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The boy was thrown into the river by his father just after he was born No one dared to save him, no matter how hard he struggled So this was a test for the Baskervilles Once a new baby is born They will be thrown into the cradle of blades in the Forest of Nightmares Hiking over the path of the test with the sword Go to the other side to receive the gift of awakening from the River Styx And in my previous life I was the most powerful hound in my family I was able to defend myself against the invasion of the demons.

But just as I was returning from my triumph to receive the glory I was guillotined by my father's own hand Because my strength threatened his position And knew secrets I shouldn't have known I was finally accused of colluding with the demons I died at the height of my family's power Now I am reborn with revenge on my mind all the time Even though I'm only in the baby stage now But I have an early chance to gain power.

Legend has it that a child can gain a body of steel by being immersed in the waters of the river Styx In my previous life, I was born as a bastard So I was ostracized by my immediate brothers So not getting this power This time I will be the first to arrive And take all the power of the River Styx by myself As the river continues to stimulate my wounds Not only did I not feel the slightest pain And felt a constant flow of power into my body.

Just a few minutes ahead of the others It has already produced such a dramatic change To absorb the power faster I drank a dozen pounds of water from the River Styx. Even though I was drowning at the moment But as long as my consciousness is still there I can't surface easily. 40 minutes passed quickly The father on the shore revealed a seeping smile.

He seemed to see himself as he once was But the attendants next to him appeared agitated Fearing that if I am not careful I will drown in it They kept urging the master to get me out. And it was only then that my father realized Absolutely cannot miss the once-in-a-century genius So shouting I can come up now He saw that I didn't respond in time Immediately pulled me out with my hands.

My father saw this with a smile on his face Not bad for my kid Despite the loss of consciousness And yet, he still seized the full power of the waters of the River Styx Next he would witness the birth of another self But my ultimate goal is not to become a despicable person like him at all What I'm going to do is destroy my own family with my own hands. To put Baskerville out of history once and for all And when I wake up again.

I've been sent back to the nursery At this point, an unknown danger was slowly approaching me I saw a maid with a treasure chest coming to me Yet she didn't say anything Just put the treasure chest on the bed and left the room I looked at the chest curiously What's hidden in here? And suddenly the treasure chest opened automatically. and there came out two poisonous snakes with bloody mouths.

It seems that someone is jealous of the talent I have. Trying to kill me before I grow up. But my life is mine I will not fall so easily without completing my mission of revenge Facing the swift attack of two vipers I didn't feel the least bit intimidated. I used both hands to fiercely pinch the seven inches of the two snakes And then rely on the steel teeth that grow in the water of the River Styx and tearing them like snacks.

Time soon came to morning The attendants who had come to collect my body were stunned by the scene before them Because I was not bitten by a snake Instead, I spent the whole night with the remains of the viper intact And as of that day All the attendants who took care of the babies in the nursery were put to death As to who was behind this incident Eventually it was not identified Only I, a hound who has not yet grown up, see the truth of it all.

Eight years have passed since then I've started to step into the learning phase Although I've been through all of this once But when I heard that my father, who was the same age, had reached the master level of the “Sword Realm” I still felt a little bit of pressure. It seems that before the Bar Mitzvah I must to regain the power I had in my previous life And after the baptism of the river Styx I not only gained a strong body I also surpassed Einstein at his peak of intelligence.

And just born can fight two poisonous snakes alone So I was considered a monster in the family. The three yellow hairs beside me were the same guys who had been violating me for a long time Whenever it was time to leave class They will all use the identity of “older brother” punching and kicking me According to the memory of the previous life They grew up to be known as the Trident of Baskerville And my death is also linked to them They're the ones who accused me of collaborating with the demons.

That I was accused of something I shouldn't have been. For the three of them to stop interfering with themselves in ten years It seems that today i can't hold back any longer. At this point Big Hair took out his dagger and pointed it at me. He heard that I had been in the River Styx for over 40 minutes. Just want to verify it personally Then he asked Sanno to cover my mouth and nose with his hand He said he would let me go as long as I could hold my breath for seven minutes. They say children are more cruel.

It's true what they say Well, I'll just have fun with them. And the two people in front of me are still fooling around Because they simply don't believe that humans can really hold their breath for so long And when seven minutes had passed Their faces grew embarrassed Until 20 minutes had passed They realized that they had really messed with the wrong person And just when they decided to leave me alone.

I wasn't going to leave them alone at all So I bit off Sanno's finger. And then warned the other two Today, everyone must leave one thing on their bodies here Otherwise there will be no good consequences The big hair became angry when he heard that He grabbed his dagger and came at me. I didn't expect me to even dodge Let him see the steel that the water of the River Styx brings to my body.

At this point I have two eyes emitting a fierce light Then let me play with you. And then he punched Big Hair in the face. Ermao saw the situation and wanted to take out the anger for them both And he didn't even dare to move I swept my foot straight at him. I saw that all three of them had no power to fight back. I took the dagger and threw it in front of their eyes and said I can give you a chance to change your ways.

It's up to you to decide who will win The three of them looked at each other and then started to kill each other in an unbearable way I don't know what happened in the meantime I only know that in the time that followed The trident that called Baskerville will no longer exist But soon the butler reported this to the head of the family Originally, he only wanted to report that I came first in all written exams But when it comes to the actual test that will take place in 5 days He had to tell the story of my argument with the other young masters.

Even though the three who had been injured had been treated and their bodies recovered as before But their spirits were dealt a heavy blow From that moment on The three of them were not only silent when they met but also their personalities changed from arrogance to cowardice The master of the house was shocked by my ability to fight three people at once. So he immediately asked the butler to summon me to him Then he asked me Did it cripple the triplets?.

I gave a positive answer According to the information I received from the priests They have received proper treatment after missing their arms and legs Originally,father had high hopes for the three brothers Because, if the three of them fight jointly The best in their age in terms of physical skills But it's come to this. Father thought I should reflect on what I had done to my brother. At that, my face instantly sank.

I was able to crush the three of them by my personal strength alone, which only means that my strength is more powerful After all, forgiveness is just an excuse for the weak to be unable to take revenge My father was very pleased with my answer This is the world of the strong The weak are the sinners This is also the house rule of the Baskervilles For rewarding me My father then ordered the housekeeper to take me to the snack bar to choose my favorite food My father instructed me before I left.

Never lose to the direct line in the real battle in 5 days But what I want to say is The possibility of losing simply does not exist The picture turns I came to the warehouse where the grain was stored The butler, after learning that I wanted chocolate He immediately instructed the cook to bring the finest chocolates However, what I said next left everyone in the room in a daze. I told them I wanted something other than a finished product.

But the unprocessed cocoa beans And also the most bitter kind They've never heard of this way of eating but the chef did what I asked him to do. Got the most flavorful blood beans This bean can make 100 liters of chocolate in one grain After tasting it I was also bitter This is not something one can eat at all. As for my reason, it's not to eat.

But to be in the field test in 5 days… Using this blood bean to help me hunt Demons As for what will happen that day It will be an unprecedented event in the history of the Baskervilles Time soon came to the day of the practical test With Baskervilov as the chief instructor He said that the examination was easy As long as you stay in the Red and Black Land for one month And hunt for the powerful Demon.

Everyone's base score for surviving is 10 points Death is 0 points If you can take the badge of any cadet Eventually extra points will be added with extra points At this point Love mentioned the unblocked area of the Red and Black Lands He suggested Everyone just moves around in the artificial area space With the bell in hands ringing Actual evaluation officially begins.

And with the help of my memories from my past life Of course I know where the most favorable terrain is Soon there were trainees wantonly plotting against their own brothers But what they didn't know was that The reason for calling in so many instructors this time It's actually to minimize the number of casualties if indiscriminate killing of innocent people Then even if you win the opponent's badge, you will be deducted points At the same time.

An instructor followed me to the edge of the area And only a hundred meters away from the unblocked area Originally he wanted to see the true strength of the genius but everyone else was hunting Demons with their swords at the moment but I'm hiding in the shade and becoming a “salty fish” A series of behaviors that made the instructor wonder what he was really here for And the rumor that I was a genius also raised doubts He did not know that all I did was superficial Finally, after a week of him observing me.

The instructor thought I was simply hiding and resting Nothing to see here. So he decided to go back and report the situation for the time being After seeing the people who were in the way leave I took out a handful of beans and threw them into the fire For in a former life, my men had told me Cocoa beans can cover up the bloody taste of the meat Especially blood beans work best Then after I laid hundreds of traps around.

The hunt was on. So I stepped into the uncharted area of the Red and Black Lands The smell of burning from the surrounding branches I'm sure what I want is right here At this moment my eyes suddenly lit up I saw a pile of poop on the ground that would spontaneously ignite There's only one kind of Demon that can produce this kind of stuff That's the Hellhound with a danger rating of B+ In the face of this terrifying Demon Beast.

I couldn't defeat it alone in my previous life at the age of 18 But now at the age of 8, I'm not afraid at all Because I know the three weaknesses of Cerberus The first one: it can only rampage in a straight line I just need to use my dodge skill to keep draining its strength Then I took out the bottle and sprinkled water on the ground This is the second weakness of Cerberus. No matter how much water there is. They all choose to avoid the water when they see it.

This will limit the movement of the hellhounds considerably. And the last one is also the most fatal weakness Including all canids Chocolate is very poisonous for them all Once it's been pumped into the hellhounds All you have to do is wait for the toxicity to kick in. After all, one blood bean can make 100 liters of chocolate But Cerberus has a special body structure The hard ribs will always protect its heart.

Then there is only one solution Start at its lower body Pull out his waist Just see a ray of blue essence emanating from Cerberus' body This is exactly the kind of energy you can get by killing monsters It can make a person's body stronger At this rate the idea of regaining the power of my previous life in time for the Bar Mitzvah will come true. Now at the age of 8, I've defeated a B+ ranked Cerberus!.

No matter what, I will get the first place in this practical test Right then and there Four more hellhounds came behind me I swung my sword and chopped off the head of the previous one To warn them that I am not to be trifled with Right after I did this act The four hellhounds had a look of horror on their faces And even lowered their heads and kept moving backwards And that's when I realized that something was wrong.

After all, Cerberus is the proud representative of the canine species Faced with an 8-year-old child could not have behaved like this Then I turned my head and looked I saw a three-headed dog with the smell of hell appear behind me Hell's Watchdog “Kerberos” Although it is seriously injured at the moment But the B+ level hellhounds can only bow their heads in awe when they see it At the moment I keep calming myself down As long as I can hunt this Kerberos.

I'll be one step closer to regaining the power of my past life. So I got up the courage to swing the sword in my hand Take the lead in attacking Demon beast Just when I thought the blow was going to hit it firmly in the head Kerberos actually flanked me with lightning speed. But my reflexes were fast enough. Backward and sideways to avoid its fierce attack It seems that even after being wounded The combat power is not reduced much.

In my previous life, I could easily defeat Kerberos I can still do it now But the next second My sword was shattered by its bite And while I was in a daze My body was blown away by his giant palm At this moment I really realized the difference in strength It's still a little too early for me to challenge Kerberos at the age of 8 Even with a body of steel given by the River Styx.

After taking its attack hard My internal organs were almost shattered. Seeing Demon beast getting closer and closer I kept reminding myself in my head that I must not fall into a coma Suddenly, Kerberos opened his bloody mouth and came at me I immediately dodged when I came back to my senses Otherwise, the big tree behind me that was chewed up could be my downfall And then I ran towards the bars in front of me. Just cross it.

I'll find a way to defeat Kerberos. Because at the original resting place I had set the perfect hunting trap. Seeing that the monster has fallen into my trap I took a step and flew over the first trap And I was less than 10 centimeters away from the Demon beast's bloody mouth Eventually it triggered the trap when it landed Countless sharp blades pierced his body Soon the blood bean water that was applied to it took effect.

The dog heads on the left and right sides of the demon beast were the first to be poisoned It seems that the middle head is the key to supporting the body I hold a spear and on it I gathered my magic power And then it was projected at a speed of 180 mph. And finally after being hit by a spear It only took seven steps forward before it fell to the ground with poison. It seems that the rumor of the seven-step snake is true. Once bitten, it will die after seven steps.

After absorbing the energy from Kerberos' body I decided to go to a place Because Kerberos was the gatekeeper of the territory Then there is definitely a dungeon nearby that it guards Although there may be a Demon inside that is difficult to defeat but it is a mysterious place with many exotic treasures Then I took the poop of Kerberos and smeared it on my body To cover my own smell And using Cerberus' position in the Red and Black Forest.

Preventing other Demons from sneaking up on us I then followed the original route of Kerberos I soon found the dungeon hidden in the depths Not only was there the smell of death here Even the rotten ground is laced with strange magic It seems that this dungeon has not been discovered by anyone else So I raised my spirits and walked in towards the cave. Also unknown dangers were coming Or maybe a mysterious treasure will be waiting for me.

And when I enter the shadowy cave And there were red mines all over the place. It looks like it must be connected to the Red Cone Mountain But just at that moment there was a blinding light coming from the depths of the cave. I'm sure that's where the dungeon is. As I expected Inside, there was a ruby with magic powers At this point my eyes were drawn to the skeleton on the ground.

Then I picked up the suicide note that had fallen to the ground This man was also a member of the Baskerville family. He wrote this letter as a warning to future generations. Don't make the same mistake he did. One day he and his brother were out hunting but accidentally stumbled upon this deep cave and also discovered that this was a dungeon with a treasure. So they killed all the Demons that were guarding this place But the secret message to unlock the treasure took them three years to figure out.

Before going into the dungeon was a man Two people after entering Walked out and became one person again So the conclusion that they came to It's based on the fact that they're identical twins They are one person in the mother's womb When they came to the dungeon at the same time they were really two people Then to achieve “going out as one”, you have to kill each other Although he managed to kill his brother.

But the ruby still didn't show any change Eventually he couldn't accept the fact He chose to give up the treasure and live in the mountains Because he was convinced that the dungeon was set up by the devil to mock mankind I was speechless after reading that If that's true Wouldn't I be unable to decode the cipher if I don't have a twin? That's just nonsense. In a previous life there was no dungeon I couldn't raid.

And that's when The contrast between the bright light and the darkness gave me a hint This explains why the first half of the cave is shadowy So the answer to this cipher is the shadow And then I smashed the ruby in front of me with one punch And what emerged from it was actually the Taotie that only appeared in the fairy tale world It is said to be a demonic sword forged from the body of a greedy demon fly Originally, people thought it was a legend, so they didn't go looking for it Until the sword was found by the demon family.

People realized that a crisis was coming. But now, Taotie was the first to be discovered by me That demon family's battle power will be greatly reduced Suddenly, the Taotie actually transformed into energy surging into my right hand in a flash The sword grew back out of my body I don't dare to imagine what heights I could reach in this life But I didn't have long to rejoice A strong hunger kept disturbing my thoughts.

I guess it's the Taotie's problem After all, it hasn't eaten here for hundreds of years When I got out of the cave Taotie actually led me in a direction and sped off I was right. He found the b-rank hellhound I killed. Just saw the sword plunge into Demon beast at once While it was absorbing And my fainting sensation is slowly fading.

And after it was absorbed I actually got this hellhound's skill “violent blood” Skill effect Constantly pumps out enemy blood even from the smallest wounds and there are two empty slots left in it It seems that this is an inherent ability of the demon. The ability to absorb the skills of others and take them for oneself So after absorbing a B+ level Cerberus I get its “violent blood” skill.

The effect of the skill is: even the smallest wounds It also allows the opponent to pump blood continuously Immediately afterwards, the greedy Taotie points the finger at Kerberos But it's not the fear of getting a junk skill that bothers me It's that I want to use the A+ Demon beast corpse to take first place in this test After Taotie fills his stomach I gained the “Burn” skill of Kerberos again But the F-rank “High Speed Regeneration” in the third empty slot caught my attention And that's when I noticed.

It turns out that the moment Kerberos fell, he crushed an F-rank rat Now, my “body of steel” plus “high-speed regeneration” It's like an innate match Soon the time came a month later This practical test came to a close With almost no casualties Each participant can basically hunt various Demons of class C or below As a bonus They will all receive the appropriate weapons and equipment.

But the giant Demon beast corpse next to it shocked all the instructors for a full two and a half years A fledgling 8 year old Demon beast that can't even be hunted by 3 adults Soon the news reached the head of the family This is a subversive event for the Baskervilles And then my father summoned me again He then asked me what method I was using to hunt Kerberos And I said with a confident face For canines.

Chocolate is the deadliest poison of all The most concentrated blood bean is enough to kill Kerberos The father heard it without any doubt And even decided to grant me a wish. It seems that This time I finally have a chance to get everything I want And then I told my father I wanted to study in the family library of Mansin But I'm also prepared to be rejected.

After all, my identity is not direct, but illegitimate This is something that would not have been allowed in the history of the family But the result was unexpected Not only did my father not reject me I was even recommended books on the sixth sword technique. This moment I doubt that “rebirth” will change the character of the person In a previous life, a bastard could only practice up to the fourth sword technique But there's no need to rejoice too soon.

My father's current level is the seventh sword technique. Even before I was executed, he had reached the ninth sword technique. But in this life I will definitely surpass my father's highest level Because I know a forgotten book of sword techniques If I could only understand all of its contents Then I will reach the 10th sword technique directly After that, I went to the Mansin Library Every book here was a book that I could not reach in my previous life.

And what appears before my eyes at this moment It was the 6th sword technique that my father recommended me to learn But I didn't even care about it. Because I'm here for this forgotten book The Lurking Pursuit It was written by the first ruler of Baskerville It contains not only the basic techniques for the training of sword techniques from 1 to 9 You can even learn the long-lost 10th sword technique As to why no one was able to learn.

That's because it has 7 pages of content broken off in it In my previous life, when I found the first page My father was fascinated by the 10th sword technique. To find the remaining 6 pages to break through He unleashed all the hounds under his command Started declaring war on the other clans Eventually, after sacrificing most of their troops All 7 pages collected But the book that would match it was not found.

Now that I'm reborn, I remember those 7 pages fondly Then I will break through to the original fourth sword technique To a level that no one in my family can reach And after reading the book in its entirety I went into a meditative state In the world of spirit I try to use the fifth sword technique on an imaginary enemy It seems to be because of the inhuman treatment I received in my previous life Just once I managed to break through.

I was so happy at this moment I could clearly feel the increase in magic power A realm that I had spent 30 years in my previous life not being able to reach In this life, I was only 8 years old when I accomplished it. Now I've broken through from expert swordsman to the lowest level of master I will have more freedom to control my magic It seems that there will be more than enough time to regain the power of my previous life before my Bar Mitzvah at age 15 Then I took a magnifying glass out of my pocket Using the principle of focusing light to ignite the “latent pursuit”.

So, in this world I will be the only one who can break through to the 10th sword technique But just then The guards came running upstairs immediately after smelling the burning smell I rubbed my head and explained that I had accidentally burned a book of little value After hearing that the two were relieved If you burned any of the relatively important books Even using their lives as collateral is not enough The scene changed and I came to my father's room.

And told him that I could now feel a burning sensation in my body after studying Father and the butler froze in their tracks for a moment after hearing that Because this means that I have entered the realm of the sword Of course this is not my true strength And to test the level reached so far Father arranged a duel for me A C-class orc who has been hungry for two and a half months The audience stopped breathing at this moment After all, for an 8 year old.

This is more than he can handle. But what they all didn't expect was As the orcs were just being unchained and roaring wildly I dashed past with lightning speed And I cut off one of his arms. And due to the effects of the b-rank Cerberus “violent blood” skill The orcs will be helpless even with “High Speed Regeneration” Look at his eyes that are caught in fear He probably to death can not understand why he can not regenerate.

With a big wave of my hand A blood-red magic power was attached to the sword A single thrust ended the orc's life instantly This time the father sat down completely From my initial performance to the instantaneous killing of a c-class orc I'm undoubtedly a once-in-a-million year genius I was only 8 years old when I realized the first sword technique Seeing this I laughed and said to my father: The orcs are still too weak Please give me a more difficult matchup.

Originally I thought that my ability to show off so much would lead to… My father would send me to a special school to further my education but he was talking to the housekeeper about the Demon he caught 10 days ago. A bloodthirsty B-rank troll And he will be my next opponent. With the chains that restrained Demon beast unlocked The battle was on I kept dodging his swift attacks by my nimble positioning But I give up the chance to fight back again and again.

Because I know that b-rank trolls have a sick skill Super Regeneration If unable to do lethal damage to him Then any attack will be worthless This is why when hunting trolls A tight plan must be made I found his Achilles' heel at this point, though. But I was stuck in another conundrum How much power should I use?.

In order to kill a troll in seconds without making my father feel suspicious. And that's when I had a sudden flash of light. If I could fake an epiphany matchup Instead of killing Demon beast right away That would not only get rid of the father's suspicions And can legitimately reveal my own more strength Seeing the trolls coming at him again This time I didn't choose to dodge Instead, I performed Baskerville's first sword technique.

And slashed a huge wound on his shoulder When the troll's wound was about to finish recovering I then let out a loud shout, which attracted the attention of the people present as well as my father I finally had an epiphany Next I'll try to kill this troll in seconds If I fail, I'll just give up Just see a murderous aura in my eyes At the same time I transferred my magic power to my sword In order to pretend at this moment that I have mastered the second sword technique.

As I expected The power of control just sliced through the troll's thick skin Splitting his head and body in two Under the unbelieving gaze of the crowd I gave them a new perception by being a genius In the days that followed Due to my overpowering strength Students of the same age Even seniors who were older than me didn't dare to get too close to me.

But none of that matters What matters is… My father was amazed when he saw how I behaved So far The strength I have shown is only an intermediate expert in the realm of the sword But in fact I'm now at the level of Baskerville's fifth sword technique And with the “super regeneration” I just acquired Compared with the lower level masters are not inferior either.

And that's when The triplets that I bullied earlier found me I thought they were coming for my trouble but it was because I was so handsome when I was fighting. The three of them have become my biggest fans I got goose bumps all over my body Thinking back to my previous life when I was killed because of them I just wanted to kill them right away. But just as I was about to beat them up again.

The butler found me And told me what my father had told me to do And in the meantime The patriarch of the Basque family and the deputy patriarch of the Mogh family, “Adolf”… They were discussing how to run this year's joint training Although it's said that the two families are not on good terms But once there was an emperor who said this Baskerville was the House of Swords House Morgue is the House of Magic.

Kendo and magic should be a complementary existence Only then will the country be able to break through the heyday After this point Every year, children between the ages of 8 and 15 have to participate in the joint training of the two families At this point Adolphus inquired I heard that a great genius has been born in your Baskerville It just so happens that we have a genius in Morgue. And then he called his niece “Kamu”

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