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Hello gas, all of you are welcome to my channel, I had asked you but you did not comment much, I had asked that if you put a 10-minute daily punch video, it will work, I feel more comfortable because it is 10 minutes comfortably. It becomes a little more hassle in the 8 minute one, that's why you will get a 10 minute video, okay watch five-six videos every day and from the Han playlist, it means that in the end, if the video team is given, then the one after this If you guys don't get it then you guys watch one less from the playlist keep in WhatsApp line like friends in last episode we saw those who are master of chain are telling chain that look if you do like this then you will get No problem is going to happen now further we are shown that his original A is already done he says reporting 19th friends Lord Yuvan's daughter waiting for you she wants to meet you he says who purple she.

Wants to meet me after all she Why does the girl want to meet me because she has too much pride on herself and I am a society I am a downtrodden boy, after all, why would she want to meet me , then she has to understand. Thank you very much, little prince, because of the moment you gave me, my cultivation has improved more than before and thank you very much for this because If you were not there then this body structure of mine would have deteriorated very badly but the bill you gave has put life back inside my body and now I have become stronger than before . It didn't affect me, don't worry, he will definitely reduce your bill, you just have to work a little more, you will get training in a good way, you will see, you will become very powerful in the future, okay, okay Hey, I have to go now because I have.

To go to meet a very difficult girl. In the next seat, we see that Chan has reached there. It is a huge ship. There are body guards in the front and back. even then there are bodyguards till the whole room when he enters inside then he see purple E deti he was wondering why she wants to meet me because she considers herself from a very noble family and wants to consider herself very big after all what is her plan purple carry 19th friends welcome sit sit there laughing Looks and starts bowing before him means bowing down to him in a way. Purple says you have no need to do all this and your acting skills are too useless why don't you just leave it. He starts thinking. After all, why did he say this to me, how did he know that I do not have the San of Heaven's seal, then Purple says stop pretending to be such an idiot,.

I know that you are hiding your true identity, then in the heart of it He gets cold and was thinking that this is a very good thing, then again he starts behaving like a fool and what is happening, no, no, this is my real nature, I am not fooling you, then she says that let's do all this We can talk later also, so we sit and drink tea, he says Han Han, why not, after that she talks It starts coming , you can see it, this is not a normal tea, it has been specially brought from far away and it is very special, it is very watery to see it, purple carries ahead that Teej also has some heritage . Just like humans, the tea that a person likes, that means it is also like the same tea, it is herbal tea, it is refreshing, it has fragrance and it is very good, it smells good, you already know that even if it is old The time when it was discovered in the beginning, it will be the same time, next they.

Start discussing over tea, after talking for a long time, Purple carries that you are a man and you should have this desire that you are complete. I can't take the world under my control, just stay the way you are now because all your brothers and other friends are very powerful and people want to get new directors, it seems to me. This act should be kept like this If I tell the truth then I was made like this by my own choice Says again okay okay I'm talking about you Understanding becomes normal and what is happening with princess Look I want to tell you I do n't have self confidence even I don't have power when danger comes I get afraid I have abilities na mother Is there to help and you know how weak my martial power is, after all, what if I do, I can't even complete with any other prince.

That's why I pretend like this to stay alive, you must be understanding me very well , what does your family have to do with it, then she brings a book in front of him, he asks what is it. tells that this is matter of call of spiritual energy it was kept with my mother's family colossal spiritual energy and this is one of their vitals you wasted your 19 friends you understand me well now you You can clearly see this new outlook and new future of yours look 19 prince now you are going to become a big man soon big man does not mean money and power and big man means now above 18 years or more time Above the age of 15, you would have been called a big man, then you would have been telling that look, you have become a big man, so now you will go and occupy the land, other new kings will take over their empire from them, someone will come from you, the same meaning of the talk of war.

But there is no interest in him, he is calm, he is again a false hope, you know that I have I had read many such books in 3 years but still what happened nothing happened my cultivation didn't increase even an iota even I tried eating vital spell it didn't have any effect What do you think this book will do and what's more I am a little alone I have 18 other brothers who are watching me and I know they all will target me if I try to rise above them And apart from this what can I tell you, I am the most heated person in this whole empire, for the time being, I am the only one and what do you think, I don't have the man to take my mother's karibanj, it is enough, but what can I do? I can do it, I feel afraid, after that he starts praising himself and starts insulting.

Purple Pink's family that you are not such a valuable person for me, I can't marry you, I am not interested in you, I am not interested in you. you are in my family i don't want to marry you ok thank you very much Called me here I will try this book you have given me cast can help me a little bit ok now I leave here but Purple is getting very angry she says stay there for a minute but He doesn't listen , he goes away. Princess was getting very angry, she was saying that nothing can happen to this man, he will remain a loser all his life and only loser will kill us, we will see in the next scene. That he lives on a small nine because he has to go back to the ground as well and this girl princess avoidnet from somewhere, he keeps on walking here, see how nice the look is, the girl is angry because the.

Princess has calmed down. She says wait now, I will teach you a lesson, she hit a strong hand on the other side of the nine, so that it is not completed, it starts shaking here and there and the peace has fallen into the water. What happened 19th friends, why did you suddenly jump into the water, here I was thinking that this girl has intentionally dropped me in this, if I have total breath Had it not been for technology, I would have drowned long ago. He can see from the outside that there is a very bright light shining from inside the stones. Should see there and then what was there, he starts going towards it from where this light was coming, he goes near, starts removing the letters, after that he also goes inside it, here now the girl was getting tense because No matter how big a fool he was, but he is a prince after all, if he is blamed for his death, then his.

Life is going to become a hell anyway, so he goes and jumps into the water, but after finding him in the water She doesn't see it anywhere, she must have been very worried whether he really drowned or he has gone somewhere else with the waves, although there are a lot of moisturizers in it, the monster has not eaten you in time. Or did not take it, but here we are shown that it has come to the other side, it has actually come inside a cake, which is as deep as the sea. It is very low, it never expected that there would be such a cake in such a depth because it is a little bit dangerous, that's why it is using a pocket element, so that all the water can be there. All of them gather there, a huge tornado is formed, four-five tornadoes are formed and collide with each other and a water is formed here.

Element Puppet it is for him to keep an eye around here and then he goes towards where the light is coming from, when he is going towards the slide, then he is trapped in a magic circle, know this It has already happened that now it is going to be used because it is not a normal defense, it is a dragon defense and here we are shown that a big electric dragon is coming out , it immediately shouts its water But why is it that he comes to save me from my daughter, but that dragon seems to be his physical body so much because he is moving it across the pocket, such dragons with normal formations, their bodies are original. It doesn't remain, it is made from some element, but it is its original, it is happening for a while, or not, it is not the real body of the dragon, it is all just a lotion, but when it hits the stone, the stone fragments.

After it breaks into pieces, that dragon starts coming back towards him. Friends must have gone to the door and was thinking that oh no. Saki has a real body, yet he doesn't panic because he had become powerful, what is he doing, let the trident fight with me, he comes, the dragon also collides, here we show him to a girl who is in a lot of tension. She was asking what will happen now I could not find him anywhere under the water that stupid prince if he must have drowned then what should I do now what should I do his condition would have deteriorated a lot he was in a lot of tension then showed us It is said that suddenly a huge tornado comes near the board and not only that, there are also three to four other tornadoes, he could not understand what was happening, then we are shown what happens to the dragon. Hai our chain cut dragon, he is killing the formation dragon in a very bad way, very contap wala, now friends, what.

Is going to happen next, you will know all this in the next episode only, but I want to tell that you guys Go through the playlist and watch it because many people are like I will put a video in the end, then they do n't see the video. Oh you guys go through the playlist and see it will be better the whole episode stays on line ok gas then see you all in the next episode till then

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