Hype Oshi No Ko Files and Unusual Trailer Launched at Anime Japan 2023!

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So it's pretty late in the night right now where Icurrently live it's about to be midnight I should probably be asleep but there's no way I'm gettingany sort of sleep after all the announcements and information that's coming out from anime Japantoo many things to talk about but I'm gonna try my best to talk about one thing right now and thatis oceanoco so oshinoko is going to be coming out pretty soon it's a new series that is reallyreally good I've read some of the manga and I know there's a lot of people that love it and Ilove it so far from what I've read and I'm super hyped about it it's going to be one of those likegreat series that do come out for this upcoming spring season of anime so how does this relateto anime Japan so at anime Japan today there was a trailer that did drop a new one for the seriesif you guys haven't seen it I will make sure to.

Link it down in the description below or link itdown in the comments so you guys can check that out make sure you do so you can watch it it looksgreat I can't wait to freaking see it it's gonna be amazing but before I do get into a little bitof that I guess or at least further stuff I wanted to talk about a little bit of the informationthat did come out a few weeks or about a month or so so ago they had announced that it was goingto be coming out in April and that's really all they told us was just April but no specified dateyet on the premiere of the series but they gave us a specified date about a few weeks ago like Isaid or a month ago it's going to be coming out on April 12th which is pretty exciting we're aboutmaybe three weeks or so away from it one thing that's not so great I guess but probably becauseone of the other things I'm going to mention is.

That it's going to have only 11 episodes for itsseason so you know typically anime seasons are about 12 13 episodes so this one will have youknow one or two less than what the norm usually is but that's most likely because of the actualfirst episode that's going to be coming out for it I'm not sure maybe that's why but you knowit would make sense if it is because the first episode is going to actually be 90 minutes longso that's freaking crazy it's going to be a crazy long almost like movie-esque episode although withthem saying that it's going to be a 90 minute long episode just remember that this is a 90 minutetime slot that they're gonna have it it for in Japan this stuff broadcasts on television in Japanso there's a lot of commercials and stuff in the mix with it so it's slotted for 90 minutes onthat time slot but in actuality like I said.

There's commercials slotted in between it so inactuality the episode is a little bit shorter than that when it does come to us when it streams onlike Crunchyroll or something along those lines it'll probably be like I said an hour an hourfive ten minutes or something along those lines um just as it heads up there just in case you walkinto it and you're like wait it's not an hour and a half it's not 90 minutes long I'm gettingjipped or something like that just keep that in mind there so yeah that's a bunch of freakingcool stuff that we're going to be getting about an hour long of a first episode which will bereally freaking cool to see for a premiere of an anime and then as well as it coming up in aboutthree weeks on April 12th marking my calendar right now just so I don't forget it and then aswell as you know getting that trailer drop that.

We got today at anime Japan if you guys haven'tchecked it out make sure you do so because it looks amazing like I said before but yeah that'sall the information I wanted to throw out there for ocean Noco I'm super hyped about it upcomingif you guys haven't picked up the first volume of the manga it's actually out in available forpurchase too if you guys haven't I picked mine up I don't know exactly where I put it but it'ssomewhere around here behind me but yeah if you guys enjoyed the video make sure to leave a likeI greatly appreciate it and make sure to subscribe if you have not already and hit that notificationBell as well to make sure you get notified for whenever I do upload a video or go live or anyfun stuff like that and I hope you all have a fantastic rest of the day or a night and weekendand yeah catch you all later bye-bye see ya.


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