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Hello gas all of you are welcome watch this video 2000 likes kar dena 2000 likes kar doge to enjoy it so let's start the video without any delay like we saw in the last episode chan us dem ko apni saree Tells things how he fooled this daemon very well and chose it and it would have been daemon's or not I still can't believe it then Chan starts telling him in detail look at me already It was known that you consume a lot of Eye to use your Blood Demon Playstation and taking advantage of the same opportunity, when you attacked me, it takes a while, the explosion is huge. So at the same time I made a fake clone of myself, a fake clone of Mad, and then it happened that although it took a lot of concentration to control what was my fake body, but wood, I was able to do it.

Because you used up too much energy and yours was over and i had I got a chance and I saw you here in one move, what has happened to you, it is clearly known who is the clear winner among the two of us because your injury is too much and you will not be able to survive for long. That's why don't try to move Meena, now you can kill without any doubt, peace doesn't kill him, he was leaving like this so that he could kill in agony and was asking which way is this way, but he was He gets very angry that I am a demon type elder, you cannot kill me like this, we see that a lot of energy is coming out of him, he stands back, Chan says you have destroyed your inner core. Lia which reduced your life force but it has given you so much energy that you can move now.

But the faster you people, the sooner your life force will end, he says yes you are absolutely right to attack the chain directly It used to be that now I am not going to leave you, now if I touch you once, then your playing Su will finish but Chan has a chance because the faster he finishes his key, the sooner he will die and then we see that there is a huge explosion but Chan survives the attack. What was he doing, he has deliberately pushed me back here, his energy has increased, I feel that he must have laid a trap here, I have to be very careful, but on this side, I do not think that there is any trap, but suddenly he He comes from behind, now the chain didn't even have a way to run away.

Demon's plan was that he should take the chain with him, but here we see some movement in Sweden and here it was saying that now you are not going to survive, end up with me, but this Before anything happens, till then that swordi comes with such speed, it cuts off both the hands of some dames and then it goes around the dames with khushkhab here and there. Now the problem is that that selfishness is moving towards direct selection but it stops coming in front of it, it was in a strange condition and it was asking, is this the Son of Heaven a divine weapon, is this Godse. The end technique is what the master told me but nothing good was happening with peace now the demons are defeated then the ground below slips and it falls down here we are shown in the battlefield where all the princes are very There are many demons fighting in a good way and or all are bent on killing each other.

If we are shown the commander i.e. the seventh principal, he is telling the commander of the demons that you are defeated, your army is weak. She has gone but he says not now He is telling the princess look you call back your troops I will not do anything I will only hurt your physical body and will not know your soul Damon gets angry he says Do you think I am weak, wait, I will show you what I am capable of. A bottle of medicine comes out and then he drinks it, this is Timan Bloody but in a special way, like it will become even more powerful, idiot, you have used it somewhere, it will increase your masala power even more. Within 1 minute, but your body can also be explored. Prince like a good warrior is waiting for him to transform.

And he has become bigger after being transformed, he is saying master, come on, now I have reached my limit, so let's not waste time in talking and fight directly. Prince says you are very big. We have become a powerful fire, we use the prince, you know it easily, but for those who live below and the rest of the people, the problem has already increased and it is due to the demand, let's see. You and how many of us can be jailed, but the prince is also very powerful, he was not going to accept it so easily, at least that's why the prince's eyes go behind, he sees who is like a shooting star who goes to the sky. After all, who is this martial artist, he is looking very powerful and now it looks very different from before, but he is talking to the Demon Prince, what are you seeing there now?.

But I am going to do my most powerful attack, show more survival than this and again the fight has started between them. but here we are shown on the other side the one who was the shooting star it was this it's name is Dark Demons ahead and it has come here to find a technology it is neither from Demons nor Imperes side He first takes stock of her and he comes to know that the daemons are being completely defeated because the soldiers of the empire who are the people of the empire are killing the daemons. Demon's blood has come where many people are offered earrings, he has just become, after that after taking the uncle of the war, he starts leaving from there, even then the prince sees him and he is telling the tens prince to go. And chase him and find out who he is, they are going from here, they must have come to know that he is following the 10th principal,.

Well, I can tell you that it is more powerful than the rest of the 10th prince. He can kill with a pinch but he doesn't want to kill, he just wants to see how capable the Tenth Prince is, can he follow him, here we are shown that the land is broken The chain is falling down but the sword comes and saves the chain, it seems that sort has recognized me, it has made me its master, it is a good thing because it feels more from inside. It is getting very powerful, maybe I should also show the sword to the teacher, after that he gets down, takes the sword in his hand and says, “I never thought that I would have as much power as my current.” I will be able to travel with this sword in that way, if I merge with it, then really my student will increase a lot, he is looking at the sword, if.

He has left it, then he comes to know that above the sword So there's real human blood on and when he looks up we're shown all those kids the same as it was written in the beginning he's getting very angry it's what it's like they're so bad with all the demons how are we It is possible that they have given earrings to all these children, all the demons are there from behind, what have they been, whatever our tribe If he tries to enter, we will sacrifice him, everyone is saying that let's catch him alive and then we will do the same thing to him. I will leave, I will kill everyone, all the demands are with me, but peace does not leave anyone, whoever comes, is killed, there are still many demons left, what peace is there that go, I will not leave any of you And today I will definitely take care that none of you.

Should go alive because none of you deserve it . There is a very powerful attack behind the chain till then we are shown to the teacher who has realized this and this is the attack of blood jeth that is the same blood root that the teacher may need so that it can take its own form. There is a very good chance for them to be able to take back the physical body, just a little more hard work has to be done and then after that everything will be reduced. Whatever power remains in the body, it is going inside the chain, as if the teacher is absorbing it, but here he is absorbing it very quickly, slowly, because he needs his physical body as well, and at the same time, now he has the opportunity again . It will come soon when I will be able to walk on the earth again but before that blood jeth can dominate him, we will see that suddenly he breaks his formation as if the teacher is not able to understand that after all.

What is happening, after all, why did she come, why did she disappear all of a sudden ? It was spreading inside China itself and I am telling you that many thanks to this sword, it is because of this sword that he came back to his senses and lust . I am engaged when it will get its physical body, then this chain will try to kill you, what do you guys think, till then there is another demon behind it and why was it that you have killed people of my clan, I have ever Didn't even think you'd be able to beat the Elder Prince of the Internal Dynasty I thought you got weak but you're not But its power is different, it.

Seems to me that many meats cause the chain to get hurt in reverse. Ian Se and my power is much more than you, you can't defeat me, I will just use your blood, so that it is easy for us to sacrifice and the blood shed becomes more powerful than before. The real purpose of these demons is to These people collect as much blood as possible so that their blood pool is filled completely, no matter how many humans they have to kill for this, because their Demon Tree also wants as many humans as possible. They will die sooner their blood will go and that blood is going to be a good thing and now we have had our peace starts standing back and what would have happened you are talking all this nonsense we should not do this and my body I will fight with you guys till there is even a drop of blood, I am.

Not going to give in so easily, that damon starts laughing and was fooling somewhere, you ca n't stop me even if you want to because my damon barrier is too high. You are powerful and you can't even come in front of me, why don't you even try to stand? Because like this you are already very injured till then we are shown that Dark has been there since t1, now he has come to save our hero or he has to kill the demons, in the same way it has to do with both of them There is nothing to do with it, if you want, you can become friends, if you want, you can become enmity, then it's okay gas, this episode of ours ends here, if you like the video, then you know, share the video and like it. Do comment and tell how you guys liked the video, then see you in the next episode, till then bye

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