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Friends, as you saw in the last episode, there was a terrible accident, so without any delay, let's start the next video, you will enjoy even more, let's start today's episode in the beginning, we will see It is believed that this monster has seen Chan and that master is very strange and big too, two snakes are coming out of him, don't know from where but they both attack but Chan escapes from him very comfortably but this He was not leaving emotionally, he was attacking him continuously, then Chan has no way left, he also goes to attack him on Master, but Master goes, but before leaving, the monster throws him to the ground. Touched and looking at the smile on his face, it seems that it is not good at all, I was wondering why he touched the ground, then we are shown that there is a huge explosion on the same ground at the same place.

. goes, but the chain would have rung, the condition would have deteriorated, he was worried, after all, how did this ground get exploited all of a sudden, if my If there was no dragon warning change, then my game could have been over. No matter how strong you are baby if I touch you you will explode and your pictures will fly away no one can save you from me I didn't know you had the dragon's eye if you have it This is also dragon binding change you have even then they will not save you from me because they only reduce for a while and my attacks will keep on coming and after saying this that snake again goes to attack the chain But calmly.

Kills the snake, stops it because your little pet will not be able to harm me, if you have come to kill me with the help of your impacts, then you are not going to succeed, but there is a trick in this too. It happens that another snake comes from behind and then shows us A lot of blood goes, someone has lost a lot of blood, but this blood is not of the chain, because the dragon had not finished and he had uprooted the snake from the middle, here the chain is perfectly fine, you know in the eyes of the dragon These big snakes of yours are nothing but insects and here he is crying profusely for his snake. Master is worried that you have killed my baby, I will not spare you too because both have been killed together There are and on the other side it is what you are, after all, who are you, after.

All, what kind of person are you? He comes to attack Send and was saying that I want your life, I will not leave it, only then Chan remembers that if he touches me here, I will explode. he uses a technique other than which you have got the ability why not But if you don't touch me then nothing is going to happen to me but it was master's well so I think so what then we see that there is a huge explosion on the chain and on it very dangerous damage Oh man, I forgot to tell you, I had already touched the place where you were standing, and my blood de man please reduces it in this way. How can this happen even then how can I get such a heavy injury?.

This monster is really very powerful and the master says it was just a little, then another thing explodes and this angel gets hurt very deeply. Its condition has deteriorated, it was master's, now you have no place left to run, but Chan still believes that it is not very strong and if he attacks him with his dragon, then he will be defeated by master. He says monster then you will kill me with your dragon are you kidding man, don't you know that I am the card of this place. I sacrifice all the people here, you can try it if you want and as long as I live in this place thousands of people will continue to go like this, that too every day and no one can stop me, then this peace Pe goes to attack but Chan remains standing there, he takes out the torn cloth, Master, well now what do you think you are with this torn cloth.

Can you beat me can he wrap his cloth around his arm you just went to see what i do with you chan immediately follows him but he already knew which monsters chan If he is about to attack, then he moves his hand very fast behind and keeps saying that now you are so close to me, then you cannot escape. Chan Chan was feeling that he is not going to escape but he He holds his hand as if the monster has stopped from hitting the sign, it is also very close, it is master's, so what do I think, you will escape from me with this technique, it is selection's wind now with me and I'll take advantage of this opportunity so you can't touch me but still that master is very maneuverable he touches something in one way or the other and there's a huge bang this time it's very loud He must have been hurt because his.

Head was also hit by the stone, whereas the master must have been a fool . Yes, I can explore any place by touch ing it, but I forgot to tell you one more thing, it is not necessary that when I kiss, only explosion happens, I can also fire directly with my hand, okay baby now Your journey ends here, let me end your story here too, but we are shown behind him is the same torn cloth which was not chained and that is a very explosive explosion, due to which a very dangerous person is on his back. Scratch scratch sab post hota ho hota ho hota mera blood daemon blaze how can this be what happened to him when this kid tried to block my earlier attack see when daemons attacked him in peace Jain had made it inside the clothes with the help of his technology, which was going to explode his blood demon,.

Made it like a perfect bomb inside the clothes and secretly attached it behind it, which just got blasted. Monster ko bhai is also injured, he has been there, even though my injuries are very heavy, but No, I will not leave you, I can kill you now, because you are not going to get anywhere from here, even after getting peace, I can also see that you also cannot take a step forward, because your injury is too much, only then the dragon He comes to attack, it must have been of Daemon, I already knew that you will definitely use this dragon, not to attack me, so I was already prepared for it, he attacks on the dragon. But the dragon doesn't attack him he wraps it all around like chan says clearly the dragon was not coming to attack you he was just assisting me what do you think you are killing.

Me with this dragon You can stop me by tying me, I am not so weak that you can stop me by talking to it and what do you think you will be able to run away from here, but Chan says when did I say that I am trying to run away from here. Your injuries are too much and I know you can't follow me I'm not going to run away from here I I will finish you with this. Here the chain is rising with its full strength straight to kill him but by then it is too late because he uses a very big explosion which destroys the dragon. If the chain was also in close, then it would have been stuck in the range, here its condition has already deteriorated and it was saying thank you very much, because of you, I was able to increase my limits, otherwise I want to kill It was not even that easy, it was very difficult,.

Here the figure of the dragon has been blown away, as well as it can be seen that half of the body of the chain has also been destroyed, but the chain was not green yet, what is the reason that this child is at all It is also not simple, I had to work hard for it to die, although it is gone now, but it seems to have regained its peace ; I was wondering how this could happen, with such a big injury, you lost so much blood, but then And how are you standing, I can't believe it, then we are told that there is no real chain, it was just his puppet, now the master has come to know about this, then he is looking for the real chain Where is he but till then we see that the real chain comes from behind and this time he attacks him with his full strength and this war is so intense that the master falls straight on the ground and.

Now good don't even know that blood demon blaze technique of yours was very powerful but really it is of Kamal too but for that you have to retire a lot of energy that's why you used it too much now you will not even be able to stand before me It was already known that you are using such a powerful technique in which a lot of your energy is going out, so I just wanted to show that I am fighting with you, but in reality I was not fighting with you, I was just I was waiting for you to use your energy and your energy will slowly run out and then I will love you and you will go away why are you not satisfied now and what else to do what scene Change happens , on this side we are shown another set which was scary to see .

It is a dynasty, it has been slowly but weak, is there an agreement between us? Along with the southern devastation, we should also apply our army now, they are not in front of the blood gate, it says no, there is no need to hurry, first of all we will see who weakens whom more first and Then when there is a right opportunity, then we will help and if there is no opportunity then we will not send our army there, by the way, dark demand does not tell about his condition, his patience does not tell him, he is old, so he has already left there. On the southern branch, the leader's O seems to be in a hurry because he needs the Dark Heaven Demon Blade as well as the technology. It's a festival, how can you be the same? He would have been telling about and also tells that whatever is the level of your skill, you cannot defeat me.

At all, not at all so easily. I divided you and that dragon into two pieces, how can you both be alive, I am not sure This is happening, the channel tells him that look, this is not a very difficult technique, in fact, these elements are his profit, as you know that he can make anything from elements, from water, he had made this pocket of his soil from earth. Ka dragon was also done in the same way, then both of them are looking at it and then it also shows the mind that look, it is done like this and it happens like this, so friends, a very important question before ending the episode, what do you think? Is this demand so weak that it has been defeated by Chennai or this The Van is also using some tricks and is more powerful than chain, what do you think, you must.

Give your opinion in the comment, ok gas, see you again Till then in the next episode bye bye everyone

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