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Hello friends, welcome to all of you, as we saw in the last episode, purple regains consciousness and when she sees it, she finds out that they are attacking darshaech together, but here the story is different. It happens that nothing happens to Dark with a small attack, on the contrary, he attacks all four of them and attacks them in such a bad way that all four get hit together and the condition is very bad, now here and there We see what these people are doing, how can this happen, how can they attack all four of us at the same time, are you all right, where did he go, where did he go, let's see what happened inside, two of them are brothers Cap. They go inside and the two stay on top, they both use the fusion move, by which they both fuse and turn into a huge most. Now let's see what you can do to destroy us. You will not be able to do that, he attacks the big demand,.

He attacks him, he attacks very dangerous and there boom boom also happens, but Tej is really fast. He is a different level person, he easily overcomes the attack and it doesn't make any difference, he moves straight towards him . Sage was very fast and strong he hits his face with a thump and falls he demand then this same same up and was saying what do you think you beat those twin cents you are not stronger than us then from behind His hand comes but before he can escape, another hand comes from below and grabs him and he is unable to do anything even if he wants to but again shows his power and the pieces of his hand- Cuts it into pieces, he says wait, I will tell you, he goes and cuts off the heads of both of those demons, and both of them are finished, here he is.

Crying, 11, second brother, third brother, you guys, you guys give me your strength. Two I I will not spare this life I will kill it for you guys and then we are shown here it is believed that his blood goes to these and now these and has become powerful but still it doesn't matter he was saying that you have just absorbed a little of his power you must have become a little powerful and you can't do anything to me then we'll see That send immediately goes behind, before he gets a clue, he uses his taken and starts sheltering her hand, his hand slowly becomes whole, it would have been guessed by now, if it was not for his hand If it is cut then its whole body will go to head, then it immediately cuts its hand and keeps saying, now I know why this adopted warning technique is a legendary technique. It is also worth.

It, it uses its demon art and takes out a new hand, which is exactly like the demand and it used to be very muscular here, but it still happens, but still, the speed does not matter, it attacks. does and that person is in his grip, here we are shown the scene inside the cap where there is a chain and another person Chan says it doesn't matter to you, I am alive, Maroon, you just have to kill the demons and you guys are of no less, you are very shameless, that's why he is another guy's, what is the use. When you can't even serve the king, if you can't sacrifice for the king, there is no use for you to be alive. It goes to attack Chan, but before that, Jain walks away. K will regret why you opened my buffalo says no I don't regret anything because.

Slowly I will finish you and will put myself in your grave let's see he investigates Fanchu Where do so many hands come from ? K typed and made me unconscious, then she comes to help her, but as soon as she comes, she is already trapped and she also cannot escape, she is saying After all, how is this Rasiya alive, he is saying to Banda Guru Jan that look, both of you have come near your news, it is not that we have any enmity with you people, but what can be done now You guys have come to know the truth so we can't even leave you like this without killing you and your courage has also increased a lot and by the way we don't care about your life we ​​just need that technology and special by doing it.

Girl, we know she's been following this for over a year with dark demons. You're so lost in following her that you don't even know we're following you. We thought we'd give you a face will use like and then will go to daemon and we will kill him comfortably but you already know about our plan well it doesn't matter to you because we are fighting each other directly as soon as we quad devran technology will be found we will restore our strength back and scarlet scorpio will become a bigger group than before purple says kya scratch scorpion set but he is a criminal set he has done all kinds of bad things and you guys So cold and set, he says that it is not 7d thunder set, no, so we just tell ourselves like this, further that guy tells that the godown technique was.

Created by the sister of the dark demon, that is, the same dark demon. Sage and what kind of technology is this which is not only almost impossible to beat The father came to know that there is a lot of killing intent inside the Dark Demand and the potential inside it is also very high, so he divided the technique into many parts and then hid it somewhere far away to get so much of it. Killed the whole set but only one child was saved and he was none other than Dark Demand, the biggest mistake happened because he had Godin technique in his hand and he went with him, then further we are told that Some people together i.e. some disciples together made some small sexes of their own so that they could unite their students and my master planned and updated it within just one night by displanting the Scorpion set. Many people gave up martial arts, some people.

Became peddlers like this, some people started meditating in the market, some people started selling fruits and vegetables, but the one who was dark minded, worked hard and after working hard, he adopted the Warrant Technique. I have completed my master's degree and after many years I have returned and those who They even killed his family members. He did n't spare anyone, not even his master. It doesn't matter whether he is a martial artist or not. He killed everyone in peace. He says that your people do not kill, because of you, a good family was killed and no one survived, he gets angry, he is saying that you still have the courage to speak so much. He is left with breath , he starts tightening the ration even more, which he was having difficulty in breathing, in fact, all the rasiya he was getting, he was getting it from inside the hand, which he had given to Chen earlier and this There.

Is no normal hand, it is a special nether world hand, which is very powerful and even Shahkar cannot get out of it, for this hand it has given a lot of sacrifices, at least 300 small children have been sacrificed. So purple gets very angry she is saying you you are not human you didn't spare even those innocent children you mean that very Uses more dark techniques that he must have killed very badly that's why this rasiya or even change you can call it so powerful you guys can't get out of it there's only one way to get out of it And that is that you people will need controlling technology because you people will not have it but you can look back, as long as he was turning back and speaking till then this zombie had done his work, he realizes Someone is standing just then the message comes from behind and kills him with a strong kick this guy.

Is deep how can this happen we have two members of the Scorpion set left the does this mean you killed them both too Here I was being shown the scene of a while back where we see that Sage had caught both of them and was asking tell who among you is that Kulpreet because of whom my whole family was killed tell who is yours That guy from the sector, both of them tell him and then after that he says that now I have no way out, don't forgive me. na for this and kills both that too in his one shot little zombie had fainted because he had done too much chain would have stayed little zombie you saved me again now you go back to world space and Stay there and take some rest, only then that guy comes and reading the chain says, if you try to take even a step forward, see from the demons, I will slit his throat, he says if you want to fly, then slit it anyway.

Both of them were brought here for Sacrifice . Says stop, don't drag those people in the middle, don't kill those who are not already informed, you seem to be very kind, but it is a pity, a big Scorpion comes from behind and hits Sage's back. But a strong attack, which has spread poison in his whole body at once and he was not even moving, he cannot even cut this poison, till then both of them would have been left and what would happen, wait, we will help you. Here we are shown by life that both of them give them back, both of them come to their master and together they tear Scorpio to pieces, even now only one of their members remains. Brother , look.

At their weapon, it is a legendary weapon, that girl has a dragon sword and this girl has a sword. taken it is more dangerous than you because there is a very strong attack coming out of it then now they both have no one then they both retreat and here we will be shown and purple is here apologizing to the dames She says I'm sorry earlier I thought you are just a murderer so I wanted to chase you and kill you but now she has come to know the bad story and here he is also apologizing it says that No matter after today I will not even try to kill both of you so see how you have become friend from enemy and with this friendship our episode ends in the name of friendship like share subscribe comment subscribe It's okay to give gas, see you again in the next episode, till then.

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