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At the beginning of the episode, we are shown that Chan and Purple continue their journey in the same way, they go further and further and have reached a very deserted and deserted place where a huge It's like a tower, it's calm, this tower is giving me a very creepy feeling and I'm feeling very scared, you be careful, I don't like it at all, but first she tells him what happened You are scared there is nothing to be afraid of then Chan goes inside he sees a huge box from inside the tower when he goes near the box then why is there an Audi from inside it I think someone's body is purple, she says, should we open it carefully, opens the chain and sees that a girl's body is purple, she recognizes it, in fact, she is purple's junior. She is a.

Sister . Chan was here for days, says relax, relax, her breathing is still going on, slowly, if we give her good treatment, she will come back to life, as you can see next to this girl There are two mirrors next to them, there are two small boxes inside them, which are very dangerous, as you can see, by breaking those months, those boxes have come out, which were supposed to be a little bit bigger than them. Be careful, this box is very dangerous and its speed is also very high, even Sachin would have survived the attack, but Purple would have been trying to kill the unbox, even then those boxes would have been saved somehow. We have to stay away from them if they bite us then it is not going to be good for us.

At all Nothing is going to happen to you with minor killing techniques, my dear grandson. If you want to be a leader, then you must She uses this technique, something starts coming out of the ground and we see that it is blood-like, both of them go in the air and go round and round in the air and from which a lot of divine light starts coming out. There is a kind of hologram by which she is telling the prince how everything started, how it all happened, and then we are told that first of all this animal here the name of The Humans was not that mark after that The first human that you see behind this, he was the first human of blue color, who is human, he also started walking on very different things, like the human clan.

Used to give more value to its logic and cultivation, and it was about the Southern Destruction Plan. So he used to give more value to the force i.e. two different plans were made, this was the beginning of this and then we are told how one team became of human and one team became of demons and then that After everything is over, both the blood go back to the root, the song says, where did all that go, then they start telling us that these two blood Jadenge is very special, with the help of this he can create very powerful technique and what would have happened, were they really doing that they need a prince in this mission, the prince will become the new king, the most powerful of the world. Will become a man, then no one will be able to stand in front of the prince, that means there is still a lot of play left, on the other hand, we are shown Chan who is still struggling with his De Makoda because his dan was very painful. Carrie is stupid,.

Somewhere like this your mind works too much but in such a situation your mind does not stop, you start doing absolutely stupid things, hurry up, leave these kilos behind, where does it belong, I am thinking. But the idea is not coming, then after thinking a little, the idea comes in his mind, he tells purple that you have that crystal now, don't hurry and she is giving me that crystal, there is no normal crystal, this is very It is a miraculous crystal. Now you guys go ahead and see what will happen with this crystal. A shows miracles throws a crystal which happens to be our dragon he takes those crystals pours it piece by piece then don't know how those crystals read like on insects they have killed them all and now we have this girl It is shown that she has also got up, she keeps wondering where I am, why is my head hurting so much.

She is asking what are you doing here Big Sir and what am I doing here. Purple starts saying that I will tell you everything, first we leave this place, after that I will tell you then. Changed it a little carefully because we see that there is already a very big worm which is very dangerous and if it bites then don't know what will happen and that worm attacks but now its powers Uses that worm is not going to kill even after killing it Purple is asking her sister to get out of here We will take care of it We will call him White Okay or no You guys don't kill this worm Can kill, don't kill him, now we are taken a little closer brother, okay, where they also know that he is very lap god type, does a lot of charity, helps people, but he is less Couldn't believe it completely.

Because one of his men had gone inside this mansion but didn't return, so went to the family to investigate. went to see what the matter is there so both girls you are looking very high our master will be very happy to see you and you are also of low age so come on you can come inside but as soon as she steps inside Some gas comes out due to which she suddenly faints and when she regains consciousness, she sees that her arms and legs were tied in a chair and a thing was placed on her stomach which was directly from this crystal. went and connected in which there was a child inside and there was remaining underworld underworld which was doing some magic where doing something from underworld it takes the power of white and what if you want to hate someone So do with this world not with me at all we see that all the energy inside it was being absorbed it's a point like.

Thing and was directly transferred inside this kid and I think that's the big worm now Next to this, she only remembers that she had fainted and then when she opened her eyes, Purple came, that's all to save her. remembers Seena goes to the present where Purple starts asking her what happened, her head starts shaking very loudly all of a sudden but then she recovers . Will not help friend will he alone tackle her master. She says if you are talking about Bhushan then haan he will tackle alone as he has many hidden tricks he also uses amazing tricks. It wastes so much gold, tell me just to calm it by wrapping it, here we are shown by the demons, who keeps his foot on the ground, then all the three enemies around it.

Fly in the air, tell me how powerful All three of them live in ho, they can't even do anything. Daemon was very angry because his time was wasted, so he immediately starts killing all three of them one by one, kills one and the other two. They remain alive, it does not happen, for example, now all the three enemies are over, the demons are no more in front of the front. Yes, but the biggest increase has just come, which happens from the underworld, which happens from the van, I did not know that you are walking here so much for your death that the underworld is remaining, see if If I tell the truth, I don't even want to fight with you, by the way, let me tell you, what would have happened if I had killed your family at that time, then you would not have become a demon at all, because you have no knowledge of how to kill people. How are they recognized and then you are not at this place today and you are not.

Able to become so much stronger then whatever I did I did absolutely right look I did not do all that intentionally I am also a little sorry about this but I want to tell you that now you and I are exactly the same so why don't you join me if you join me we can create a new future a whole new world on the other side showed us peace It is known that Chennai technique is used, then all the power of white tea is inside this worm. It was done slowly and it is coming inside and now she is getting stronger than before. She says my martial student is coming back . We are shown that this is no normal gold, it never skits, it is very stretchable, just like rubber, it It has been made like that and here it is shouting that release me release me, after that peace comes.

And he starts tying it in his hand because the one that was tied was tied to him again and the other one kept it tied When it happens, she says that you are doing it very loudly, my hand started hurting, he says okay, okay, I do it slowly, here Purple carries that this junior sister of mine seems to be a little too popular. Hai mujhe bhi hai ki aur bus gaijas ka hamari ye bhi so end hota hota hota hota hota hai ki video ke liye ke video subscribe new channel ki ki aur baas gaijas ka humari thank you very much for watching the video till now see you all again Till then in the next episode

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