I even hold 2 husbands Chapter 57 English Sub

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Five hundred thousand you don't even havefive thousand how will you get that much I work for the CEO of News Groupthis is his ring he asked me to put it in his self in the bank Ihappened to come here before that I will point this to you if I can borrow 500 000I will pay it back if I can it still be yours this is super Beam for your chat I won't lose itfine till you may open the stone first but if you can bring out 500 000 the ring will be mine youcan give him the ring more your son will kill you what are you afraid that there is anyaccident and you might become a widow are you sure that there is death in this Stonedo you know just gamble just Campbell what do you think of their Stone star but even a jewelryexpert or a veteran in stone gambling can be sure.

Whatever Austin has judged in it he is so eager tobe rich don't forget to like comment and subscribe thank you you are about to carry a 500 000 deathCRV what a good husband you have and after a while Craig how about that not yet give me fivehundred thousand hold his hand don't worry it's just a tip go on huh you just can't acceptthe failure can you go on cut off the outer ring that is fall and cry soon will never become deadI don't think they sold their own Grandma he is the same as a stone in the street how as you areSienna it is the same as a student in the street what you like to gamble on it Mrs Moon if it'sin prayer yet you will owe me 5 million if it's not I will owe you 5 million are youcrazy you don't even have five thousands there are two Cloud Parts in the CSL theyare worried about that much I can take them.

Out move your censoring and cloth birthare new afraid of moyosen's punishments have stolen history already I don't careadding more to the table go big or go home do you dare Mrs Moon of course I will do it

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