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As we saw in the previous episode, all the soldiers come to her, she is screaming, till then we are shown that something like a volcano comes out from inside and it becomes a rocket, then after that a hand comes out and it Prince immediately goes and destroys the stone but finds nothing there. He was wondering how this could happen. Thi after all how did she run away from here it means that some very powerful person is helping her because she has suddenly disappeared while eating the bed, here we are shown the chain, the one who has put flesh on it becomes deep purple. There is no problem now, your wounds are full and I have released your Malaidians as well. She says after all what is this.

Place and who are you, what are you that I am just a normal person. Hoon is my name, I know you are sure that how did he recognize me, he starts saying who is this Gach and Ji ? Yes, I know I am just a normal person, she says that there is no need to act , I have heard your voice many times when I was in the Imperial Capital, I can easily recognize you even with my eyes closed, so quietly my Take off this SP chain, take off your flesh and it seems that from next time I will have to practice voice change character, you will recognize me again or someone else will recognize it, it is of Imperial Prince. ki nali hai famous for his bevkufon stupidity heavy act he has so much skill tax he has taken too much hobby looking.

At me he says are you praising me or making fun of me she says so you so long You are hiding your powers from The Chase You are hiding your powers very well The Chase must be thinking that my power is nothing to compete with them He just used some of his tricks because of which he took Purple home For example, he mixed his earth element and fire element, then used puppet ground, so that He flew like a rocket, explosion happened like how did you see , he flew in the air like a rocket doing the same thing and in the middle of the air I was using it then I could open the white and then it successfully from there I can get out though I can't tell all these things to her at all. Chanel asks her that who are you, what is your name and why did you want to steal Stressor from the mansion, she is not saying anything. If you don't want to tell.

Me then I don't have any problem but she starts saying ok ok I will tell because you have saved my life, it becomes my first time to tell you this, after that she will take out her sword I know you 've never heard of Dragon Sword Island. It's Dragon Sea Island. Very powerful people live in it and it's on the south side. has captured and the same clan is running this whole island, in fact the other generals who are like big umpires become big countries, on the side it is a small island but which are big countries They want to bow it down but these people of the island are very strong and stubborn too, these people do not bow down so easily .

No, I tell about myself, I am the young ruler of Dragon Sword Island, after that she starts telling, this is the sword, meet it. It is called Agon Sovat which was made from the bonus of the dragon and this dragon had disappeared from the Sword Islands many years ago but he found it here, it was very difficult to find it, what peace does it come Hai I don't think you are telling me all the truth. She says haan anyway it doesn't matter as we see she is walking straight towards Chan to kill him but again The same thing happens to the dragon that is cut inside our chain, it only saves us comfortably . Due to which she falls away and sometimes gets hurt . Peace is about to kill.

Her but stops in the middle. What was she doing? Why did you miss such a good opportunity? would i tell you one thing I want to do this is not at all and all the people in a line are necessary and every passerby is not bad she throws a box in front of the chain which looks like a tiffin she tells that whatever mention She had stolen the things from him, they are all inside this box, except for the dragon sword, she will give him all these things and if we ever meet in the future, we will also forget whatever happened, from now on our path will be completely different. It has nothing to do with both of us. In the next scene, we see that it is in the room and that it is of Kamal . It looks better, he was saying that if I.

Drink this dragon, then that truth will transform me into a real dragon and will also become very powerful, he also sees a book there, this book is like this in Nacro The book like how it says to rise, all the people get up, about whom I am talking about, this book has been written about exactly the same technique. Ti hai can bring 100 to his army i.e. zombies they will turn out to be very powerful it was thought that in future they can help me also but wait it's a shame he stole something from me that call Awesome spirit my mother left for me exactly three days from today I will bring her back here we are shown the other side where monsters would have attacked and these monsters are so merciless that they don't spare anyone Whether it is a small child or whoever comes in their way, they kill it because the demon.

King has attacked in this city and they are troubling all the people . They are merciless, as you all can see, how merciless it is , a man hiding a little far from the battlefield is watching them, who has come as an undercover agent and uses one of his techniques. So that whatever he sees with his own eyes, whose people will also see the same and it is deep that I want to tell you now. I am sending runt situation is very dangerous all these images go directly to the office of military affairs empire which spiritual meditation can do from the web and it is there that I never thought that those daemons are so Soon we will attack the southern branch and destroy it completely, what other soldiers are doing, we have to tell emparel about this thing as soon as possible that the situation is out of control there.

But you look at the anime too, seeing their military strength and location, we cannot ignore them, they are very powerful and then they deepen their milk so that you get out of there as soon as possible but It is sad that before he leaves, a master sees him and that master kills him very badly but a crow is also watching him and this crow is from another branch as if this guy is controlling It seems to me that both the Empire and the Demons are about to start fighting each other. The master will have to tell all these things as soon as possible . But those people open their mouth and their mouth is too big, he goes to Banda Dar, he tries to run away,.

But both of them hold him so tightly that he could not run away after that. What was it, both of them start eating it comfortably, then we are shown that all this is just a dream of her, her condition would have worsened, then when does she come, now you have come to know that you are a child. Child saved Varna Your life was about to go My constellation is very brilliant that's why I changed your soul Varna Your soul was about to end He was doing thank you very much Master you saved my life But his master has saved his life so that he can give him punishment, he starts bowing down to his power and why are you one with you You are old in front of me and you should know that if you do even a small mistake, then you will not be punished for it. I know I can kill you thousands of times.

Forgets the matter, he says thank you very much master for showing kindness to me, by the way master I wanted to tell you that the Soutan branch has attacked, he starts saying that this is our There is an opportunity for this and I was in tatlash of this opportunity and further his master starts saying that his brilliant shifting constellation technique has time to reach the 12th level and the emperor has not yet reached his technique. That's why his servant starts telling that another big problem has arisen, he who is the 19th prince, isn't his master says that you are talking about the son of the princess of the Xian dynasty, why is it so? Raha hoon na he says ki haan I am trying to tell about the same I have predicted this but suddenly he has become very powerful and people's family is going to give him their daughter to get married And at.

The same time there is a lot going on, he starts telling a lot of things, whatever he sees and whatever he knows, this is what happens to this guy's master, it is very obvious . He is a very important piece for us, when our Sienna dynasty will be revived, then we need him very much . That's because our friends are going to come very less, he starts saying master , okay, now we should go ahead with our plan, for this we will need some good people also, even then he calls his people, they would have been there. There are two people in which this girl is the first one as it happens that you are the most suitable for this job you can restore our study back to the kingdom and at the same time now you will go to the empire he considered her less gives and at the same time this guy who is wearing brown color was saying that you will also.

Go with the lady because you are the best of our best and you do it very well In front of that, he starts telling him less about himself, and then in the future, I can only tell you that the master is telling him that you will go and infiltrate the empire, because inside you have this decision. You have sebility, you can take advantage of it in a very good way and just don't finish the episode for gas today and share the video See you again in the next episode, till then bye bye

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