I Carry out now not Wanna Lose Control – God Hades x Yui「AMV」

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He is the king of the underworld, after all.. The underworld? The kingdom of the dead. There's something I'd like to show you. Hades, are you interested in any clubs? No, I won't be joining any club. I do not intend to participate in group activities. Then I shall pass. Look at me.

As a ruler of the underworld, I'm hated by many who regret their deaths. The hatred piles up endlessly becoming engraved on my body as a great curse. My misfortune affects not only myself, but those around me. Do not approach me again. Don't follow me. Stay there. It's his fate. We can't do anything. It would be nice if you could experience, some good things, and not only misfortune.

You look so happy, when you're eating those. How sad, that you've been caught in his cruel game. I told you not to move. But.. This happened because you approached me. You should listen to Hades, and stay away from him. It was just a coincidence- Do not underestimate me! If he experiences happiness, his misfortune will only cause him more pain.

Listen.. Do not approach me again. You should stay away for his sake, as well. Hades avoids others because he wants them to be happy. He's beautiful.. May I go with you? I told you to stay away from me. If you don't want to experience a pain worse than death, leave at once. But I wanna go.

You must be insane. You intend to defy me, human girl? Zeus. You never miss anything. You knew this would happen. I will come with you! Don't. Nothing good will come out of it. Thank you.

For all eternity, I can never be happy. But if you have dreams, or desires, or wishes for happiness, I'm sure – Enough. That's enough. Say no more. Please wait! Zeus! Help them! Watch out! Go! I will take on all your misfortune.

No! I shall always pray for your happiness.

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  1. “Don’t know whenever you gain it cause I can’t pronounce how grateful I’m..
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