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As friends, we saw in the last episode that those people use Poisonous gas, these people immediately start making their shield and luckily it becomes voshil, Poisonous gas fails, so let's see what happens next. Happens as soon as the same Poisonos is angry, immediately they come to attack the mousersen and all around means again I have eaten the thing, the masters are hitting very badly but these people are also not less Even the masters are being killed , here we see the chain which is completely safe because its master has not yet been confronted . maybe he says han i know about it chan was thinking if i did n't bring it here it could have become more suspicious or else she could have tried something else.

So this is the best Wish I had brought it with my partner, now I can keep an eye on it and it is far away from my eyes. Here Pinky is thinking that the 19th friends are not at all like the rest of the friends because the rest of the friends don't consider themselves to be anything, that means the people below them kicked them out like this. And now there is a lot of pressure on him that how will he face the steamer but look at 19 friends, he is very different, he comes from the Imperial family, but still he is very good natured and very kind hearted . In fact, it was very sad for the Prince because even if our Chan marries Purple, he is still going to be a puppet in someone else's hands . Why did everyone talk here and there and even go ahead.

To attack himself 6 Chan with Prince says look seventh friends is very smart and who knows what is his plan Chan was thinking It is a very good thing that he has increased our forces here and there and taking the lead himself is controlling the front. The situation is very impressive , on the other hand, we are shown the 14th friends who were going the other way, actually the seventh prince 's attacking strategy is that all the people will spread in all four directions, then together they will combine attack them. But I think that the idea of ​​the Seventh Prince has gone a bit too far , only then his head comes to the internet and the fourth friends have a situation, here we see that a crow is keeping an eye on all those people. Maintained from above and this is the 12th principal he is watching this what was going on that we will not do exactly what the seventh prince has told us because he is our.

Commander and I know if he told them that we We will die with the family, we will die at home as it is his plan, we will do exactly the same, we have to follow his plan, that's why the soldier who is his , what is the condition of the head that we are ready, now when he will speak then we will People can attack, here we are shown the lead in the van, who happens to be his king, he is also in his own right. Together, the inside is fully prepared, till then we are shown that there is an upheaval and then there is a loud explosion , the Seventh Prince has come out and what is happening, this is your son, isn't he someone else? Actually he is killed by my hands because of your decision as you can see what I did to him if you don't want the same condition to happen to you then surrender silently but he gets very angry He takes the heads of both the girls and crushes them what would.

Have happened I will not leave you now both of them are face to face with each other both people get ready and then the war would have started The latter would have fired him immediately , but before anything could happen, now all those demons would have come to know that all the people had taken him home from all sides, because all the princes would have taken those people home with patience from all sides. And these are friends and a prince's son also lives there, you can see above, you would have been our hero too. Yes , they say that kill everyone with very rich money, then it was his intention that the prince is not too much, you do not need to do all this, now we do not need him to die, if you speak, you will end up like that. I'm sorry, I was too emotional, my acting skills are not that good, here we are shown the battlefield where the demons.

There are also very heavy posts on top of all the troops, but here there is a seventh prince who is the most powerful prince, he starts giving somewhere, here we are also shown other friends who fight well. Everyone is busy in the fight, we are busy, our video is going on, here we were shown on 10th also, another prince was of yours, that our lip is a perfect opportunity, we can kill the chain if we want. But he says I am busy right now I am busy in increasing my ranking and I don't have enough time to go and kill him idiot if you want to kill him then go and kill him yourself but till then demand drive is there The ace has been there which we call blood red world share and this vulture is very dangerous as you can see u vulture comes and starts killing all the soldiers it is very.

Dangerous and until Our hero would have no idea what this thing is, till then the world channel will put it in his mouth. He takes everyone's 19th friends, but when he goes away, everyone here is completely surprised that what happened in the bar, that the prince who used to be then, that the commander was our brother. I am going to save him and he goes after the culture, here I am shown to the capital, where the message has reached you. The first good message is that they have won more than half the battle like this. But the only problem is that the 19th friend has been taken away by the blood vulture and now it is not known whether he is alive or has been killed . Yes, we can talk about punishment later also, tell me about the thing which is a priority for us, what happens next, tell the stealth.

Guards to go out to find the 19th friend; I have full faith in his luck and his luck and at the same time he is also young so he should know how to deal with all these problems it is a good thing for him here We are shown their camp, as you know that even war has its own rules that as soon as the sun sets, then after that there is no fight, that's why now these people are setting up camp, here these people are talking. As for the first battle, we have won comfortably, the demon tribe has treated us comfortably, but now Prince Prince is trapped in their forest, our father will surely reward us for this first battle. Won very comfortably but the only problem is that 19th friends have been caught and nothing is known about him also 10th must have been that idiot from somewhere he can't do anything just creates trouble.

Only then other Brother also goes, he was saying that 10th brother, don't forget that he is our brother, so we should care for him, you don't say that about him . Lage Han then he must have been of the seventh year that I have full hope that father should not give us any punishment for this, now our first priority It will remain the same that we return to the 19th brother, that too is safe, this girl is what would have happened that the martial spirit and power of the 19th brother is very low, if you believe me, he must have become a vulture's food by now Saini called and he tells that 14 friends have come back what was that did he come back hurry up and tell him I need information about 19th brother 14 friends goes and says brother no no I mean commander he He says leave all this now, tell me where is 19th brother, could you save me or not? He.

Says I chased the vulture to a long distance but suddenly that vulture disappeared. It happens that his diet is very different because he eats the blood of humans or after killing them and if he becomes 19th brother, then he will be in the hands of demanding type, which is going to be a big miss. It happens that the acting is doing very well, the other is thinking that he is just afraid that the father may not punish him, so he wants to As soon as possible he should save 19th brother because then he wants to sit on the throne. Third is thinking that the best option for 19th brother will be death because if he survives then none of us will survive. It seems to be coming out comfortably after our hero came out, but then suddenly our hero has come out after cutting his stomach and a lot of smoke is coming out, it is coming out from all sides.

I am lucky that I have Dragon Winding Change and I never thought that the core of Blood Vulture will increase my strength even more, that is, now our chain has become stronger than before, when he looks in front of him, he A very big cave is visible where only bloody blood is being used and the smell is also coming like this, it may be a demand type sacrifice face where they give earrings to humans and then from here they get human blood. When he didn't see what happens, he goes there in the beginning, when he goes inside the cave, he gets to see a lot of bones and skeletons there . No, this demand right, how many people must be sacrificed every day, how many innocent people must be killed by these people unnecessarily, I have to do something, I have to find my army quickly, then these demon trees will.

Have to be exterminated. Good thing but I can't roam free here like this because this is their area and traps are also behind here. He can be there only then he sees something like a temple and he has come to know that this place exists in demand drive long ago and you can also find this temple where Those people come, then he takes him inside the temple because it is a demand type place, that is, the entire territory belongs to demons, so there are no guards here because no one has the courage to come here. If he goes ahead and sees the credit, then he thinks that let's open the increments and see what is there in these, when he opens their rates, then there are exiler weapons in them, but they are so old that they are of no use. no the then he sees a small one over there he opens the small box then he has got stone.

Of reverse and it is very lotus thing for him because now he has got stone of reverse a so it Cultivation of necromancy can be completed, but before he finds out, a strange century has formed there, which does not have hands, two snakes are different. From here we are shown another demon on the other side who was doing something with the sword, but even after applying his full power, nothing much happens because there is a shortage of blood, that's why I am even more. Fresh fresh blood is needed before it is paid here, if the work is not completed till their arrival, then you know what they are going to do to us, go and prepare for fresh blood, this is a good opportunity and then we are shown here very All the children now you know what is going to happen to them, it seems that the artist who is a very cruel person, he is not leaving anyone, okay friends, now if you see the scene here, you.

Must have come to know that this How is the comic then you will see further, let's meet again in the next episode till then

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