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As you saw in the previous episode, how Chennai would have defeated that guy and here we are shown the new form of Chen, who has become very badass, after seeing her, even her teachers are surprised and they think The thing is that I never thought that he will open the first selcial position so much power will go into it, I see in this a true dragon emperor was talking to his teacher that I feel like my veins There is no blood but there is energy going inside, that too so much that I cannot tell you, it seems that I have unlimited amount of energy and my body is feeling good, his teacher is telling that it is just sleep. You haven't got even a whole lot of energy , we have just started and now I have to reduce a lot more, we see that the teacher uses his technique dragon binding change, the change is all around and its dragon comes.

Out . Change falls on the ground and goes straight inside it and feels that my body is much bigger than before. It's over, now I don't feel the same as before, then his teacher starts telling that this is a dragon binding change, this is a very simple way of chain, which will train the energy inside it, which means that the same energy suddenly Increases its pressure, will not let it increase, will keep it balanced and even more good thing is that these gents used to have normal tires, that means no one felt any power inside it, still everyone has the same tyres. There is no power inside the chain, if anyone comes to know that he knows how to use the San of Heaven lap technique, then everyone's eyes will be on the same strip above the chain, and then everyone will try to kill the chain. Here we are shown Baba with the stars, who is saying that the minister's stars.

Have become normal again, they are not shining at all like before . It's a game, it's not a big deal, but they're wondering whether or not he was shining too much and it can't happen. It has become quite normal, then the other one is the person, he is the one, let's go here, there is nothing, I am going, here we are shown again, the master's are the same, you have to do the same. So that what has come inside of you is like this, you kept becoming like this, the dragon binding change kept normalizing it, but it was having a lot of difficulty in standing, where was its whole body and says that now you are feeling like this. Hai that I have become very weak than before and my whole body is paining his teacher says ok I will tell you a spell by which you can release dragon change but remember.

You will use it only when you But there will be some trouble, don't use it unnecessarily, where was the peace, okay, I understood that the dragon binding change is suppressing my youth energy, but why did you say that it also affects my power? His teacher says that he will improve because you are going against nature like man as an example. Take 70% training in the whole day but it loses 30% in the night because it sleeps and does not know how to train, eats and drinks and has fun but if it has a dragon change, then it can completely Eye will continue to circulate throughout the night in his body, whether he trains during the day or not at night, the thing will remain the same, after that his master is telling that from tomorrow his real training is going to start, not only in the day, but in the night. He will also train so that his.

Eyes keep circulating throughout the day and in a few days he will become very powerful and his body will also become hard than before and always remember one thing, you are now a normal human. I am not even because Heaven has chosen you. In the next scene, we are shown that it is morning and this is our Imperial City and this is the king who is asking the rest of his ministers how are you doing . And in the days to come, if he is going to climb someone's earring, then he was asking for the same sacrifice. How is the preparation going, everyone tells that it is going well, after that a minister came and tells that this is happening in the East, this is happening in the West, then the king asks and some respect Activities about which you forgot to tell, then he gets shocked and what is happening, the one with the star of the constellation is speaking, okay in this when the uncle with the constellation goes away.

Then after that the Prince and all the other ministers are also talking about a very serious topic, in fact these people are planning to attack someone, about which these people talk secretly. It used to be that we should do this and that and kill our enemies, then if it were for the prince, it would be fine, then it would cost 20,000, and at the same time, ninth prince, 10th friends and 19th place means that everyone would be surprised to hear this. That's why those who are emperors belong to ministers, even your daughter i.e. Purple, she is also of the age of 19th prince, isn't it ? Ki Han then tells the emperor that I have a wish and we are shown that gold, silver and swords have been brought here, which is a very valuable thing in this imperial city, but the one that Purple's father.

Hote woh ka rahe nahi friends my daughter is not worth it so you take back all these things we all these things No need of any Friends says once I gave it I'm gonna keep it back And anyway why would I take it back from you Purples are what's the last round First it asked both of them ahead Now so many gifts After all, what is this empire trying to do, till then the empire asks that this matter is of marriage, but it will be its own decision, I am not going to say anything in this and when the decision is going to be between them, then this is the story ahead for us. I will come to know only that you are the director of Purple that I have no vyapatti from this but Prince has been insisting that you have helped me a lot in the past and I am thankful to you for this, I am doing this because both of them are very We already know each other and as far as the strength is concerned, I know that the.

Student of 19th friends is very less, whether it is too less or not, it is not known yet that he has become so powerful and then Next, those people go and start talking on important matters, but in the middle of this, the Prince also talks about one more thing. Tells them that he is speaking about a different thing and says that if anyone wants to go against me in that matter, be it you or any member of the Nobel family, I will not forgive him. I will give it no matter who it is, even if it is my brother, and hearing this, Purple's herpes must have been registered very much, after that what happens to friends, go and take care of the matter of 19th friends. It is said that it is okay in the next scene we are shown that he is very angry and is saying that no matter what the empire says that they have been together since childhood, but still I do not believe that life in me. But he wants to marry her.

And on the other side he is a banda in suicide, he is worried that how can this happen or how can the sister marry him peacefully with unnecessary qualities, then he does not have any qualities to become a king. And here we are talking about his grandfather, after all, what can we do in this, it is the decision of the Empire and we cannot change it even after doing what is being played here. There is a lot of politics that happens regarding the name of the family, the emperor wants that the princess who is Lu should not join the family so that they do not have combine power. They are experts and want to clear their cards to destroy them because Empire does not like these people from the beginning and this is also the real pearl of Empire and there is a big game planning going on here , you will come to know further. By then purple comes there and she says she has to meet alone.

Me banda hota hota wo hota hota do you want her to meet the idiot purple is telling han that idiot you guys are talking about guchensha it looks simple but it is not so simple as you understand from people in the next scene we are shown Chan who had started his routine of training and here his master has given some special people for training They would have also appointed but they are not humans, they are machines, that too stone machines, rest from Guru channel escapes and tries to run away from there he goes up in even stronger winds with his foot and goes hits the front smashes the first one that too can look so badly fire in the air Would have been done in a big way but then another one comes from behind and hits him with a hard punch on the back but he activates immediately then turns back and finishes him too and then.

Why does his eye go within 20 but his teacher is not more happy than what he is doing you are not fully ready yet you have just reached the first level he just reached the first level then so much He has become more powerful and he is saying further that if you did not have the voice body protection of Dragon Bidding Change, then you could have damaged very badly. I am doing, I am doing , my level has just started and that dragon binding change is also very impressive, it is good, then his teacher says that you have so much time to talk, but to go back to your training There is no time for Han Budbak, go somewhere, train quietly , it is not going to increase, so he will have to do something next level, he will.

Have to channel his ki, so that even more, his celestial position says that I have something to say about this. Whenever I channel my why, the inner experience yes my meridians start to hurt very fast i have a lot of pain i can't move from there for a while when i transfer the ki all the way inside my body they say it's obvious It's a matter because it is not a child's technique like you have just taken and just learned, when it goes inside your body, it will be painful because it shakes the whole nervous system of your body and suddenly a lot Even if all the power is taken, the body will shake completely in one go, no problem, there is nothing to worry about, gradually your body will adapt to this nature and then I will require you so that you It will be a little.

Easier, till then there would have been a sleep of our peace, would have brought the news, you have to gas in the comment that what is that news going to happen then see you in the next episode till then

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