. Whatif they space out and walk into it? Ria sees some sense but still looks like a kicked puppy.Lime then gets Youji's attention. She can help, too! She then starts creating slime clones.Ria calls this a slime's cell division. Ooh, that's cool! Slimes can multiply bydividing into multiple parts when they have enough magic in their body. Thanksto Youji, Lime can do it pretty well! Oh, so they're like Lime and his children!Hearing that from her master devastates her.

So much that she falls to her knees. She can'tbelieve Lime had children with him before her! With tears in her eyes, she pleads with hermaster to have children with her. She'll divide her cells! They'll all pop out, for sure!As Ria says this, she uses her Burning Bullet spell. The girl's becoming a bit unhinged, andshe's not listening to Youji! All he can do is smooch her to shut her up and calm her down.Of course, this turns into a long smooching session until she passes out. Ria looksdownright blissful in her sleep, though. Youji tasks Lime and her slimes to watchthe cave's entrance. If she sees intruders, make them harmless but don't killthem! Don't be like Ria, Lime! With that settled, he brings Ria to bed. He can'thelp but notice that she goes overboard whenever.

He needs something or about things that concernhim. It's cute that she's her best for him, but still. Why is she so infatuated with him?His thoughts are interrupted by a scream. It's not Lime, though. An intruder? Youji sees apair of legs raised, with the upper half of the intruder's body in the shallow pit.He can see the intruder's undies, too. The intruder rights herself andwonders what the heck she's in. Oh, it's Roze! She's only clad in her undies and isstruggling to get out of the pit. Who would've thought Ria's shallow pit would work!?Youji doesn't think it's the pitfall, really, but the slimes attacking the girl andgetting her all sticky and slimy. Our guy, who's still watching from afar, clocksin on her melons. It's bigger than Ria's!.

When Roze gets out of the pit, she catchesYouji staring at her and covers her chest. Lime, following Youji's instruction to the letter, hasher clone remove Roze's melon holders. Points for keeping the intruder harmless, but that's toomuch! Lime still hands Youji her undies, though. Which, of course, is when Riaemerges out of the cave. Why is her master holding a woman's underwear?What is he doing? If her smile can kill, Youji will be six feet underground right now.Roze forgets about her state; she's just happy to see her onee-sama again! Ria, on theother hand, is surprised to see her. [10]Roze is so happy to see her onee-sama! She knew deep in her bones that she'dbe alive! Yeah, yeah, you're happy to see Ria, but.

She'd like it if you put your clothes on first!Ria explains how they know each other. They're about the same age, but the other girljoined the knights two years before she did. Ooh, she's basically Ria's senpai!When fully dressed, Roze implores her onee-sama to return to the capital. There's beenan uproar ever since someone destroyed the moon! The knights need her help to tamp down the chaos.Yep, Youji, of course, they'd notice! Just because the chaos didn't reach you doesn't meannobody panicked because of the moon breaking! Going back, Ria won't return to the capital.She has sworn fealty to Youji, after all. Youji, who is a human. This declaration makes Rozeskeptical. This newman's supposed to be human? She can't sense any power in him! The elf reassuresher that Youji's the real deal. His power's so.

Great that ordinary people can't sense it!But our guy's confused, so he whispers a question to Ria. What's a newman? Newmans are arace that inherited a high concentration of human blood. They don't have magic, but they look a lotlike humans. Proven by Roze's human-like ears! Youji figures that if ever someone sees him,they'll assume that he's a newman. That's one way to hide his identity and live in peace!Roze doesn't take Ria's word for Youji's human status. She wants proof! Ria and Youji whisperagain. Should he give Roze a hair strand? Nah, that might be too much. Just one strand containsa lot of magic! Ria suggests putting his fingers inside Roze's mouth instead.Uhm, how is that any better? Youji's worried. Won't she get angry?Or angrier? Ria assures him that Roze's.

Soft spot for her will keep him safe.Judging by the newman's anger when the elf gets close to Youji, Roze just doesn'thave a soft spot for Ria. Seems like she has a serious case of siscon going on here…Before they can act on their idea, Roze manages to land one last jab at Youji.He's even more unremarkable up close! How is Ria even attracted to him? Not to mention:claiming to be human is so sketchy of him! At that, Youji asks Lime to have the slimesrestrain Roze. Aaand he shoves his fingers into her mouth. His sweat seems to do the trick,and like Ria, the skeptic Roze is loving it. With her kneeling by his feet and doing that with hisfingers, Youji can't help but get riled up. Before he can do anything more, Ria stops them.—.

Now inside the cave, the three talk.Roze believes that Youji's a human. What will she do now? She was ordered toimmediately report if she ever finds a human, but her loyalty will always lie with heronee-sama, not the country. She'll help them! That's nice and all, but Youji double-checks.Is she sure? He calls her Roze when he asks, which earns her ire. How dare he call her that!Only her onee-sama can use that nickname! I guess I'd have to apologize for using it, then.And yep, siscon confirmed! That's more worshiping than respectful!Anyway, Ria reminds him that what they need the most is supplies and information.They can get both of those if Roze infiltrates the capital. The girl is prepared to do andgive everything for her dear onee-sama! Her.

Body and soul belong to her and only her!The elf doesn't even bat an eye at that declaration. She only asks Roze to reportto her if she finds out what Dex is up to. Yep, the catman is the biggest threatto them. Dex knows Youji's identity, and he's powered up by that hair strand!Ria has one last warning to Roze. She better be careful with how she talks to Youji. Orelse… she'll be unalived by Ria herself! Instead of being afraid, Roze swoons atthe threat. Her onee-sama is so cool! Wow, aside from the siscon,girlie also has that big M! Youji wonders if all knights are weirdossince Ria and Roze have a lot of quirks. —Speaking of.

Dex… The catman is in a dark alley, lamentinghis life. He then claws his face, craving for a relic. He needs more! Oof, he got addicted…As he acts like a junky that can't get his fix, someone mocks him. Dex draws his blade instantly.Oh, it's a guy in a hooded cape – typical villain attire. He mocks the catman – did theso-called Divine Blade really fall this low? Anyway, he's Greis, a demonkin. He justwants a peaceful deal. He brandishes a vial full of pills before Dex, who immediatelysenses their power. Are those relics!? In pill form!? How did he even make that!?The demonkin have researched humans for a long time, which enabled them to develop pillsthat have similar effects to relics. The catman acts feral as he demands those pills. Greiswill give it to him, but he has one condition..

He wants Dex to take down Youji.How does he know Youji!? [11]Okay, let's forget about the mysterious villain for now and check on Ria and Youji. Well, they'rehaving a smooching session while Lime watches. This is now their morning routine so Ria can powerup. After a few moments of heavy smooching, Youji pulls away, to Ria's dismay. Aw, she's sulking!Her master reminds her that they're taking things slow so she won't faint. Don't sulk toomuch, Ria! But how can she not pout when she wants to smooch her master forever!? Hisbody fluids are just so good! She's addicted! Hearing the term' body fluids' makesYouji embarrassed, but also makes his brain go in a very naughty direction. He canimagine Ria being covered in his other body.

Fluids and clearly enjoying it…The visual's enough to make Youji bang his head against the wall inembarrassment. Get yourself together, dude! —Outside the cave, Adai calls for Youji. Is he here for more hair? Nope! He wants advice abouthis sister. She's been absent-minded and cranky lately! She's so restless, too! Of course, Adai'shappy that his little sister's healed, but he can't help but worry when she's acting like that.After pondering it, Ria realizes that the girl might be experiencing withdrawal symptoms.Huh!? Yes, because she has read that relics can have addictive substances. Considering howDex is now and Ria going bonkers every time she gets Youji's body fluids, that's very possible.Unless the person continues to consume relics,.

They'll start scratching their skin off from thestress of the withdrawals. It can lead to death. Adai freaks out at that – no, not his dear sister!Youji calms him down and suggests they go see how she is. He also realizes that Ria might getsick if she doesn't get a constant supply of his relics.— When they arrive in the werebear village, Youjiis happy to see that things are lively. It's all thanks to him! When they mixed his hair intotheir fertilizer, their apples and tomatoes tasted a lot better! They now get ordersfrom a famous restaurant in the capital! They soon arrive at Adai's house. Whoa,it's huge! Well, he doesn't look like it, but he's still the village chief. They'regreeted by Mirea, the aforementioned sister,.

By the door. Youji instantly notices hercuteness, earning a bombastic side eye from Ria. Mirea isn't thrilled about her brother bringingstrangers, especially a guy, but she quickly changes her tune when she discovers it's Youji,the man that saved her. She goes from aloof to flustered, quickly going to her room to change.And according to Adai, the dress she's wearing is part of the clothes she'll only wearwhen she has a boyfriend! The girl quickly denies that and proceeds to make dinner.Yep, Youji can see why Adai's worried about her. Meanwhile, the girls are giving themsome impressive side eyes. The girl likes you, Youji! You're just dense! You, too, Adai!— Soon later, dinner is served, and it'smouthwatering! Mirea clearly put her.

Heart and soul into this meal. The foodtastes amazing! Youji thinks she'll be a fine wife someday. If only you knowthat she wants to be your wife, Youji… Anyway, he's glad that she and Ria get along. Oh,right, the elf went to the village to ensure they won't tell anyone about Youji. How? By puttinga curse on them! Speaking of… he still doesn't know exactly what Ria did. So hetries to ask Adai one more time, but the village chief is clearly dodging thequestion. I didn't know he can run that fast! After dinner, Ria decides to check if thecurse she put on the villagers still works, with Lime accompanying her. While they dothis, Youji checks on Mirea. That's why he's there in the first place. He goes to herroom, and the girl makes her sit on her bed..

This is the first time Youji has ever beeninside a girl's room, so he's a bit flustered. Mirea sits beside him, which reminds him to askabout her well-being. Her answer shocks Youji. Mirea loves him!What!? [12]The girl is definitely head over heels for Youji! Whenever she thinks of him, her heartjust starts beating fast. She's acting differently because of her feelings. Mirea knows her brotherworries about her, but she can't stop it. It dawns on Youji that Mirea is actingweirdly because she's in love! Well, he wouldn't know since nobody has ever beenin love with him. That's pretty sad. But why does she feel that way about him?Yeah, Mirea, how are you sure.

You're in love with someone you've just met?Mirea goes off-topic for a bit. Her dream is to be a fashion designer in the capital.Yep, all the pretty clothes in her room are her designs! She made them all! Her clotheseven sell out in seconds at the capital bazaar! Most of the clothes people use now are designedby humans a long time ago. And as a lover of clothes and fashion, Mirea holds humans inhigh regard. They're almost like gods to her! That was why when her brother told hera human healed her, she felt like it was fate. Now that she has met him, she's sure ofit. She really loves him! But she doesn't want to force him to make any commitments orpromises – she knows he already has Ria! Not that they're not together that way, though.But if Youji wants a mistress, she's at his.

Service. Mirea raises her dress, showing himher undies. She soon removes it, making Youji reel at the sight. Her undies do look like theones in Japan. Wow, speaking like an expert… Speaking of undies, whoever thoughtof putting little ribbons there is a genius! Youji's sure a lot of hisbrethren are bewitched by those ribbons! While he's distracted by Mirea's undies,the girl goes and straddles him. He can tap out anytime he likes! Who'd tap outif a cute girl is on top of them!? Anyway, Mirea smooches Youji and feels his power. LikeRia, she's hooked and goes back for more. However, unlike Ria, she only lasts a minute. Riamust be a beast to last ten whole minutes! When Mirea's tucked in her bed, Youji asks for afavor. Can she make clothes for them? Of course,.

She will! When our guy asks what she wantsas payment, Mirea's answer is simple. Smooches!True enough, Mirea makes Lime pretty clothes, while Adaiis worried about his sister's behavior again. As the days go by, two more girls appear inYouji's new life – one is enamored with Ria, and the other is in love with him. I wonderwhat Ria's reaction will be regarding Mirea and the smooching payment… That'll be interesting towatch! Hope she remembers that it's okay to share!

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