I Bright CDawgVA and Ironmouse for an ENTIRE YEAR – A Baglets Retrospective

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Okay, I'm gonna try keeping it brief Hi, I'm baglets, the person who made a bunch of animations for Ironmouse and Connor CDawgVA. it's been exactly one year since I uploaded the first one, and I want to share with you all about my thoughts about it. This is Mouse, and this is Connor. One is a Puerto Rican Youtuber, and other one is a Welsh voice actor,.

Can you guess? Anyways, before I started making animations for Connor and Mouse I've already been working with different YouTubers for the past five years. How I usually make them is, I animate their videos that I assume to be funnier if it was animated! I use this as a way to practice making animations. Fast forward to 5 years, I discovered Connor in my YouTube recommendations. It was the video where CDawgVa moved to Japan I binged his videos and then eventually found out he’s in The Trash Taste Podcast.

And has a second channel. That’s where I discovered ironmouse. I immediately found them interesting! And I saw the stream where Connor first played Minecraft, and I figured it would be funnier if this was animated, and so I did! Even Though I discovered ironmouse through Connor, I watched some of her stream content. her 31 day subathon happened. and well surprise surprise,I thought it would be funnier if that portion was animated.

I got really into the Trash Taste Podcast at the time, Connor was going on and on about Jump King to the point where he made Joey and Garnt play it. I decided to make that animation the moment when they had Calli return to the Podcast and had a talk about Jump King. I figured I had enough content to animate it! This was the time when it was Connor’s turn to do a subathon, Ironmouse decided to return the favor.

And I figured it would be a nice sequel to the subathon video. A lot of people really liked the way I drew ironmouse in this animation, So, I made an attempt on creating a vtuber model out of it. I showcased it on twitter, and I was supposed to give it to ironmouse herself so she could give it a try BUT I didn’t really know how I could send it to her. Okay, I don’t really have much to talk about for this animation, I just wanted to animate that part, although I really regret not animating truck-kun.

As an actual truck. This animation can be found on ironmouse’s channel. Check it out if you haven’t! A lot of animators were involved in this and they’ve done a really really good job! I wanted to make a halloween animation for the both of them and I figured the backrooms stream would be fitting. I was planning it on releasing it on Halloween, but I ended up releasing it late..

Oh by the way, Ironmouse, I finished the Dora model you asked for, hit me up on Discord or something yknow And now we're in the present, I just wanna properly thank connor and ironmouse and viewers like you for continuing on supporting me! It has been an honor creating animations for them for an entire year, and I enjoyed making all of them! Also, shoutout to the clippers out there, YOUR reuploads have been getting more views than MY original video.

I don’t know why.. 🙂 But yeah, you know who you are. The next animation will be released on December 25 as a Christmas gift. Although it’ll be the last CDawgVA and ironmouse animation you’ll be seeing from me. I want to focus on creating my own original content, since I don't want to limit myself from just creating these animations, so I hope you'll continue to support me! Again, thank you CdawgVA and Ironmouse, it has been a fun year.

Thanks for watching.. Subscribe!! 😀 Thank you! Bye! Subtitles by @ang3lc0r3 on Twitter

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