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Hello gas all of you are welcome on my channel this comic is very special because in this you will get to see story as well as great fight so without any delay let's start the video now in the beginning of the episode i showed It is known that there is a very fierce war going on between two Guddu and where these people are living, hurry up, this is their best difference, this kind of difference is just one step and if we finish it once We will win, this is what happens to the witch union, it happens, hurry up and eliminate all these people from here, only then we are shown the king of the other group, who happens to you, you have so much courage, you have caused so much devastation. You are creating trouble, yet you are the banner yourself, you are very arrogant, he takes out a huge dragon from inside and that dragon is creating havoc all around, many people.

Get killed, it is deep. you all are cowards you all you dare you you want to take over my country if you are so If you have guts then why are you hiding come out come out someone else has been someone else's a king can always occupy any country if you have so much courage then why don't you come out why are you hiding yourself it seems You have crossed me then it comes out and its name is Guten Left wala says that I am the real dragon and God has blessed me you are nothing in front of me you are just a servant who is a He doesn't obey orders properly, he gets deep, well, if you want to say this, then it seems that fate also wants us to meet and then I kill you. Hearing this, he gets very angry and he What is happening is to shut up, he.

Uses all his power, many dragons are coming out of him, but all those dragons are not able to stand in front of Gulshan, he stops them with only one hand, and what is happening to him. You have reached your limit we are shown Gulshan uses a box and the same power reverses back And there is such a big explosion that many people have been killed just like that, in the grip of this attack, this too would have happened and it would have been said that it is impossible, I have been blessed , I am the real dragon king. His condition is very bad Gods have chosen me No it can't happen that you have become battered and in one go you tear him to pieces Royal Star has also done it before Now the sky and the ground are starting to change The New Dragon Will Rise Again If You Can't Summon Your Past, You Will Never Welcome Your Future When It.

Snows, It Jams Out When The Water Comes, Even The Bird Will Come Back She returns to her home again the same battle tune everyone kills each other and many years pass while doing this but now there is peace everywhere the scene changes we are shown a teacher who is history We are teaching about and we are talking about who will solve this question 19 Prince This is our character whose name is we will call it Chan He is a teacher, would you like to answer this question, but this chain is a little stupid type of guy, everyone makes fun of him a lot and they are talking, look, he has nothing to eat. As you can see , he is behaving like a child and is making the teacher angry, what are he doing, look, you guys , don't spread all these things outside the class at all, if all these things go outside the class, then this.

Will go down as the biggest joke of the whole century . This girl also lives in it. We will call her as we all call her purple girl. She is wondering is she really stupid or is she just faking it . He is hiding his real power. Teacher angrily tells Chan to go and stand outside for two hours and your punishment will be that from today you will clean the library for three days. Chahat says ok sir ok Yes sir and he starts going but the children there are very bad guys, they throw away a pen, which was the pencil of that time. His foot falls on the pencil and he slips and falls down. All the kids start laughing at him again . If he wants to start a fight with him, he can do that but he cannot do that who is 14 years old.

Missing the most precious time of his practice, Chan also had a mother who used to belong to the Nobel family, but when Chan turned out to be such a negligent and idiot, in fact some accident happened to him, you will come to know further, then his mother Committed suicide the same old time Kari did and Chan had no one to teach him see if you have to do this then you can become stronger because everyone hates it even someone doesn't even know it Tells how he can advance his martial arts, is his life going to be like this, he will remain like this all his life, only then the teacher is talking to Purple, would you like to answer this question, she raises and answers quickly It seems and all the answers are absolutely correct, in her opinion the teacher knows that she is a normal girl but she is not a normal girl from any angle because there is a lot of power behind her, she is the younger daughter of a big father.

I understand it means that there will be a lot of power if the teacher says anything to her, then she will kill the teacher who is the father of Purple, he is a very powerful heavenly Rank Cultivator, Yuvan belongs to Yugo family and his brother is also very powerful, he is from lower family, he is very powerful and everyone calls him Lower Lu means his family has such a surname After that the teacher starts reading whatever they read we are shown in the next scene purple is here in the training room she starts her training she kills her wood so much that in the end only wood Gives example in a very bad way till then someone comes there clapping It looks ordinary but its damage is really very dangerous. If you keep practicing like this, you will go to a new level in.

The world of martial arts. No problem, after that she starts telling him about the levels that that level is not that much high but till there It takes a lot of hard work to reach, till then someone else comes there whom the yellow one doesn't like and then there is a conversation between them, he tells that the seventh prince, he has two reals. He has made a break through and now he has become master of eight forms and soon he will train himself even more then he will have a heavenly body as well, out of all the princes in this city, there are only four who have made family and realme Has made a break through because it is not that easy to do and it takes a lot of timing concentration. Who is the mother of seven princes, she has officially become the queen and there is a lot of power behind.

Her, who knows. So many big people must have been teaching him that's why he became so powerful and then moved to the next step, you guys will remember all of them very well because there is going to be fun ahead and there will be a fight among all of them. is going to happen after that those people start talking about character chain in us that only out of all friends He is the only prince who is the 19th prince who has no power no skill and his whole life is useless and you know for this we should thank the ninth prince because when these people are 5 years old then the 9th prince Had hit his face hard with a punch and since then his screw has loosened, I don't know there is a reason why all the princes are jealous of the 19th Prince i.e. Chan and no one likes him So those people always keep deducting its money in one way or the other but here.

These people are talking that it may happen that he has really become a fool or he is acting like a fool because he Acts like a child and see instinct catching instinct while reading this tense catches prince's parry he must have been with 10th princess brother what a grand way you have welcomed me prince says look you have seen my shoes shoulders relaxed said no problem I will clean it he says wait I will fix it myself he says He kicks chain on his head and these people always harass him like this . Thank you you cleaned my shoes he is called your welcome tenth brother and then his brother and all of them live originals they all go away laughing in the next scene we are shown to Chan's house.

As far as his body is concerned, today he has crossed the limit, you see how he behaved with you, there is a lot of ruffian in 10th Princess, but he was calm, no-no, no problem , everything is ordinary, then it would have been him. This time the department means money has not come out for the prince but they have cheated you, they have eaten your money but reduced your money, Chan says that it doesn't matter It is no less than a miracle that I have been able to stay here for so many years, if it is true, then it has become a miracle . And that's why those people tease you but he says being good doesn't matter I want strong alloys with whom I can teach them a lesson he has patience says Janmashtami doesn't seem like you.

're thinking too much anyway Tomorrow you have to clean the library, so you go to sleep quietly, in the next scene we are shown that this library He has already passed and as if he is looking for the stairs, what was he doing? After all, why am I feeling strange here today, when I have been here a lot, then we are told in other words that today is a bunch. As soon as he steps on the library he knows that something different is going to happen to him because from now on his life is going to change now we see that he is putting all the books in their respective places and so on While doing this, he also sees a different box which is very dirty, so he is cleaning it with his hand, but suddenly we see that very strong winds start blowing there and it is very loud. He falls at a distance and was crying oh my so bomb hurt I just touched him and then suddenly he started feeling pain he sees that the boss.

Has come to him that the box seems to have come down because of the wind He looks at the box carefully and comes to know that this box is made of wood and it is sealed from all sides and there is no keyhole in it, so at last he opens it. How can it go and looking at it, it seems that it has been lying in the library for a long time and no one has found it yet . He was looking beautiful and the box was attracting him to touch me, touch me and he does not know how to do anything even if he wants to, he goes and touches the box, suddenly very strong winds start blowing, then again for a while. Later we see that he gets well, he must have got a big shock, what was he saying, what is all this happening, as soon as I touched this box, I am like a girl, if I try to open it forcefully.

, it will Will kill me on the spot after all this what is happening my whole body why my whole body is paining and it seems that it has gone here and there what should I do should I open it but there is no guarantee no it can even kill me wait there is no guarantee of life that's why I've been here for so many years pretending to be an idiot so that I can be here But I can survive If I face death again then I will not be able to return No I will keep doing this I will keep it open A small box can't tell what is my fate I will not die so easily I am going to open it, I will keep it, he goes and touches the box, strong winds start coming out of the box again, he feels very loud electric shock, it takes a long time, but he does not leave, and why? It happens that I am not going to accept everything, not so easily at all,.

But on the next we see that he has reached some other world, like in space and then like people who see dreams, suddenly he also dreams. appears and then he has come out , we see that he has got that box in his hand and that box is opening automatically and as it opens, very strong energy comes out of it and that energy is very strong. more dangerous then something is written in it empire ceiling go technique there is a sound from behind that i have been waiting for last 800 years Was doing Look who opened the box You seem like a stubborn child Listen to me carefully child From today and from now onwards I am your master He says Was there a ghost seal inside this box Master so stupid I am not Ghosh, I am a car diet, Gosil, San of Heaven, understand the technique, you can also call me Great Teacher of San of Heaven, what is peace, what teacher, San of Heaven, he says.

Hai han absolutely right I am the one pointed by Gods to become san of heaven means to become a teacher I want to ask you a question do you know how to become san off is n't san of heman called the one who is impure Holds all the royal powers of the teacher under heaven says no stop giving all these useless conspiracy theories all you model number one idiots and you use all this for your politics not really said If someone takes sun then it will be a laughing letter then master told him about san of hemant starts telling that the san of hemant can create his own power and he is the master of everything living things And then you can insult everything else, Heaven and Earth, which is the Son of Heaven, it is very powerful and any normal human or anyone who calls himself the Son of Heaven cannot stand in front of it at all.

, and you If you can open this seal, it means that you have that ability that you can become the ground, it says that I am and imparer teacher stop joking but seems to calm down I have neither power nor powerful background and apart from that I have not trained since childhood and I do not know how to break through even in small level and you want to say It is not possible that I become an empire , Master says, Dauji, he says, what does it mean, he starts telling. A martial artist becomes a warrior from the time he starts and becomes a master when he becomes a guru. Reaches the level only after that he enters the tower yelam and knows that he is calm but my martial arts are really very weak and you want to take me to Allah, you are blaming me on your words. I am not sure at all, the teacher starts laughing and what are you doing, you children are.

Really hilarious, don't worry, I am your teacher and I will definitely teach you what no one has taught you till date, and by the way, all these techniques It was created by an alien but it doesn't matter to me because I am the technology that I am. I am going to tell you that if you learn it successfully then no one will be able to stand in front of you and the name of this technique is The Great Davest Emperor San of Heaven Feudal Technique and if any Davar M wala comes to you then he will beat you. If you learn this technique, you will not need to learn any other technique, and when you touched the box, you felt a lot of pain and your body was getting pain for a long time, but Let me tell you that if you do that training of Sun of Heaven lap sealing technique, then that pen is nothing in front of that, that's why I am saying, do you have the courage.

To complete this training, this is extremely extreme Staining is there but if you survive in it then a very golden path is waiting for you, then his teacher motivates him a lot and says that you are still a normal person, but all this is about to be done. You can mess with anyone, no one will try to harm me, and all of you But you will be able to rule, you can also take revenge if you want, I would call time, I have made my decision, you teach me that technique , I am ready to train as much as you want, I am always kneeling under someone's feet like this . I don't want to live, I also want to control my destiny. Teacher says this is a very good thing, so let's see what you can do to get power. In the next scene, we are shown that those people They have already come to the empty ground and were asking.

What are we doing here in such a big field. They say that today is their full night and you need this environment also because you have to do training, you are called a teacher. You hurry up take out a knife and cut your hand with it and remember only fresh blood should come out he says why he says do exactly as I am doing after that he takes out a knife his hand a little bit Cuts it and is spilling the blood on the ground, after that the teacher tells that look, today is his full night, the time when the most They are very aggressive and your fresh human blood will attract them towards you, in a way , if you believe that you have promoted them to the best, their aggressive nature is shown to us and they have come out too, this is a very big If the wolf can, then friends, the episode ends here. Just want to talk to you, just watch till the end, first of all, tell me how did you like this comic.

, if I continue it, it will be complete if you guys support me, and secondly, I want to say this 10 to 15 Take a minute video, but only four punch videos will come in a day, but cover all those videos because it will be around 15 minutes, definitely answer these two things by commenting.

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