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As friends we saw in the last episode that now all these people have become friends because they had saved our Chennai Sage's life and Sage says will she never harm in future, now those people would have got her out of the cape. It was very bad that he was doing here, I could not find any clone of him who was the mastermind behind the murder of my family. Maybe here we are shown the underworld siege mansion where those two men would have come running to their master and saying master save us he is not going to leave us from dartiman we tried to attack him your orders But we had killed his family, please save us, then his master would have been saying, you little fat insects, you people needed that technique and I just.

Helped him at the time, I have nothing to do with it. they are both it means that you are using us and as soon as our less is complete Gaya you will kill us now we had risked our lives for you then we see that many of you have come out from below and they both did not survive here we are shown the demon who was leaving Tha says I have to take my revenge and now I go Chan says wait where are you going are you not going to sacrifice me for your magic tool He says will see if I come back alive then I will talk about it I will think that after a while we are shown these people are sitting, their choice is there and it is really dark, it is really dark, the gem only then it spreads and it is there, you don't feel that dark damon, because of which Wants to take revenge, maybe he.

Wants to take revenge on us too and we are knowing him, who says that if anime's magic tool is paid more attention, then why do I feel that his gesture is towards someone else No but the underworld is ahead. Purple says are you talking about her underworld which is very famous. See from those three divine here manly three devices and there is one more thing these three are very powerful no one dares to mess with any of them in whole navratna sea it was from china i am talking about the same And as far as I know, he is completely different from Dak Daemon because he can control an entire army, even thieves [ __ ] in it, and he doesn't hesitate to kill children . He uses de morning techniques to increase his cultivation and he.

Can go to any extent. Purple immediately starts leaving from there where are you going in such a hurry. She says I want to see the underworldses. I am going they have reached the underworld mansion and are looking away then there are no guards there just two servants are standing we are taken a little battered where purple has met two people An old man and a child and he is telling the people that when the internal dynasty and the demon claim are fighting, then their fight Many of the normal people who live in the middle of the world were killed, but for them, who comes to man like a god, he is from the underworld, who opened his doors for the normal people, so that they would not die of hunger, or during a fight. Those people consider it as their god but again in the present, did both of them tell you this means that both of them can easily enter inside it. Now please don't tell me that.

This underworld is a very He is a good person and helps everyone, then Purple says that if there was no internal dynasty war, then there would not have been so many victims, so many people would not have lost their lives, all of you whose surname is none of these are good bunch Does your family really start changing, says no, I don't want to talk about it, when he goes to her mansion, he is shocked to see her, because she lives in a very big place and lives very isolated. Then both those girls are relieved that we are just passing by here and we need water to drink. Or can you give us water, she says that our master is very kindted and he also gives a lot of paddy, so you people are welcome because they are both sisters, why did you give these people such nice clothes? They have come here dressed up, they look rich, yet look, they are asking us for food, and.

On the other hand, Purple gets angry, but she controls her anger, after that, she goes inside peacefully. When he goes inside, there is a sound of food, so what was that? They are eating means they are eating Vansh and these people say that really they are very kind and charitable from the underworld and they are teaching me what is Vansh, what is Momos, are we shown them both Those who had attacked the chain come to him and what are they concerned about, take the test, become tasty, eat steam, eat and have fun, but he does not take it, then both of them leave the place, whose concern is that after all What is happening, these two did not even recognize me, after that all the people who are there leave the food and.

Start going to the other side. Purple says look, these people seem to be on someone else's side. are going should we follow them too they do visas for both of them you come to know that these people are happy in an underworld gate says purple That we should also know what was the chain, Han, let's go and see, but this door is looking very dangerous, when those people go inside it, then a different space opens here, as if such a chain is a white space. It also remains exactly the same but here there is a path to walk and different crystals on the side also say purple that the path is very narrow so I will fly and go there, she makes a strong jump but As she reaches there, she was about to fall, he comes at the right time and catches her, saying that you should walk a little carefully, character, now you know what happens, and then after that she comes up, her condition worsens.

How can this happen ? How can I fall? What have I just observed ? Purple hits him on the stone, but that stone is on the side, it must have been ringing, now it must have guessed that the place is a restricted area. So those people cannot go here and here, so they have to go through this way, no matter how thin it is, this is the underworld sage and it is like a magic ball sitting inside it, doesn't it see all the people inside it? It has been happening, it is happening, go on, go on, go on, I will also see how capable you both are, after that he starts playing some tips and tricks, he recognizes a big word and brings it in front of them . When Ki Chen comes to know something, he gives it a shout and here we are.

Shown the scene outside the Underworld Sage Mansion, Demon Sage has also arrived here, both the girls are carrying that please leave here. Underworld is the sage mansion, you can't come here, he says you both are pinching my way, go characters, its consequences are going to be very bad, both of them attack each other suddenly and comfortably have won directly by then. There the underworld empire has also been established, that means a program is opened for it, it is being said that it will forgive me. No, it's my fault, I told you about my servant space, no, now you have already been here, I want to tell you that you must come inside, why don't we both become friends again, and anyway, I live with these three, why? From the underworld these two girls are deep that let it come in and you both will not come in its way at all she says ok sir and then after that our diet sage goes inside.

Then he gets all atmosphere Looks calm but suddenly we see the same thing happens with him all the zombies below would have come out but it was fast then the zombie escapes now in the next scene we are shown purple which is deep That book is coming straight at me Oh man , I forgot that I have a dragon sword too. Here we see that he goes straight to attack and kills his power and attack, that attack passes completely close to the chain. Means chain was so much nervous if we had hit him then he would have gone across it now this is such a thin path that he was almost not going to fall but somehow he balances himself and what happened When you attack next time, tell me what to do. This time my condition has worsened.

. Now you must have understood how powerful I am but Chayan says that I do not feel at all that you have weakened him at all because now he seems more angry than before and we are so How will they be able to escape in the narrow path, then they again make a new move from the underworld and another bulb also comes out behind them, now see the path is very thin, from both the front and back, these two houses are gone, now these people have survived. K will go to Han and now the trouble has increased even more, she immediately takes out her sword, jumps back and then attacks with the same ki, the bull breaks her into pieces with her ki but re-applies it. And on this side it is deep that we have no other way, we have to eliminate both of them, if we cannot eliminate both of them,.

Then we will not be able to get out of here and then they will also put their swords in the same way immediately. He comes to attack Bol Change but he stops him with the help of his seal but both these Bol are very powerful like You can see that both of them are trying to stop those two bulls from their respective sides, this path is so thin that these people cannot even move here and there and if you are thinking of jumping to the side, then it is not restricted. Area is there, don't go there, if we go, what to do now, she was not understanding anything, suddenly some sound comes from behind, she looks back, she was asking what happened, answer me what is going on behind there. No one is answering then Purple looks back and when she sees Chan is absconding there is only her sword and now there is no one left to save her from behind but from front.

Also she He must have broken his key ball by mistake, there is a bull on both sides, front and back, in the middle, now our purple fence is over, so friends can see, now they are both forgotten seats, they are moving towards it, crying out, no, no. Don't come to me, don't come to me, what do you think, is it going to become a Kachumaar now, what a change, dhoka de diya purple ko toh ok hai gas hamara aaj ka ye episode yeh This is where it ends If you like the video then you know what to do like share subscribe comment and share the video as much as possible then see you in the next episode till then bye bye

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