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As we saw in the last episode, Seventh Prince gets very angry, then he exposes the heads of both the soldiers and then after that the cloth cover is removed, then here we are shown in the next scene where Chan is trapped in trouble. Due to the demand of Tha, that demon is very powerful, if he kills the chain, then his condition worsens in one shot, he remains lying on the ground and says that he is really very powerful and also muscular. Then purple comes from behind and the care is if you can't beat her why don't you just sit here quietly watch me and learn how I beat her life she straight forward to her life to her short Takes and carries the demand that now you are not going to escape from my hands, you have faced me, she is heavy, then suddenly she changes her style and many threes start coming out of the sword and that demo ends.

Here We are shown that the clothes are removed and it is a strange body that the caution of the murmurers will be less because it is such a demanding object. use and his body is melted in this way because of that I want you to do proper investigation on this matter and don't forget tonight we have to reduce a lot he says ok commander yeh After saying this, Seventh brother starts leaving from there and tells his brother that I have full faith in you because you have so much power that you alone can handle this metal comfortably and here What is the matter that he has again left me trapped in this matter, first of all I will have to put these two khopdiyon to a place because I do not like it at all, he will sit here tonight and guard it. What happened in the surrounding, what happened with him, now it is night, the prince remains asleep, but if a girl starts breathing in his nose, he gets.

Up and says who is there, but that girl's night was very long and did not end. Getting up and I'm not in the mood to sleep at all would you like to share the dream with me Prince tonight but Prince starts saying what is he doing Well look there's a fight going on here and you 're alone here you shouldn't hang out here like this because there can be demons here and anyone can bring you to die so I'll make you think that you Quietly go back to where you are, it feels very strange, after that they both sit and start talking, Prince is asking about his family, who says no, there is no one in my family, only me. I am alone then after that we talk for a long time and after talking that girl leaves from there what do you think this girl is a damon now it is morning there is going to be another war here today.

Everyone ready Done see the one who happens to be the Imperial Capital has won most of the battle as a lot of daemons have already been killed and these guys are very close to victory just a few more kills then these guys can easily win over them Or on the other hand we are shown the King of Demons which happens to be like I can't believe the internal dynasty. How can Tani be so powerful, first of all, he killed two elders as well as my two sons, this can't be so, how did he become so powerful all of a sudden, and along with that, Haveli Divine Weapon and Blood Zid Both of them are also missing, someone has stolen them and their suspicion is going straight towards peace because many people had seen him, whoever saw them, China has killed them all, then there was a man from behind. What should we do now, then this king who was telling that this unique divine.

Weapon is very powerful and it costs them a lot, these people did not have the courage to put themselves on it. Can also use processing change happens we are shown to purple who has finished him off bull ok you must have seen how powerful I have become a what happened why you are not saying anything he was standing like this I was saying that I am not even able to speak anything, nor is my body moving, I do not know what is happening, but till then her sole When the door comes, his body starts moving and his voice also comes out, his sword splits into two pieces as if a gate has been opened, that gate is strange, he starts pulling the chain inside himself, that Shahkar too. He does not know how to stop himself and has reached a completely new world where there is someone else to welcome him, now the scene changes, we are shown the battlefield.

Where the fight was going to start again today, it is said that now the fight is going to start in just a short while and then we are shown the things before them that what happened to the second prince that we This fight will have to be ended as soon as possible, don't know what the dem branch's waste is thinking, where is it hidden, that girl is not living with full force and this prince unites on the seventh, on this thing, when you get into the fight Then be a little careful because there is a lot of danger on you. He says okay then I understood all your words, I have any plan and now the fight starts everyone has arrived and then the fight starts they start dying. Here we are shown the doll demons from where it comes from and this person is a prisoner, th is person is a suitable candidate for my plan, here we are.

Shown the swords period The one who is asking calmly that what did you do as soon as you got that divine weapon in you, did you do anything with it? edkhani then used it in a good way he must have been doing that i don't know see that gate opened automatically and big swords period what can i say about it i myself don't know how all that happened Gaya then he starts telling a lot of things about the swords period sword of the olden times and also tells that before this the Hindi people had achieved that sword, they had achieved it with hard work and that selfishness . Everyone used to have a dream and in earlier times, whoever achieved the short, all the people who could do it, the great heroes or warriors of that time, all that and what did you do, you just wandered here and there Kept killing the devils some small big some big devils came.

Just keep hitting them Whole life is a waste you can never make up for What are you doing, I am just a garbage, my whole life I have bid farewell like garbage and the rest of the life will be just like this, but suddenly it starts coming to senses and was wondering whether or not this sword controls the mind of its master. Hai I already know this thing I can't let this control my mind then he will kill immediately and says if you don't have anything else to say then I am leaving from here but stops him And shows a gold break then he says I haven't seen prince and what do you want to show me by showing this one gold biscuit han he starts saying new new royal prince of spirit this.

Is not money wali he is something else You can see a lot of gold starts falling and it is already known that it is a lotion, but if these brakes hit your head, then you will be hurt very hard, that is full of gold. He is playing in the pool of biscuits and is also very surprised, here is the spirit and carries that I know Prince, you have never given so much gold. If you have seen , then I just want to tell you that you just keep listening to me and I guarantee you that I will give you so much gold that you will never be able to spend in your whole life, but here the chain starts concentrating. He is coming out of the gold and you are coming out of the gold and slowly he comes out a lot and he makes a big eagle, climbs on top of it and says thank you very much. By the way my cultivation has already increased a lot.

And I have also made golden eagle element puppet ok so now I go from here if you want to try something else on me you can call me anytime I am free Hoon with his golden eagle he would have flown from the man and then what was it he would have been out of the gate immediately after seeing him purple carry I can't believe that divine weapon I give you Had doubted and you went out also, he says that I was also fond of it but Purple was concerned how did you get out of there and you He didn't even get hurt Chan says wait wait whatever happened inside there I will explain to you comfortably okay let's go first from here after that the sword suddenly stops automatically and again again from there It would have been a purple carry, is there really a mountain of gold, is there so much gold, he says peace, seeing the gold, I was also waiting for my whole life.

I have never seen so much gold, I am true, but once your heart becomes WhatsApp, its result will be very dangerous . Although the body would have lived, but the heart and mind was not going to listen to anyone, and here we are shown another prince, like he is giving lots of chicken biryani, cool things to eat, but he is saying that he is bored. Something else is needed, then we are shown, goes to some demons, kills and keeps saying that my life is so boring, friend, the life of rich people is not short, get up, go and walk again and again the same thing Tell me if you want to roam around all day , it is nothing less, she comes and carries me, I know what you want, you want to be a prince.

It is known who is this and from here also the latest grandson of the internal dynasty, Gotia Gian, this fight. It is okay because these people are talking, do you know where he disappeared ? I had given it, since then there is no news of him because if he used white pen, then he lost it, it's okay, now there is no use for me to stay here, so I am leaving from here, you are behind me. After saying take good care of the clan and my people he disappears and never comes back to demand claims and as he walks away this guy's got a run of clients all the same He has all of them in his hands, the map, divine weapon, which used to be gathered with these people, big powerful, powerful.

Weapons, also support means, there is some internal conflict going on inside the daemon client as well, like the internal conflict inside our dynasty. Conflict is going on and this is the demand, it seems that the story is taking a completely new mode, okay friends, then meet again. Te Hain Aapse Mein Tak Tak Bye Bye in Next Episode

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