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As friends saw in the last episode, suddenly many zombies start coming out from under the ground and their number is very high, they attack the Imperial Capital, now no one here would have understood that suddenly What is all this happening and they also start killing zombie civilians but the guards there are not weak they all live in their own they are telling their soldiers to start killing everyone on my order That is, kill all the zombies and see that no zombie can kill the civilian, then all the people attack, they would have killed a lot of zombies, but by then there would have been some other special A's which would help the zombies to die. They are experts and are more powerful than these soldiers. Here we are shown to the chain's subordinate who comes and tells him that all this accident happened and they have spread all over the United City but the administrative.

People killed them. diya he says kya 100 on the other side we are shown a big tower where someone lives What happens is Majesty 100 are spread all around but thankfully it is getting very late night and no civilian was out of the house very few people are injured most of them are soul like who used to be Daddu They are saying that I have asked the ministry first to pacify all the people and tell them about this matter very well, what happened and tell everyone not to spread this matter too much. That's why these others are saying that I am the teacher of our Imperial City, this is our umpire's core and I feel like someone is trying to fill our core with evil monsters because I don't Looks like this is the first time in years that they 've been inside our Imperial City while they're outside, does that mean someone.

's trying to bring them in on purpose, it's the Empire's side, I feel the same way It is because nothing has happened in all these years and his body was looking different than before, but the bigger thing is that we should first Ian has to be pacified because those people have gone too far, suddenly this attack has happened and by the way, what I had said, the campaign has already started . We have started everything as you said in the next scene we are shown the heavenly administrator who is talking to GST after coming to his majesty that who comes to the city and who goes where. All these secrets are entering through secret routes, only you know, I want an explanation, after all, what all that happened there, it scares a lot and it is magical, forgive me, it is my fault too,.

And for this I should get a big dan but I have been true to you, it was not my fault in this, there is a mystery and suddenly he comes out and he starts coming out from inside the aided land, further he also tells the empire that as many There was also an attack of zombies, it was the body of all the soldiers of the military who have already been killed and the same people in 100 Everything else he knows has changed, he tells all the things, imparal says careful branch, it could mean that the scene changes, on this side we are shown chain and its master, chain to its master of the situation It is telling about how the 100 attack the Imperial City and it is also about whether it all happened because of us because we will not be able to do that thing properly with the kitchen in the city. Sticking is not removed, then his teacher is telling that the technique he used.

Indirectly affected other zombies as well, that technique in necro means he affected all the surrounding zombies to some extent . Because in fact its technology had spread because the technology had spread that's why the power of the zombies ie aided respect was very low but the best thing is that even though their number was high but those people were not that much powerful. That's why not many people lost their lives. The teacher is telling that after thinking for a long time with concentration, I have come to know that which is the missing part, because of which our technique did not reduce, it spread and that thing is the stone of reverse, he says. What stone of reverse but as far as I know about this stone of reverse our umpire does not produce it he says you are absolutely right because it is a very special kind of stone.

Which is found on the southern ruins face and it used to be found many years ago at that place southern ruins but that place is very dangerous he is not a human he is a monster he used to be teacher's Han but other than river of stone there There is one more thing that matters a lot to you in the next scene we are shown the burner which is the what is it south and west is it related to South Indian ruins in some way they say that there might be a possibility that This may happen because the demonic you there is increasing day by day and we have to work very hard to neutralize it, that's why our empire is still vaccinated . Get the car ready, now we are going to the Southern branch, exactly 10 days from today, he says okay, in the next scene, we are shown Chan, today is a very special.

Day for him, because he has never I never thought in my dreams that such a day is going to come for this, as if I am going to meet him already. A body need is also there and it has been 19 friends, I am very happy for you, your dreams are going to be fulfilled soon and this is our chain's own mansion , which is very big, beautiful, luxurious and Here he has many serving slaves, powerful guards, as well as some powerful masters. As soon as everyone sees that he has gone to China, they all bow down and salute the channel and say Prince ki Jai Ho. Scene change. Hota, on this side we are shown the place of Tense Prince, all these are statues, here 10th friends are trying their best to increase their power, like thunderbold se power hai job, and their power is really increasing very much . You can see in just one punch, what has he done to this whole place, he maintains.

It, keeps his subordinate coming and going. It happens, why are you congratulating me right now, this is not a little power, what is going to happen to me with this little power? I want to reach down stage and if I do n't reach there then how will I be able to compete with seventh prince till then here his master A goes and cares 10th friends why do you worry so much you break in doubt stage There is no problem whether to pass through or not because now this campaign is going on against South Indian wastes and this will be a very good opportunity for you. The map will increase your power to a great extent . Well don't you know that South End Demo Barbadian branch has an economic fact which is very special he says what an economic fact but.

I never heard about it before his teacher would be smiling and cursing Then 10th Pins you should know about this is d dark heaven daemon one plaid he says what dark heaven daemon become blade teacher says han is absolutely right this is a divine weapon which is used by the ancient san of heaven The plate is made of very dangerous metal This dark north end gold attribute metal and very hot a mean flame hota hai na dragon movie hit it and shop it and whoever has this treasure his soul power will be greatly increased Means the son in whose hand this is going to become very powerful and 10th friends, if this treasure is placed in your hand, then you will reach down immediately and you will pass the head to the Seventh Prince just like that. The plan already has such a powerful weapon, so.

Why don't they use it themselves, after all, why are they keeping it sealed ? Blade is a very powerful weapon that belonged to the Son of Heaven, so it destroys all the evil inside you and brings out the real key, and which belongs to the demons, you know that demanding people are bad. And if their evil has disappeared , then what is the use of being a demon, that's why I am giving you tension that you are a stranger. Who should take arms , by the way, I forgot to tell you one thing, this is a very important matter, there is someone else there, if you want, you can eliminate, there is a good chance for you, if you are not understanding this so i am talking about 19th friends good chain i used to be 10th friends that idiot he doesn't deserve to use my power on him and hit him with my bare hands.

But the teacher starts saying that you are not understanding, he is not a simple or normal person at all, the wind changes its direction, being above it has also changed its direction and anyway, who knows that in the future you will be 19th friends. Pass the head to everyone and he will become more powerful than the seventh prince and you will not even be able to stand in front of him. Might be more powerful scene change happens here we are shown the mansion of chain which is training now and all that happens here it is mounted on the top building and what happened now that I am officially here I have become the prince of and I have got this mansion means I can compete with my other brothers now I am also equal to them that coming days are going to be more dangerous than before he.

Was looking at the sky But then he sees someone that someone moves straight towards him but before that he moves and knows only then we see that it is the same girl. The one who directly grabs his throat , here we are shown the teacher who is absorbing energy comfortably, doing a lot, now the teacher has absorbed too much energy and has more to do further. It is going to be beneficial , it needs some Divine Artifact so that it can increase its speed even more and from now on I will start absorbing Chan's Cultivation, I will take a little bit of nutrition from its key so that I can make my source more powerful than before But this child its progress is a bit slow, so I think we will have to wait for some time or take the help of some item so that it can progress a little faster, after that it says that be careful cloud demon gland he is an asient note.

Drive who has been living there for the last 800 years, the blood shed that I had left there is on his hand, but it is expected that no one has absorbed it yet, nor with it Cultivation must have been done, if it gets in the hands of the thing, then it is a very good opportunity for me. And then I can take back my physical body and just gas. This is the end of our episode. What do you think teacher, will this teacher help Guru Chan or is this some other plan of his. Wants to take the body after that thank you very much for watching the video from here till then see you all in the next episode till then

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