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Hello gas, all of you are welcome to watch today's episode on my channel, today's episode is going to be very entertaining, you will enjoy a lot, so let's start the video without any delay, so friends, as you I saw in the last episode now some new characters are introduced and now a lot of different things are going on here like undemarks attacked in south invest now who are these people and what is the plan of these people Whose side are these people on, will they support Jain or use the chain, so let's see. In the beginning of the episode, we are shown our dragon, which is eating the energy of the phoenix, and now the dragon is already Something has become too big, even the check was surprised to see that how the power has become so big so soon because it has been only three days, this phone is.

Eating it only for 3 days and it has turned into a real dragon. Earlier it was like a child, but now it has grown up a lot , but the dragon's intentions are not very good. I was looking at him strangely and it seems that what does he want from me then only Master A goes and what are they doing see even though he has grown up but his heart is still his child and he wants you to be his own. Looks like a man Teacher says don't worry he will learn later how he can increase his size smaller than his man He says it's not a problem right now the biggest problem is that I like this Why is he chatting, I am afraid that he may eat me, then we see that the portal opens and it is wednet 19th Prince Empire has sent a parcel for you, can you come here to receive it? Will trouble, he keeps asking the teacher that don't know what is.

My father's plan, I will have to go and see sir, you will take care of this dragon, it will stay here, after that it goes away and here we are shown that it is also a phoenix. They are absorbing the energy inside themselves as if they are observing a little power, they must have come to know that the power of this phoenix is ​​too much. It is active because now they just have to break six more unique divine art effects, after that they will get their physical body back and their soul will go into their body, then they will be fully revived, then the pair of student and master can meet Here the chain is shown to the one who has been with his father, bows down before his father, belongs to his father, this imperial degree, this is for you and it has been sent by him means that he has sent it But still it is spoken and 19 Prince I want to tell you that.

You are going to become an adult soon because he is going to be 18 years old and in the happiness of this he says many things to him and at the same time this They are also telling that by investing a lot of money, they have prepared a big mansion for the 19th Prince, where his servants will go and all his people will live, which means that now he is going to get his own mansion, as well as he will get a lot of money. All the weapons will also be given but his father is very clever, they are sending him towards South where You know that there has been an attack by demons, it seems that the father and all the sons together want to kill him, and it is because of this that I am very proud of being here, Prince, now you have grown up, your father had only to say this . What are the sweet talks, what were they talking about, do you accept this, he says yes father, I accept this, I will definitely do it. The prince must have been told.

What is going on in the south. He is going to get his own mansion and many people and some treasure . If he still remained to thank his grandfather, he says no, no, there is no need to do all this, well, now you have become in charge, you have your own own a whole empire in a way 19th friends I want to congratulate you you work very hard make a lot of progress and everybody take good care of it okay it's happening han you don't worry at all I everybody I will take very good care of you I will pray to God for your good future and I hope in God I will definitely listen and a bright future will be ready for you . He keeps saying thank you so much for caring so much about me . After that they leave from there, what's the matter, today the sun has come.

Out from somewhere else, are they talking to you in such a nice way, they have never done this before you. Kiya Chan says look, this is called internal politics, which has been going on in our Imperial Court, neither you have friends nor your enemies here, if you have power and influence, people will follow you. aate says sab original but he is too manipulative and he undercuts for empire can this be the reason chan says he is very smart and he always undercuts people who are in power but that's why it is so easy to handle and perfect too now you must have come to know that all these internal politics is being played all the brothers of empire are against it no one likes it everyone want to get killed but our hero can't kill so easily looking ahead is a cool thing for you guys.

Here we are shown the teacher who realizes he still can't take his physical body it's a lot of phoenix pe Energy caps up but still it is not enough so now just tell them peace All that remains is that they transform the Kwai into their energy, then that energy will go to the teacher, then what I told you in the beginning that if the teacher achieves sex, then he can achieve his physical body. Now he starts to change but he has support so I want you to open it and see it he says which gift then we are shown that girl comes she tells her name and she carries She has come here for the 19th prince and now she is going to marry him. that.

I know it was my mistake and I treated you very badly at that time but I thought that 19th friends you will forgive me that's why I came here today for you that you haven't forgiven me yet I am your everything 4 I will obey you whatever you say but he keeps away from me and says stay away from me and go and tell your mistress that I should not give up on her. Fitt doesn't approve I don't like you at all he says oh no no there is no such thing why if it is not such a thing then okay you kill me what do you want to do what are you talking about she Tells that his mistress has come to know about the incident that he pushed 19th friends into the water and his life was about to die, so now its Mr. Seesa does not want and if 19th friends also will not do sex app. So she.

Will send him to a very far away kingdom where all those people will treat him very badly so I am asking you if you are not my own then please please kill me but don't know where to rest I am not like that I can do it she took out a knife and was saying 19 friends if you don't kill me then I will kill myself but the chain was asking her to stop he says stop stop don't do that but she stabs He is there but he stops in the middle and blood starts flowing from his hand, in the next scene we are shown that on his hand. She applies bandage and says I am sorry it is all my fault I hurt you. He starts laughing says oh no no it is not your fault I am fine my skin is too thick you don't worry me nothing has happened she says everyone says 19th friends you are stupid but i know you are.

Very mind heart in this world where there is someone more kind people like you are very hard to find very hard they are their own Takes his hand away and says ok ok you can stay here she says thank you so much Chen tells her but wait now when the new manor will be complete then we will leave this place together Chen goes from there immediately after selection she contacts purple and is talking to him through teleginesis purple tells her that i don't care what method you use just with her Stay and I want all the information that what is he doing, what is he not doing. Pinky says he is not that smart, is he? but his nature is very good he is very clean hearted and helps people really it is very difficult to find a person like him here we see chan who lives comfortably and was talking to me.

I know that Purple sent him here on purpose so that he can secretly spy on me, but whatever Say it is very cute, it was fun . He was trying to stop the light, he closes his eyes and says no, no, there is no need for you to do all this, put your clothes back on, she would not have been doing it, it is my responsibility that whatever you do He says oh no no there is no need to do all this look I want to sleep alone you don't have any need to serve me and I told you this too no she is trying to stop him but chan does n't stop chan runs away from there with great speed spreading the flash she starts saying.

19 prince but now he is awake he doesn't even tell And runs away from there immediately goes after him, then suddenly he has disappeared. Here we see that he has entered the world where the teacher used to live. Or what happened, did something bad happen to you again? It is not visible because your whole face is red, what was that? I am again saying that Hing and young energy means intercourse between male and female, it is also a kind of spiritual training by which it can increase its power even more and it also proves to be very helpful. Maybe but I am not interested in all those things, I am very interested in this book because this book seems very special to me and I am going to read it, it will be fun to read then.

This book belongs to his teacher, it is a rear treasure and it is very useful too, and the teacher is telling that look, this book is very useful, but I will not tell you now, I will tell you in the next episode, because now it is time Tata bye bye kehne ka phir meet in next episode till then like bye bye video Do subscribe and don't forget to comment

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